A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 4. To Become A Family

POV:  1.Emilia (Sora’s Daughter That Just Wants To Be A Daughter!) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: AJ, Zel, Akasha Kruznik, Max Mustermann, x51t2, John Driscoll, Anskelis, Brian Barrett, Joss Sim, Dylan K, WeirdWhirl, Don’t Like To Talk, and my other Patrons! A long breath streamed out of Emilia’s lips,

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 215 – A Path with No Future

We began our march forward the next day. Now deep into Purnesia’s territory, we gradually saw the landscape morph from a vibrant environment to a sickly, barren wasteland. With each stretch of land forward, I could sense the ambient mana grow thinner and thinner. Even that which was inside my body felt like it was

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 3. To Become A Family

POV:  1.Seiōbo (Our Girl’s 4-tailed Aunt With A Troubling Past!) 2.  Sora (Our Null-Void Fox Girl!) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Bret Cole, AmberStar, AI Simpson, Flaranor, Thriarsis, Alex Griffin, Emjayw, Kriden, Dantalia, Thomas Borrmann, and my other Patrons! Seiōbo pulled away from Sora’s inescapable gravity that locked Nari

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 214 – A Love Dyed in Purple

The sensation of Eryn in plain clothing against me was very alluring. Though I had hugged her several times, it was almost always with her armor equipped. Not the most comfortable feeling. The only other time I could recall was when we reunited in the Duke’s mansion, but our situation was too dire for me

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 2. Past Mistakes, An Ominous Future

POV:  1.Sora (Our Null-Void Fox Founder!) 2. Seiōbo (Our Black-Furred Aunt With An Attitude) I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Aron34, Michael Estepp, Selvaria, Belduim, Xophque, Paradim, N, Sicarian, Fotia, Jared Larkin, Gines Espinosa, and my other Patrons! The unusual delight of her aunt made Sora hesitate as Mofupsi and

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 213 – Taking the Initiative

After we reclaimed the town of Minsk, the efforts to drive the Purnesian Army back north seemed to go smoothly. Every time they stopped to reform a defensive line, we advanced forward and struck with the ATMOS portals. While our magicians tracked and shot down the inferior portals from the other side, I made preparations

A Tail’s Misfortune — B5 — 1. Can Family Be Trusted?

We’re finally on Volume 5 as we get to learn about Sora’s aunts, Jin, and the Dragon Founders! POV:  1.Sora Moore (Our Null-Void, Founder Mother!) Recap:  We learned the path Diane has traveled with Devin after Volume 2!  The Witch has seen and been through quite a bit, gaining a lot of perspective, and now

My attack stat… – V7 Chap 212 – Of the ATMOS Importance

After grabbing Eryn, we dashed back to one of the earth domes that dotted the landscape, an impromptu headquarters where Cornelius and the rest of the squad leaders had gathered. Everyone looked worn out after six continuous days of being on edge. There was no true rest with the enemy hunkered down right in front