OreMegane – Chapter 28

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28. Megane-kun, with Blonde Mushroom Clinging to Him

「I bet you wouldn’t like to hear a lengthy speech. Let me explain it in brief.

「Last night, The Carriage accident happened because the horses ran amok as a result of being chased down by wolves. Due to that, the wheel slipped off and we fell out of the road. Thanks to it, the coachman and the passenger were injured. I, as an escort, was sitting beside the coachman. The moment I jumped off from the coach to ward off the wolves, the accident happened. There was nothing I could do.

「You know the rest…」

Lorobel who forced her way in attentively talks about something I’m not interested in. And that’s the shortened version? Please spare me the whole story, I beg you.

「I bet you have lots in your mind, but you can’t get much from me. Sorry about that.」

Ah, not at all. Rather, it quite fits to what I hoped, it went just how I wanted it to.

「I understand your circumstance. The exit is over there.」  

「Continuing. Just as I told you before, the passenger… the girl is the daughter of an aristocrat. She’s the daughter from the Leavant household and she wants to convey her gratitude to you. 」

「I understand your circumstance. The exit is over there.」

「Then, let’s depart together.」

「Ah, why are you grabbing my arm? Should I shout here? I’ll call men over, you know?」

「Me attacking cute boys, huh? Never experienced it before, but… it doesn’t sound that bad.」


「I might enjoy it instead.」


「Want me to try?」


TLC: Megane kun speak in a very polite manner unlike Lorobel.

Lorobel is seriously strong, I knew it. I’ll be the one who’s in trouble if she says it doesn’t sound that bad. I will be troubled if she were to assault me …So this is a strength of a woman with weird hairstyle from the great city. How terrifying.


With that, I removed her hand that’s been grabbing mine.

「I really have a business after this. I think it’ll hold me throughout the morning.」

Although she said she doesn’t know if it’s a lie or not, it’s the truth that I need to take a bath, change my clothes, then head out. Last night, I slept like a log once I reached the lodging. Sleeping outside to hunt really wear me out.

Also, there are other things I have to take into account. I have to go and pay my respects to the 「Black Swan of the Dawn」 for one, solving how 「a connection is made between two megane wearers」 for another. Especially for the latter, I need more investigation and experiments to understand. It’s a troubling story.

「I see. Well, frankly speaking, they have many things to ask you. Things like why you were passing by there at that time, or things like your particular skill as a hunter. Though, in the end, there’s no mistaking that we got saved by you, there are still many parts they can’t just brush off.」


「Why, for example, did you, who should be hunting in the southern forest, pass by the eastern highway? There are many chances for us to meet either at a specific place or a specific time, but for us to meet in that particular place and time is inevitably suspicious. They’ve got many things to ask, including those that I’ve told…That’s what the Leavant house is thinking.」


「Is it okay to tell me that at this point of time? Suppose it wasn’t a coincidence and I was there for some purposes, wouldn’t telling me that will give me enough time to make a lie?」

「It’s okay. Though it’s just a baseless assumption, I for one don’t suspect you.  —If anything, there’s one thing I want you to know; In this world, there are people who hold 『Gifts to see through lies』. If you want to make something up, make a reason that doesn’t rely on lies.」


「Bringing up such a 『Gift』 at this time will instead change the main topic to it, don’t you think?」

At a glance, it sounds like a kind remark, but in reality, it’s not from kindness nor she is telling a joke. I can feel that she said that with meticulous calculation beforehand. I mean, if you gulp Lorobel’s words just as is, then it means I’ll be suspected 「if I tell a lie」, and I’ll be suspected as well if I tried to divert them from that lie.

Either way, 「anything that involves a lie」 will be out in the light. As a result, her words could pretty well be interpreted as 「if you said anything that isn’t the truth, your everything will be suspected. What will you do?」

If you think of it that way, Lorobel explicitly told me something along the lines of 「things will be settled quickly if you didn’t lie or deceit in the first place.」Something like;「don’t turn it into a useless interview.」   

「I’ll leave that to your imagination.」

Which means, she doesn’t deny it.

…It seems like it’ll be more troubling than I initially thought.

「By the way, what’s your plan for the morning?」

Presumably speaking, it’s *that*.

「You plan to cling to me?」

「Don’t flee on me, okay. It’ll take great effort for me to go after you.」


It becomes clear that it involves aristocrats. Fleeing is a no no. I can’t not go.

「I’m heading to the 『Black Swan of Dawn』’s base after this.」

「Aah, come to think of it, you were looking for 『Horun the Saintess of Demon Exorcism』, weren’t you? Wasn’t the talk at that time was about how you’re from the same village as her? 」

I knew it, her being called as a 「saintess」 really doesn’t sit well with me. Though the nuance is different, the 「demon」 part really suited her well instead.

「I made an appointment to visit them this morning, after all. In preparation for that, I went hunting the day before yesterday and caught a rabbit last night… Then I met you, Lorobel-san, when I was in my way home.」

「I know that. Though it’s simple, I did my research on your activities.」

I see, you investigated me. That really slaps the aristocrat’s involvement to my face.

Well, it’s not like I made a lengthy effort to hide my traces, so it’s quite simple if someone wants to know my tracks. I show up in the Hunter’s Guild every now and then, people know where my lodging is, I surprisingly have to stay in the capital for a long period of time, and I also found a diner I often to go to. Although I don’t want to increase its number, I had made some acquaintances here. Lorobel is more or less one of them.

By the way, for the Splinter Fang Hare, since I obviously can’t bring the whole thing to my room, I entrust it to the lodging and it is in the preserving warehouse for now. Using that service requires additional cost.In the big city, everything requires money.

「Well then, I’ll wait at the 「Black Swan」’s base. You have to prepare things first, right? We will go our separate ways for a while.」

「You can’t blame me if we’re separated for good and never crossed ways again.」

「Hahaha. If that happens, I’ll fetch you in your village.」

She’ll chase me down even to my own hometown, I’ve been thoroughly warned…

Mabbo here.

I think I just missed the 27th night…

Now that I’m having too much free time, I thought I finally have time for myself. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Event Farming, handling 4 translation projects, practice for Sakubun competition, and taking care of my 2 y.o curious nephew while at it. I hated going to college every morning, but now I want to go so bad.

On a side note, having a TLC to correct your translation is a must. Can’t tell how many times I got confused by the marvelous Japanese grammar. Glad to have Fae back to business.

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