Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 0: The Girl Detective With A Katana

“HELP ME!!!!”

A scream pierced loudly through the air. The voice came from a woman dressed in a business suit running for her life down a nearly empty street at night. Her face was pale, with sweat dripping down her face as she ran away in fear as men in shady looking suits chased after her relentlessly. Their laughter mocking her with every step, with every attempt she made to escape. The men continued to chase after her, while yelling out various mocking phrases. Their sadistic needs grew more and more as she tried to get away. These men were planning to do various unspeakable things to her once she could no longer run. One of them was armed with a knife on him, his smile was more sinister and deranged than the others. It spoke of a worse fate he had planned for this one woman.

Desperately the woman continued her flight, trying to escape, screaming for help all the while. However, no matter how hard she tried, she received no help from any of them. Her plight was completely ignored. Some avoided her attempts of getting their help. Others averted their gaze when she looked in their direction in desperation. The crowd didn’t want to be involved. Her heart despaired as no one was helping her, and so she continued running away as best she could with her pursuers still chasing her. Mocking her even more using their poisonous insults to spur her on, making her waste her energy. If one were to ask where was the police during this, there was none around. A distance away, a major emergency happened unknown to the public that took their attention, taking officers who should have been around to that location.

Tired and exhausted, she still desperately tried to lose them over and over, but she tripped and the men finally caught up with her. She could hear their laughter as she looked at them surrounding her, slowly blocking her escape. Their eyes showed their evil intent as they slowly drew closer to her. She tried to back away from them, only to be stopped by the wall behind her. The hard wall told her she had no escape now. Tears formed in her eyes, fearing what they would do to her.

“Please…let me go…”

The men edged closer to her, their hands outstretched towards her, their lustful sneers aimed directly at her. To the onlookers who were there, there was an image of her clothes being ripped, her body violated over and over until she broke came to their minds. As those men slowly edged closer to her, this image grew stronger and getting closer to becoming a reality. However, it did not come to pass.

Just as the men were almost within arm’s reach of her, tears fell from her eyes.  She wanted to yell one last plea for someone to step in, for someone, anyone to save her. However, her voice faltered as her eyes made contact with the man in front of her. His vulgar smile on his face growing more distorted; however, it was the knife that she saw in his hand that made her think, tonight was her last night on Earth.

Suddenly, a violent wind blew around her, forcing her to close her eyes. The sound of something hard, like hitting meat, was heard several times in quick succession.  Then, for a long moment, there was absolute silence. Nothing touched her, nothing was heard, she didn’t know whether to be afraid or relieved.

Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and saw the back of a black trenchcoat between her and the men that had chased her all this way. She thought there would be a fight, but the men who had chased her all collapsed, hitting the pavement roughly at the same time. Their expression filled with shock as their eyes were rolled back, it seemed they had already lost consciousness even before hitting the ground. Now that she had a better look, the person who stood before seemed pretty young, almost like a teenager. From the trenchcoat and pants, she thought she had been saved by a teenage boy with long hair that flowed close to the lower back. However as the person turned to her slightly, her guess was wrong. The person wasn’t a teenage boy but a teenage girl. The chest of the girl was a little large that it pushed against the suit she wore, the long silky smooth jet black hair that flowed freely and now shimmered in the city lights. The feminine curves she could now see from the girl, a girl who everyone around her would agree that lovely dresses would look much better on her than the suit she wore.

The woman was still in a bit of shock, she had been saved by a teenage girl. She thought that this young girl couldn’t have stopped these men by herself and thought there were others, but the girl was alone. Then she noticed what was in the girl’s left hand, a katana in its scabbard. A long, super thin rope wrapped around the handguard and the scabbard, done in such a way that it would keep it sheathed no matter how hard she swung it. She put two and two together as she figured out what had happened. The girl had saved her with that sheathed katana. As she looked up, the girl was looking at the men carefully, making sure they would not awaken suddenly.

“T-Thank you…for saving me.”

The young girl turned to her fully, directly facing her. The dark blue eyes, with slightly sharp features, was staring at her. With her right hand extended, the young girl’s expression lightened into a kind smile.

“I am just glad you are alright. Will you be able to get home?”

The girl’s speech was unlike teenagers her age, she spoke like a refined young lady. Yet her body language gave off that she was the gallant hero, like a chivalrous knight. It caused a bit of dissonance, however the woman simply nodded, taking the girl’s hand. Being gently and carefully lifted up by the young girl, she couldn’t help but express her surprise at the girl’s gentleman-like actions. The young girl took another look at her, looking at various parts of her body as the young girl’s eyes narrowed slightly. She nodded to herself, thinking of something and quickly looked at the unconscious men who were there.

In almost a dramatic fashion, the young girl’s body turned, the bottom of the trench coat flowed like it was a cape almost. With a motion of her right hand, she motioned in a certain fashion as if it was practiced many times. From various places, five men dressed in identical black suits appeared before the young girl. This surprised everyone else that was here. The men were already moving without another word. Four of them took out plastic ties and began to bind the arms of unconscious men silently, while the last appeared before the two with a small bag in hand. This bag was filled with some minor first aid items inside, also with a small towel. It was handed to her with much insistence from the man in the suit. After it was successfully given to her, he bowed to her respectfully and stood behind the young girl, keeping watch around the area. For a long while, she and the crowd thought these men were some sort of secret service, thinking the young girl was someone important. The young girl in question had been observing the whole time and nodded to herself as she took out an outdated cell phone and dialed a number. After a few rings, she spoke again.

