OreMegane – Chapter 27

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27. Megane Kun, taking his leave after fulfilling his role as a passerby

After swapping roles with Lorobel, I left the accident site and head towards the forest.

The number of the wolves is, six at most? It’s a number that will be difficult to face against if you’re just using your sword.

Wolves are clever. In addition, they utilize their number to hunt their prey. For example, if they can’t win individually, they’ll use quantity to turn the tide. These wolves must have noticed Lorobel’s strength, thus they won’t challenge her upfront.

They’re keeping their distance where they can’t be ignored but also can’t be earnestly dealt with, waiting until Lorobel is exhausted and holding onto their chance to win. A hunting method befitting wolves. As Lorobel is equipped with a sword, the wolves won’t enter her attack range. That’s the reason it’s hard for her to bring them down. To top it up, the forest isn’t the best place for her fighting style.

For example, if she closed the distance with a sharp rush or something else, she might able to momentarily overturn the wolves’ keen mind. However, with the trees being the obstacle, her chance to attack is simply diminished. Had she recklessly launch an attack, she could as well hit a tree and get mauled by the wolves in that short opening.

In addition, Lorobel herself had to repel the wolves from the accident site. Why, there are two people who can’t move after all. She judged that rather than fight while protecting them, it’d be better if she first drives the wolves away then bring the two into a secure place.

—In a nutshell, her weapon isn’t suited for this.

If it’s a bow and arrows, you’ll have more room than to just aim at them.

「…That’s it? 」

After three heads are down, the wolves judged that they no longer have a winning chance before they went far off.  Back in the village, as to prevent any potential victim from domestic animal and villagers alike, I used to chase them down. For now, this should suffice.

I swiftly recover the dead wolves then line them up on the highway. Wolves meat are edible and their furs will sell, so this also poses as a handsome loot. However, that doesn’t mean I give up on the Splinter Fang Hare. It’s pretty bad to compare one life to another, but the hare is more valuable than the wolves, and its meat is tastier. And, above all, it’s a gift. A stubborn dream will yield its result.

「Lorobel-san, how’s your part?」

Saying thus, I cast my gaze upon the carriage accident site.

「They both only suffer light wounds. They’re still unconscious, though.」

Lorobel who lined the collapsed two and examined their injury replies to me with a slightly brighter tone than before. Well, I’ve checked that their lives aren’t on the line. I see, just minor injuries. Good for them.

「You’re done with your part? That’s fast.」

「Un. Can I go now?」

「Lend me your help for a little more. I want to bring them up.」

Well, if it’s just that much.

「The carriage’s horses are gone. They perhaps have gone back to the city. Someone would drop by if they sensed something is off.」

Oh, so, help is coming. I didn’t need to be involved in the first place, then.

One by one… we carry the primly dressed Ossan and the girl with well-tailored garments and lay them down on the road.


「Though it has a different connotation, you better don’t look at a girl’s sleeping face that much.」


「This 『Megane』 is the one I gave to you, isn’t it?」

「…That’s right. By the way, about the sleeping face… forget it.」


「I’m sorry, I didn’t hear it. What about the sleeping face? Were you saying?」

「I said nothing. …Nothing!」

Ah, is that so? It doesn’t matter then.

「Well then, I’ll take my leave.」

「You’re returning already? Since you’re here, come accompany me until the end. I still haven’t explained the situation, and we don’t know what might happen next. It’ll be reassuring to have another person to watch my back.」

I know how she feels but now’s my chance to go. If I stay with her any longer, I’d be treated as an involved party. I’m not a fan of troubles and predicaments. I don’t like being stand out as well. And, above all that, I still haven’t given up on the Splinter Fang Hare. I haven’t discarded this dream of mine.

In addition.

「It’s okay. There are people heading here.」

Three little flames can be seen at the end of the highway where the city is located. Must be torches of some people on their horses. Soldiers, maybe?

「Seems like your ride has arrived.」

That’s why, my role is over now. My duty as a passerby has been carried plentily.

「You can have the wolves. Till next time.」

「Oi, wait! I haven’t repaid you!」

I let Lorobel’s voice fell on a deaf ear while I enter the forest, slipping into the darkness.

Yosh, let’s pick up the rabbit ASAP.


When I reached the southern highway after I rushed, I have the hare still in its place. Ooh, yatta. I somehow am happier than when I hunted it. The time taken for moving and involved in Lorobel’s case wasn’t that long in total. After I refix the prey’s position on my shoulder, I run towards the city.

And then, the day after.

「I’ve come, young man.」

Lorobel intrudes into my room so early in the morning. I had guessed she would come, but… she actually did.

「Ah, I have to take a bath, change my clothes, then go out after this. I’m sorry, but I can’t accompany you today. Excuse me~」

「Just meeting someone and have a meal with them won’t take you long. Choose, do you want to lie or tell me the truth.」

Well, I did predict you’ll come over. That was a line I have prepared beforehand through and through.

Lorobel gives me her smile.

「I’ll wait. Forever. In this place.」

…Strong, that Lorobel. Not only physically strong, but she’s also strong in negotiations. She’s stubborn and bold.

「Well, jokes aside, it’s not some kids’ errand. It’s a summon from the Leavant household.」

「Ah, I’ll set time aside for that. Do excuse me~」

「Hold it.」

Tch… she even inserted her feet to prevent me from closing the door.

「I said it, didn’t I? It’s not some kids’ errand. I won’t let you off that easily.」


…I don’t like troubles though.

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