A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Five: Settling In

Sora’s vision focused on a gray-furred Vulpes as she nodded rigidly.  Olivia’s voice was soft spoken. “If—that’s what you’ve decided.” Her white dress was fitted but showed a few rips that had repair work done and there were three blue stripes on her sleeves. Mimi’s yellow irises locked on Sora.  “I will have Olivia guide

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C3. Fissure

“Huh?”  Why does he look he’s watching something tiresome?  What’s with that lackluster response? … Dangit. It’s recovery time, I must sell this now!  I’ve made a mistake, but I can’t back out! “W-well, you seem unhappy with your married life…” “Yes… That’s true…” “S-so, I’ll do whatever you want… as your wife…”  It’s better

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C2. Hidden in sight

“You did.”  Oh, that bearfolk, Dubhe was it? She sounds like she’s getting upset.  She has such a murderous stare. You hume better run~. “Huh?” “You passed my seed to Dubhe.”  The dryad gently holds her belly while sporting a happy smile.  A Dryad’s seed…? How did he pass the seed from one to the

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Four: First Impression

Sora took a deep breath as they entered the town.  There were quite a few humans and Vulpes hauling carts of fruit, grain, and vegetables down the streets and empty carts moving the opposite direction.  Sora knew a few items such as wheat, onions, carrots, tomatoes and pears, but there were quite a few she

OreMegane – Chapter 18

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What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C10. Tepid

The children have finished eating, and it’s curious that neither the queen, nor Lillia has come back after so long.  Either there wasn’t any danger, or they’ve already been eaten for sure. Getting the hume woman to help, all of the children are carried up the Gaia Tree steps.  Approaching the entrance, it appears to