My attack stat… – V7 Chap 227 – A Cruel World

‘How unfair this world is,’ Eryn thought as she swung her sword mindlessly forward, cleaving another soldier with his gun aimed at her. She stared blankly as the blade tore effortlessly through the man’s torso before she flung a Fire spell with her other hand. Within moments, flames swept around in a semicircle, turning the

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 226 – A CRIT Moment (2)

As I scooted away in a panic, I toppled off the side of the bed and onto the floor with a crash. The resulting racket rang heavily in the silent room. Looking up from my sprawled-out position, legs propped against the bed, the sound of shuffling was heard. Blue hair peeked over the edge, a

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 225 – A CRIT Moment (1)

Not long after the Queen of Sistina arrived in Fort Valga, a message via Magic Pigeon chirped as it circled around her. Surprised that someone was using an outdated method of contacting her, a sudden worry struck her. If she was being contacted in such a way, then something must have happened to Claude and

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 224 – Fragile Trust

Eryn’s eyes flew open in surprise at being unexpectedly stabbed. Her lips separated from Claude’s as she forced herself off him, staring painfully into his eyes as she clutched her wound. Cold and emotionless, save for a flicker of intent. He had attacked her purposefully. And she had fooled herself into thinking that everything would

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 223 – Et tu, Claude?

Eryn and Saki arrived back in Lodz after the winds of destruction had died down. Wary about the relative calm they heard in the distance, it wasn’t until they ran into a few squadrons belonging to Sistina at the borders of the city did they find out what had happened in their absence. The first

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 222 – A Maelstrom of Death

Sistina’s army was camped out a short distance from the City of Lodz and in the middle of preparations to advance when a strange clamor erupted in the distance. The noise of footsteps rushing around to get ready all halted as the sound of gunfire filtered from the city walls. ‘An enemy attack?’ many of

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 221 – The Beginning of a Tragedy (2)

Before the explosion occurred, Saki was held up by General Cielbasa and his automatic rifle. The man before her wore a fancy uniform with many emblems, proudly showing off his high rank. However, the way he carried himself as he fired at her gave off a sense of vileness. Cielbasa, having proudly announced himself to

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 219 – A Grim Future

Before my eyes could adjust to the surroundings, the noise of gunfire and people’s cries filtered into my head. Trying to force myself conscious, I noticed that the scenery around me was in motion. Immediately, my eyes popped open as I stared at the ground moving. Feet shuffled before them as I finally realized that

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 218 – Those United Shall Prevail

I poked my head through a portal, watching as several troops below were patrolling the perimeter atop Fort Lodz. So far, none of them had noticed the lone mana signature high in the sky, its light easily mistaken as a star. Then, a flat, handheld device exited the portal as my hands joined the head