Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 1: Demon Hunters


She had simply wanted to get away from the classroom. A new transfer student had joined the class, and she was already too much in many ways. She wore the school’s blazer style uniform, but it was the boys’ version. Her academic ability was well beyond a normal 1st year high school student. It was beyond ridiculous when each break period occurred. There was so much noisy attention on her. When lunch period finally happened, she left to escape to the roof. To at least eat her lunch in peace.

Her peace on the roof was short lived. An unnatural growl that shouldn’t have been there was heard. She turned and saw a large black beast-like thing standing on two legs. It’s arms and legs were very muscular. Large, menacing claws were seen from the fingertips. The muzzle of this black beast slobbered and shaped in a sinister smirk, showing its uneven fangs.

She was going through an unimaginable amount of fear right now. More than any that she had experienced before. The presence of this thing caused her to slowly back away. However, as it stared at her with its blood red eyes, an unknown pressure began choking her. She struggled to breathe as it closed the distance leisurely. Her gaze unconsciously met its gaze. A feeling of imminent death came to her. She wanted to scream, but her voice failed her. Tears in her eyes, she saw the black beast raise its arm. Ready to bring down death onto her.

It turned its head suddenly and jumped away as an arcing silver flash appeared where it had been. There, a boy in the school uniform appeared. His long black hair was tied with a black hair tie. His sharp blue eyes glared at the black beast. Armed with a katana, he chased after the black beast and began fighting it. The boy easily dodged the attacks aimed at him. Several silver flashes happened, crimson blood flew into the air, and the black beast backed away. There were several deep cuts on its body, large drops of blood dripped onto the floor. The black beast was injured and yet it ignored that, keeping its focus on the boy. The boy lowered his katana to his side. His glare narrowed as he focused on the beast.

“You will die here, demon.”

The black beast, the demon charged again, raising its muscular arm. It swung its claw at the boy’s head. Only striking through air, the boy had disappeared from that spot. The demon felt its arm suddenly missing. Growling in pain, it covered the bloody stump that used to be its arm. Looking around desperately for the boy.

A slicing sound echoed through the air.

“Hiken – Kuu Ha Zan.” (Secret Technique – Air Rending Slash)

The demon didn’t move despite the voice that spoke. It had not realized what had happened as death had already taken it. Its body split into two halves and fell down with a thud sound. The boy sheathed his katana and quietly sighed. He turned his attention to the fallen girl. This girl had striking hair, a hair color that would make it seem it was dyed, a shade of light blue. The hair was done in a ponytail, he could only guess it could reach to the middle of the girl’s back if left down.

The girl herself had been choking for air until she was released but the strain on her had been too much. Her consciousness was blacking out several times.

“Are you alright?”

She tried answering, however she passed out immediately. The last thing she saw was the boy’s face. He was waiting for a moment when a woman in a black suit appeared from one of the few shadows on the roof. The bangs of her hair covered one side of her face. Her hair color almost seemed to be both dark purple and black depending how the light hit it. The visible red eye showed her expression of worry.

“Young master, are you alright?”

“I am. But, I am more concerned about her. That demon did something to her. I believe it used its power to keep her here. The reason I do not know why.”

“Maybe she is special somehow?”

“…I do not know. However maybe it is this hair…”

He almost reached out to touch the girl’s light blue colored hair but refrained. His hand was stained from the blood of the demon from earlier. He shook his head and stood up. He was handed a towel and proceeded to clean himself up as best as possible.

“We need to take her back to the main house for observation. We need to report to the DHCA too and take care of this quickly before someone finds this. Do you have those on you?”

“Yes, I have more than enough. What will we do about the report?”

“Take a picture as record, we cannot leave it to chance. Dispose of the remains immediately afterwards. For now, I will conduct a search after school. If needed, I will hunt them down. This lone demon was not alone. Fuumi, take care of her.”

“Understood, young master. It will be done.”

