Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 16: High School Girls Are Scary

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As the sounds of police and ambulance sirens faded into the distance, police detective Sakaki stayed behind to speak with Hayate. Ichiro Kitakata had left with the police to provide his statement as the victim. Due to him suddenly leaving, the match that they were supposed to have was canceled for today.

“Those guys aren’t locals from the looks of them. We’ve had people watching out for the shadier ones and we haven’t seen these guys before.”

“Is the Kitakata family part of the shadier ones?”

“How the hell do you know the Kitakata family? Did you run into them before?”

“No, just a guess from what happened that led me to the conclusion that that family is of that sort. Ichiro Kitakata is the Kitakata yakuza family boss’s grandson, correct?

“Yeah, that’s right…”

“I will explain what was said when we encountered those men.”

She explained in detail what had happened starting from how they were looking for Ichiro to the subtle nuances in the way they spoke to avoid trouble with witnesses. It was unfortunate for those guys that she was a private detective despite not looking like one right now.

“So that’s why you suggested putting an attempted kidnapping charge on them.”

“Yes, I was here to see it.”

“Do you mind making a statement for us?”

“I do not mind. My job as a private detective is on hiatus for the time being.”

“Is that why you called us before saying not to give you anything for a while.”

“Yes, that is how it is. It is really troublesome the issue that happened.”


“It is a private family matter. Please do not ask about it.”

“I’ve been meaning to say this but…”

“What is it?”

“…You’re an ojou-sama, huh? Ojou-sama Detective huh? You look pretty good in a skirt. You should wear them more.”

“I am going to talk to Tachibana-sensei right now. Prepare yourself.”

She immediately left without another word. Due to being called “ojou-sama” again, this time by someone she considered someone she works with, she had had enough and went towards faculty office.

“Eh?! Wait! What did I say wrong?!”

That night, Sakaki Tachibana ended up sleeping on the cold couch by himself…this maybe happened or didn’t.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The same evening at Hayate’s grandparents home was a lone single girl dressed in training clothes with two katanas held by the cloth belt she used. She quietly drew her katanas, one after another. The black katana, Arataka, in her right hand. The white katana, Hikaru, in her left.

The dojo she was in was empty as she began the motions of a kata taught to her by her grandfather. The motions were slow at first, but then began to increase in speed steadily as it went by. Compared to other kata, this particular one was very, very long and meant to train the motions of dual-wielding even more. And this was to be repeated many times.

The speed at which she learned how to dual-wield had surprised her grandfather, he had initially thought it would take more time for her to get used to it due to the various motions that were already ingrained from her previous training. The night time training she was doing at the same time was for demon hunters to train their eyes in the dark for hunts as demon hunts could happen inside a dark forest.

As she performed this kata, she unknowingly fell into a trance-like state as she continued. With the doors of the dojo closed, no one saw her expression as her eyes glowed unnaturally inside the dojo. Her dark blue eyes glowed in an eerie, cold blue light, this was more pronounced as there was no light inside the dojo. Her serene expression as she performed the kata, was unseen by others. If one were to look at her now, while ignoring her glowing eyes, she was like a dancer with blades.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

On the next day, the moment she arrived she was greeted by girls she had never met before. They all screamed in delight as they surrounded her. Offering their greetings and compliments, she was a bit stunned and questioned who these girls were. Chiaki looked at this scene and shaking her head with a sigh. Her mind couldn’t deal with a manga scenario turned into reality.

“Hayate onee-sama! Will you come to the dojo today?”

“Will you watch our practice, Hayate onee-sama?”

“I would like some advice, so if you could, Hayate onee-sama.”

“Hayate onee-sama–“


It continued for a while but a teacher broke it up and inadvertently saving Hayate from this. She looked confused and asked Chiaki desperately.

“Was that normal?! Who were all those girls?! Why were they calling me ‘onee-sama’ for?! I’m not their sister!”

“Calm down, Hayate. This is…uh that. They’re uh….your soul sisters.”

“S-Soul sisters? What is that? I only have one sister!”

“I said calm down. Uh…not sure how to explain it. I guess they think of you as their sister….through the connection of your souls? I guess that’s how they would explain it?”

“Why are you so unsure?”

“I only read this in a manga once.”

“That does not help me very much.”

“Well, from what I read, it’s not that bad.”

Chiaki was obviously wrong about this point. It had gotten worse as the day went by. At first it was a small group led by Kaori Tendo who were petitioning her to join the kendo team. Hayate refused as she said she was not suited for it as her kenjutsu training would clash with it. There was also the fact that Hayate was actually several times stronger and many times faster than an average human being. She felt it would unfair to those trying so hard while competing with one another.

It wasn’t like she was displeased with getting asked to join, rather she felt a little happy about it. But that was only if she was a normal person. She knew for a fact for she was not normal, Chiaki had said so many times to her already. And also, she somewhat forgot about this at times, but she was original a boy.

