My attack stat… – V3 Chap 75 – In the Name of Science!

The next day, the three of us headed back home to Sistina. As we boarded a ship that was heading back, Koujiro and his entourage came to see us off at the entry port. For some reason, Koujiro looked quite exhausted. It was probably for the best that I didn’t ask what happened to him

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Sixty-Six: A New Horizon

The Last Chapter Of Volume 3 POV: Sora (our Vulpes Founder) Recap: Sora returns to their building with a heavy heart, feeling bad that she couldn’t do more for Aiden when she really tried. Inari helps her remember that life is about mitigating the daily dose of torment to make it bearable and that she

My attack stat… – V3 Chap 74 – Royalty Have it Hard Too

Katalina’s emotions were swirling inside her, making her unsure of what to say. She had resolved to confess her feelings to him during their initial ride to this country, but now, she was filled with uncertainties. Having only conversed with him about inventions and magic tools, she found a like-minded person to confide in. However,

My attack stat… – V3 Chap 73 – So the King Danced

After we had our meal, Koujiro appeared to be a completely new man. Since he was thrilled about eating the cooking from his home once again, I considered offering him the recipe as a gift of goodwill. However, Eryn had a different idea. “Look how satisfied he seems to be. I think we can use

My attack stat… – V3 Chap 72 – Umami Soup for the Soul

At the end of the tense fight, the man in front of Claude, the King of Macali, fell limp in front of him. A collective cry from the girls sounded behind Katalina, causing her to turn around. The king’s harem had raised their weapons, prepared to fight back. “Calm down. I only knocked him out.

My attack stat… – V3 Chap 71 – Truck-kun Strikes Again

Koujiro Raidou always had a sickly body. That barred him from pursuing much of the outdoor activities that his fellow classmates would do during elementary school. Given that he spent a lot of time indoors by himself, it was obvious that he needed to find ways to amuse himself. Fortunately, his family was wealthy. The