“I am counting on you.”

The boy left the roof through the door and disappeared. The scene here was like that out of a horror movie. After taking a few photos with a camera, the woman took out a number of large vials. These vials contained some kind of clear liquid. Using them she quietly poured it on the demon’s corpse. The corpse started to fade away until it was no more, as if it had never been there. She spread more of the liquid around and did a thorough check before she walked back into a shadow and disappeared. The roof returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened.

The question of the girl missing the rest of school was raised, but no one really raised a fuss. The subject of the girl transfer student of Class 1-C had taken over the school.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The girl with the light blue hair awakened in an unfamiliar room. It had the smell of disinfectant in the air. The sound of a heartbeat monitor was heard nearby. The girl believed she was in the hospital for some reason. She didn’t remember how she was hurt. In a daze, she got up and found a lone woman in a labcoat looking at her.

“Hmm? You’re awake. Do you remember what happened to you?”

The girl unconsciously touched her neck as she remembered that thing that was on the roof. But she was worried about being treated like a crazy person if she were to recount it.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I just need to know what exactly happened. I’m a doctor that specializes in certain field of medicine. I already got a basic report from him, but I need your detailed account.”

If the him the woman had been talking about was that boy, maybe she could trust her. She recalled what brought her to the roof and what happened before she lost consciousness. She hugged herself, shivering from the image of that thing that attacked her. She wanted to believe it was nothing more than a horrible dream.

“I see. It matches up with his report. I haven’t found anything wrong with you from the preliminary exam. But just in case, I hope you can deal with the inconvenience while I check for sure. Okay?”

If what this doctor said was true, the dream was real. The girl nodded as she went through the exam. She wanted to make sure she was really okay. When she was told to strip, she was a bit reluctant, but the doctor said she could keep her underwear on. Afterwards, the doctor slowly began doing a palpation type exam. Having had one before, the girl realized something strange with this one. The feeling gave off a tingling sensation that spread out at the points where she was touched. With a touch on her shoulder, the exam was finished. She was told to redress herself.

“Nothing is wrong with you. You are in perfect health despite what happened.”

“Um…do you know what happened to me?”

“I’m not the best one to explain that, I’m simply a doctor. There’s someone much better to explain that.”

The doctor went over to a table and took the phone that was there and dialed a number.

“The patient’s awake, can someone retrieve her? Okay, thanks.”

The doctor looked at the girl and smiled at her.

“Someone will come pick you up and explain what happened. After that, what happens next is up to you.”

After sitting there, waiting for a while, the door to the room opened. There, a woman dressed in a gothic lolita style maid outfit came inside. She bowed once, before motioning towards the door.

“If you would come this way, miss. I will take you to the Head of the House.”

The girl was confused about where she was. She thought she was in the hospital. Upon exiting the room she had been in, she questioned where exactly was she as she followed the maid. Inside, the interior became one of a traditional Japanese mansion. Completely lost, she couldn’t help but look around as she followed the maid. After several turns and hallways, the two stopped in front of a particular set of doors.

“I have brought the guest.”

A moment passed and a woman’s voice was heard.

“Good work. Let her in.”

The maid quietly opened the door and bowed to the girl. She wasn’t sure what to think about this as she entered. The room itself was a large Japanese room, almost like it was designed to be an audience chamber. There at the end of the room was a beautiful woman with raven black hair sitting there. Dressed in a luxurious black kimono with a red trim, decorated with crimson flowers as part of the design. In her left hand was a wine glass filled with red wine. Beside her was a man dressed in a plain green yukata. His expression was extremely sharp, his eyes seemed to form an eternal glare. And he directed his gaze at her.

“I welcome you to our home. Although it’s late, I do hope you’re alright. I heard my child had helped you from a horrible situation. My name is Hatsuko, I am the Head of the Kanzaki family. This is my husband, Kyosuke.”

