Origins #10 – Man and Machine (Part 4)

Within a few minutes Matt reached the forward airlock, after the air cycled through the hatch slid open and Matt stepped outside the ship. He wondered how he was going to navigate his way to the end of the tunnel when Sam’s voice sounded like it was right beside him. Matt whipped his head back

Origins #9 – Man and Machine (Part 3)

Author’s Note: So it’s been a long old time since I’ve posted an update. There is a single reason for this. I was evicted from my just over 2 months ago and have been crashing on couches with limited to no internet until now. I have another job, albeit one that I really don’t like

What Side Didn’t Know – A3,C12. Emergency Points

“Well, now, hold on darling.”  The bearfolk woman recovered quickly.  “We can do something about that, erm… Probably.”   She didn’t sound too convincing, but to be honest, I was hungry.   “Tristain, I’m hungry.”  I notified him.   “Hmmm…”  He looked at me.  I couldn’t place what that look meant, except that he was

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 9 – Hiding

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 9 – Hiding     The ceiling rumbled. Something attacked the cave from above. Somehow, that thing found a way to the cave that covered the library. Maybe tunnels that led to the ceiling existed? I couldn’t know that, nor if the layer of pointy rocks and gems would keep

What Side Didn’t Know – A3,C11. Best laid plans

“Oh jeez, darling, you a young’un?  Not many can charm a Dryad. We may not be old, but even for us, that level of dense is silly.  Be nice to her now. Your scaring the child.”   Both Tristain and I reply together.  ““Huh?””   The trader snickers.   The Bearfolk puts a hand… erm…