Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 15: Unexpected Company

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Word had gotten around overnight, and the next day while during the first class period, the PA system came on.

“Class 1-C Hayate Kanzaki, Class 1-D Kaori Tendo, and Class 2-A Ichiro Kitakata, report to the faculty office.”

Because of that, eyes were directed at her while she calmly stood up and gave Fuumi a short glance before the two left the room quietly. Chiaki had learned of the details before but still worried that the teachers would try to stop this somehow. It wasn’t long when that worry came true.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Several male teachers had surrounded Ichiro Kitakata when he had arrived, the boy who Hayate confronted yesterday, and had started interrogating him. They were trying to get information out of him, but he simply responded with a simple reply.

“You know who my gramp is, right? You don’t want to mess with me.”

Vexation and frustration filled those teachers’ faces as they wanted to know what was going on. To confirm why the aspiring kendo athlete during his first year had turned into the person he was now in his second year. It didn’t help that they had been introduced to his grandfather who made life more difficult for them when trying to discipline him when he did certain things at school. They couldn’t risk it.

Even though Ichiro wanted to leave, the teachers kept him there as they wanted all parties involved. Kaori, who was also in the room, was kept safe with a few teachers by her side. As she was the latest victim in what was rumored a series of thefts. The best they could do is to keep her from being harmed or harassed.

The last person to arrive was Hayate who came inside the room with Fuumi as she looked at the situation. Teachers from both ends began begging her suddenly to not fight with Ichiro. Looking at their faces, she wondered why they were trying to dissuade her, but the moment she looked at his sneering face, she somewhat got the clue she needed.

She quietly watched his smug expression, reading his face, the way his attitude was compared to the teachers. It was quite obvious to her that an unknown factor was involved and it gave him an advantage. She believed he was thinking with the teachers trying to dissuade her, the minute they succeeded, he believed that he would win by default and continue doing what he wanted. This was something she wouldn’t allow.

“I refuse. He challenged me and I have accepted. I will not back down.”

While it was obvious that the teachers here were stunned, even Ichiro was stunned by this sudden declaration. She didn’t let the pause last as she continued.

“Even if I yielded today, the next time I catch him doing something like before with Kaori-san. I will not hold back, and he will dealt with by the police.”

“Do you know who my gramp is?! Do you think he’ll let you get away with this?!”

“Your grandfather has nothing to do with this. This is your own issue, and you are at fault. You have committed a crime within my view and I will have you pay for it.”

“Tch, I thought you were just some ojou-sama who knew nothing, but looks like I need to teach you a lesson!”

As Hayate and Ichiro glared at one another, the tension filled the room. The teachers here had intended to stop the fight, but were unable to do anything. Then another voice stopped the tension with his rather nonchalant attitude.

“Kitakata, back down. She’s right, you’re the one in trouble here. If she goes to the police, and there’s victims, you’re the one that’s going to be taught a lesson.”

Heads were turned towards the new voice, a man dressed in old, slightly dirty fitness clothes appeared, his disheveled hair and unkempt facial hair was hard to not notice. He scratched the back of his head, looking somewhat annoyed as he simply said.

“Why don’t they just solve this like they agreed? It’d be a problem for us and him if the police got involved. And you know that grandpa of his probably won’t take that solution easily.”

He made a good point that caused the other teachers to worry. But then the question how to do it without it being a problem became a question. As the teachers huddled discussed openly with each other, a few minutes passed had passed when the door opened revealing someone who shouldn’t have been here.

“Isn’t it just fine to have them fight it out in a match?”

“But Arai-sensei, what kind of match are we talking about? Isn’t Kitakata at an advantage since he’s training in kendo?”

“He might be good at kendo, but in the years I’ve done kendo. She’s not revealing it, but she’s much more skilled than him.”

“Wha?! What was that?! I’m weaker than her?!”

“To put it bluntly, you are.”

“You said it now. Fine, I’ll fight her! Don’t make a fuss when I beat her!”

Without waiting, Ichiro stormed out of the place and left before any details could be hammered out. Someone was going to end up as the one to tell him later, none of the teachers here wanted to deal with him and looked at the teacher named Arai.

“I’ll tell him, don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to Kanzaki and Tendo as well.”

There was a collective sigh of relief as the teachers scattered and left only four people in the room.

“I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Jiro Arai, I’m in charge of the PE teacher for the boys and the Kendo advisor at this school.”

“Nice to meet you, Arai-sensei. I do apologize for the trouble that has been caused by my intervention. I could not stand by while he took something away from Kaori-san.”

“So he did physically take something and with witnesses around…that Kitakata…so, how do you plan to defeat him, Kanzaki? I may have said things earlier, but I’ve been told I have horrible judgment of people.”

“I will defeat him head on in a match, was that not how it goes?”

“Do you even practice kendo?”

“I do not.”

“Then how?”

“I have studied my family’s art of kenjutsu.”


“Yes. Under my grandfather’s strict teachings, I have recently gained a good proficiency in dual-wielding katanas.”

“I…don’t doubt you. But that’s hard to believe.”

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Rumors of the impending match between Hayate and Ichiro Kitakata became the main topic acting as a distraction for the students as they wanted to watch. Both people were well known for different reasons.

