Shinka no Mi – Chapter 84

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In-School Tournament, Begin

After that, Agnos and the rest of the class continued their special training.

Leon, despite not participating in the tournament, continued watching his classmates doing their best.

——And then, the appointed day for the In-School Tournament arrived.

We had not used it for a while but the tournament will be held at the stadium where we had our mock battles. The empty audience seats were filled with students who weren’t participating in the tournament and their parents.


For me, since Blood is here, I was hoping that I would be able to catch a glimpse of the King of the Kaizer Empire who had summoned Kanazuki-senpai and co. However, it seems he didn’t come for the tournament this time. …Well, he is a monarch after all, so it isn’t weird if he’s busy but more than that I feel like he isn’t interested in his children. Maybe it’s because I’m biased by my bad impression of Kaizer Empire, though.


In the meantime, when the participating students gathered in the centre of the stadium, Barna-san whom I hadn’t seen in a while came up to the podium.


『Ladies and Gentlemen. Today, with the blessing of good weather, I am sure we can carry out the In-School Tournament in a favourable setting. Everyone, go all out and do your best!』



A round of cheers jolted out from the audience seat on hearing Barna-san’s speech.

As expected, this event held that much anticipation and attraction for everyone.


『Well then, let’s leave the preamble at it. Allow me to announce the matchup between classes that everyone is waiting for. Here it comes!』


As Barna-san raised his hand, a projection appeared in the air.

It must be the same technology that was used in the Royal Capital Olympic in Telbert.

Setting that aside, about our opponent for the tournament——.


「 …Haha. I can’t say if our luck is good or bad… 」


To my surprise, our first opponent——was class S.

As I was laughing bitterly, the teacher of class S came with a disgusting smile on his face.


「To think we’ll face each other in the first match.」



「Nnn? …My, oh my, is it possible for Class F to even gather enough participant to fully participate in the tournament?」

「There was only a few of us in the first place.」

「HAHAHAHA!! How sad. Thinking about how weak and small you are, it wouldn’t be satisfying if it ends in only one match…Let’s see, it’ll be troubling if your excuse for losing was because of a shortage of people, so I’ll allow you to have someone join in the middle of a match during the tournament. There’s a boy left on your side, is there not? If he has the guts to fight, he may join in the middle of the match. Well, I don’t think he will though!」


I checked Leon’s situation with the corner of my eyes, but, as expected, it would be hard for him to participate in the tournament.



「Do your best struggling. At least, they could be good target practice for my student’s magic! Fufufu…. AHAHAHAHA!!」


What’s with that cheap villain laugh.

As I was involuntarily taken aback, Beatrice-san talked to me with an air of anxiety.


「Ano… is it really okay? If something were to happen to the students… 」

「Beatrice-san. This is a matter that Agnos and the rest have decided. There’s nothing else that we can do but watch their effort.」


「Das right! Ane-san, just watch us with a bang!」

「No need to be worried. We won’t hold back any mercy for those impudents.」

「Rurune-chan, why don’t we try to be more gentle.」


There won’t be any casualties, right? Rurune has shown her bloodlust though. I will believe in you all.


「Well, even if our first opponent is class S, the opening matches are of other classes. Let’s leave the stadium quickly as well.」


For this In-School Tournament, in order to allow the groups to make full use of the arena to the fullest, we quickly left.


After getting seated in the participant-only section, we confirmed the other students’ matches.


『Now, here we are, the In-School Tournament! The moderator is me! Lily from the broadcast club will be reporting it to you! And the commentator for today, we’re inviting Michael-san!』


『Hello, I’m Michael』

Who!? I don’t know who is this commentator though!? And his voice is wastefully good!

When I inadvertently surprised, Beatrice-san muttered so.


「… Who is it.」

Does no one knows!?

Looking around, I saw everyone was tilting their neck in unity.

There really isn’t anyone who knows! Why would you call someone like that!? I thought he’s some kind of bigshot that I didn’t know of! Ah, even Barna-san tilted his neck!

As I grandly retorted it in my head, the commentator proceeded.


『Here are the two classes that will battle each other first!』


The commentator’s voice echoed throughout the audience seat, and in the air, class C and class A were displayed.


『Now, what kind of match will they show us! Michael-san!』


『Let’s see. It will be, like … very amazing.』

『I see! What an interesting prediction!』

Don’t “I see” me! What are you convinced about!?

What interesting, wasn’t that only a shallow reply!?

Is this really alright!?


『Well then, although this is a match between class A and class C, personally I’m focusing on participant Geonis from class A.』

『Hou, and why is that?』

『Participant Geonis has been chosen as a delegate for class S, is the younger brother of participant Robert, and is also the second prince of the Kingdom of Wimburg, but magic-wise he’s only a step behind his elder brother, and as he’s in the class S, his overall battle prowess is equivalent those from class S.』

『I see, I didn’t know about it.』


Commentator…! It’s bad for not knowing about that, isn’t it!?

That being said, Winberg Kingdom’s second prince means he is Ranze’s son huh … and his older brother is in the class S, and it seems he’s one of the delegates that will fight against us, what kind of person is he?


『Well then, since the participants look ready as well, let’s proceed with the match! Participant Bob from class C versus participant Terry from class A … First match, start!』



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