Shinka no Mi – Chapter 102

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Future Plans

I——Leiyah Falza came back to my castle in order to notify my subordinates about the result of the Parliament of the Demon Lord’s army that we would establish a relationship with Winberg Kingdom.

As soon as I reached my castle, I head towards the room where Bells and the other two would be.

And then, I opened the door without a moment’s falter.

「M, my right leg…! Red, it’s the red tile, right!?」 

「Wai… Bell-san! If you put your hand there, my hand can’t reach the green tile!」 

「Shut it! Do something about that! Rather, Bosco! You’re taking up the whole place with that body of yours, hold your fat a little! Slim down, do it now!」 

「D, don’t ask the impossible!」 

「Oka~y, I’ll spin it again~ …Okay! Next, left leg on blue tile!」 

「Left leg on the blue tile!?」 

「Hold… Can’t reach…!」  

「Okay, next~. …Rather, is this something you do with just sausages? Looking at men like you guys doing it makes me sick…」 

「「We know that the most!!」」 

Slowly, I closed the door again.

…What was that

I can’t comprehend it. It looked like Bell and Terry are entwined in a strange position on a colourful carpet.

And Bosco, while he was looking at them coldly, on his hand was… if I recall correctly, something called a roulette that gave orders to the two… 

Don’t tell me, did Bell and Terry started to have that sort of relationship when I was away? Even though I don’t have a boyfriend myself!?

Or, rather, don’t they already have their own families!? Is this okay!?

…No, it’s still too early to make a conclusion. Maybe I just misunderstood it… 

For the second time, I opened the door to check on the situation inside.



「Uwah… nasty…」 

The scene of Bell leaning his body atop of Terry who was doing a bridge pose was imprinted on my eyes.

I closed the door.


I didn’t misunderstand a thing… 

No matter how you slice it, they were about to do that… 

Just what is all this about? What happened while I was away? Did they deviate because I left them alone for too long? Eh, is it my fault?

…No, they’re the one at fault. Even though they already have a wife… 

Yosh, I’ll tell this to their wives.

Having determined so, I slammed the door open.

「You boys, so you’re having an affair…」 

「Eh!? Tte, LEIYAH-SAMAAAA!?!??!?」 

「Ah, Bell-san! Wait… if you let go…!」 


The moment Bosco said so with a stupid tone, Bell’s posture broke then he fell over Terry.

When that happened, I saw it clearly.



「Ptoeeh! Ptoeeh!」(I imagine this as spitting)


That moment when Bell and Terry kissed.

I called out to Bell and the boys, ignorant of their circumstance.

「You boys… So you have that kind of relationship… I’m sorry I didn’t notice it before…」 

「Wrong! You’re having a big misunderstanding there, Leiyah-sama!」 

「No, it’s hardly a misunderstanding if you saw that~」 

「BOSSCOOOOO!!!! Help me solve this misunderstanding! 」 

「Aah… I’ve did it with Bell-san… I couldn’t protect my lips… Forgive me for being a weak-willed husband…」 

「You too, Terry!? AAarghh!! How did it become like this!?」 

——After that, after I heard their explanation, my misunderstanding over what happened had cleared.

Apparently, they were playing a game from another world.

I see.

「——So you were playing around?」 

「Oops, stepped on a landmine.」 


For their punishment, I treated them to a full-course of torture. 

After the banquet was over, the three trashes were tumbled over right in front of my eyes, black and blue, with one foot in their grave already.

「I, I’m dead… Dead…」 

「No more… Iron poles… no more…」 

「Aah… the metal ball is… the metal ball…」 

They seemed like they were muttering some gibberish, but I paid no mind to it and went straight to the main topic.

「Boys, get a grip.」 


「At the Parliament of the Demon Lord’s army, it’s decided that we will establish a good relationship with the Winberg Kingdom.」 


Just as within expectation, Bell and the boys were shocked when they receive this news. 

「That’s rather sudden… what happened?」 

「That’s what Lutia-sama has decided. As the first step towards reconciliation, we chose Winberg Kingdom. The kingdom is one of the few countries that is friendly towards demons, you see. And since you boys will go along with us to the meeting as a convoy, make sure to hammer that into your heads.」 

「Roger… ah.」 

When I saw Bell nodding his head, he suddenly stopped his nods as his face showed an expression as if he just remembered something, then all manner of colour was drained from it shortly after.

「Le, L-Le-Leiyah-sama?」 


「Umm… I feel like… we scattered about teleportation magic around the Winberg Kingdom… or maybe we didn’t…」 

Come to think of it, that was true.

And I was thinking about the punishment over that matter.

After I took my whip out, I retrieved the torture instrument I had put away just a few moments ago. Not a single sound came out of my mouth.

「E, eh? Leiyah-sama? Didn’t the punishment just end——」 


「Silent!? Being silent is the scariest, you know!?」 

「B, Bell-san!」 

「Don’t be faltered! It’s still not certain she’ll use that on us——」 

「Now then, I’ll start. You boys ready?」 


For the second time today, Bell and the boy’s screams echoed throughout the hall.


「——That being said, I came back.」 
「What being said!?」 

Managed to return from the Netherworld safely and reunited with Saria and the girls, I… Hiragi Seiichi, was dragged by Saria to Class F.

When I arrived there, the students were there inside the classroom, so I told them how I returned.

Since such a predicament happened, I thought they should’ve gone home by now, but apparently, they stayed on their own accord.

And then, when they heard my monologue, they were just as surprised as I expected they would be.

