Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 10: Twins and Modeling

(AN: Time to torment enrich Hayate’s life with a sibling.)


Although there were a number of questions to be asked about the whole incident at the park, they  would be left unanswered for another time. Uneasily watching Chiaki leave, he wondered if things would be alright. He felt they would be, and he didn’t have a single proof to back it up, but that was how he felt.

Though his uneasiness continued as he was sitting face to face with someone who looked exactly like his girl form appearance in every way. He took the truth that she is his sister, but even he had to question what exactly prompted this unexpected meeting.



The two silently looked at each other, one was smiling, the other was not. Both tilted their head in reaction to the other, one tilted his head in confusion, the other tilted her head in curiosity. The two opened their mouth at the same time, both realizing the other wanted to say something and became silent. For a while the two were doing the same exact things at the same exact times. It was the so called thing that only twins could do. The first one to break away from this was Hayate, who giggled lightly at this fact.

“Onii-sama, you even have my habits.”

He could only wryly smile at that comment.

“…I thought you had mine…….to think I have a twin sister, why did mother never tell me?”

While still in disbelief, he was more concerned about what were the reasons behind keeping his sister a secret from him. He worried something serious was the cause, thinking about the possibilities he looked away for a moment.

“I was supposed to be dead four years ago, Onii-sama.”

“!? W-What…did you just say?”

“It’s true, Onii-sama. Four years ago, I was supposed to be dead, at your rite.”

“But you were never there. I did not even know I had a sister at all.”

“That’s because I was taken away when we were born. To protect us, she took me away to prevent my death. I should have been back after that but she decided to wait and observe. Our family kept it a secret all these years probably so that you would never have to worry about it.”


A conflicted expression appeared on his face, there were a myriad of things on his mind that made him question himself as he remembered the past event. Then he realized something as he thought on her words.

“Could that person not just have taken you away for protection for just a short amount of time before and after the rite itself rather than this whole time? Would that not have worked?”


She had not realized this at all, like her brother she was quick to put the pieces together and noticed the oddity that he did from hearing the story from her.

“I could have spent all this time with Onii-sama and everyone! No wonder why the others there said that she was always clumsy and rash!!!”

He simply tilted his head slightly as he was confused who this “she” was that his sister referred to. He could only get the idea that it was that person who helped his family out somehow but the story behind it seemed to be filled with holes. There were still questions how that person knew and why did she do so.

“Hayate-sama, Hayate-sama, are you two there?”

There was a woman’s voice on the other side of the door. He answered while his sister was still being very animated about how frustrated she was at knowing the amount of time lost.

“Yes, we are both here. What is it?”

“Hatsuko-sama wishes for both of you to go to her sewing room. As soon as possible, she said.”

“We will both be there. Inform her, we will arrive shortly.”

“Understood, Hayate-sama.”

He quietly wondered as what could his mother want now, he had a slightly bad feeling what it could be considering the room his mother was in.

“Ah, Onii-sama is now Onee-sama.”

“Hmm? What are you-…it happened again…”

Hayate frowned as she realized what had happened. She wish she could ask the gods about why she was given this strange power for. When she looked at her sister and noticed that happy face, she instantly realized what her mother had planned. Not again…

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

“This is a dream come true!!!!”

Shouted a woman in pure ecstasy as she looked at a pair of twin girls who were dressed up in matching outfits of different colors. Almost everything from the hair to the accessories was coordinated for the sake of dressing up these two girls who stood together. One looked happy, while the other looked annoyed, it was quite obvious who was who when looking at the two identical girls sharing the same name.

“Onee-sama, why are you frowning? Dressing up like this is fun~!”

“Only you and mother would think that. And do not call me ‘Onee-sama,’ I am a boy.”

“You’re a girl now, O-ne-e-sa-ma~.”

Hayate groaned quietly as she was stuck doing this. Usually there would be one more, she had escaped on the premise of doing the rounds around the mansion. Though she believed that even with her here, her mother’s mood of dressing up a pair of twins wouldn’t be swayed by a third person being involved, rather she believed the extra would be left alone.

“Okay, next is the swimsuits, I want to coordinate you two wearing bikinis.”

“EH?! Why?! Please do not make me do that, mother!”

“Why is Onii-sama so against wearing a bikini?”

“I do not want to wear it!”

“But don’t you wear girl’s underwear when you go to school or going out, Hayate?”

“I do not!”

“Onii-sama…you can’t be going commando under that outfit right now…”

“NO! I am wearing my normal underwear and a sarashi! There is no way I will wear a bra!”


The tone in her voice changed, to the point Hayate thought it was scary as she backed away few steps.

“…Okaa-sama. Help me hold Onii-sama down! We’ll make her wear proper underwear!”

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for this~”

“?! When did-“

For some reason, Hatsuko had appeared behind Hayate somehow, restraining her instantly. Hayate closed in and began to undress Hayate.

“No! Wait!”

Knock, knock.

“Hayate-sama? Are you okay?”

“Fuumi?! Please help me!”

The door opened a bit violently as Fuumi came inside the room armed with a small kodachi in her right hand. Everyone froze as they looked each other. She saw Hayate had barely escaped from her mother, who still had a hand on her shoulder, while her sister holding onto her clothes still in the middle of undressing. She had analyzed the situation and noticed the various clothes, accessories and other materials.

