Shinka Chapter 1

Author: 美紅 (Miku)

To an isekai    

My name is Hiiragi Seiichi. A 2nd year high school student attending a unique high school. Although I say unique, it’s not a school filled with espers or aliens like in manga. It is that so-called idol training school…or something like that. As you would expect, in order to be  famous idols, they attend the school I am in.

If that’s the case, I’m idol material too, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Thankfully I’m not bald, but I’m unsightly and have terrible body odor. The odor is so bad, in fact, that no one dares sit near my seat. Not only the students, but even the teachers feel the same so there’s nothing I can do.

And so, maybe because I’m surrounded by handsome guys and beautiful girls, I have become so famous everyone knows me. …Not in the good way, mind you. On top of that, lately I’ve started getting fat, going from 70kg (150lb) when I enrolled then ballooning to 100kg (220lb). Even I have come to regard my ugliness as hopeless.

Due to an accident, my parents have moved on to the afterlife. This led to me living a life of indulgence and started putting on weight. Without my parents, I had no one to show me the way or help me make good decisions. You reap what you sow. Mom, Dad, I’m so sorry.

With regards to my appearance, I’ve already given up – but the only thing I really can’t stand about myself is my name.

I mean, the name Seiichi sounds and looks cool and all but because it’s completely at odds with my appearance, I can’t help but feel I’ve lost to my own name; enough that I want to prostrate before the world and apologize. I wonder if it’s because I’m like this? I know full well I’ll get bullied when I go to school. It might not be an exaggeration to say that’s just how this generation works.

So then “Why am I even at a school like this?” is what you would ask next.

The reason would simply be because it’s close to my house, and you don’t need to be smart to be able to enroll in an idol training school. Even an ordinary guy like me can attend.

Pretty dumb of me, right? Laugh all you want! I have reflected on it and fully regret it!

But really, because I wanted a convenient and hassle-free enrollment, I have been helplessly bullied. Although I probably would have been bullied no matter what high school I went to. Though I’m prattling on and on in this endless seeming monologue, there is a good reason for it. This monologue is to help me calm myself down. And why would I do such a thing?

Let’s go back in time a bit, shall we—-


“Hey pig~! Go buy us some bread~!”
“With your own damn money of course~”


That laughter belonged to several male students who called me out behind the gym during lunch break, forcibly making me a gofer.

Just because one has good looks doesn’t necessarily mean they have a good personality too. But the people attending this school are amazing…as national Idols, they have good looks and good personalities. They even talk to me like a normal person.

However, there is not a single doubt that they had used me to make themselves look better.

In the end, in order to fulfil their demands, I went on to buy bread for them with my own money and from that day onwards, they had used me as a sandbag to relieve their stress.

“That’s the stuff~!”

One of them struck me right in the stomach.

“Agh! Ugh!”
“Haha~! This is seriously great~! I feel, like, all refreshed~!”

“Ah, looks like the next class is starting soon.”
“Man, already that time? Then let’s split. Later, pig~!”

The male students laughed as they left.


Enduring the intense pain, I somehow got on my feet only to have my knees buckle and topple over.


I grimace and wait for the pain to go away.


One of the female students came to check on me.

“A-are you okay?”

With natural brown hair reaching all the way down her back, she sported a headband on her head. Both of her big eyes were brown and her luscious lips were tinged with pink.

The girl who anxiously peeked at my face was the most beautiful girl in school: Hino Youko from the class next door.

Not caring about my odour, she was one of very few people who really treated me like a normal human being.

“Can you stand?”
“Ah, aaaah….”

Without any hesitation, she took the hand of someone like me and I can’t help but think she’s a really nice person.

By the way, I’m not stupid enough to misunderstand her intentions with this small act of kindness. Looking the way I do, I know all too well. Don’t make me say it!

“Hiiragi-kun, what happened?”

“…It’s nothing you need to worry about, Hino. Actually, shouldn’t you be heading to your classroom; aren’t you gonna be late?”

“Ah…right. That’s true, but…”
“Then hurry and go. Besides, you shouldn’t be seen with me.”
“Why not?”
“Because people will misunderstand and start to gossip. Also, I don’t want to drag you into my problems.”

Saying that, I force my aching body to walk ahead of Hino.

Hino is genuinely worried about me, but if she involves herself with me too much, I’m the one that will be troubled. Of course, that’s why she’s so popular and because I don’t want to involve her in my troubles, I brush her off.

