Shinka no Mi – Chapter 85

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In-School Tournament ~Bead~

After which, the match between class C and class A advanced without delay.

Shortly after the boys’ team match between Class A and Class C, the match for the girls’ side was also held.

That being said, the participant Geonis whom Lily paid special attention to… in other words, Ranze-san’s son, was very strong. Rather, he was overwhelming.

At any rate, the match ended in only a few seconds.

The other students’ abilities were around the same. But Geonis was the only one who stood outfrom the crowd. … And this was someone who only had the overall battle prowess of those from the class S.

His opponent couldn’t release any magic, couldn’t even swing his sword, his distance was covered in an instant and then knocked out in a single blow.

In the meantime, the girls’ matches started, and class A advanced in victory due to only sheer difference in status.


『Maan, what a wonderful fight isn’t it! As expected, participant Geonis was overwhelming … Michael-san, what’s your opinion on this match?』

『I can’t tell what happened. I haven’t the faintest idea.』

『I see! So you’re saying that was such a high quality fight aren’t you!』


We don’t need that commentator!

Rather than commenting, go work instead will you!? It won’t do if you don’t understand!

There’s no meaning for commentators if you can’t even explain it to amateurs isn’t it!? Get your shit together, Michael-san!

Putting that aside, after the match between class A and class C, it was finally our turn.


After seeing class A taking their leave, I turned my eyes toward Agnos and the rest of the class.


「Well then, our opponent will be class S… 」

「There isn’t going to be a problem!」

「That’s right. We’ll just do it as per usual.」

『Sensei, please rest assured.』

「It’s okay. I won’t lose.」

「I, I’ll do my best~!」

「Finally, the time to showcase my beauty…!」


「Milord. I’m hungry.」

「Endure it!?」


Apparently, they did not seem nervous at all, even without my concern. Rurune’s nervous vein is too thick, though.

「Well, anyway … Let’s go.」



Receiving a vigorous reply, we set out or foot into the stadium.

And then, the cheers——didn’t rise.


「A lowly class F getting full of themselves… 」

「Those lot who can’t even use magic, like hell they could win, right?」

「Isn’t it embarrassing, I wonder?」

「They won’t win anyway.」


A storm of disdain and ridicule.

Beatrice-san and I, and including Leon and Saria, were not directly exposed to them as we were watching the match from the benches at the far end of the stadium, but I still felt an indescribable feeling from this situation.

Beatrice-san too had a very sad and painful expression on her face.

Leon too, frightened by the surrounding disdain wore a very bitter expression. But Saria didn’t seem to care at all, as she was cheering on them.

And … Agnos’ and the rest’s expression were, not dead.


「Can’t use magic … huh …」

「Well, they’re right. … No, they were right.」

「… Hey, are we seriously doing that shit? Isn’t this like throwing in our own cards?」

「Hn. Go ask this idiot.」

「That’s obvious, ain’t it? There’s no meaning if we don’t win with our own strength」

「… Well, I’m fine with it. At any rate, I don’t feel that we will lose anyhow.」

「I agree as well. I mean, isn’t it more beautiful that way…!」

「U~n … well, I don’t understand hard things! We only have to fight as usual for now!」

『Now that we have been taught by our teacher, I doubt whether we could fight as usual.』

「W, what do we do~? I think we have gotten stronger, but magic is another thing~… 」


Apparently, Agnos and co. started talking something that I didn’t quite understand and not bothering with the surrounding voices at all.

As Beatrice-san and I tilted our neck in wonder to that, class S entered the stadium a little bit later.


「Well then, I hope they could be an experience for my students even if it a little.」


That teacher, he can’t live without saying sarcastic stuffs? Must be tough.

Even so, they say that your face mirrors your personality, but looking at that teacher, well, he certainly has a reasonably well-shaped face, but you would immediately understand that he has a nasty personality.

No matter how ugly you are, your face will be bright if you’re often smiling.

Well, in my case, I always had a gloomy expression, so it couldn’t be saved… .

While my face was clouded, the host’s announcement flowed out.


『Well then, the second … is also another combination of extremes! It’s a match between class F and class S!』

『What do you mean by that?』

『In this academy, class S is a group of outstanding grades, and class F is, well … a group of people who has difficulties in grades.』

『Difficulties in grades … do you mean they’re stupid?』

『No, that’s … they can’t use magic, you know. That’s why, it’s an extreme pairing of class S who can use magic and class F who can’t.』

『I see … so it’s like the difference between Elites and Dropouts.』

『I’d like you not to waste my effort of glossing it over! Well then, the participants, please prepare yourselves.』

Following the host Lily’s words, everyone that wouldn’t fight dispersed from the stadium.