Once it became after school, a number of men in suits appeared at the gate causing a commotion before they entered. They were walking around as if they owned the place. Glaring at various students to mind their own business. It was clear to anyone they knew where they were going. Their destination was the kendo dojo in the sports area. There students who were there for their team practice watched as these men appeared stood near the dojo.

Their numbers was finally counted to being ten in total. Standing in a rather loose formation as they glared at anyone who looked at them wrong and were waiting just outside. Anyone would be able to tell that this was related to the match that was rumored. And one of the bad rumors that had been circulating around was Ichiro Kitakata was the grandson of a yakuza boss.

The person these men were waiting for hadn’t appeared yet as Hayate came with Chiaki, Fuumi and Olivia. Because it was a group of four girls that appeared, some of the men looked at them lewdly.

“Chiaki…unauthorized people are not supposed to be here right?”

“Yeah, that’s why you went through that much trouble to get Fuumi-san be allowed on a daily basis.”

It was true that despite giving their word, they had gone through much paperwork to allow Fuumi and the large carry case she carried around to be allowed on school property. There was liabilities and deterring responsibilities to Hayate’s side if things when wrong. It was the school’s way of saying “We don’t allow it normally, but if trouble happens, it’s your responsibility.” It probably had helped that her mother made some generous donations.

“Hey, which one of you knows Ichiro Kitakata?”

What is this? Who are these people? Her brow furrowed as she had a bad feeling about this. She looked to her side as she gave an order.

“Fuumi, guard Chiaki. Olivia-san get ready just in case.”

Fuumi handed Olivia the large carry case before she moved to Chiaki’s side, using her body to partially get in front of her. Olivia hid behind the two to stay out of view as she quietly reached inside for something. Hayate had her katanas in two shinai bags so it made her look like a kendo member instead.

“I know of him. We have a match later. He should be arriving soon.”

“Oh, that’s good. We came to the right place guys. Then, while we wait, why don’t we have some fun with you girls.”

The “leader” of the group suggested with a laugh, the others joined in, some were whistling while looking at them. She had gotten this a few times before, but this was the kind of thing she hated dealing with.

This is not a good situation…but why do these men want Ichiro Kitakata for? From their behavior could they be…

“Hey, who are all these guys? Are they with you?”

Everyone turned their heads to the new voice and saw the boy in question. She frowned at his rather punctual timing. When their eyes met, she shook her head. Ichiro turned back to the men and looked at them really hard before he asked again.

“Who are you guys? You’re not gramp’s guys.”

“You’re right there, we’re your gramp’s friends from another family.”

Family? If it’s those families, that would mean that… She realized something very quickly from her knowledge from the police detective she usually talked to. There were certain groups in the city that did their own businesses, some were of the shady sort.

It was rather fortunate no one was paying attention to them, she whispered her next orders.

“Fuumi, take Chiaki to safety. Olivia-san, do not get involved, if possible try to get Ichiro Kitakata away and protect him…I will take care of them. Chiaki, call the police, ask for Detective Sakaki Tachibana and tell him my name. Tell him to come here.”

“Now, we want you to come with us quietly. Okay? You don’t want to cause problems now do you?”

“W-Why do I got to go with you?! Who are you guys?!”

“We’re just wanting you to be our guest while we talk to your gramps ok?”

The men started to surrounded Ichiro as Hayate gestured with her head and she ran to the one in the back of the group and hit the side of his head with the katana, still in its shinai bag, in her right hand. With a loud crack, the man in collapsed immediately. The others turned around from the noise.

With her next move, she swung the other katana, still in its shinai bag, again. With loud grunt of pain, the man she hit fell down holding his sides. There had been a much louder cracking sound so one or more of his ribs might have been broken.

“The hell is with this girl? Get her! One of you, keep an eye on him!”

A battle erupted, but it could barely be called one as it would be more like a one-sided assault. Within two minutes of starting, Hayate had easily knocked down most of them with a single hit each. Although they had to tried to gang up on her, because of her initial attack, some of them had been reluctant to do so. With her newly acquired dual-wielding skill, she had dispatched all but one.

She turned around and glared at the last one raising his hands in surrender towards Olivia, seeing that he had tried to grab Ichiro, but Olivia had taken out one of her M1911 handguns and kept the last one at bay. She walked up to him and knocked him out quickly.

“Olivia-san, good work, you can put it away. Police should be arriving soon.”

“Y-You…you saved me.”

“? I was only doing what was right. I would do the same for anyone else.”


Ichiro was staring at her intently, not sure why, she kept her eyes on the unconscious men on the ground. With a her free hand she fixed the side of her hair as she watched.


“Hmm? Did you say something?”

“H-Huh? N-No, no nothing.”

She tilted her head as she kept watch, but she felt many more eyes on her than before. When she turned to look, there was no one. Then she returned her attention to the unconscious men. Unknown to her only, she did not realize that Kaori Tendo had gathered the others of the girls Kendo team together to support Hayate only for them to see what she had done.

They had seen her movements, her powerful strikes, the way she dodged elegantly while striking back. They had been enraptured. Unknowingly to Hayate, she had caused the girls Kendo team to become her soul sisters.

She wouldn’t realize this until much later when various girls, some also older than her, began referring her as “Hayate onee-sama.” When Hayate questioned Chiaki about it, Chiaki simply shrugged in response with a sigh.

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