The woman, Hatsuko, spoke first in a soft tone. Her husband gave a short nod and silently sat there still looking at her.

“What is your name?”

“U-Um. C-Chiaki Nakamura.”

The girl, Chiaki was nervous. It couldn’t be helped due to the man glaring at her the whole time as if she did something wrong. Hatsuko looked at her husband for a moment, before giving a wry smile.

“Are you a friend of my child?”

“Um…who is your child?”

“Oh, that’s right I forgot to mention. My child’s name is Hayate Kanzaki. She should have just had her first day there.”

“Um…I know of her since she’s in my class. But we’re just classmates. And I was saved by a boy, I don’t know his name though.”

An expression of surprise appeared on Hatsuko’s face before covering her mouth with her free hand thinking about something.

“This is troubling…at this time what is he doing right now? Dear, do you know?”

Kyosuke simply nodded and spoke one single word.


“He would do that…Is she with him?”

He simply shook his head quietly.

“That means she’s here…Fuumi.”


Another woman’s voice was heard. A door opened and came in a woman whose black hair covered one side of her face. Dressed in a black suit, she kneeled on one knee with her head lowered.

“Is there something you require?”

“What is he doing exactly after this girl was helped?”

The woman took a single glance at Chiaki before speaking.

“He is hunting on the premise there are more in the area. He didn’t wish to leave the chance of more attacks. I was ordered to take care of her.”

“I see. Good work. You may go.”


The woman, Fuumi, left the room quietly. Hatsuko watched the door and muttered a complaint under her breath.

“Why is he always doing that? He should know better than to do everything on his own.”

She shook her head as she then addressed Chiaki suddenly.

“I am assuming you have questions. You can ask whatever.”

“U-Um, yes! First off…”

Chiaki asked about several things. The answers she received were summarized as thus. The black beast was a Demon. Demons were beings of evil intent that harmed and could kill humans and other living things. It was either that she was special or simply bad luck that she was attacked. The boy, and this family were Demon Hunters. She naturally assumed her transfer student classmate Hayate Kanzaki was also one. She learned that Demon Hunters, were among the few that could combat against demons.

The conversation then somewhat devolved into questions about Hayate. Why did she wear the boys’ uniform. The answer was rather simple: Hayate hated skirts. Why was her academic ability so high? Hayate had high intellect even as a child. That allowed Spartan style teaching of academic subjects. Her physical abilities also exceeded norms which were necessary when doing Demon Hunter training.

When she received all these answers, she couldn’t believe it.

“Why send her to a public school like ours?”

“Simple, she was isolated here in this house for most of her life. She hasn’t had any interaction with children her age until today. She lacks the experience in societal norms that she needs to have when being independent. Putting her in a garden environment like a prestigious private girls’ academy wouldn’t do her any good.”

Hatsuko took a sip of her wine and explained.

“I told that child she must experience the joys of high school life. To study together with her classmates. To spend time with her school friends. Enjoy the world and see things. As dutifully as she is, when it comes to herself she is very awkward. I mean her only friend was the woman you saw earlier. How old do you think she is?”


“That’s wrong, she’s only 19, she’s just three years older than Hayate.”

“No way…”

She couldn’t believe it. The woman looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and yet she was only 19? Truth was really stranger than fiction as the saying goes. She was digesting quite a bit of information. And yet she was wondering why she was being told all this.

She meekly raised her hand.

“What is it?”

“Um…wouldn’t the Demon Hunter thing be a secret? It sure sounds like it…”

“It is but what of it? The important thing is, you are someone I know who would be of great help to that child.”

She tilted her head to the side for a moment. Hatsuko knew she was someone to be trusted? But how was that possible when this was the first time they met. Chiaki couldn’t help but wonder what she had done at all to give that kind of impression.

“Mother. I have returned.”

A girl’s voice spoke through the door.

“Ah, Hayate. Come in.”

The door opened and the girl Hayate came in, while covered in blood.


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