Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 6: A New Maid

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In the next few days, the quiet house that Hayate had was turned into something completely different. Right after, it was decided that Xiuying would stay in Hayate’s house, another housemate would arrive too.

For some unknown reason, Chiaki had gotten word of this and decided to live in Hayate’s house as well. The primary reason told was that Hayate’s house was closer and easier to get to school compared to hers. She had gotten permission from her parents and would be living there too. She even had permission from Hayate’s mother too.

Mother…is this your doing? I have no evidence but I feel this is your doing… Thinking with a rather tired face, she thought the two new housemates wouldn’t cause much difference compared to before but there was a bit of a thing between Xiuying and Chiaki for some reason.

“How’s this?!”

“Tch, for a normal girl, you are strong. Then….this!”

“What?! Where’d that bishop come from?!”

“Do not underestimate 4000 years of Chinese strategy.”

“4000 years of Chinese whatever has nothing to do with this.”

“You’re really a strong girl to retort my joke. Let’s see who wins this game!”


Whenever something happened they would compete through something, like chess or some activity both can do on equal terms. Although Xiuying had a number of advantages, she always fought fair and square using methods that the two could compete on even grounds. Chiaki respected that but it seems respect could only go so far in certain things. Hayate once attempted to ask why they were doing this and received a simultaneous reply from both of them.

“”This is a battle between us. You don’t need to worry about it, Hayate.””

She got the hint and stayed out of it but worried about the peace of her house. She wanted to quietly read her mystery novels in the living room, but often would attract the others to sit around her. Ever since both of them became her housemates, her quiet times were nearly gone. Due to not being at this house until now, the chores had piled up. Fuumi was frantically handling everything as quickly as possible. When either Xiuying or Chiaki tried to help, they were refused almost immediately, often the reason being that it was Fuumi’s duty to deal with. Despite being a bodyguard and ninja, she was also Hayate’s personal maid. Even though before Hayate and Fuumi shared taking care of the chores, being obstinate this time around, Fuumi refused to have Hayate do anything right now. Although her maid skills were not as good as the maids of the mansion, it did make Hayate worry that a large two story house like this would be too much for Fuumi alone.

Pinpōn… Pinpōn

She turned her attention to the sound of the doorbell. Who could that be? She thought as she was not expecting guests or clients. Her detective job was put on hiatus for the time being.

“Fuumi! Please get the door.”


Fuumi seemed to be frantically coming down the stairs based on the sounds she heard. For a while, she sat there reading, though she began to wonder what was taking Fuumi so long now.

“Hayate-sama. This is…”

When Hayate turned to look, she saw a blonde haired maid with violet eyes. She was dressed in the uniform of a Kanzaki maid. The maid took hold of her skirt by the sides and gently lifted them in western style curtsy.

“Olivia Carver. I’ve been hired as your personal maid.”

Olivia Carver? Is she American? Her Japanese is excellent though. Her accent is different from my old English tutor. Her thoughts reflected what she was observing. There was a hint of a light tan on her. Her hair was unusually short, Hayate narrowed her eyes a moment thinking something was very peculiar about it. Almost like she had seen this hairstyle somewhere else before.

There was one other fact she could not ignore.

“My family does not hire maids normally…Could you have…that?

She voiced a question that was vague to see if her theory was correct about this girl.

“Yes, I was hired recently. I was scouted by Madam Hatsuko, two days ago.”

Two days? That should be about the time mother, and grandmother went on a trip north to a hot springs resort… She immediately connected the dots to the hiring, though she still didn’t receive the answer to her other question.

“My abilities as a Demon Hunter are confirmed by Madam Hatsuko. I did a…hunt, she called it.”

“I do not see a weapon on you…”

“My weapons are guns. My primary weapon is a FN P90. My secondary weapon is a Remington 1100 semi-automatic shotgun. My back up weapons are a pair of M1911 pistols and one military grade combat knife.”


She was a bit lost from the answer. She did know of Demon Hunters able to use weapons that used projectiles to kill demons, but guns were a bit of a different story. She asked for an explanation to everything from the start.

Olivia was originally from Los Angeles, California of the United States. She had run away with the help of someone and was hiding in Japan. She had used the last of her money on a hotel with a hot spring. There she met Hatsuko who noticed her Demon Hunter ability. After performing an impromptu test on her via a hunt. Olivia was hired as a personal maid, bodyguard and support Demon Hunter for Hayate. It didn’t explain the issue with the weapons. But she decided to let it go for now.

Olivia had been taught everything about Demon Hunters and things prior to coming here. Hayate accepted it thinking her mother had everything in mind, and turned to Fuumi.

“Fuumi, please set up a room for her downstairs. Teach her about this house too. I will explain some things once everything is done. And take your time, there is no need to rush.”

The maid pair bowed quietly and Olivia followed after Fuumi.

After a tour and another lengthy explanation, Olivia acclimated really quickly. She was highly adaptive and learned things very quickly. In terms of everyday chores, she had already surpassed Fuumi within a few hours. This left Fuumi able to watch over Hayate just in case. Her two new housemates were at first surprised but quickly accepted it and went back to their fourth heated chess game.

