Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 65

Aria: This is totally the best chapter of the monster breeder series, and I’m totally not a pervert for liking it. And you can visit my site for more of my translations, Eternal Goddess Aria. One last note, Cielle is the name of the loli blacksmith girl. Enjoy~ Chapter 65 – Cielle’s Secret TL: Aria

The RTD Story 11.0

New Site. Same old weird people. Here is the next RTD Story. We are looking for people to do voice overs for our novels! If you think you are cute or sound cute, drop by at our discord  and ring me up!

I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 2

Five minutes had passed since Mimi had walked into the Church.  The students outside, including Taki, had now been waiting anxiously for the status to be shown.   “Why is it taking so long?”, the blonde boy wearing glasses complained. “It’ll be shown anytime now, don’t worry.” The teacher consoled the boy. After a few