Thus classes resumed and, at the end of the day when school was over and people started to head home, that’s when it happened.


An announcement broadcast suddenly began.

❝Attention all students, please cease all activity and be seated.❞

What a cryptic broadcast.

Everyone stopped for a moment and tilted their heads. For some reason, everyone went back to their seats and sat down.

“M-my body is-?!”

Even I, while getting ready to go despite the pain, was forced to sit down by a mysterious force.

“What’s going on…?”

I mutter to myself and try to stand—-

“Ugh, I can’t move?!”
“What’s happening?!”

It’s like I’m glued to the chair, I can’t get off!
No matter how much I struggle, I can’t get it to budge.
I really am glued to the chair.

Everyone in the classroom is anxious about the situation, then the broadcast starts up again.

❝’Sup guys? I am what you would call a ≪God≫.❞

A mysterious voice that could not be identified as male, female, young, or old, came through the PA system.

 ❝Looks like everyone is confused about what’s going on right now. When mysterious things happen, you humans tend to freak out. This is why humans are such laughable and pitiful creatures.❞

What the hell is this voice talking about? Pitiful humans? In addition, it is calling itself a God? Under normal circumstances, if someone seriously said that, you’d think they were nuts.

However, right now, an unknown power forcing us to sit to the point that we can’t even move. There’s not even anything visibly tying us down.

Therefore, an incredulous thought that this broadcasting God is real sprouted in me.

 ❝It’s too annoying to explain every little detail to you humans, so I’ll keep it short.❞

The voice from the PA system then took on a jovial tone.

 ❝Soon you will all be taken from Earth to different world—-a 【New World】.❞


Everyone was left speechless with those words.

Someone managed to regain their senses and tried to open their mouth to say something, but no words came out.

Everyone who saw that became apprehensive then the voice in the PA system continued.

❝Ah, I forgot to mention, I don’t want you fussing over every little thing I say, so I have temporarily robbed your ability to speak..❞

With that remark, I completely believe in this entity calling itself a ≪God≫. Rather, there’s nothing else it could be.

This is impossible. This is beyond impossible.

❝Back to what I was saying, there’s a good reason you’re being taken to another world…Earth’s population has increased too much, you see. You humans are living too willy-nilly~. The Earth is crying out and it would be dangerous to have more of you running around. That’s why gods like me are taking matters into our own hands and shipping y’all off to other worlds, all to save the Earth.❞

An image comes to mind of the god nodding in self-satisfaction as if everything now makes sense.

❝I’m being quite benevolent you know? I could just wipe you off the face of the Earth with no explanation whatsoever. But, I took it upon myself to let you live and be transferred to another world. You better be thankful~❞

…Getting on a high horse about yourself…

❝So the world I’m sending you to is what you would call a ‘Fantasy World’…or maybe a ‘Game or RPG-like world’. If that helps making you people understand more easily. Anyway, that’s where you’re going. I say ‘Fantasy’ because there are things like demons there and of course, magic. However, since things like science and technology are not in use, worse than being simply inconvenienced, modern-day kids like you will be in serious danger in this world, m’kay?❞

Are you serious? I’d rather just be erased than impulsively sent to my doom…

❝Since the other world is so dangerous, there is no worry of it becoming overpopulated, so I don’t have to be so… ‘hands-on’ over there. Since it’s not a world gods actively mess with, don’t expect any miracles to occur. But fear not for you will have levels, skills and attributes so why don’t you guys have some fun there? In your new world, you will be far superior beings than you are now and your attributes will reflect your new extraordinary selves. And so you can leave with no regrets, I’ll be erasing any memory of you from your family and the world at large.❞

Oh well now, that just makes everything hunky-dory. At least no one will think I’m dead.

But will erasing our existence from our family’s memories really leave us with no regrets? Of course it doesn’t really concern me since my parents are dead…

❝You check out the attributes I allocated for you on a summonable menu. You can bring it out as often as you like just by imagining it as it’s being stored in an item box in your own personal pocket space. And so that you don’t run into trouble, I’ve also given you a language comprehension ability for the other world and the ‘Analyze’ skill as a present. It’s important to look at this positively, okay? You are all very fortunate that you get to go to another world after all. There are other groups of people that will be transported as well. And just like that you’ll be transported from this school. Obviously not with the building itself. Oh, that’s right! You can also check things like skills and titles from the menu screen too.❞

It’s a lot to take in… apparently we’re lucky we get to go somewhere like another world? And every single person in school, to boot! My school has a total of 800 students, a fair amount of people. And on top of that, even more people will be sent to this other world.

