Shinka no Mi – Chapter 100

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After it was decided that all of us were going to return to the human world, dad spoke to me with a serious face on him.

「I’ll say this to you once. Don’t ever do something like this for the second time.」 


I tilted my head hearing his words.

「For example, suppose there is someone who has lived out his natural lifespan and died satisfied with his life. Do you think it’s good idea to bring him back to life?」 


Dad gently brushed me who couldn’t refute him.

「There’s this saying about disgracing the dead, right? Seiichi, your action just now wasn’t that far from it. Of course, the thought Seiichi is taking life for a grain of salt never crossed my mind even for a moment. However, the thing called life is something that runs out by nature. And people who have died are never to return to alive. Please take it to your heart.」 


「Well, even so, there are times when you die without living your entire life. While there are times where you can fight against sickness alike, there are also times you just can’t do anything, but that’s also called fate. However, outside of all that… what do you think is best to do when someone you treasure died due to an accident or in an involvement to a scandal? Please think it through while remembering what I said to you.」 

This feeling, it was the same as when Dad scolded me. 

In dad’s case, he’d never shout at me, he would make me think of what I’ve done.

And, this time around, he was scolding me for reviving all of them.

If so…

「… Avoid getting into a scandal or an accident?」 

「That’s right. Avoiding them before they happen is the best course of action. Now then, what should you do in order to avoid them?」  


As expected, even I don’t know that.

Is the answer always bracing myself for it? Or is it always to read the situation of the surroundings?

But, no matter how much I try, it’ll be impossible to perfectly avoid every accident/scandal.

Since it was too absurd a question, I couldn’t find the answer.

Thereby, Dad declared it clearly.

「Why, it’s simple. You only have to protect them, Seiichi.」 


「I know I can’t do it, but if you’re born a man then you should at least be capable of protecting those you love.」 

「…Does that even count as an answer?」 

Really, this dad of mine… 

I was able to do my best because I had these parents who gently showed the way.

「I’ve said lots, but what I want to convey to you is that 『Death』 is never a bad thing. Don’t just take it to your heart as it is, but you also have to think it through.」 


As I was having such a conversation with Dad, Zeanos came closer to us.

「Makoto-dono. I dare say that an incident like this will be the last of it.」 

「Zeanos-san, what do you mean by that?」 

「This is what I felt body-wise, but apparently our bodies as the dead are influenced by Seiichi’s body… by the body of the living, and thus our bodies are changed to that of the living, and subsequently allowed us to be revived. This is a deed that could be done because we’re in the 【Netherworld】, a place where even the dead like us can pertain our consciousness… Even if someone died in the original world, they can’t be revived using the same method. Once you’re dead, your ego will travel to the 【Netherworld】 after all. …It would be nigh-impossible to do the same thing as he did before.」 

『…That’s about right… Based on this incident, I too shall place a strict admission limit to Netherworld… Apparently, even I was influenced by Seiichi-san… Now I can do things I couldn’t do before… Placing an admission limit is one of them… Now, any human who hasn’t died won’t be able to enter through teleportation magic or by passing through the gate that placed in the far east…  』 

Netherworld also expressed his opinions, agreeing with Zeanos’ words.

Wait, what the heck am I, influencing even the Netherworld? Ah, I just don’t understand it anymore.

At any rate, I understood that this time will be the last time an incident like this happened.

…Well, I fully understood that Dad and Mom were no longer with me, and I also understood that I was saying crazy stuff.

I also understood that they couldn’t return to the place where I belonged together with me.

However, now that I had spent my time with them, I couldn’t accept that they had died.

Thinking about it calmly, I was shouting something incomprehensible… 

However, now that I can reunite with them, I can touch them like this… I can feel the warmth that I thought I would never be able to feel again. 

But, to be separated with them without being able to do anything again, and that they were right in front of me… I just couldn’t bear it.

Though, only my body that went towards such an unexpected direction… My mental spirit did’t even grow. I know it’s a pitiful story, but… 

「In addition, I’m just glad that I could come back to life.」 

「Is, is that so?」 

Zeanos told me that he was purely delighted that he was revived.

