OreMegane – Chapter 30

Mabbo, Fairy, Yakult, Schwarz


30. Megane-kun, Heading to Leavant Household

Hurrying up my conversation with the adventurers, I stood from my seat. 

「I’m sorry, I have another business after this.」 

I said so because the talk was slowly heading towards 「let’s have lunch together」 direction. Also, another reason is that it’s extremely displeasing to be the center of attention of this many people. Although I know I have to put my mind into it because I’m the guest here, that’s a different thing altogether. 

Well, in that regard, even though I am trying to bear all these displeasure, 

「I did have some leisure for this morning, but an urgent appointment slipped into my schedule.」 

I really have a business to attend to, so I can’t do anything about it.

I didn’t see her when I came here, and when I did have doubts, I did not see her inside the 「Black Swan」’s base either.

That’s why, for sure, Lorobel is just waiting for me somewhere in the vicinity.

Although the appointment time isn’t designated, she did say it’s an Aristocrat’s summon. A party that shouldn’t be kept waiting. Even a bumpkin know that much. By no means they’re someone you can just retaliate with 「You got business with me, you come to me」. Even if it’s just in my mind, let’s stop that thought.

Taking that into account, it would be better if I answer the call before noon.

「Understood. Everyone here has memorized your face and name. Come again anytime.」 

Receiving Rickstein’s, the leader’s dignified words, I stepped out from the 「Black Swan」’s base.

By the way, my sister, and Ainliese who chased after her, didn’t return until the end of my visit. Well, it’s not like I have anything to say to her, so no problem there. 

No, they said Ainliese, in particular, has a good relationship with my sister, didn’t they?

I guess it’s better to convey apologies and gratitude to the members as well, especially to Ainliese who seems like has been troubled by her the most.

But, well, can’t be helped if we don’t cross our ways later.

After getting out from the warehouse then looking around… I can see a familiar blonde kappa dazing off, leaning against the wall on the other side of the street right in front of me.

As I expected, Lorobel is just waiting for me.

「—Why, that was settled pretty quick.」 

She noticed me then comes over. It wasn’t settled fast, I ended it early. Although, it’s meaningless to say it to a mere messenger, so I said nothing. If I wanted to say it, I’d say it to the person behind her. But, that person is supposedly an aristocrat, so I won’t say it either.

「I believe it’s better to end doing something you don’t like early on.」 

「Un. You shouldn’t say things like that to people other than me, it’ll raise troubles.」 

That’s an adult’s consideration right there. But I was being true to my feelings, though.

If I know it’ll become this troublesome, I shouldn’t have helped them……. I shouldn’t think that way, huh. Of course.

Even if the possibilities were low, it was a situation where people’s lives were on the line.

Also, it’s not like I don’t know why I was being summoned.

It’s too farfetched to say I was 「Passing by」 and met them at that time, at that place. All the more if they investigated my course of actions. It’s too unnatural.

There is no way I can explain it straight like 「Our Megane synchronized and thus alarmed me about the danger」, is there. 

If they knew about it, and this is undeniable, trouble will come to me.

—In addition, I haven’t tested anything since it just happened yesterday. 

Perhaps, if I want to, I can connect with other 「Megane」 in various places and see through their lenses, that’s how I feel.

In fact, I think the phenomenon from yesterday night is similar to the one I have in mind.

If I process it with a cool head, then that means if I, from now on, distribute 27 「Megane」 I would be able to synchronize with the people within the highest echelons of this nation. Rather, some have already been distributed. 

Most likely, the people who wear the 「Megane」 I submit are bigwigs who work in the castle.  

Which means I can 「see」 things these bigwigs are seeing through the 「Megane」. 

…Even for someone like me who doesn’t work for the government, or even knowledgeable about their circumstances, I am fully aware just how grave this matter is.

Highly classified information a country is holding isn’t something that can be accessed easily.

It makes it like I can feast my eyes with these secrets as much as I want.


It will be terrifying if this matter came out to light.

I have to make sure not a single soul know about this.

I want to draw back to the village ASAP, if possible at all.

Since there are people who possess 「Gift to See Through Gifts」, it’s better to get away from the great city before that kind of people learns about this.

So I thought while I was being guided.

Let’s see it from the outcome alone.

I, due to some circumstances, won’t be able to return to Albat village.

And quite the unforeseen circumstance at that.

Along the way, I was taught about the Leavant Household.

I have no idea about aristocrat stuff, but it seems like the one behind my summon is an Earl who lives inside the capital and of high position.

I was also told about how it’s a household with quite the history behind it and stands in the middle spectrum in the high society.

Though I still am in the complete dark even after she explains all that.


While I am ignorant about nobles and authorities and whatever it is, I know enough about how loaded the aristocrats are when I stepped into their district and see their houses… no, Manors lined up. 

The bigger the Manor is means the bigger the authority the owner has, and the older the Manor is the deeper their history goes and the higher the maintenance cost, I think. Well, that’s the extent I can estimate.

The number of people on the street dropped sharply as a conspicuous horse carriage is downing the road with leisure.

Unlike the shabby carriage that brought me from the village, it’s a luxurious horse carriage with gleaming black paint and even decorated with curtains. The people who ride it are also dressed elegantly.

Among these Manors where such aristocrats reside in, the one Lorobel guides me to is a somewhat antiquated Manor.

I judge its front yard is taking up quite a lot of space judging from the position of the main building, but since the walls are covered with ivy and bushes, I can’t peek inside.

There is a huge wooden gate, enough to allow horse carriage to bypass it, and that’s where Lorobel stopped her track. There are Mansions with gatekeepers in the area, but apparently, this one doesn’t have any.

「Lord Leavant is a man of gentle personage. He will tolerate it even if your manner is a little bit ugly. Rest assured.」 

Ah, is that so.

「But I completely have no clue about manners. You think I can go home before I provoke someone?」 

「I don’t know about that… But, well, I think they won’t do anything bad to you. Considering the reason behind your summon.」 

Let’s hope that to be the case.

It’s too ironic if I met an unfortunate fate just because I saved someone’s life.

In the first place, I don’t need any gratitude or compensation precisely because I would have them to leave me alone. I hoped them to forget about me from last night. I wish they would just think of it as being lucky that someone just happened to help them.

「Will you stand for me when the push comes to shove?」 

「I really wish I could do that, but I’m afraid I won’t be here by the time you meet with lord Leavant. Even if I wanted to help you, can’t do anything if I can’t reach you out.」 


Eh? Don’t tell me, am I in a pretty dangerous spot?

I, who unmistakably will lie when it’s about the 「Megane」, am in danger, aren’t I?

「…Lorobel-san, do you know Lese Majeste? 」 

「It’s that, right? Man of power giving punishment toward insolent fools?」 

If she knows about it, then does that mean those bullshit Shishou was spewing was true?

「You know what Lese Majeste is? With that, big shots can loop our head off to their whim, you know? Flatter those with authority as much as you can. Oh, but, don’t go overboard. Suggestive flatteries usually hurt for those who have high pride. You have to flatter them casually, you got that? By the way, your Shishou’s mood will also be elevated if you flatter me casually. Wanna try it?」 Such words of his suddenly have a trace of truth within by now. And thus, I didn’t flatter him back then. I ignored him. He made a sad face.

Putting aside Shishou’s inconsequential bullshit, apparently. Lese Majeste actually exists.

「Do you think lying counts as being disrespectful?」 

「Hahaha. —It’s me, Lorobel Lauran! I brought him!」 

「Oi. Why did you laugh? Where’s my answer?」 

Lorobel disregards the misgivings that slipped out of my mouth then opened the gate. 


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