Still…it was called a ‘present’, but aren’t those abilities normally required in this situation? That language comprehension ability, if you didn’t have it you could wreck yourself being unable to communicate with others.

I don’t know about the skills or titles or whatever, but I’m happy for that ‘Analyze’ ability. It seems like it’d be useful when eating unknown food.

❝Well, this is as far as I go. I’ve still got a lot of work to do. Lastly, I’ll give you an hour to prepare yourselves. If you form groups, you can be transported to a safe spot. If you’re alone…I can’t guarantee anything.❞

After saying so, the broadcast came to an end. We could once again move our bodies and get out of our chairs yet everyone still remained motionless.

The god was right about humans, when the unthinkable occurs, all of us fall into chaos and anger. Though on the other hand, in times of real trouble, we are able to remain perfectly calm.

Perhaps that’s why everyone remained abnormally quiet.Even though we were able to move again, not a single person stirred.

After a bit of time passed, a lone student, Aoyama Hiroki, took action.

“H-hey guys! For now let’s check out the current situation.”

Aoyama wasn’t an idol, but the captain of the soccer team. He was pretty popular among the girls.

“First, the other people…if that broadcast is for real, everyone in this school is gonna be transported. Does the classroom door open? Better check the windows too.”

The students seated near the windows and doors quickly checked to see if they could be opened.

“No good, it won’t open. It’s not even locked, but…”

Everyone eventually came to the same conclusion, then Aoyama nodded once.

“Everything is pointing to that broadcast being real…”

He propped his chin on his hand in a Thinker pose.

“…I got it! If that broadcast is true, we should be able to check out our stats…”

“Eh? Aren’t we only able to do that in the other world?””It’s just a theory. The teachers should still be in the faculty room so we should check it out now while we have the chance. For now…Status!”

The broadcast said you only have to imagine it, but Aoyama still yelled it out like an activation phrase.

When he did, a semi-transparent card appeared in front of him.

“It…it really appeared!”

Aoyama took hold of it and examined it immediately.

“I get it now…it really is like game stats. Everyone, see for yourselves!”

Following his suggestion, everyone brought up their own status card to inspect. That’s the gist of the situation. I was thankful everyone was so absorbed in their own little worlds.

I followed suit and checked out my own stats.

≪Hiiragi Seiichi≫

Race: Barely Human

Gender: Disgusting Male

Occupation: Scum of Society (Unemployed)

Age: 17
Level: 1
Magic: 17
Strength: 1
Defense: 1
Agility: 1
Magic Attack: 1
Magic Defense: 1
Luck: 0
Charisma: Immeasurable (way too low)

≪Equipment≫Dirty school uniform, dirty school trousers, dirty undershirt, dirty underwear.


Is this harassment?!

What the hell is ‘Barely Human’?! Are you saying I’m so gross you can’t even tell if I’m a person?!

And a gender of ‘Disgusting Male’…just say ‘Male’! Why the fuck did you add ‘Disgusting’ for?!

Also aren’t these stats too low?! And Charisma being ‘immeasurable’!? Making it sound misleading and putting a bad connotation in parenthesis! And that’s not really a zero for luck is it?!

And why does all my equipment have to start with ‘Dirty’?! Is my body really that dirty?! You’re gonna make me cry here! These stupid stats are just a list of insults!

My occupation is ‘Scum of Society’ you say, I don’t even have an occupation! In the first place, I’m not unemployed; I’m a fucking student! Are you fucking kidding me?!

Well I guess I’m just a lost cause, aren’t I?! Whaddya want me to do? Just die? You want me to just lay down and die right now?!


…There are too many comebacks to make…!

As if my bad stats weren’t enough, listening to those around me made it even worse.

“My occupation is a swordsman!”
“Looks like I’ve become a sage?”
“All my stats are 100, isn’t that awesome~?”
“Ah, mine are 100 too.”

….what, seriously?!

Everyone else’s starting stats are 100?! That’s 100 times mine!! I’m already beyond help…!

The difference between me and everyone else is depressing.

Why is the difference in status this cruel… There’s no clear explanation behind my stat distribution. I don’t even really want to know why.

“Alright. Seems like everyone’s seen it. Then next we should form groups. There’s not much time left…”

After Aoyama finished his words, I looked at the clock, which thankfully was still working, and it had already been 50 minutes since the broadcast ended.

