OreMegane – Chapter 13

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13. Megane-kun, Makes a Promise to Depart

In other words, it’s that.

「You want to do a Magic Beast hunting job while also doing independent training. However, the difference in strength between you and your teammate is so big that it makes you feel awkward to invite them. So, you’re currently seeking for another someone to go to an adventure together.」

Summarizing Laila’s story, who is sitting on my bed, to a conclusion.  Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Well, I can be convinced.

Judging from her presence, Laila is weak.

Frankly speaking, she’s at the level of 「just another person who can use magic」.

From here on, she’ll accumulate experiences, train, and become stronger… under such conditions, she will be welcomed as one of the team members.

「You plan to go with only two people?」

「That’s what I’m worried about.」

Ah, so she’s saying there is no other person.  She continues explaining:

「You use bows, don’t you? In other words, you don’t fight in close combat, do you? I’m the same as you, so it’ll be worrying if there isn’t vanguard for us.」

For me though, I’m more concerned that Laila is continuing the conversation as if I already agreed to go with her.

To be honest, I don’t want to go at all.  Even if I did learn her circumstances, I’m not interested in it.  If the act of assisting someone falls under humane or ethical reasons, I will probably consider it. However, this one just doesn’t strike my interest.  In the first place, I believe that training should be done on your own.

「What do you think?」

「The exit is over there.」

「You want at least another person, right?」

「The exit is over there.」

「If only Lorobel-san joined us I’d feel safe, but that person is a Two Star. She just won’t mingle with Starlesses like us, will she.」

「And the exit is just over there, isn’t it.」

「I’m tired of hearing that sentence. Try saying something different.」

Hmm, I see.

But, to me, Laila isn’t someone I need to be careful with my word selections around.

「Fine, I’ll formally file a complaint to the leader of 『Black Swan of Dawn』. Something like; One of your members is trespassing and being an annoyance.」

「Oi, wait a sec! S-stop that, for real!」

「Then I’ll file it to the Adventurer Guild. Something like; one of your members forcefully intruded into my room, she forcefully isolated us, then she made me so scared I couldn’t tell when she would attack me, I felt like crying. I’ll file it now.」

「Just which part of that cold face of yours is scared and about cry!? …No, wait up!? Aren’t I the one who is getting attacked in this situation; rather I’m in the weaker position aren’t I?!」

「I tried saying something different.」

「There are limits to things!  Those words are filled with nothing funny!」

I really don’t care if it can be taken as as humorous or not.

「As I said from the beginning, I’m not an Adventurer, you see. That’s the reason I joined the Hunter’s guild. If you want to go on an adventure, don’t come to me – look for other adventurers.」

「…You don’t want to, no matter what?」

「At the present time I don’t find any reason to go with you. If you really want me to join at any cost, then give me a reason to.  I’ll say it again, I’m not an adventurer after all.」

Let’s get first things first.  So I continue:

「Why me? There are actually other people, aren’t there? There are many dozens of people going in and out everyday in Adventurer’s Guild, right? Some Starless beginner should be there, right? Why don’t you call them out?」

「I can’t do that.」

「Is that due to your team’s policy? Is teaming up with people outside the group prohibited? Ah, if so then you can’t invite me too huh.」

「——Magicians are being targeted, you know.」


She means her words literally.

Yes, the demand for magicians is high.

Even in the Royal Capital, there are only a handful that are registered to Adventurer’s Guild, and all of them belong to some other teams.  And those magicians are even being scouted by yet other teams, as well.

If you come to our team, we’ll give you the best treatment, we’ll increase your part in rewards, we’ll let you to choose the jobs to take, etcetera, etcetera.

They’re preparing a warm welcome to those magicians, it seems.  And in the midst of all that, Laila, the newbie magician, arrived in the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital.  They can do anything they want against such a weak little lass— and some people with such a lowly mindset are pressing her forcefully, apparently.

It’s still better that she’s dealing with people from Royal Capital, if she got tangled up or hunted down by some foreign troublesome enemy when she was adventuring, it wouldn’t be something so simple.

So, if Laila wants to invite out someone outside her team, she’ll have to choose the person carefully.  And, the one who had to bite the bullet this time is me.

「Then the answer is obvious.」


「Ask someone from your team to go along with you. You’re going to a place filled with danger after all, asking someone you can trust to go with is the best option.」

Even I wouldn’t want to go to the hunting ground with someone I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of danger they can bring if they fail.  At the same time, I don’t want to inconvenience the one I go with.

In that sense, I think I also had brought a great inconvenience to Shishou. In truth I had been injured so severely that I had been bedridden. The accident was brought by the malignant gas Shishou made, though.

「…It’s hard, okay!」

Ah, Laila suddenly got angry.

「It’s hard to ask my team members to babysit me.  I’m only a deadweight and incompetent and I can only do weak jobs when my team is filled with nothing but Star Adventurers! Even after I searched for those without Stars, I got nothing! Once I found someone who fit the criteria, they said they already teamed up with someone else! I just can’t find anyone!」

O, ooh. …Un. Is that so.

So she did try, and she did some research before she called out to me.

…An adventure, huh. Magic beast hunt, huh.

「Incidentally, what are you aiming for?」  

Demon beasts are strong.  While killing them is similar to hunting, it’s only similar at most. Most animals won’t get closer to you, they won’t attack you either.

「They said there’s a Redbear showing in the southern forest recently. I want to hunt it.」

Redbear, is it. They’re strong too, aren’t they~.

…I see, Redbear it is.


「I demand 4/5 of the reward. I’m okay if that’s the deal.」

I also think it’s time to hunt something other than birds, Redbears are also worths 30 pheasants. This request meets with my objective: to make money.

「Four from…. Aren’t you asking too much?」

「The exit is over there.」

「…I got it! In exchange, I won’t pay you a penny if you become a hindrance!」

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