OreMegane – Chapter 32

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32. Megane-kun, Invited

I wonder, is it the inner parlour where I’m being led to?

There’s a coffee table in the heart of this spacious room, paired with it are a couple of leather sofas. 

The carpet is luxurious, they even have a fireplace even small and detailed decorations are seen every here and there, but… why does it feel off? Something feels empty.

Just how should I put it into words?

It’s like, they’re borrowed goods, or like, new furniture.

…Right, it doesn’t feel like they have the trace of being used. Maybe this room doesn’t get that many guests. 

Well, that’s all that I have in mind. Maybe the cleaning is just too thorough.

「Please wait here. I’m going to call Master.」 

I seated myself in the chair as to what the gramps told me.

And then, when the gramps exited the room—my spine froze over.


The blonde girl who sits beside me shows her fright as clear as day. That would be so. Naturally, that would be the obvious outcome. I too almost showed it.

「—Dear me, what a cute visitor.」 

Since when you were there?

An auntie dressed in a maid uniform appeared from the space behind us, with her are cups of black tea and a plate of cookies which she sets on the coffee table. —This auntie is just as dangerous. Despite the smile plastered on her face, she doesn’t look like smiling at all. Too dangerous.

That gramps for one, this auntie for another, just what the hell is all this?

「…What is it?」 

I asked the auntie with a creepy smile who keeps looking at me.


However, auntie’s answer was too dull for me to comprehend fully. 

If she’s got nothing against me, can I ask her to stop staring? It’s quite eerie. I can feel the same sense of danger just like the one I felt from the gramps from her.

Just what the hell is this mansion? It’s filled with monsters. Is there any normal person here? …Right, there is one, and she’s beside me. How sad, she’s got all trembling. That would be so. Normally, anyone would shiver. This place isn’t normal, right? Look, even the very daughter of this house became like this. So this is how an aristocrat does things.

My head is filled with question after question, but first, let’s cool it down.

I take the teacup then put it on my lips—before I put it down without a sip.

…There was a tinge of a familiar fragrance.

Sorry, why is there a paralyzing poison in this tea? Since I think it’s the kind I am familiar with, it shouldn’t be lethal. However, as it would still affect my movement overall, I didn’t drink it. Or, rather, I won’t drink it even without such reason. 


The auntie retreated. She went towards my back, where I can’t see her. Her dangerous presence vanished at the same time.

When I slowly looked back, she’s already gone.


I think she went into the door over there, but there wasn’t even a sound of it being opened, nor any change in the flow of the air. Really, what the hell?

「Sc, scary…」 

The girl next to me, with her still-shivering hands, took the cup then brought it to her mouth …She went and drank it.

「How does it taste?」 

「Hm? It’s tasty just like usual… Eh? Somehow, it makes me feel ticklish.」 

I knew it, paralyzing poison. Eh, isn’t this girl the manor’s precious daughter? The daughter of the aristocrat who owns this manor? Why did she get poisoned so casually?

…Well, it’s not the lethal variation of it, so it should be fine. In the first place, I have no intention to comment on how a household educates their members. An aristocrat’s household, to boost. Maybe it’s a custom in the world of aristocrats. Aristocrats are scary.

「Ah, this one is also tickly…」 

Even the cake for the tea is poisoned …There is a case where a daughter of an aristocrat casually gets poisoned in her own house here.

Just what the hell is this Mansion.



Not long after that, the person we waited for finally appeared.

「My apologies. I made you wait.」 

The person who talked while entering the room was… an elderly gentleman I’ve seen before somewhere. His hair and beard are dyed with white hair, complementing them is a leather vest gracefully resting upon his body. He feels familiar.

The elderly gentleman looks over me and the girl, takes his seat—then speaks so.

「My name is Wise Leavant. I am the head of Leavant household. Nice to meet you.」 


Well, I have expected it. This person is dangerous. So, aristocrat houses are filled with such scary people…Can I return home with my body intact, I wonder?

「First of all, you. Eil-kun.」 

Yes, what is it?

「I’m sorry we have placed various tests on you. Leavant household is quite unique, you see.」 

…Sigh. So, you meant those “receptions” from before, right? 

「In the end, what is the purpose of all that?」 

I’m fine with being tested and all, but the reason behind it really bothered my mind inside out. I haven’t a clue why I am being tested for.

「In all honesty, we wanted to know what kind of person you are.」 

How do I put it… it means just as is, huh.

At the end of the day, being tested means placing problems on someone to observe how they respond accordingly. It was such a definite answer to my question that I already figured it out long ago, however.

Well, if that was the reason, then I couldn’t help but accept it. Even if I investigate whether there was any ulterior motive behind it, the answer wouldn’t change.

「And then, what do you learn out of it?」 

「I learned how talented you are. That was such a fantastic expression control. Even when you were under such a big threat, not a single line on your face changed. On top of that, your judgemental ability also exceeded my expectation. To consider entering the territory knowing that you would face certain death if you step inside the mansion leading to your hesitation as you went through your possible choices. And aren’t you well versed in poisons too? That was outstanding for someone your age… 

..I already desire you by now.」




「I’m sorry. As expected, it would be hard for me to develop feelings toward a grandpa.」 

「Aah, I also am not planning to have any such feelings towards you. Please be at ease, I meant no such thing.」 

Oh, is that so …Ever since coming to this mansion, that one was the scariest by far. My spine froze over. I hesitated when I was about to reply to him, too. Aristocrats sure are scary.


The Elderly gentleman… Wise shifted his gaze to the girl next to me.

「Ah, yes. Wise-sama.」 

「Call me grandfather.」 

「…Yes, grandfather.」 

Nn? These two aren’t father and child? …Better not involved with the twist and turn of an aristocrat’s family matters. Let’s stop minding it.

「Very well. —This will be my last confirmation. Does your intention really have not changed?」 

Facing against his straight gaze, the girl beside me returned his looks then answered.

「Yes. I, this Cherry, shall be an assassin under grandfather’s guidance.」 

Eh, wait a second there.

Wasn’t there a remark I can’t brush aside just now? Wasn’t it?

「Splendid. I shall approve of you.」 

No, not splendid. Not approve. Did miss daughter just say she’ll become an assassin? …Eh, she said assassin right? Did I mishear it? Or is there a country with the name like Ashasin and she was mentioning it? Please be so. I want it to be so.


Uwah, he looked back to me. Or rather, I’m still shocked when I heard the word Assassin. Though I’m sure it doesn’t show on my face, my heart is still a mess.

If I read between the lines, everything started to make sense.

Like that gramps or that auntie or this Wise person, if you said that they work as an assassin in the underground society, then I by instinct can no longer think of it as mere joke or lies.

「Thank you for saving my granddaughter. As a token of gratitude, I want to invite you」 

No, I’m fine even if you didn’t invite me.

「—to the Assassination Training School.」 

See. Even though it’d be better if you didn’t invite me. Even though I’d be happier if you didn’t invite me. Just what is this person saying, really?


「Ah, I’ll have to refuse. Well then, excuse me.」 

There’s no more room to consider, you know. Why would someone who saves lives enter the world of murder?

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