“There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many people can be in a group. The broadcast didn’t mention it at least. So if everyone joins a group we shouldn’t have to worry about being in danger. I’m not sure how to go about making the groups though…”

Aoyama then started muttering to himself.

Suddenly the semi-transparent card appeared in front of him once again.

“Ooh…I wonder if you can register the names of group members here… Yes! Okay everyone. Say your name one at a time!”

After making that discovery, everyone in class starting gathering around Aoyama and getting their names registered with him.

If I don’t register with everyone else, I know I’ll be the first to die.

So I went where everyone else was gathered around Aoyama and said,

“R-register me too!”

But all I got back was a cold gaze.

“Huh? Is that how you ask someone nicely?”


“Why should we let you in our group?”

“I-I just…at this rate I’ll be all alone…”

“Stay alone then. While you’re at it, go die, you pig. And back off, you reek.”

I was speechless.

No way…I’m still being bullied even in this kind of situation?!

All my other classmates are looking at me like I’m garbage, some are even sneering at me.

I’ve been forsaken. There was no one in this class that normally interacted with me.

Seriously, today is just not my day…my luck being zero was all too true.

While thinking that, the class stared at me like they were observing some lesser creature, and then someone started laughing sardonically.

“Wai…! Bahahahaha! Oh God, my stomach~”

“Hey hey, you okay, bro?”

Everyone was looking at this guy, puzzled by his sudden laughter.

“I-I mean look…! This guy, his stats are total shit!”


H-how did he know?! No one else should have seen!

Did he read my mind? Let’s see, that laughing guy…I think it was Ooki, he was grinning and laughing.

“Lemme tell you something. That broadcast before told us to check our stats, and gave us the ‘Analyze’ skill as a present. And then…Ahahahahahah!”

Did he say Analyze?! Seriously?!

Following up on Ooki’s observation, everyone checked me out while looking disgusted.

And then—-


Everyone started laughing.

“No way…no freaking way!”
“T-there’re all 1…!”
“He’s dead…this guy is so dead…!”

Far from being pitied, they all looked as if they’d found a fun toy to play with.

“You would totally slow us down! Who the hell would want you in their group?! Heeheehee!”

“Yikes…he really is scum, this guy…”

“‘Scum of Society’…suits you perfectly!”

They all made fun of me and mocked me. I also covertly used “Analyze” on Aoyama, but what I saw only made me more depressed.

〖Due to the difference in power, the Analysis is incomplete〗

After that message, the only bit of information I could glean from the Analysis was Aoyama’s name. The rest of the stats were garbled and unreadable.

In other words, despite us all being level 1, there was a disparaging difference in power between me and them.

I had no redeeming qualities on this Earth, inferior to other humans, and even in the next world my powers were the lowest possible rank.

My vision darkened.

Not giving a shit about my well being, my classmates drove me into a corner.

“Get lost, trash!”
“Why is he even in our class?”
“Openly bullying someone on Earth is a crime, but it won’t matter once we get to the other world, right?”
“Seriously, just go die.”

TL Note : Yes, there’s multiple lines… of just “die” – Sarah, …those assholes – Solistia

Shut the fuck up!! I can already feel the word “Die” tearing me apart.

What the fuck?! These bastards! Just how much do you want me to die?! No way, I’m not dying! That’s terrifying!

I went ballistic. I didn’t give a shit about anything anymore.

Thank God they didn’t let me in their group. If I was, the bullying would only get worse.

Let’s get positive. Yes indeed.

“Eyuck…he’s grinning…”

“Uber creepy…”

Just how far are you planning to go with your bullying?! Is there no end?!

In the end I didn’t join a group, and the one hour came to an end.

Then the broadcast resumed.


❝Looks like everyone got into a group…except for one of you.❞

Eh, I’m the only one by myself?! Only me?!

❝It’s because of such trivial quarrels even in these kinds of situations that humans will never grow…Ah, I got off track. First off, I need to apologize to all of you, I guess.❞

A-apologize? For what?

❝If you all formed groups I was gonna place you in a relatively safe place, but a certain country in the world you’re going to has started a Hero Summoning ritual.❞

H-hero summoning?

❝Thanks to that, the entire school will be summoned together. It’s like they intentionally sabotaged my own means of transportation…still, the loner will probably fall through the cracks of the summoning.❞

Fall through…?! Amidst everyone else being summoned together, I’m the only one that’s going somewhere else?!

