OreMegane – Chapter 25

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13, Yakult


25. Megane-kun, bewildered by the glowing Megane.

—Found it.

Half a day since I delved into the woods and I finally discovered the hare’s nest. I did my prep then headed towards the woods. I spent a night outside and made my move at dawn, treading into the untrodden regions of the forest. I ignored every animal and insect I could harvest and continue on my quest for the Splinter Fang Hare.

Although they appeared to dwell around this vicinity; as I could find their gnaws on the grasses and their still-warm excrements, it was hard to chase after their footprints. They cover their latest tracks with even newer traces, obviously bedeviled any possible pursuer. However, I managed to find a cave—a nest on the feet of a small cliff.

After I made sure that there is nobody inside, I invaded the cave to look around.

From the littered blades of grass, the color of the shed fur, and many other aspects, I could tell that this is a splinter fang hare’s nest that is still being used up until a little while ago. The hares are a rare example of herbivore magical beast, so there’s no fleshy or boney leftover here. That established one thing.

Once I’ve learned thus far, it means the same as if I’m grabbing its tail.

After I rip and scatter about the deodorizing leaf as to expunge my presence from the nest, I climb a tree and station myself on its branch.

Splinter Fang Hares are diurnal creatures. They’ll return to their nest once the sun sets.

I waited for a little while. As the sun goes down and the trees cast their shadows, the forest is now enveloped by darkness, and the hare is coming home.

It has white fur and ashen speckles. Its long ears possess sharp hearing. And on its mouth, there are a pair of unbefitting fangs that resembled canine teeth. Yeah, that’s a splendid rabbit.

These hares are big for a rabbit, but they’re smaller than a bear. Approximately, about as big as a wolf. However, they’re more sly than a wolf could be. On top of that, they’re quite the battle crazed that they tend to attack animals, magical beasts, even humans. And yet, when they judged they couldn’t win, they’ll flee as fast as a rabbit could. So, if one is to kill it, one has to kill in one attack, not giving any chance to escape.

Ideally, that’s how it should be…

—Well, I should be able to do it like a walk in the park, though.

I’m a hunter, why would I face my prey eye-to-eye?


The hare checks its surroundings, flinching its ears to probe any noise. Once it confirmed there’s no enemy nearby, it slowly crawls into the nest.

I grab a single arrow from my quiver then insert its arrowhead into a leather bag that I have prepared beforehand, smearing it well with the powder that stored within. It’s a fine powder of dried Hozu mushroom, a paralyzing mushroom. As it works fairly quick, it kicks in no time if you shoved it into the body. Another trait of this mushroom is that its effectiveness wears out proportionally fast as well. The liquified version actually works better, but the powdered one is what needed if the prey has to be ready on the next day. And it has to be, since it’s a present.

Of course, I have no intention to just sit around when the paralyzing toxic is on the effect. A rabbit with a dulled movement is nothing more than a sitting duck. In other words, it’s my win if this arrow goes through. Although, that hare most likely will flee if it misses. But, I’m very sure that Shishou will pounce at me if I missed even with this circumstance at play. I have no intention to let it miss, though.

…Yosh, it’s a contest.

I pair my bow with the paralyzing arrow and hold them with my left hand while my other hand picks another leather bag that hangs on my waist. This one is 『Stink Bag』, the one to ward off Redbears from the day before. I switch my 「Megane」 to night vision mode as it’s getting darker then throws the 『Stink Bag』 into the nest.


Yeah, it stinks. It stinks even to up here despite there’s quite a distance between.  

No need for me to wait, the hare jumps out of the nest on its own. Though its nose isn’t as good as a Redbear, that stench is too much.  It leaps out full alerted, as to find where did the attack come from, looking around. I fired the arrow, aiming at its neck.


Good, it went through.

I jump off the branch after it’s confirmed that the arrowhead pierced the hare’s neck.

「—Gyooooooo!! 」

As it discovers the enemy, the splinter fang hare raises a wrathful shriek. All that’s left is to chase me around until the paralyzing toxic kicks in, at best it’ll just quicken the toxic circulation.

