OP Waifu: #37 Awaken, the second form of OP Waifu (Cecyl)

Arc 03: Betrothal, and a manuscript of olden gods.
Chapter 37: 
Awaken, the second form of OP Waifu (Cecyl)

“W-why?! What for?! Nagi-sama, and I?!

“Yeah, but it isn’t the [Marriage] kind, but the [Spiritual Connection] which ties souls”

“I-I understood that much! Nagi-sama and my standings are different, and I don’t intend to cancel our master-servant contract, so… b-but, are you serious? Is it a joke… or a mistake…”

“I am sorry, I made a mistake”


“What I wanted to do with Cecyl was the first step of the [Engagement]”

“What’s that?! Such a… Nagi-sama, with me?”

Cecyl was shaking. She gripped the blanket with her small hands and half-hid her face. Her bare shoulders, forehead, even the tips of her long ears were beet red.

I sat down on a chair next to the bed and peeked into Cecyl’s face. 

“There is a deep reason for that”

“Okay, I am listening”

“Apparently, doing [Spiritual Connection] grants special effects. It’s said that amongst those is the blessing of great recovery”

“That’s the reason?!”

“Look at it this way Cecyl, You are in pain right now and the healers will only come tomorrow in the evening”

“I am not sure I would like the future to be defined based on such reason”

“Furthermore, both of us will also be able to awaken and obtain new skills”

“… That I can understand”

Cecyl sighed and stroke down her chest.

“That is so like Nagi-sama. What’s that, so that’s how it is, isn’t it?”

“Naturally, the main reason is that I would like Cecyl to continue staying by my side”


Still grasping the blanket, Cecyl rolled on top of the bed.

She looks cute, but I wish she stopped already before her condition worsens.

“Wha-what am I going to do if my temperature raises even more? Is it going to kill me?… No, if I am to be killed by Nagi-sama, I would accept it. But, but —”

String-like tears began falling from Cecyl’s eyes.

“Nagi-sama, you’re so unfair. Wasn’t it you who stopped the ritual from before it could be completed?…”

“The ritual from before?”

“The one during [White Knot Festival]”

… That one, huh?

That ceremony allowed [Slave be tied to their master out of their own will for all eternity no matter how many times they would be reborn] through the power of [Goddess of Contracts].

“Why do you bring it such matter only now? I wanted to belong to Nagi-sama for all eternity, and yet wasn’t I denied it by Nagi-sama?…”

“Well, I believed at that point that [Master-servant contract through the future lives] was no good”


“You see, it would’ve been troubling if we were reborn into the world that had no mention of [Master-servant contracts], wouldn’t it?”

Cecyl’s eyes focused on me.

Hmm? … Could it be that Cecyl didn’t notice the reason why I rejected [White Knot Festival].

“I am sorry, my explanation was insufficient. Listen to me, Cecyl”


“Being tied together with [Master-servant contract through future lives] means that said contract comes into existence when Cecyl and I are born anew, right?”

There was also a matter of reincarnation being possible with the help of summoning from different worlds, but setting aside such scenario for now, the question of what world we would be reborn into still remained.

Take this world, for example, here it is established that [Masters and slaves are decided at birth]. 

However, what would happen if I was reborn into the world where [Master-servant contracts] didn’t exist? Something like my former world?

I could think of two possibilities from here on out.

  1. I will be reported for having Cecyl wear a collar and follow me around. The outcome is — arrest.
  2. [Master-servant contracts] do not exist, so Cecyl and I won’t be able to meet or one of us might not be reborn. Thus we will be forced to await the next reincarnation. 

It didn’t seem like the goddess of contracts was flexible in her powers.

“That’s why I thought that [Master-servant contract for eternity] was no good”

“Nagi-sama, so argumentative!”

That’s probably just my easy-going character.

“I’ve understood Nagi-sama’s thinking”

“Okay, so what do you think?”

“……………. you are cruel, Nagi-sama”

Cecyl started pouting and looked away.

“I… I belong to Nagi-sama” — Cecyl looked at me with red eyes. Putting the now crumpled blanket aside, she kneeled on top of the bed. Emphasizing every word, she clearly said:

“No matter what form it may take, I want to be together with Nagi-sama, always, for all eternity”

“Thank you, Cecyl”

That feels awkward though. I just can’t get used to stuff like that.

“However, that will be difficult, Nagi-sama. I don’t know the rites of [Engagement] for demonkins. The only way may be to look for records left behind by them, and even if we happen to find those documents, the ritual is supposed to be quite complex”

“Are you referring to the [Ritual for the sake of deeply tying two people together as if they are a single being]?”