「Then, the people I met and brought home from the Netherland are my parents, the Hero’s group, their instructor, and the First Demon Lord. And a florist, I guess.」 

「Hello, we’re Seiichi’s parents.」 

「Hero here.」 

「His companions here.」 

「I’m their instructor.」  

「I’m the Demon Lord~」 

「I, I’m a florist…?」 

「Yosh. Now the introductions are over.」 

「It’s over with just that!?」 

I wanted end the loose introduction right there, but apparently it was just too sloppy to be accepted. yeah, I felt the same.

「Just how absurd can you be!? You died, then came back from the Netherworld, all the while bringing people back!? There should be a limit to how much you can break common sense! In addition, the Hero and the Demon Lord, you said… Our heads are going to explode, you hear!?」 

「Oh, you… I can’t refute that!」 

「It’s not something to be laughed at, okay!?」 

As I said that Helen laughed.

In all honesty, just what kind of thing am I, really!

As I laughed—bordering—desperation, I noticed that Beatrice-san was showing me a doubting expression before she voiced her questions.

「Are you… are you really Seiichi-sensei…?」 

「Yeah, I’ve come back!」 



「Really, really…?」 

「Y, yeah.」 

「Really really real——」 

「Trust me, please!?」 

No, I know I’d do the same if I was in her shoe, though!

Apparently Beatrice-san finally believed what I said, as there were tears in contrast to her smile.

「Really… really glad, I’m…!」 

「…I’m sorry I made you worry.」 

In fact, I also made Saria and the girls worry.

I really should reflect over that matter then take action carefully from now on. …I’ve thought about this many times before, but doing it isn’t as easy as saying it, huh. Isn’t about time for me to have growth as well? Just my body doing the evolution, and I’m who is inside it can’t catch up to it.

With that being said, my body, can you slow down the evolution?

「I believed, you know! I knew that Big bro would surely come back!」 

「Well, I, too. It is hard to deny that power of yours, you see. …After all, it is such an unreasonable thing.」 

「That trust of yours feels bitter.」 

It hurts me on many levels if you place your trust in my unreasonableness, you know!

However, I felt relieved that both Agnos and Blued stayed the same. Though I know it was only a day since.

After them, I shifted my attention to Bead and Leon.

「How are you doing?」 

「Y, yeyeyeyeash! I’m perfectly healthy!」 

Leon answered me with his teeth clattering.

「Hey, you sure you’re okay?」 

「I, I’m okay! …It’s, um, I… even though just once, I fought for everyone in here, so… I regain confidence, just a little.」 

「I see. Then, now I hope you can fight alongside Agnos and the others, do I?」 

「Eeeeeeeh!? Imimimimpossible! Someone as lowly as I cannot possibly stand side-to-side with Agnos and the others…! They’re too amazing, I’ll die as a result! Oh no, did I just talk back to a teacher!? I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry」 

「You didn’t change after all!」 

I thought he had become positive thinking even for a little, but it seemed like it was still long way until he completely reverted back.

As a bitter smile showed up intentionally, I heard Bead’s voice that was said with the utmost seriousness.


Different from before, he wasn’t in a bear costume and he didn’t need a sketchbook to speak his mind.

Bead suffered a third degree burn scar on his face that even he couldn’t make any sound before.

「Bead. What is it? Ah, right, I healed you at a moment notice so I didn’t ask before, but was it really alright to do so?」 


Answering briefly, Bead then bowed deep to me right then and there.

「Thank you, Seiichi-sensei. I terrified everyone with that burn scar before. Thus, in order to not scare people away, I hid myself inside that bear head costume. In addition, the woman who was our enemy back there… She was the daughter of the lord of my hometown. Even though we aren’t particularly related, if she was able to regain a little of what she had lost, and it was all thanks to Seiichi-sensei, then… there is nothing else I can do but give you my gratitude. I’m sorry. However… Thank you, very much.」 

With clumsy yet steady voice, Bead said so.

「No, don’t mind… I can’t exactly tell you so, huh. Okay, I shall fully receive your gratitude. 」 

「…Thank you.」 

Thus, once the foreword ended, I asked about one thing to Beatrice-san.

「What will happen to this Academy in the future?」 

「For now, the Headmaster is coping with all the trouble with his life on the line, but what will happen in the future is still hard to grasp. However, I can say that at least we definitely will be active again.」 

「I see… Which means the Periodic Exam is cancelled, then?」 

「Yes. Albeit temporarily, it’s been put on hold.」 

「YOSSHHAAAA!!! That’s a big win for meeee!!」 

Agnos yelled as he heard Beatrice-san’s words.

No matter what school, there would always be a student whose emotion explode when the exam was cancelled, I see. I would be elated too, if I was a student.

「Oi, idiot. You’re noisy.」 

「Hah! I’d kill you if it was the usual me, but the me right now is having in good mood! That’s why, I’ll let that slide for now!」 

As Agnos was swimming in good humour, Beatrice-san heartlessly dropped some bombs on him.

「However, since we don’t know when will the exam take place, the study for it will continue like usual.」 


「…Aren’t you letting it slide…」 

Murmured Blued with a marvelled undertone.

…Well, while other students are going home, Agnos and other members of this class stayed voluntarily. And since the school is inactive within that period, it should be fine if we assign them to study for the exam. Even without the exam, it is said that studying will become the reason to study. 

Therefore, we the Class F members and staff were preparing for the exam, for whenever it would take place. 

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