I carried the dead hare with one shoulder then retreat to the river, bloodlet it there.

The sun has set. As I’ve predicted before, it’ll be midnight by the time I reach the capital. After I fill my belly with a simple dinner, I take a light nap.

After the world is completely blanketed by the starry sky, I open my eyes and continue my activity. I spot rain clouds stretching out on the starry sky. It seems like it’ll rain either tomorrow or the day after. It’s been a while since the last rain, so it may as well rain right now.

While thinking something like that, I end the bloodletting then carry the hare on my shoulders, jog until I found the way back.

—It was then, a problem arises.

That took me off guard. That really surprised me that I almost tripped. The rabbit almost fell out as well. As a hunter, one shan’t handle their game crudely.  That was dangerous on many levels.

「What is it now?」

I fixed the rabbit’s position on my shoulder then take off my 「Megane」.

…Yeah. Glowing, aren’t they? The lenses. Flickering aren’t they, just like the stars twinkling?  A phenomenon that could harm my eyes just happened, didn’t it?

I was really surprised when I suddenly got blinded. I thought I received some kind of attack or my eyes just went weird for a second.  

In truth, the lenses are glowing.

Just what does this mean? It’s more understandable if it was an attack or oddity in my vision instead. …I never said I prefer them to happen, however.


For the time being, I should try wearing it again.

…I can’t see, I’m telling you. It’s too bright.

…Ah, I can see. The burst of light appears to settle down.


「…? ……?」

The sight I’m seeing… is different?

The sceneries that show with my naked eyes are the starry sky, the road I take, and a blurry scene of the royal capital. The scenery I saw through the 「Megane」  until a while ago.

However, the scenery that shows behind the 「megane」 looks totally different. The starry sky is on the right and on the left is… ground? It’s dark, so I can’t quite grasp it…  Judging from the sight alone, I can say it’s a 「scene that is seen when you’re lying on your side」 in a place somewhere.

It’s outdoor, and at least not inside the capital. It’s hard to say that it’s within the capital when I can see so far into the horizon without being obstructed by buildings. Not to mention, I can perceive the trees in the view.


Something entered this phenomenal sight. It’s far away, but… is that a human figure? They’re moving around among the woods. Probably just one person.


Seeing through this scenery alone gives me nothing but bad omens.

Is this a live vision of another person’s?

No, there’s only one answer.  It’s this 「Megane」. This 「Megane」 is the key to every answer and every phenomenon that occurred is under the category of 「Gift of Megane」.

If this 「Megane」 wants to convey something to me, then there’s no way I can’t tell what it is. It’s 「my Gift」 after all.

…So I thought, but the situation itself doesn’t change. I am being used around by the 「Megane」 instead of me using the 「Megane」. What the heck is this Megane?

I’m aware that something is happening. I can comprehend that the 「Megane」 is telling me something. The big question is I don’t know 「where」 is it happening.

…For example, like, will I know in which direction the 「shown scenery」 is at if I look around—Ah, I know. I just know.

The sight returns to be from 「my perspective」 when I turn towards a specific direction. It returns to be the sight I would normally see. And then, a speck of light appeared beyond my view…. no, beyond the 「Megane’s sight」. It’s quite far from where I am, a small speck of light. I’m sure the 「Megane」 is telling me to go where the light is.  

I haven’t the slightest idea as of what is happening, but I can acutely feel the premonition of someone being involved in a disaster.  There are doubts, but I can still make a swift decision right now.

「…I have to prioritize lives above all, don’t I? 」

There’s nobody near me. If only there was a peddler, I could pay him some changes to look after my game or even hold a trade… there isn’t, so there’s no helping it. I put down the hare from my shoulder then run towards the light as fast as I could.

Mabbo here.

Thanks for the opinion. I decided to go with Gift after all.

Also, some of you may know what we’re expecting, but let me hint you something. Gotta go fast.

Till next time.

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