“It is me. I have four men here that need to be arrested and charged for attempted assault and attempted rape. One of them was armed with a knife, this includes possible intent to commit murder. All four are in custody of my men and waiting for you…The victim? She is fine and has not sustained any serious injuries…Did I hear that correctly? You wish for her to stay here? After what she has gone through…I understand. I will have my men watch over her as well. I will also give a statement at a later time. At the moment, I have more important business to attend to. Yes…Yes…Goodbye.”

The young girl ended the call and sighed to herself. Just by watching, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She assumed again that this girl was someone important, however even she could not bypass police procedures at a whim. There were many contradictions, it was hard to establish who this girl was. It could not be helped that she was staring at this mysterious girl. The young girl noticed she was being stared at as she gave a kind, apologetic expression towards her.

“I am sorry. I thought I could bypass the procedure just now for you. However, the police require your statement as well as those from the surrounding witnesses. I hope this will not trouble you.”

Although she was given an apology, that didn’t really matter. For her benefactor, how could she complain, she would rather complain at the other people and scold them for not doing anything. This one young girl did what others did not, and for that, she wanted to know what her name was.

“Please tell me, what’s your name? Are you someone important?”

“My name is Hayate. Hayate Kanzaki. I am just a simple private detective.”

Again with the dissonance, she did not expect the young girl to be a private detective at all, but it didn’t explain why she had men in suits at her beck and call. Was the girl an important person’s daughter? She couldn’t ask as she saw the young girl still smiling at her. She decided to not think about it any longer and bowed to this brave young girl.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

“Hayate-sama, the area is secured. What are your instructions?”

“Contact the police about the location and get this trash picked up. All of you here will protect this person and make sure this trash does not cause problems. If anyone needs me, have Fuumi contact me. I will head out now.”

The men in suits all bowed respectfully to her before she turned around and left knowing they would do what she ordered of them. Also leaving the woman, who was also bowing towards her once more, she had just saved behind with her men. As she walked calmly through the streets, her earlier smile had long since disappeared from her face. Her kind gaze from before was now replaced by a cold glare. In exchange for saving the woman, she had lost track of her earlier targets, forced to restart her search again. However, she felt that doing what she just did was the proper and just thing to do. Now, she resumed her hunt as she also disappeared into the crowd.

Her hunting grounds tonight was currently this city. Her family watched over one of the forty-seven prefectures of Japan. And in this city, her enemy was here. Even if delayed, she will never let them live for long.

As she weaved in and out of the crowd, finally turning towards an alleyway, where a maze of unused small backroads would greet her. She walked without care, guided by something she arrived at a deserted spot where no human had been there for some time. There, in the dark shadows, low growls could be heard. Unlike animals, this growling was unnatural, no living animal on this Earth could make that sound.

The air turned cold, the growling grew louder. Black forms came from the shadows. Some covered in black fur, others covered in black scales. Some crawled on all fours, while some stood on two legs. No matter the variety, these were all the same kind of being. Beings that fed off of humans, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. These were mankind’s greatest enemies, known to her family as Demons. She and her family were Demon Hunters, those with the duty to hunt down demons, a duty passed down since the age of the samurai.

Slowly, she unraveled the thin rope that bound her katana in place as she watched the surroundings with caution. Even with the opportunity to attack her, these demons did not. Kept in place by their instinct, saying that she was dangerous to them.

This is all of them, nine in all. The number of encounters and demons is increasing each time. Something is going on. She thought to herself as she finished. With her right hand now grasping the handle, she slowly drew her katana out.

Without waiting any longer, the demons attacked her. Desperately, some tried using their claws, others using their teeth. Some wanting to grab onto her with their arms. Whatever they could use, to reach out to her, and kill her. There was no coordination, just simply attacking her like mindless beasts.

Her katana was now bathed in an azure flame, with simple motions, she cut through the demons easily one after another. Not a single one could touch her as she cut them down as if she already knew the order they would come at her. At the end with the last demon’s death, the air returned to normal. A sign that no more would come. With a single swipe, the azure flame disappeared. Sheathing her katana, she quietly looked at the corpses of the demons with scorn.

“Hayate-sama. Thank you for your hard work.”

A woman’s voice could be heard from the darkness somewhere, but the form of the woman was not seen anywhere. A towel appeared flying through the air as Hayate caught it. Using said towel, she wiped her face and hands of the blood that had splattered on to her during the battle.

“Was everything handled on the other side?”

“Yes, that person was safely handed over to the police. She should be at the police station giving her statement. And may get escorted back to her home later.”

“That is good. I have already finished here. Report to the DHCA, that another nine are eliminated and needs to be processed as soon as possible. And also tell them that more will come based on the current pattern. Have the men guard the perimeter until the DHCA team takes care of this.”

“Understood, Hayate-sama. I will relay the appropriate orders. What will you do now?”

The girl, Hayate sighed to herself. She turn towards a particular shadowed area, as if she knew where the woman was all along.

“I have to prepare for my first day at school.”


Author: Sleepy_Kanzaki-kun

Editor: nickml150 aka kaze.sakura


Sword Detective Hayate - Chapter 1: Demon Hunters