“Yes. It serves the purpose of connecting both the breathing and magic power into one. All ceremonies exist to connect people on a deep level, and each race passes down their own various traditions. Entering bath together, sleeping while holding hands, spend half a month in the temple with just the two of them and not meet anyone in the meantime — those alone are said to be difficult to [become one]. Once the [connection] is established, they are to proclaim their vows with words”  

“Uh huh. That’s why I have something I would like to test out”

I wanted Cecyl to recover quickly, so I would have her become an OP. I carried the skill for that exact purpose. Thanks to that, we came to be connected many times until now.


I held Cecyl in my arms.

So light.


“I will be doing things to Cecyl now”


“Be sure to speak up if you feel pain or want me to stop”

I have no intention to do an unreasonable. 

As I held Cecyl in my arms, I sat down on the bed. Then I sat Cecyl down in front of me.

“…O-kay. Please do, Nagi-sama”

“The ritual of [Spiritual Connection] is basically a process to tie the two people on a deep level, right?”

“Y-yes. That’s why it’s difficult”

“Got it. In that case, let’s go with a familiar route”


From behind, I touched Cecyl’s left breast. 

As one could expect from the family house of the feudal lord of Irgafar, even their sleepwear was of high class. It felt smooth to the touch. So thin and soft… it’s awfully good at accentuating Cecyl’s figure.

“… Umm. This is just a medical procedure, that’s all”


“The goal here is to apply great recovery on Cecyl through the [Spiritual Connection].  My and Cecyl’s magic power will be slowly circulating through both of us and make us one”

“Yes! Please do so, Nagi-sama”

Cecyl turned her head over the shoulder and looked at me.

“I won’t mind the methods if it’s to become one with Nagi-sama”

“Got it. Then, Invoking [Skill Structure] LV3”

I activated the skill. 

A window appeared in front of me that displayed Cecyl’s skills, and then I lightly touched the letters with my finger.

“Speaking about [Being connected on a deep level], we have done it so many times until now. [Skill Structure] is exactly the type of cheat skill that makes it possible. Whether we can use it to achieve [Spiritual Connection] or not, we have to try it”

However, no need to do an unreasonable and move the skills around. Cecyl has a fever so I don’t want to burden her much. In order to unite our two souls, I believe the only requirement is to have the magic power circulate through both of us.

“…..ha-a-a, ha-a-a-au”

“You okay, Cecyl?”

“I am, I am fine. Feels strange…. So different from before-e…”

Cecyl leaned against me and quietly breathed out. She still had a fever, her heartbeat was quick as well. Still, she seemed to be able to calm down.

Slowly, I began pouring my magic power into Cecyl. I timed it in accordance with Cecyl’s breathing — she breathed in, I poured it in her; she breathed out, I received it from her. Just like that, I continued circulating the magic power so that Cecyl and I would become one. Again and again, matching this timing.

Breath in, breath out. Pour in, suck in.

Cecyl’s modest chest swelled and collapsed. Its form was changing right in my hand, pushing it out.

I poured the magic power inside Cecyl, and then received it. Again and again, this loop continued.

Inhale, exhale. My breathing began to match hers. Just like we are a single being.

“…… This is, it’s different, from the usual”

“Is that so?”

“The place Nagi-sama enters, it feels… different”

Cecyl pursed her lips and looked at me.

“Usually, that deep place in me… it feels like it’s being caressed by Nagi-sama, but right now I feel Nagi-sama permeating my whole body… so light… so flickering… “

Cecyl’s consciousness was clear, but her face looked bewitched.

“It is as if… I am in a bath. Together with Nagi-sama. I feel so… peaceful, and happy”

“I am just making the magic power circulate, am I not?”

Or was it because the level of [Skill Structure] had increased? The regulation of magic power became easier.

Cecyl slowly kept leaning more onto me. Her tiny body was sticking so close. The tip of her head was right under my chin. The silver hair was swaying.

In such a manner, the line between Cecyl and I was becoming blurrier. I felt like I began to understand the entirety of Cecyl. Where did she want to be touched, what did she want to become from now on, and many others.

Cecyl relaxed, making her two arms hang to loosely. Once in awhile she breathed out of order like an electric current was running through her. 

I should ask her if she’s alright.

“… the place that’s being touched by Nagi-sama, it’s becoming more and more numb” — Cecyl muttered in a daze.

“Each part feels so light, yet it’s getting stronger… but gentle at the same time…. a-a-ah”

I guess it’s the same feeling one gets when they submerge themselves in a bathtub. In that case, let’s have Cecyl concentrate on “just feeling good”.

I touched the window of [Skill Structure], and the circulation of magic power continued. 

Cecyl seemed okay so I started going faster. My own body was getting hotter, bit by bit. Conversely, Cecyl’s fever was abating. Our heartbeats were getting in sync as well. As Cecyl continued her series of small breathings, I tried to match it. It was clear that we were connected.

“I guess demonkins really are the [Race who sound together]” — I said.

“Yes. I am resonating with Nagi-sama” — Cecyl replied to my words as if she knew them before I even uttered them.

“The place which resonates with me, do you know where it’s located?”