「Some people may think this as blasphemy towards the dead. But, I wanted to live. I really wanted to live. …Along with Marie here.」 


「I believe that both cases are just as arrogant as the other. If reviving the dead are judged as arrogant, then doing a deed in the name of the dead are also just as arrogant. Well, it is but an opinion of mine, so pay no heed to it.」 


It seems like Dad and Zeanos are having a difficult conversation, but I have no clue what they are talking about. Can you two make it simpler? …Ah, I’m just too dumb, huh?

「Hey, hey, isn’t it fine!? Let’s just drop all the hard talk! Look, Seiichi-kun is having a hard time trying to catch up.」

「Eh, I’m busted!?」 

「That’s obvious, it’s showing on your face.」 

How useless, I am.

After I let out a fake laugh to brush it off, I asked the Netherworld about something I’m curious about.

「Come to think of it, you said you have created the Gatekeeper, is it already serving its duty?」 

『…No… Since I just created it… it’s currently near your position, Seiichi-san… 』 

「Near me?」 

As I casually looked back, there was a Nio statue that usually showed up in Japanese history textbook that posed in front lateral spread like a bodybuilder. Since when!? Rather, while the face is scary, why is its pose so weird!? In addition, his character overlaps! A brawny character is enough with Gassur alone!

As I was surprised with the appearance of Nio statue, my parents looked at it with sparkly eyes

「Makoto-san, Makotosan! It’s a Nio statue!」 

「Ou! You are right! To think we can see it in here even though we are not on Earth」 

「Picture! Let’s take a picture!」 

「Then, let me take my smartphone…. I’m sorry, come to think of it I didn’t bring a smartphone…」 

「No way… Seiichi! Do you bring a smartphone?」 

「A sightseeing atmosphere even though we’re here!? No, I brought it though.」 

Right, I brought it… I wanted to say that it’s enough with breaking the fantasy. It’s about me though

Thing was, because it’s a smartphone that came from Instant Farm magic, the camera function shouldn’t be…

「…It’s there.」 

The preparation is good, huh!? I’m surprised!

As I was surprised with the camera function, Mom said to Dad merrily.

「Come on! Makoto-san, let’s take a picture together!」 

「 Sure. Seichi, you too come here」

「Eh? Ah, un」 

Is it okay to do something like that? When I saw Zeanos and the others that giving off such a feeling, for some reason I can feel a lukewarm gaze towards me. Crap, I’m embarrassed.

As my face turned reddish, dad pulled my arm and made me stand between him and mom without minding them.

And then, mom talked with a gentle tone.

「… Without me realizing, you have grown up so big…」

「…True that. You have grown bigger than me…」

Their gaze felt embarrassing to me, so in order to hide my embarrassment, I spoke loudly.

「Lo, look! We can’t make them wait too long! Hurry and take the photo!」 

「That’s true, I guess」 

Dad and mom’s faces came near mine

I’ve never done a group photo before, so don’t know how to, but let’s do the operation with an unfamiliar way… 

「Put a smile on!」 

「Your face is stiff, you know」 

While Dad and Mom told me to do this and that, I took the photo.

「Say Cheese!」 

The moment I said so, for some reason, the Nio statue stationed itself behind us, raised two fingers up then smiled so it could be included in the photo.

Oi, aren’t you having too much fun!? What about your dignity as a gatekeeper?

After the group photo was done, the Nio statue moved back to its previous pose as if nothing just happened.

「Seiichi, did it come out well?」

「Eh? Aah…」 

Before I even could say anything, my parents seized the smartphone to check the outcome.

No, isn’t it within expectation that it would be surprising that such a stern looking Nio statue made a peace sign?

「Un, it’s looks good!」  

「Isn’t it. The Nio Statue looks like it’s having fun too!」 

「Surprising, isn’t it!」 

They instead just gloss over it like it’s normal! That’s my parents for ya! I can’t do that, though! Well, I’m saying it above the fact that they’re thinking it’s a vacation even when they’re in Netherworld, you see!

