Takami no Kago ch.93

Sup everyone Raizu is here. Here is your long-awaiting chapter of TnK~ This chapter brought to you by our new translator, Buzenbazen. Yay! Enjoy~ Translator: Buzenbazen TLC/Editor: Darknari Etc: Raizu

[Talentless Beast Knight] Arc 1, Ch. 3 – Let me help you

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 3 – Let me help you Splat! While my sweat trickled down on my cheek, I suddenly arose from my deep slumber. My body, albeit sluggish, could move properly. For a moment, I was dazed. I couldn’t accurately piece together whatever may have happened to me. All I noticed then

What Side Didn’t Know – A2,C14. Proof of Worth

We continued our march shortly after that incident. I gently touched my sore neck.  It hurt to talk, actually, it hurt to do anything that involved my throat.   Specifically, after Tristain cooked up some more bear meat for food, ‘breakfast’ as he called it, I found it also hurt to swallow.  The only thing

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 7: Shirtless and Modeling

(AN: Surprise, today is a double release today.) Hayate woke up as usual, unable to defy the ingrained routine of waking up early, the person in question was now half-asleep and quietly heading towards the bathroom. Due to thinking too much about the demons and making various theories, Hayate had slept late at night after

Sword Detective Hayate – Chapter 6: A New Maid

(AN: I’ve decided to go back and edit the old Chapters with chapter titles as best as my horrible chapter naming ability goes.) In the next few days, the quiet house that Hayate had was turned into something completely different. Right after, it was decided that Xiuying would stay in Hayate’s house, another housemate would

What Side Didn’t Know – A2,C13. Uneasy Alliances

I wasn’t particularly tired anymore.  The threat of being eating by this strange woman that Tristain called “A Dryad” was causing my heartbeat to pound in my ears.  Not sleeping during the darkness was hardly an issue anymore.   Tristain, after all, had pushed my endurance to the limits at the enclave when he first