When Olivia came for more instructions, Hayate explained the way her house worked compared to the Kanzaki mansion. It was much less strict compared to the mansion, and even more so when compared to the former main house. When the question about the former main house was asked right after, Hayate explained that the former main house was her grandparents’ home. The location of the main house was moved to the current one due to Hatsuko’s decision as the new Head at that time. Fuumi began explaining the strict nature of being a maid. Etiquette, protocols, maid hierarchy, and various other details that seem too much to hear about in a single session. Then it was mentioned that maids were not normally hired for the Kanzaki family.

“Is that true, Hayate?”

Chiaki asked as she heard it.

“Yes, Olivia-san is a strange exception where she is also a Demon Hunter and is hired as a personal maid. Under normal circumstances, I believe long amount of time is dedicated in training her as a Kanzaki maid, instead of simply less than a few days of training. Mother most likely decided it was best to have her being another bodyguard and support Demon Hunter over being a maid. Though, Olivia-san is highly adaptive, I believe training would be done in less time in her case.”

“Thank you very much.”

Olivia said with a small smile.

“Olivia-san, would you mind telling me why you left the United States for?”

“Could I not say it?”

“That is fine if it is too private or you do not wish to say. Just understand that now that you are serving my family. Like my family, I will do everything I can to help you if you are in need. Do not forget that.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Hayate.”


Mother did not tell her about that? Why….do I have a bad feeling about this? She couldn’t help but think her mother plotted yet another prank. That’s what she felt as she worried over what could possibly happen.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


“Hmmm? Who could that be?”

Olivia went to go get the door, but quickly returned with three letters in hand. After Olivia hand them over to Hayate. Hayate noticed and deduced the numbers on each letter were meant the order she needed to read them in. She opened the first one and began to quietly read the contents.


I will be away on a business trip. It’s just the usual.

You should probably already gotten to know your new personal maid, Olivia Carver-san. She’ll need guidance about Demon Hunting. She follows orders well and her skills are very good. She’s hiding things but you probably already guessed this. What you decide to do with her is up to you.

I will return in a few days.

Your mother.”

This one seems normal. I wonder why mother did not just simply give this letter when Olivia-san arrived? Hmmm… she thought about the letter’s context a bit and shook her head. She opened the next letter to read.


As Head of the Kanzaki, you are obligated to fulfilling our traditions. You need to find your partner before your last year of high school. This is an important deadline that you must remember at all times.

I will be scheduling certain things in the near future in preparations for when you will take over as the new Head of the family. Be prepared for it.

Head of the Kanzaki,

Hatsuko Kanzaki”

Mother…I understand. She solemnly looked at the letter knowing the intentions and importance of the last letter. Though it was not an easy subject for her. She felt obligated to her family.

While she was thinking seriously about how to fulfill the expectations on her. She opened the third letter. She wonder what her mother had written this time


Are you alright? I heard you use that technique again. I don’t want you to use it but it’s one of your greatest weapons. I can’t stop you from using your best when fighting demons. But I can’t help but worry while you are out hunting. Please take care of yourself better.

If you need anything, your father and grandparents are at the main house right now. Call them if you need anything. If you want to talk to me, I will make time when you call.


Your mother.”

She couldn’t help but smile at this one. Why could she not just write all of them in one letter, I wonder? She couldn’t help but think writing three separate letters like this was a bit overdoing it. She was about to put away the letter and wanted to think of a way to thank her mother when she noticed something at the bottom that caught her attention instead.

“PS: I want grandchildren. Please make one really soon.”

She had a tired look on her face as she put away the letter. She looked at the girls in front of her and quietly blushed before trying to feign a mask of calm. But the girls here could see she was blushing furiously for some reason. They didn’t know what was written in the last letter at all.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

It was late at night, inside her office where she often did her detective work, she sat at her desk doing something with a map. She quietly placed marks on the map and was trying to find a pattern. Her good memory helped in remembering the locations and checked it over once more to see if all the placements were correct.

If the marks are correct, this pattern…is really bad. On the map that showed the city, the places where the demons appeared was seen. In a large circle where Chiaki’s house was at the center. These had been the places where demons appeared during the week Hayate had been escorting Chiaki home. The lone mark outside was the time when Chiaki had been attacked on the roof. Another lone mark was the artificial forest where the demon trap had been set.

What is going on here… She pondered on the oddity. From asking Chiaki and Xiuying about anything unusual or encountering demons, neither of them had anything like that. For the last number of days, there had been nothing going on. It was peaceful, much too peaceful after all the activity.

“Something is wrong with this…if I were to assume that Chiaki-san had been a special target, the demons could have already attacked Chiaki-san. And yet nothing occurred. Xiuying has been doing patrols around for me and has found nothing either…”

She couldn’t understand the pattern at all from this and was missing something really important. She quietly pondered on the details of the hunts she did. Was there anything unique or was there anything common between the hunt locations. Running through her memory, she tried to see what details stood out the most. Then she remembered something common that seemed too convenient to ignore.

“They were all hidden from view…”

All the hunt locations she had done were in places where no one would appear, or would never normally ever enter. She looked at the map again and studied it. Most of them were in mazes of alleyways, while one was in the artificial forest. The only outlier was the school roof at that time. Frustrated, she couldn’t find the pattern in the end.

“Perhaps the demons did stop after that time. I could only hope that is true, but why do I feel that something big is going to happen soon?”

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