The ones who remained were Bead from my class, and the opponent was… maybe it was a bad way for putting it, but he was a male student with blonde hair and blue eyes and no notable features. However, he had a nasty smile resembling his teacher. Smiling nastily must be a trend. Really, I can’t keep up with recent trends at all.

Even so, the opponent boy is, how do I put it… he looks like someone who would cling and fawn on influential people. It’s a very rude impression of mine, though.


『Then lets we start the match between participant *Toramaki* Fauner from class S versus participant Bead from class F!』



Isn’t that name cruel!? You mean he’s a fawner!? No, I likewise, have the impression that he feels like someone who fawns over the strong! I’m also generally quite rude aren’t I! It’s only my heart’s voice, so forgive me!


「 … A stereotypical bootlicking noble.」

「She uttered it!」

As I reflexively turned my head, there was Olga-chan who looked sleepy as usual.


「Tte … Eh? Olga-chan. Weren’t you going to watch from the audience seat together with Al?」

「 … Al-oneechan told me to watch from here. I invited her too, but since she’s not particularly exclusive to class F so she’d decline, she said… 」

「She doesn’t need to worry about that though… 」

Well, even if I don’t mind it, others do. Mainly class S, or class S, or maybe even class S.

As I was thinking over such trivial things, Fauner and Bead held a conversation in the stadium.


「Hn. The likes of dropouts like you trying to participate. Well, do your best at being my magic experimentation dummy.」

『Let’s make best of each of us.』


No matter how much Fauner plunged into him, it didn’t seem that any of it worked to Bead at all. That’s strange, now that bear costume looks very reliable.


「 …. Making light of me. I’ll make you regret it!」


However, Bead’s attitude seemed to have triggered Fauner instead, as he glared at him with hatred.

And thus——.


『Well then, participant Fauner from class S versus participant Bead from class F … Match, start!』


Responding to Lily-san’s voice, Fauner made a big jump backwards and then instantly launched his magic.


「I’ll make you regret for screwing with me! 『Fire Lance』!」


The magic Fauner used was the type that shaped flames into a lance which flies towards he target.

Its firepower was high, and it was classified as intermediate magic.

This would do huge damage to him if he didn’t avoid it.



Bead, punched that lance of fire down.


Fauner was baffled by the scene that laid before him.

… Bead sure played it recklessly. Certainly, in this In-School Tournament, there were many people deployed who could use greater recovery magic. Therefore, any attack except instant kill ones were permitted.

Even so, people are normally afraid of injuries and wouldn’t do it like how Bead did.

Only, Bead looks uninjured though… .

Bead cracked his knuckles.


『Come forth and perform your magic experiment without any reservation.』



With only a brief comment, Fauner whose blood rushed to his head, launched a number of intermediate magic and beginner magic such as 『Fireball』 and 『Fire Lance』

But, within that storm of magic, Bead kept advancing toward Fauner boldly while knocking his magic down.



Then, in order to distract Fauner, Bead did a side-step on that spot, after his opponent’s awareness swayed left and right, he went around him at once then landed a decisive blow to the crown of his head.




Fauner staggered on that spot and immediately collapsed to the ground, face first.


As Bead was viewing such spectacle, he took out his sketchbook as usual.


『Are you satisfied with the experiment?』

『P, participant Fauner, down! Therefore, participant Bead from class F comes out as the victor for the match!』

Even after Lily-san said so, the venue was dead silent.

Barna-san was grinning widely, but people other than him had a disbelief look on them.

Well, that was given. Why, Bead defeated his opponent without using magic at all after all.

Normally, you would invalidate the magic before attacking, or wrapping your arms with some kind of magic else it would be implausible, but in Bead’s case, he only relied on wind pressure when he swung his arms to suppress the fire.

Because of that, it would appear to be knocked down from the surrounding gazes.

… Either way, it’s still not an ordinary way of fighting is it!

Bead who brazenly walked towards the other class F students then showed his sketchbook to Blood.


『Blood. Go show it to your older brother.』

「 … No need to say it, huh.」


Having received Bead’s words, Blood walked to the centre of the venue gracefully, audaciously smiling.

At that time, for us the benchwarmers’ expression, both Beatrice-san and Leon were bewildered, and Saria was cheerfully encouraging him.


「 …Seiichi-oniichan.」

「 … Nn?」

「 … They, really dropouts?」

「I don’t want to know anymore!」


Seeing the previous unordinary way of fighting, I abandoned my train of thoughts.


TL Note: The Class S student is called トリマキー (Toramakii) which means followers/sidekicks. As such, we have named him as Fauner to mimic the play of words. (Fawner)


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