❝Anyway, a Demon Lord kinda guy has appeared in the world you’re going to, so you’ll be in more danger than previously planned. Therefore, you guys will likely arrive in the middle of a conflict. Since you won’t have time to gain knowledge about the world, I’ve added a book to your item box that contains basic knowledge about the world. I can’t interfere beyond that. This is the most I can do.❞

You gotta be kidding me?! Isn’t a God supposed to be all powerful…?

And that’s crazy having to go into battle immediately just because of a Hero Summoning. It might be a good thing I’m alone…nah, that’s a lie. I’ll be lonely by myself.

❝Oh my…it seems the ritual has begun…❞

As the voice over the PA system said, all the classmates I could see had something like a magic circle appear below their feet.

❝Sorry you’re being whisked off so suddenly guys. I pray for your success. Good luck in your new world!❞

With the broadcast over, the class started turning into particles of light and disappeared one by one.

In the midst of that, they all sneered at me as they disappeared. There really is no end…

And finally everyone appeared to have been summoned away.


…Huh, what about me?!

I may not have been part of the Hero Summoning, but I should have been transported somewhere, right?

As if noticing my increasing impatience, the God spoke through the PA system again.

❝Now now, patience please. You will be sent off. But since you’re by yourself I have no control over where you’ll end up, you see? It’s random.❞


❝In other words, you’re not necessarily going to a safe place, it could even be really dangerous.❞

“Are you kidding me?”

Crap, I forgot…I’m the guy with zero luck. I can already see where this is going…

While I wallowing in my sorrows, the voice on the PA system continued.

❝Yep, I mean it’s kind of amazing in a way that you’re the only one left in the entire school. Even the teachers were taken by the summoning ritual. And so I have decided to give you just one more skill.❞


❝Now what would be best…Ah, this is a good one.【Absolute Disassembly】…my last present to you.❞

“A-Absolute Disassembly?”

W-what is that? That pretentiously named skill…

❝It’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but like the  【Analyze】 skill you can use it without any risk. It’s not like magic where you have to consume magic power to use it, it’s a completely free and handy skill to use. You can try it out when you get to the new world, m’kay?❞


❝Oh, seems like your transfer is at hand.❞


Like the voice said, at some point my body became wrapped in light particles.

❝Heh heh, well then, good luck to you as well in the new world!❞

“Yeah, sure.”

❝I pray for your success.❞

And then I disappeared completely from the Earth.

This is where my adventure begins…!

…Ah sorry, forget that last part.


With the school now barren, the broadcast still continued.

❝Man, humans are truly ugly… They really embody the seven deadly sins of the scriptures. Greed, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth….They never improve themselves. That’s why they run around rampant until the Earth is about to scream.❞

The voice was devoid of any emotion.

❝Who does the Earth belong to? Humans? Not even. Humans are just creatures that live on the surface of the Earth. Having unsightly wars, all to obtain territory and resources. The crusades were no different. They’re all just bothering the Earth.❞

Up to that point the words were emotionless, but next they took on a jovial tone.

❝After being so thoroughly rejected, he didn’t let his heart blacken. I’m impressed. Doesn’t seem like he’s out for revenge either… Well, if you take a closer look at it and put in it a negative manner I guess it’s more like he gave in and gave up?❞

The voice laughed a bit.

❝If humans were really beyond salvation, we never would have created them in the first place. Sometimes humans like him come along, showing us humans can be ugly and endearing.❞

The voice was brimming with affection just like a loving mother.

❝I guess we’ll watch over and guide humanity a while longer. I hope there is happiness in the future—❞

After that, the voice never spoke over the PA system again.


“Huh, where am I?”

I…Hiiragi Seiichi, have landed in some unknown forest.

It’d be nice if a city were close by….

But first, I should check out my surroundings.

—-And now we return to the beginning of the story.

“I can’t calm down at all!”

I tried talking to myself to regain my composure but it didn’t work! God dammit!

“…Well it’s not doing me any good sticking around here.”

Once I did finally calm down, I decided to get out of there.

After all, nothing will change if I just keep standing around here.

Once again I investigate the vicinity and find myself in the middle of a dense and overgrown forest, which is quite frankly, creepy.

“F-feels like something could pop out any…minute?”

I was super jumpy as I continued forward.

Unknowingly, my words seem to have triggered some kind of event—

Shinka Chapter 2