What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, C2: What?

I open my mouth to confirm, then close it.  This happens a few times, but I still hold onto Melsy.  For some reason, I feel awkward all of a sudden. I remember reading a book in High School Biology about how procreation works in some birds and reptiles.  I had never thought of that before

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Twenty-Nine: Familial Bonds

Okay, now I wasn’t planning this, TBH, but after reviewing the power system and what I have in-place for ATM’s universe, mixed with Sora’s unique case … I realized what had inadvertently happened and that Inari would be smart and perceptive enough to catch onto it.  Facepalm Author Sora and Emilia followed Eyia into the kitchen;

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Twenty-Eight: Birth of Emilia

Sora fidgeted with her shirt front.  “So, can I—umm, release the Outer Body Technique?” “In a moment,” Inari said, tails fanning out behind her.  “Be aware that Emilia does not know how to functionally use her abilities; just like I taught you, she will need to be educated.” “Huh,” Sora’s mouth dropped open as she

What Side Didn’t Know – Art!

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!  I am in your care! This week, we have some images (it’s been almost 9 months since I commissioned them!) These are scenes from Vol. 1. The artist does not want to continue (at this time, well, to be fair, it was more of a “I’m just not sure”);

OreMegane – Chapter 34

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 34. Megane-kun, Made his Decision When I honestly asked him 「What kind of assassin with a wider scope of work do you mean?」, Wise smiled to put on airs. 「I meant it the way it is. Their scope of work is wide.」  As I said, that’s what I don’t understand…

OreMegane – Chapter 33

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 33. Megane-kun, Unwittingly gets Interested 「Well, hold your horses.」  I thought I could nonchalantly leave this mansion just like that, but I got stopped just as expected. I wanted to put it off my mind, but I couldn’t help but notice that the gramps and the auntie have been on