Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 14: Ojou-sama and Soul Sister

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Her recovery from her cold was absurdly quick due to her spiritual power, although her recovery from the fast changes to her life for the time being was another issue.

As decided by her family, she was told to live in her grandparents home until the issue with the other families was decided. She was concerned that both Chiaki and Xiuying might be using her house without support but it seemed even the two of them were also going to be living with her too. It didn’t take much to convince Chiaki’s family about it, though she did wonder why Chiaki’s family was so accepting of the situation.

Life should have continued as usual besides the looming issue with the demon hunter families. That was until Sunday morning came and a loud screaming voice echoed causing the servants to stop for a moment to look in the direction of the voice.


That voice belonged to a rather panicked Hayate who was currently trying to locate her school uniform inside her room. She had clearly remembered putting it up at a spot that would be seen easily so she would see it. And yet it was gone when she woke up.

Because her grandparents’ place was similar to her parent’s home, being a large traditional Japanese mansion, there were no locks on most of the doors. Even in her panicked state, she clearly figured that one of the maids must have taken her uniform for some reason.

As soon as she exited her room she looked for a maid that might know but ended up getting directed to the dining room where her grandparents were waiting for her instead. Reluctantly she followed the maid that was charged with bringing her to the place in question.

“Sousuke-sama, Michiko-sama, I’ve brought Hayate-sama.”

“Good work, you may go. Hayate, come in.”

Her grandmother was the one who answered, and her voice was extremely stern compared to usual. She calmed herself down before she entered the room. There at the dining table were her two grandparents. The former Head of the Kanzaki family and her grandfather, Sousuke Kanzaki. And her grandmother, Michiko Kanzaki.

“You were quite noisy, Hayate.”

“I am sorry, but the uniform I have used was missing from my room. I was trying to locate it.”

“Oh, that one. We disposed of it.”

“?!…G-Grandmother, why did you do that?”

“Right now, you’re a girl, so you need to dress like one. Hasn’t Hatsuko tried to get you used to girl’s clothing?”

“B-But, I am originally a boy, how could I get used to that? I…do not feel comfortable wearing those. I get a number of stares if I dress in the clothes mother makes me wear when I go out with Chiaki or Ling.”

“There’s a more serious reason why, Hayate. Because of all the fuss right now, we need you to pretend being a girl, no, a lady of our house.”

“L-Lady…you mean…from my etiquette classes?”

“That’s right.”

Hayate had to take a moment to understand what the intentions were, based on what was told to her before. The other families questioned her gender. One of them had been spying on her outright for a while and probably was continuing to do so. Which meant…

“That means I have to act like that the entire time to keep fooling the other families until we reveal the truth, if we decide to…”

“You’re really good catching on quickly, Hayate. That’s our grandchild.”

The conversation between grandmother and grandchild continued, while the lone man in the room was quietly keeping his mouth shut. Despite being a large man where his traditional Japanese clothes hid how forged his body was, he was a man under the thumb of his wife at times.

“And that means I have to wear a skirt and….those…I do not feel happy about it. Those skirts seem a little short to me…”

“We can get you a longer one, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“I see…”



“You will also go to the optometrist today too. You’ve been squinting a few times recently.”

“I am sorry, it is probably because of both my job and studying.”

“Hmmm, Hayate, put your job on hold until this is over.”

“I understand, grandmother.”

She understood, but she was still disappointed. She hadn’t done her job as a private detective because of the injuries and the cold from earlier.

When can I actually do my job?

She wondered while not looking forward to Monday when it came. She would have to be that kind of person that she wish she never learned how.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

And Monday came all too soon for her liking. As students were arriving at the school, the black car that she was using more often appeared as usual at the gate. There were still a number of students who didn’t know that she took a car more often to school.

The first person they would see was the driver Ishida, he went to the passenger side door in the back to open it. There came the first person that caught their attention, a tall woman dressed in a black suit, the bangs of her hair covering one side of her face. As she looked at the surroundings for a moment, she offered her hand inside.

“Ojou-sama, we have arrived.”

“Fuumi, I thought I told you I dislike being called that.”

Hayate’s voice was heard as she exited the car with Fuumi’s help. There were a mixture of expressions but all were pretty much the same. They were surprised to see that the person who was famous for being the only girl to dress in the boy’s uniform was now dressed in a modified girl’s uniform instead. Instead of a short skirt, the length was long, reaching to just above her ankles. And on her face was a pair of contemporary glasses.

“Milady, here are your bags.”

“Ah, thank you, Olivia-san. Are you alright with coming to school as well?”

“Yes, milady, there are no problems. I’ve gone to school before.”

The one now speaking was a blonde haired girl dressed in the girl’s uniform as well as she exited the car to hand over items that belonged to Hayate. There was a small smile on Hayate’s face as she nodded.

“I see. If you have any problems, tell me, or talk to Chiaki about it. She should know more about schools here than I.”

“Understood, milady.”

“Now you two, let us depart and head to talk with the principal.”

“Yes, ojou-sama.”

“Yes, milady.”

The two took positions behind Hayate as the three walked in that formation. As people were staring, she noticed and gave a smile.

“Everyone, a good morning to you.”