As I was being led around by my parents just as usual, the Netherworld raised its voice.

『…May I have a word…?』 

「Ah, sure. I’m sorry.」 

『…No… don’t mind it… well, I’ve never seen anyone taking a picture in the Netherworld, however…』  

I bet. it’s way too dangerous to be a sightseeing spot. You’ll die, after all.

『…Well then, I believe it’s time for everyone to go back to Human World… You will be teleported to the place where Seiichi-sama was before he came here…』 

In other word, the stadium at Barbadora Magic Academy.

…After all that happened before, I’m guessing that there would be no one there, so I think it should be fine if we suddenly just pop out. 

「Got that.」 

『…Well then, I’m starting the teleportation… Seiichi-sama… I am deeply grateful for what you have done on this occasion…』 

「…Thank you, from my side as well.」 

From under our feet, a teleportation circle expanded.

And then, for our last time together, the Netherworld spoke his words.

『…May your future be blissful… Please, come visit again another time…』 

「Netherworld isn’t some park you can carefreely come and go, right!?」 

I who received such an invitation teleported away along with my parents and the rest.


「…Did we… come back…?」 

There was no mistaking it, after the teleportation magic activated, what laid in my field of view was the stadium of Barbadora Magic Academy. 

「So we’ve managed to come back…」 

Though it should be obvious, there was nobody inside the stadium.

「…I still can’t come to term with it from the bottom of my heart, but… we really, really have revived, haven’t we… 」 

I turned my head when I heard Zeanos trying to cope with the big surprise, but it turned that even my parents and everyone else were having the same reaction.

And then, Nataliana-san suddenly broke into tears.

「Waahhh, hup, hup」 

「Nataliana-san!? What’s wrong!?」 

Hastily, we came closer to Nataliana-san.

Whilst Lilana-san patting her back, Nataliana-san let out her fit of crying.

「I.. I am…. vexed…」 


「…I died, leaving the person I treasured behind… not only that, I was killed right in front of him…」 

Unlike anyone else in this room, Nataliana-san is the only person I wasn’t in direct contact with.

That being the case, the fact that she came back along with Zeanos and the others just like this meant that she somehow somewhere had a string of fate with me.

However, what kind of fate… I still couldn’t solve it.

Not even I know why and how she died…. 

「…When… I think I can really meet with… the person I thought I had lost… I, I just…」 

「Is that so…」 

As Liliana kept patting her back, Anna-san spoke of her thought with her most tender voice. 

「It’s fine. We aren’t exactly people from this age… that is why, we will always here for you until you find that person you treasure. How does that sound?」 

「Why, of course! That should do.」 

「Agreed with that. Ain’t we all comrades who escaped the same hell. Yer being stand-offish.」 

Both Abel and Garus told Nataliana much less the same thing.

I see. I’ve forgotten about it, but not only Abel and his party, but Zeanos, Mary, and Lucius aren’t people from this time and age.

Not to mention my parents who basically aren’t people from this world… 

As my head was filled with such though, father opened his mouth.



「Don’t mind your Father and Mother.」 


I was befuddled with what came out from his mouth.

My father continued what he wanted to say, ignoring me.

「Me and your mother don’t want to be a burden for you. You do you what you want.」 

「Do what I want, you say… What about you guys?」 

In my regard, I will be happy if they don’t leave my side.

After him, it was Mum who spoke.

「We’ll be spending our lives slowly somewhere. You see, I wants to grow my own garden~」 

My mother was, just as always, doing everything at her own pace.

「Spending time slowly, you said… just where will you live?」 

「Dunno. Seiichi, do you have any place you know?」 

「In the end you leave it to me!? No, wouldn’t asking Zeanos’ group would be…」 

「Things should be different than when we were alive. In addition, if I knew such a good place to live, I wouldn’t have to face such a hardship in my previous life, would I?」 

That’s one persuasive remark he said, I could do nothing but be silent.

