What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 16: Drama Queens

“Ha ha, Mother,”  Melsy laughs nervously,  “good joke.” There is an uneasy silence as we watch Melsy’s, no, our mother stuff her face.  I look over at Sunshine, thinking maybe she feels forgotten, but she is also watching Melsy’s mother.  A look of awe and concern is plastered on her feathered face. Me too, Sunshine,

Shinka no Mi – Chapter 106

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Shinka no Mi – Chapter 104

This Chapter is a character summary chapter and therefore we have decided not to translate it, if you want to see this translated please leave a comment below.

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Forty-Nine: Shattered Image

Change In POV:  Emilia (Sora’s Daughter; Former Guardian of the Red Gate; Intelligence Scrubbed) Your first look into the mind of Sora’s daughter (even though she’s over seven hundred years old spiritually … she’s now got the mind of a teenager and even less experiences). Emilia sighed as she leaned back against the couch, pulling her

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Forty-Eight: The Worm

Change In POV:  Sora Sora strolled with the children running around, laughing as they explored the edges of the road.  Brandon had been hesitant, but Ashley assured him that there weren’t any predators; so, they’d let the kids down to lead the way at their own pace. Gurakuqi wore an amused smile as she watched

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 7 – A New Tool for Claude

After the discovery that I could, in fact, slay monsters, Eryn and I were eager to continue taking more requests in order to further our understanding of each other’s capabilities. They were all requests that took us not far from the capital and composed of simple monster subjugation, in which we would bring back parts