Though, these feelings of hers faded really quickly, each break period after the girls led by Kaori Tendo got larger, and eventually it led to the point where it became a capture mission for the soul sisters. They did respect her skill and elegance as they watched(stalked) her. But one of the soul sisters that wasn’t named yet suggested that if they captured her and took her to the dojo, maybe she would help give advice first. Then when she was going there of her own volition, they would try to convince her to join the team officially. It was a plan they unanimously supported. Now they were intent on capturing her.

After school was an event Hayate wouldn’t forget likely. The minute she opened the door to leave, she had immediately dodged a sudden killing intent she hadn’t expected inside the school. Instead of a dangerous unknown individual, it was actually just one of the girls who she had seen before.

“Uuuuuu~…I failed…”

Failed? Hayate wondered as she wanted to check on the girl when another killing intent could be felt and she jumped back. The second girl tripped and fell on top of the first one. The first one crying in pain from the sudden weight on her back.

“W-What is going on?”

Looking quickly into the hallway, it seemed to be empty, and yet she still had a bad feeling about it all. As she exited the class alone, thinking something strange was going on, she had Fuumi, Olivia and Chiaki go home first.

The moment she turned a corner, several girls appeared before here. Their arms open, forming a barrier of sorts to prevent her from passing this point. Then she heard footsteps running to her behind and another group of girls also did the same thing.

What is this? Why am I being surrounded.

“Hayate onee-sama, you should come with us.”

“It’ll be faster if you just come with us, Hayate onee-sama.”

She somehow didn’t want to go along with this. The girls slowly surrounded her from both sides, the only physical obstacles was the line of windows that she couldn’t break and the line of classrooms she knew would be trapped inside if she used them.

She narrowed her eyes slightly. She wasn’t sure why these girls were like this. But she would break out of this and try to head home. With a slight shift of her legs, she bolted quickly towards one girl almost like she would charge into her. That girl looked conflicted between happy and wary, mostly leaning on the former as she made a happy expression.

Hayate apologized mentally and leaped once into the air, over the girl, landing quickly before she dashed off.

“Hayate onee-sama!”


Girls voices resounded in the hall as Hayate ran away from the girls. She realized a problem as she was running, the long skirt she was wearing was getting in the way of her motions. It had reduced her motions by a bit and now she wasn’t able to move as quickly as she liked. There was also the fact that she was wearing girls’ underwear too, it was causing a certain discomfort she had never realized.

She sorely wished she was able to control her power but if it went and turned her back to a boy now, a much worse problem would emerge from some random questions she heard from Chiaki. When she heard that most of the changes happened in private although some did happen suddenly out of nowhere. Chiaki had questioned it greatly as to why Hayate’s mother was able to predict the changing event emergencies.

Her worries and wishes would have to wait as more girls appeared from other places and began chasing after her. She had to divert her route several times, and it almost felt like she was being herded towards somewhere as she ran.

Then finally she realized the girls had been coordinating and had herded her towards the kendo dojo like planned and the girls who had been chasing her had arrived. The numbers were higher than she expected for a girls’ Kendo team.

“What? You managed to get her here? You girls unexpectedly have good teamwork.”

A familiar cool tone voice spoke that caused Hayate to turn her head. There she saw someone she recognized almost immediately.


It was her homeroom teacher, Kyouko Tachibana, dressed in a kendo practice uniform while carrying a shinai, a bamboo sword in her hand.

“What is going on here?”

Hayate couldn’t help but ask this as she was confused. Kyouko simply shook her head as she spoke in a tired tone.

“The girls here wouldn’t let it go. Every break period today they kept asking to help ask you to come to the dojo. When you kept refusing, I told them I’ll convince you once they got you here. Didn’t expect they would though.”


These girls are scary in a way that they were able to do this. She thought looking at the happy girls.

“Kanzaki-san, can you join us for today’s practice? I want the girls to improve too. I heard what you did the other day. I want to see it for myself.”

“But…I do not practice kendo.”

“I know, I heard from my husband. I’ll give you special permission to take those out.”

While she had ran, she had been carrying her two katanas with her in the shinai bags. She always carried them with her no matter where she went. And yet she hadn’t questioned why she was allowed to carrying them. Completely forgetting about it after her several months of high school, since the subject never came up.

“Kanzaki-san, show them– no, teach these girls what it takes to get to your level of skill.”


She thought on the words of her closest friend, her childhood friend, her family, everyone she knew. She’d been told more often recently, that her mindset was both right and wrong. That she needed to rely on others, because they relied on her. Maybe teaching these girls might show her an answer she never saw.

“…I will try to teach them to the best of my ability.”

She had no idea how to teach kendo, but maybe something from her kenjutsu training could be applied.


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