Sword Detective Hayate – School Life Stories 2: Studying Together

(AN: This happens during the same week as the earlier one. This time is Chiaki’s story from her POV)

[Chiaki’s POV]

I was studying. No, more like being taught by Hayate with the subjects I was bad at, at Hayate’s house. Normally, it was easy to understand thanks to the easy to get explanation but today it was really hard. That’s because Hayate isn’t a girl right now. Yes. Hayate for some reason is a boy. It makes it a bit hard for me to concentrate when he’s looking over my shoulder, casually just studying what the problem I had was as if nothing was wrong.

Even if I’m a bit bad at math, I didn’t expect him to be this close when teaching. I didn’t have a problem when he was a girl teaching me like this. Wait a minute, what’s the difference then? Just because he’s a boy now?


“It’s ‘Chiaki,’ Hayate When are you going to get used to calling me without honorifics?”

“I cannot help it, it will take a while.”

He looked away from me for a second. Even though I know you can say Fuumi-san’s first name without honorifics just fine whenever she’s around, and she’s older than us. What’s this difference between us? This isn’t fair, I’m your friend now too, and I’m calling you by first name. I want equal treatment!

“You know, mom’s been asking me to have you over at least once.”

“Eh? Why?”

He looked back at me in surprise.

“Because those pop quizzes we got back earlier, remember the ones that were like the homework the day before? She saw the grades and was happy, asking me what I did different.”

“Ah…yes, I was wondering why they were springing pop quizzes in all the classes. That is not normal, right?”

“Right, well all the teachers want to see if they can be the first one to get you to make a mistake.”

“Eh? Why would they want that? Is it not good that I know the material?”

“To the school Hayate, you’re a super honor student. I mean you got the brains, athletic ability, and looks all-in-one package. I’m more surprised how all the boys in our school are leaving you alone.”

“Um…I might not be the one responsible for that.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“Remember how Fuumi’s in charge of a bodyguard team?”


“Well…there is like twenty of them in total excluding Fuumi. They are all men and they are under strict orders to protect me.”


“I just found out those guys were interrogating anyone that looked at me weird. Though, they leave the girls alone for some reason.”


That’s scary to know. Some random guys in a black suit appearing and interrogating you like that. No wonder the boys have left Hayate alone. I mean, who would be brave enough to try after that? I shook my head to forget it, it’s definitely best to forget that information.

“Anyway, back to what I was saying. Is it alright to ask you to come over?”


He tilted his head to the side. I’ve seen this behavior from him, he often does this in either gender, so I wonder if this is normal?

“I believe that should be fine. Is there anything I need to do, like bring some kind of gift?”

“Why would you want to bring a gift for?”

“I heard that it is normal to do so. I mean you are my friend.”

“Well that’s normal, but it should be reversed since I’m the one being taken care of, Hayate. I mean you protect me and all from those things that attack people.”

“But that is my duty. I am a Demon Hunter.”

“But aren’t you going out of your way to protect me? I mean you even escort me home.”

“I was taught by father to never let a girl go home alone at night. And I could not let you go home alone at night either.”


If it wasn’t for the fact you were a girl all those times, I would think that it meant something.

“Say…Hayate…if….what if you didn’t have that strange power. Would you and I be friends like this?”

“Hmmm…I do not know. Maybe. But, I would definitely want to be friends with you if that happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, ever since I saw this hair of yours. I became interested in you. I never saw a gentle color hair like this.”

He just casually took my hair in his hand and looked at it. His face got closer as gently looked at it before he turned his gaze to me. Our eyes met and he spoke to me, his hand caressing my cheek.

“I am glad, that we became friends. But, I hope that we could be a bit more. I think you would be a good partner for me.”


“Yes, a partner. You see, my family’s traditions say that we will find our partners. That we need to find them before a certain time.”

I could feel it, my heart was racing a bit staring into those dark blue eyes of his. I was slowly trying to lean away, but I fell. He caught me and gentle let me lay on the floor. This scenario is like that one romance scene I read.

“Chiaki…I think you are the partner that I was meant to find.”

His hand caressed my cheek as I saw him slowly close the distance between our faces.

“Do you…dislike me?”

“There’s no way…I mean…I l-l-like you.”

“I like you too, Chiaki…”

He closed his eyes, his face closed the distance. My heart beating loudly as I was slowly closed my eyes.


My face held in his hand as I could somehow tell he was going to kiss me.”



My first kiss was going to be…



There was a sudden pain in back of my head. After a moment, I looked around and saw Hayate lying on the floor crying a bit while holding her forehead. What is going on? Wasn’t I on the floor just earlier? Now I’m sitting?

I checked my surroundings and it was the same place as before. But what was going on? Let’s see, I’m sitting here, my homework is there. Hayate is lying on the ground holding her forehead, and the back of my head hurts.

It was a dream. What was that dream just now?!

“Hayate, are you ok?”

“My head hurts…Chiaki-san, are you awake now? You fell asleep earlier when I was using the bathroom.”

“Oh, that’s what happened. Here, Hayate let me look at your forehead.”


Just as I was going to check on her, I had gotten a bit close and was checking when we both heard something metal drop near us.

“Ah, ah….”

“Eh? Fuumi-san?”

There was  Fuumi-san standing there with a red face, why is she blushing suddenly? Hmmm? Wait a sec, Hayate’s on the ground, my head’s over hers, my hair probably got in the way of her line of sight so….it looked like I was trying to kiss her?!

“Wait! Fuumi-san! This is-“

“Ha-chan is climbing the stairs to adulthood! I have to tell Hatsuko-sama!”

Fuumi-san ran off. I was looking blankly for a moment and realized I didn’t want Hayate’s mom to know about this.

“Wait! Fuumi-san! You’ve got the wrong idea!”

I chased after Fuumi-san to stop her from reporting what was going on. I still didn’t remember when I fell asleep earlier. Hayate didn’t seem to mind that, though I had a tough time later when she asked me this one question.

“What does ‘climbing the stairs to adulthood’ mean?”

There are times I envy your naive innocence, Hayate…

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