My attack stat… – V5 Chap 144 – The Puppet and Her Puppeteer

Having looked through her memories in order to know what to block, the Chancellor knew all about her final moments. Saki had been treated poorly in her previous world, and her powerlessness to save the one she loved only drove her into despair, perfect for triggering a demonification in the future. Now, the only question

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 143 – A Dead End

Disclaimer Warning: This chapter is a bit on the heavy and dark side. Just so that you aren’t too unprepared. ——————————————————————————————————————– If asked about a girl named Himejima Saki, several phrases would be commonly thrown around. ‘Awkward’ ‘Weirdo’ ‘Creep’ Those were the feelings of her classmates whenever they glanced upon her sitting quietly in the

OreMegane – Chapter 42

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 42. Megane-kun, Acquires Poison To be a hunter is to take different measures when one can’t hunt in a fair way. Humans aren’t that strong of a creature to begin with. Animals and demon beasts are fundamentally more physically capable than humans. If we are to fight them naked and

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Seventeen: The War Ahead

POV:  1. Sora Moore (Our Vulpes Founder with a new daughter to protect) Recap: The truth revealed … Inari’s keen interest and the careful preparations given to her niece made clear … Their family can be revived—there is a dream left to cling to, and Sora can accomplish it with her own hand! Now …

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 142 – The Girl Who Was a Doll

-Several years ago- “Chancellor Willingham, why should I, a member of the Royal Family, require something as tiresome as a familiar? I am no magician. I do not require the protection of some beast on the battlefield. My father, the Warring King, found no such need for these gimmicks.” A young prince looked skeptically at

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 141 – Betrayal

“You are human, right? To make mistakes and reflect on them is normal.” A sudden voice called out to me from my memories. A gentle singing voice seemed to cut through the fear that had instilled in my heart. A feeling of warmth and calm permeated throughout as another scene flashed in my mind. There

OreMegane – Chapter 41

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 41. Megane-kun, Going to the Mountain to Check After parting with the coachman uncle, I returned to the inn…dorm? they allocated to us, only to find two girls frolicing around in front of the building, one has blonde hair the other white. They are Cherry and Florentine. Apparently, they’re playing