She didn’t wait for a response as she headed off to her destination along with the two who were following her. It was unsaid that others moved out of the way as the three entered the school. Whether it was students or teacher there, they all had a single thought in their mind.

“A real ojou-sama has come to school.”

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Due to some backroom type deals, in short sizeable donations made by her family, Fuumi was allowed to stay by Hayate’s side no matter where she went. Olivia was enrolled into her class as well. Though, those who saw Fuumi had to question the large carry case that she carried with her.

Because of the heavy sound it made when being placed on the ground, those who had watched too many action movies believed it was a weapon case for Fuumi and assumed she was some kind of secret service style bodyguard.

In terms of Hayate herself, the teachers were rather ecstatic that she was following what they wanted. Even though previously they had tried to talk to her about her uniform, using her mother’s logical arguments back at them made them think that even if changed the student rulebook wording, it might not work afterwards. Seeing her in the “proper” uniform, even if it had a longer skirt which still individualized her in a way, they let it go thinking that may have been the reason for the boy’s uniform she wore before.

Outside of certain events that happened today, the day was supposed to be peaceful.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

It happened afterschool as she was preparing to leave with Chiaki, Fuumi and Olivia. Due to a random feeling she had, she had gone in a particular direction. This random change in direction led the four to a particular hallway that led towards the sports area of the school. There they heard several voices arguing.

“Give back my shinai! I need it for practice today!”

“As if a weak girl like you can handle this quality shinai. This is more for someone like me. I’ve ranked in the nationals after all.”

It was a boy who was several heads taller than the girl in front of him, holding a shinai in one hand and keeping it away from her as he sneered. Seeing this as she arrived, Hayate could only frown as the argument continued.

“That doesn’t even matter here! You’re stealing my shinai! My dad bought me that when I joined the team!”

“Whatever, it’s mine now. I’ll be able to use it better than some no name girl.”

“Just because I’m a girl is no reason to steal things! Give it back!”

“No way, this now belongs to me! If you think you can beat me, then fight me in a match!”

She loathed this arrogant attitude, it reminded her of a particular person she had met that had the same line of thinking. She absolutely hated people with this kind of behavior. She handed over her school bag as she dashed in. Chiaki called out but Hayate already moved quickly.

“Wait! Hayate!”


The boy flew back as he was hit, landing on his back hard. He recovered rather quickly as he looked for the person who hit him.

“What the hell? Who hit me?!”

He looked in the direction of the new girl who appeared dressed in their uniform with a long skirt glaring at him. In her left hand was the shinai he had earlier making him question when she had grabbed it and noticed a shinai bag in her other hand.

“Who the hell are you?! How dare you hit me!”

“How dare I? How dare you take away someone else’s belonging. Learn some shame, fool.”

“What the hell you call me?”

“I called you a fool. Just because you think you are little better than someone else, does not give you the right to belittle others.”

Quietly, she handed back the shinai to the girl as she took stance to protect her. The boy got up and glared at her. He wasn’t going to let some girl who just came out of nowhere get away with hitting him. He tried to grab the shinai bag in her hand but…


He was thrown back again from a hit he couldn’t see as he fell onto the ground again. She glared at him even harder as she coldly said.

“You now dare to try and steal my belonging? I see…you are a stupid fool who will never learn.”

“You keep catching me by surprise! You wouldn’t last against me in a real fight!”

“A real fight, is it? Fine, I will accept that challenge. If you can think you can beat me in a real fight. Then I will defeat you all the same. Now leave. And never dare to do this again with someone else. Less you wish for me to stop you again.”

“Tch. Fine. Tomorrow, after school, the kendo dojo, we’ll fight there. I’ll show you how strong I am. I ranked in the nationals! You’ll be crying once I beat you!”

That boy ran off as she glared at his back. She honestly hated those who abused their power or strength on those weaker than them. She looked back at the girl as she gave a calm smile.

“Are you alright?”

“Y-Yes! I’m fine now! Thank you!”

The girl was a bit excited as she was bowing many times. Hayate tried to calm her down as she wondered if the girl was really alright.

“C-Can you tell me your name please?!” The girl was still excited it still seemed.

“My name is Hayate Kanzaki. May I ask yours?”

“Yes! It’s Kaori Tendo!”

“Then, Tendo-san.”

“Please call me Kaori!”

“Um…Kaori-san, will you be alright by yourself?”

“Yes! I’ll be fine, Hayate onee-sama! Thank you for helping me!”

The sounds of the school bell ringing could be heard.

“Oh no! I’m late! Goodbye, Hayate onee-sama!”

Kaori Tendo excitedly left without waiting for Hayate to respond leaving who seemed to be confused why she was addressed with “onee-sama.”

Chiaki shrugged her shoulders as she thought to herself thinking this was eventually going to happen.

Hayate went off and created her first soul sister, huh. Well, she’ll learn it the hard way that having soul sisters will be hard. Well, she still doesn’t know about her fan clubs yet. Or her stalkers.

Chiaki shook her head from knowing these things after being randomly interrogated before while Hayate was absent. She didn’t want to get involved with the more fanatic ones that Hayate was sure to have lurking around.

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