No, even if they asked about a good place to live… 
When my mind reached that far, one place flashed into my head.

「…There’s one.」 

「Dear me, and where is that?」 

「A place called the Royal Capital Terveil, Wimburg Kingdom. …The one place that opened their arms to me who just got neglected into this world.」 

A place I would call as my second home.

To be frank, though, it was kinda hard to recommend that place since it was infested with perverts.

「Is that so? If they took care of Seiichi, then we have to pay a visit to them.」 

「You’re right.」 

Father and Mother said so with bright smiles on their faces.

「…But, you see, this world is dangerous, you know? Despite that, dad, you said you wanted to act separately from me…」 

I don’t want to be separated from my parents. Danger lurks in every corner in this world, you can’t even compare it to Earth’s safety. That, of course, doesn’t mean Japan is completely safe from danger.  

When such kind of worry heavied my heart, Zeanos rest me assured with his words.

「Seiichi-dono. Won’t you leave your parents in my hand?」 


「Let’s see. I’ll give them my protection too, so don’t be so down.」 

「Me too… guard… your family…」 

Joining him, Lucius-san and Treasure Chest added their words in.

No, if you guys go that far, wouldn’t that be overkill? Just what kind of royalty they are, having the First Demon Lord and the mentor of the Heroes to be their escort? I can’t understand Treasure Chest’s motivation, though.

「It has been mentioned before; we’re not people from this age. That’s why, we can’t be not working.」 


「Precisely, we are——Unemployed.」 


That would be obvious.

Zeanos might be a duke in his previous life, now that the very country that betrayed him had long gone, his status was the same as being unemployed.

「I’m unemployed too.」 

「Ah, then we all here too.」 


「Now you mention it.」 

「What do we do?」 

Doesn’t that make it everyone here is unemployed…!

Even the Hero and the Demon Lord are unemployed!? That would look bad in the eye of society!

When I was having such thought, Treasure Chest stuck out what seemingly his chest boastingly.

「I… Treasure Chest. That, my job. You all… unemployed.」 


Everyone except my parents and Nataliana-san held their chest in anguish. That was a Fatal strike… 

Being hit by an unexpected damage, Zeanos refreshed his thoughts before he voiced his proposal.

「U, umu. What do you think? Why don’t we move to this place named Terveil?」 

「Ah, that doesn’t sound bad. About looking for Nataliana-san’s precious person, why don’t we first set our base camp there?」 

「I’m in if Nataliana-san is okay with it, what’s your thoughts?」 

「Yeah. Since there would be a Guild there, it’ll be best if we register then to earn some cash.」 

「I agree. Wouldn’t that be the most efficient way.」 

「I’m sure everyone here won’t have any trouble being an adventurer.」 

I’m sorry in advance, Ranze-san.

One way or another, some unbelievable faces will move into your country somehow. I’m the one responsible for that, though.

As I gave a long sideglance, Mother looked at me tenderly.

「Look, Seiichi. We are fine. Everyone will be with us.」 

「U, un.」 

「Also, don’t you have your own treasured people here?」 


Did we talk about something like that?

That very moment Mother said so, it was then.



Even though it wasn’t that long since I went away, her voice was filled with deep yearn.

However, just by hearing it made me smile ear to ear… it was such a precious voice.

Turning my head toward the origin of that voice, what appeared was the sight of Saria with tears on her cheeks and a smile on her lips.

As I was fazed by Saria, she rushed towards me then plunged into my chest with the momentum.

「Welcome back, Seiichi!」 


Even with all this abruptness, I still caught her with both of my arms.


「…I  believed, that you will be fine… even so, I’m glad that you’re back safely.」 

Saria said so to me, upturned eyes and beautiful smile.

Looking at that smile, I strengthened my hug with Saria. 

「I’m  back, Saria.」  

「Un! Welcome back!」 

Saria and I embraced each other tightly right then and there.

「Oh my, dear me, tonight’s dinner will be served with red rice!」 

「Seiichi sure has become a proper adult.」  

——I forgot about my parents’ presence.

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