Sword Detective Hayate – School Life Stories 1: Hayate Gets Love Letters

(AN: School Life Stories will be various shorts that involve Hayate’s school life and whatever random events I feel like writing to torment enrich Hayate’s school life with. I plan to make other shorts outside of this. These might be irregular releases compared to the main story.)

This happened on the third day after Chiaki and Hayate befriended each other. Those eyes staring in jealousy and envy, that wanted to know the secret to talking to the new student who was intelligent, athletic and beautiful, all in the same package. The girl who was probably the hardest to approach and to talk to.

Unlike normal where the two would be talking about something, one of them looked troubled as she stared at a pile of letters that came from both her shoe locker and her desk. She had no idea what these letters were for.


“Just ‘Chiaki’ is fine. So? What is it?”

“Do you know what these letters are?”

The room hushed as heads turned in interest, mostly out of curiosity and wanting to eavesdrop.

“Hmmm, these are probably fan letters…or love letters? Maybe these are love letters.”

“Fan letters? Love letters?”

“You don’t know? Well, those letters are…”

Chiaki went into a short lecture about the two types of letters, explaining how it was a common occurrence for anyone related to sports. As she explained the difference, where fan letters express admiration, the love letters were different as the sender wishes to let the recipient know their feelings.

Hayate’s expression darkened as the idea of love letters came to mind. Because she was a girl now, she guessed that any love letters she got were from boys. She didn’t want to think about it as her gender originally was a boy.

“But, I did not receive letters like this before. Why now?”

“Hayate…you didn’t forget the thing you did before did you? You know, the one with him from the Kendo Club?”

“Oh…but I thought that it was normal to stop a bully from harassing that girl? Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re not but….it was what you did to him that you got all these letters, Hayate.”


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

She remembered that day, it was just yesterday after all. She had arrived at the school gate, where in the corner of her eye she caught an older boy harassing a girl. As she got closer to investigate, she found out the two were from the school’s Kendo Clubs. The boy was acting all arrogant for some reason and denouncing the girls’ Kendo Club for being weak and kept repeating how they should just disband. The girl looked like she was going to cry soon and Hayate stepped in to stop it.

After a rough argument that ended with the boy backing off after being glared at by Hayate, the incident ended, or so it was to be believed. After a few class periods, the same boy came into the classroom and challenged her to a match after school. She accepted it and the school buzzed with activity as they spread the news.

The match happened at the dojo that was allocated to the martial arts clubs. Although the coach advisor who taught both Kendo Clubs was reluctant, he seemed to want the boy, who was now named as Tatsuya Saito, to learn a lesson in humility. He didn’t mind it either that there was a large crowd trying to watch the match.

Even with multiple people trying to convince her to wear body armor for the match, she refused. Although this unusual match happened, those who knew of Saito’s ace level strength thought it was going to end with her being defeated and frustrated. Only one person in the crowd knew Hayate’s true ability.

And because of Hayate’s physical ability as well as sword training, she easily dominated the match without even trying too hard. Many were awed by her elegant movements when she dodged, and her fast powerful strikes that knocked him down afterwards. It was completely one-sided and she kept going until he couldn’t move anymore.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

“But, would that cause this kind of reaction?”

“Hayate, I know you didn’t go to school before but after what you did yesterday, this is normal.”

There were many heads nodding in agreement around the two. Still looking troubled, she wondered what she needed to do. She ask Chiaki what was normal, and got an explanation. The opinion of her class was that she was a super naive girl despite that incredible episode of her dominating the boys’ Kendo Club ace who had won the nationals last year.

Hayate began reading each of the letters. As Chiaki quietly watched, she saw Hayate’s expression changing to a small smile, she wondered if those were words of admiration. Then starting from some point, Hayate’s expression became confused, her cheeks redden for some reason, and she inadvertently began saying things out loud in surprise.

“Why does this person want me to let them lick my feet for?!”

When she had started to read the letters, everyone became disinterested with just looking but their heads turned again as they heard that. “?!” began floating above their heads wondering who wrote that.

Then she read the next letter.

“Why does this person want me to caress their face while they call me ‘Onee-sama?!'”

More “?!” began to appear floating in the air. She read the next letter, more panicked than before. Her face reddened again.

“Why does this person want me to whip them and berate them?!”

This process somewhat repeated itself for a while, with each letter getting slightly worse as it went on. No one in the classroom was calm, everyone had red faces imagining what the senders wanted Hayate to do for them. Based on how she was constantly shouting out the desire from each letter, it was easy to guess the gender of the senders. The ones that wanted to call her “Onee-sama” were all girls who had “pure” intentions. The ones from the boys were probably the worse ones as the girls in the class occasionally looked at the boys who desperately shook their heads in denial to the unsaid accusations.

Her face was really red as she finished and questioned Chiaki again.

“Is this normal?! Are these letters really normal?!”

“…No, Hayate. I’m sorry, they’re not normal.”

“Why am I getting these letters for?! Your earlier explanation and these here are different.”

“Calm down, you had a few normal ones right?  It should die down.”

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Two days later…

“It did not die down!”

On her desk was a pile of letter five times larger than the first one, Hayate felt like crying and didn’t want to read these letters fearing it would be a repeat of before.

“…I’m sorry, Hayate. I was wrong.”

“No…this is not Chiaki-san’s fault. All you did was help me.”

Hayate quietly took hold of Chiaki’s hands with a small smile on her face, she looked at her dear friend with teary eyes and a blushing expression.

“If I did not have you by my side. I do not know what I would do. Please, continue staying by my side.”

“Uh, um, un…I will Hayate.”

Chiaki said with a blush on her face as she nodded meekly. Oddly from the next day on, the number of letters Hayate received was reduced to a more normal amount. Unknown to the two in question, one of the girls in the class was from the Manga Club. She had created a shoujo-ai doujinshi using their likenesses, the popularity of the initial release sparked a doujin series that would later become an official manga series much later down the line. It would be a long time until the two found out about it, but that is a story for another time.


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