OreMegane – Chapter 35

Mabbo, Eme,


35. Megane-kun, Sways In the Carriage

The horse carriage is swaying.

Enveloped in heavy silence, the carriage continues to rock. 

To be very honest, it’s uncomfortable. Since we are going to spend seven to ten days sharing the same carriage, it would be normal to consider opening up a little to each other. I’m pretty sure the people behind this trip also don’t want the atmosphere between us to be like this.

I lay my eyes upon the man gazing outside, looking as bored as he is.

His name is Chace. A man with ruffled up short indigo blue hair and bad-looking eyes. While his figure was overall thin and not really that big, he’s still bigger than me. Or, rather, I probably am just too short. That being said, no matter how you put it, from whichever angle there be, isn’t he just some small-time bully from the back alleys?

「Aah? The fuck you’re looking at?」 

See, bully. Just some bully who can’t say anything without including hostility in his speech. I can tell he’s just a bully with a single glance.

「Umm… your hairline on the forehead?」 

「Where are you looking at!?」 

As I said, the hairline. On your forehead. Rest assured, it’s still doing fine.

Since any further meddling with him will be troublesome, I shifted my eyes towards the figure next to him.

The one there is, of course, another bored-looking person. A taboo child* just sitting there.

Yes, a taboo child. First time seeing one. Ashen hair and velvet pupils, children born of one in thousands of cases, those called as the incarnation of the devil—the people known as taboo children. It’s common knowledge that even I, a bumpkin, would also know.

Her name is Florentine. A small girl, just barely reaching the age of 14. However, her eyes are even sharper than the bully next to her, and those blood-like velvet pupils  glistering in the light. She must be a juvenile, no mistaking it. Hanging around in the back alleys, just like the bully next to her. Yeah, no mistake in it.

「…Ah? What’s so interestin?」 

In addition, her dialect is terrifying. Perhaps, due to it, her words packed authority inappropriate for her age. I couldn’t be  any more mistaken, she must be a juvenile who controls other juveniles under her thumb. That, or she could be the daughter of some underground company’s bossman. That must be it. How terrifying.

「Umm… do you prefer your meat raw or cooked?」 

「Hah? …Normally, you don’t eat it raw, no?」 

「So, you’re the type who doesn’t eat, instead?」

「I find it hard to understand you.」 

I see. So even a big boss’ princess doesn’t eat her meat raw. This is news to me.

「Heeh. Isn’t eating raw meat pretty much nothing to taboo kids like you? Tell me the truth, that you actually eat ‘em raw, cats and dogs alike. I betcha must be a murderer or a big sinner in your previous life, amirite?」 

「Shut your trap, lad. I hold no interest in talking to you.」 

「I’m the older one here, you shitty brat.」 

「True, though your mental age is of an infant. What a childish lad.」 

The bully and the daughter of a bossman are glaring at each other. …Un, I expected so. This bad atmosphere, this uncomfortableness, all of them are due to you two. Without a doubt.

The blonde with glasses who sits next to me is the one who gets affected by this atmosphere the most, as by now color has escaped her face. …Or, she could simply be suffering from motion sickness.

The girl next to me is Cherry Leavant. It’s the assassin-wanna-be girl I met in that Mansion of Assassins.

Her long blonde hair is beautiful and her sky-blue eyes are crystal-clear. Unlike the bully, the boss’ daughter, and me, she’s not wearing tattered rags we call clothes on her, but instead a prim and tailored one piece. She is a proper aristocrat’s daughter, no matter from which angle you see. But, well, it can’t be any more obvious that it’s her who looks out-of-place.

「…Umm, Megane-kun, do you have some disposable bags with you…?」 

So she whispers to me whilst holding her mouth back. Yeah, it could be just motion sickness.

Chace the small-time bully. Florentine the Underground Boss’ Daughter. Cherry the Assassin-wanna-be girl. And me.

These four people would be the students enrolling the Assassination Training School this year.

Tentatively speaking, I guess Chace is the oldest of this batch? He’s 16 year old, Cherry and I are 15 year old, and Florentine is 14 year old as the youngest.



A little time has passed since when I decided to enroll and passed the introductory letter into the Hunter’s Guild cum Assassin’s Guild.

—By the way, apparently Assassin’s Guild is the second business that the Hunter’s Guild runs. Something like one being the front face and the other being the back face. 

Either way, since I still had to wait for other enrollees to gather from various places, I used the time to write a letter to my parents and Sishou back in the village, I also visited the Black Swan team for the third time to give my greetings.

The motive behind them was to tell them that I would be leaving the capital for a while to do some sightseeing outside.

Since one year from now , I will be fully committing to the Assassination Training School, after all. 

So that my relatives wouldn’t get worried over me, I had to make it clear that I couldn’t go home for a while.


And then, by the time I delivered the ordered 「Megane」 to the castle, I was informed that the other enrollees had assembled.

It was yesterday when we met face-to-face and decided to depart for the school.

And the result of all that, is this mess.

Being crammed into a small carriage, having to bear the bad atmosphere inside the carriage all day.  From what I learned from the old coachman who’d been staying quiet this time, it seems like we’ll reach the Assassination Training School in seven to ten days time. By the way, apparently the coachman is also a person affiliated with the Assassination world.

It’s already this bad in just a day, and we aren’t even halfway there, what a nightmare. At my roots, I don’t really care about other people, but still, this heavy atmosphere is really hard to bear. Now, what should I do? If we don’t break the ice for just a little bit, the coldness of it will surely sting. The multiple day journey will definitely become hellish.



For now, let’s hand over my unused leather bag and hit the sack. I could use some sleep before I start using my head.

「……I’ll wash it before I return it, okay……」 

Ah, please, don’t bother to return it. You can use it as much as you want.


The worst journey by carriage in my life has only just began

Mabbo here.

2 years! 2 years since the last update, and I’ll be surprised if there’s anyone who still waits for this series. My life has been hectic ever since then, but honestly, who doesn’t?

I was actually taking a year-long break from college last year, and I believe I made the right call. With what hit us, we needed time to familiarize with our new everyday, and things have cooled down after a year… I think. So anyway, I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and I’m earning my own penny while also swamped with college classes and assignments at the same time. I don’t even know when was the last time I felt bored! (this is a distress call someone please save me)

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