“…Excuse me. I’ll lock the door.”

Fuumi left quickly and closed the door.


The door lock could be heard locking in place and footsteps running away. Her only hope had escaped and left her behind.

“Don’t worry, Hayate, you’ll get used to it~”

She looked back seeing her mother’s smiling face.

“Right, O-ni-i-sa-ma~♥”

She turned back and looked at her sister’s smiling face exactly like their mother’s. The two moved closer to her. Her mother holding onto a rather risqué-like strapless one piece dress from where it had come from she didn’t know. Her sister had a black lace bra and panties in her hands. She wanted to get away but the two had already closed in on her. Tears formed in her eyes, she already knew there was more than just those.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

“H-Hayate-sama…are you…angry?”

“I am not angry…”


“I. Am. Not. Angry.”

No, you’re really angry. The same thought ran through the minds of the other three inside this room. A bit panicked, Fuumi was trying to calm Hayate down.

“We went a bit too far huh, Hayate?

“I thought it was just right. I didn’t think Onii-sama would hate it that much. I mean it’s only girl’s underwear.”


The two who didn’t feel like they did wrong were being given a very sharp, angry glare. Ignoring that glare, the mood changed suddenly to a serious one as Hatsuko’s voice changed.



“We’ve gotten a number of letters relating to you after the last hunt. All of them have wanted to meet you because of your recent unprecedented record of demons you slew alone for these last few months, especially these last few weeks. Many of them also want you to attend marriage meetings in order to set up an arranged marriage between our families. As you know, we will not do that kind of thing as that is against our tradition.”

“Yes, mother, I know that already. Is it possible to refuse them all?”

“Maybe, but with your record, it’ll be difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent people here to try and find some information about you. Besides knowing your real gender and age through the DHCA, they do not know what you look like. Our family hasn’t done much in terms of inter-Demon Hunter family relations as we’ve been civil with all of them and accept requests when needed. But Hayate, with your record as proof, they will not relent, our tradition will not hold them off for long.”

Hayate quietly thought on what her mother had said. She had not met any of the other families involved in demon hunting, but she did know of them through her mother who usually told her everything related to it.

From what she remembered, out of the forty-seven families, there were ten that didn’t share the same long history as the rest. The Kanzaki family was among the majority as part of the “Old Families,” while the remaining ten were known as the “Young Families.”

The relationship between the forty-seven families was complicated. Some hated each other because of old blood feuds that dated back to conflicts that arose. Others held grudges due to past decisions that had, some considered severe, consequences that cost lives for the “greater good.” In general, the old and young families were often in opposition with each other on various issues. The former were considered traditionalists while the latter were progressives, often when a vote needed to happen for important decisions that could affect a single family or all the families, it was the traditional views that generally won.

She knew her family had kept out of most of these conflicts and issues, solely focusing on demon hunting. Her family maintained a neutral stance, often refusing arranged marriages between families to avoid being caught up in those issues. The tradition that her family had was both as acted as a shield and an excuse for her family to avoid these problems as the traditionalist would side with them and protect that tradition.

If what mother says is true, that means the solicitations and the requests will keep coming. There is also that issue as well. My public life contradicts what we know is true. I cannot even fathom a guess what the other families will do if that happens to be known. I better be careful.

“Oh, that’s right. Hayate, we had to replace your phone. Your old one broke from your last hunt.”

“I really liked  that one…”

Disappointed that her favorite cellphone was broken, she had liked that one due to the influence of the older detective mystery novels. It was the same kind as the detective hero, the type that was called a flip cellphone. Due to mobile phones evolving each year, those phones were severely outdated, during her time outside the mansion, she had gotten looks because of her outdated phone.

The newer phones were all sleeker, more elegant and more complicated, these were what Chiaki had called smartphones. She had been taught by Chiaki about how it worked and was amazed how much a small device like that could do. Now it was possible she was getting one just like it.

A maid brought her the new phone, in her hand was a sleek black phone that still had that brand new smell to it. She took it and looked at it with a curious gaze, wondering how to operate it.

“Hayate, tomorrow you should go with Yu Xiuying. She helped us out. You should thank her.”

“Helped us?”

“She arrived right after you collapsed, she helped your maid Olivia at the same time. Without her, you may have died.”

“I see…I need to thank her.”

“That’s right. You need to thank her. Take her out on a date. I’ll get your clothes set up. Knowing you, as a boy you would just wear nothing but a black t-shirt and slacks, with black shoes. Nothing but black, black, black. I wish you had your sister’s fashion sense. That’s why you’ll wear what we tell you. Understand?”

“Is it not better for it to be simple? And what do you mean a date?”

She had heard the term before but was not familiar with the nuances behind it. Both her mother and sister sighed at the same time and decided to teach Hayate what a date means and dating in general, by using a movie. Her mother decided it would be best to increase the shock value by showing a particular French movie, with Japanese subtitles, that had a good example of a gentleman intimately escorting his lover on a date. There was so much physical contact that it caused Hayate to blush as she watched.

Though due to a miscalculation, her mother had forgotten about the rather explicit bed scene the movie had been notorious for. Hayate was blushing so furiously that she fainted from being overloaded while thinking she had to do the same exact things.

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