I thought the reason why I could do [Engagement] with Cecyl was because demokins were a [Race who sound together]. We were resonating with each other since the moment our paths crossed. If this echo was really coming from our souls, then — 

Cecyl should be able to feel that place due to her lineage — or so I thought.

“I am asking you, Cecyl”

“I understand… I will try… looking for it”

Cecyl took my right hand and brought it close against her chest, slowly and steadily. 

Somehow, I started feeling weird. It was like my and Cecyl’s bodies were melting into one. The overlapping hands, as well as our magic power, were scanning Cecyl.

Cecyl could tell without even touching the body. 

The places that could be seen, and those that could not.

The places that were soft, and those that were stiff.

The places that were swelling, and those that were sloping.

The places that were warm, and those that were immensely hot.

I was wandering across Cecyl until —- 

— my hand stopped right in the middle of Cecyl’s chest.

“… Found it”

It’s very deep.

I felt something that was vibrating on the opposite side of my palm.

“The [Me] that is resonating with Nagi-sama is probably here”


I knew. About the strength of [Skill Structure LV3], and the bonds connecting me with Cecyl that were deeper than ever before. I was aware of the flor of magic power inside Cecyl. 

Her eyes were flashing on and off. 

Before I knew it, I became able to see the flow of magic power produced by [Skill Structure]. It was coiling itself around Cecyl’s body, tying me to her. Our breaths, our heartbeats, our magic power. Even the places in our chests were soul was said to be. 

It was so intimate that we could no longer tell the line between us. 

We made it this far. Let’s carry it until the end.

“Now then, to say words of the oath” 

“Fuwa…. Y-eas… Nagi-sama”

I didn’t know the formal procedure after all. 

That’s why I would try to say it in my original tongue.

“I, Souma Nagi, wish for an everlasting connection with Cecyl Phierrot”

“I, Cecyl Phierrot, humbly wish for an immortal, indestructible bond with Souma Nagi-sama”

“No matter what form it may take”

“Through countless worlds, so that we may not lose sight of one another”

““Promise of soul union — [Engagement]””

Cecyl began emitting light from the center of her chest. A ring of light made its way through her thin pajamas.

What appeared from this was — a small [one]. 

It was about the size of a palm. Its body was shining in golden color. It was naked. The figure was just like Cecyl, an even smaller version of an already small Cecyl.

“Is that… Cecyl’s soul…?”

Cecyl fell asleep before I noticed it. Her eyes were closed in apparent happiness. In her stead, a golden Cecyl extended her hand towards me.

[The one who gave light to the lonely soul, the one who sound together] — Cecyl’s soul then kissed the palm of my hand, took a strand of its hair and tied it on the ring finger of my right hand.

[Beyond the fate deeper than that of a “Contract”]

Cecyl’s soul touched my chest. 

A warm light gently formed a ring of light on my chest. 

The soul then run up my arm and took a strand of my hair and tied it on Cecy’s ring finger.

[Please take care of “Me”, the one who sounds together]

[For all eternity]

[through all the worlds, to the very end]

[So that demonkins could guide races to the peaceful future that’s remembered by all]


The soul transformed into a ring of light and soaked into Cecyl’s chest. While Cecyl’s eyes were still closed.

Her fever… it’s okay. Both her heartbeat and breathing is calm. I guess it’s fine to consider [Engagement] a success, right?

As I tried to display Cecyl’s status — 

[Cecyl Phierrot

Occupation: Slave Fiancee [Fortune Slave]

Soul connection: Strength — medium.

Status: In the middle of a large recovery.

Inherent Skills: [Magic Aptitude LV3], [Double Cast LV1] [■■■■■ LV1]

Her status has changed?! The number of unseen before skills has increased. They seem to have been released once [Engagement] was formally established. Furthermore, it’s now even displaying the status of her health.

Then, what about me?

[Souma Nagi

Inherent Skills: [Skill Structure LV3],  [Quick Structure] — a derivation of [Skill Structure LV3]. It allows to swiftly reconstruct the skills between the user and one slave. 

Warning: there are side effects. Use only during emergencies. Serious aftereffects.



The number of skills in [Skill Structure] series has increased?!

[Quick Structure] only allows to use it on one person, but instead, the reconstruction can be done at high speed. Still, to be used only in an emergency, huh?

… and what does “Serious aftereffects” mean… 

One more skill is still blank. I wonder if it will become available once [Engagement] is established.

“Cecyl, are you okay? How do you feel?”

“… No, Nagi-sama… If you go further, I… will melt… away”

Cecyl was sucking on her finger while sleeping my arms.

“… Cecyl?”

“It’s so pleasant, and I feel so happy, but… if I don’t stop… I will completely melt inside an invisible bath… It’s so… Ha-a-ah?!”

Oh, she woke up.

Cecyl opened her eyes and looked left and right like she couldn’t tell her own whereabouts.

“Are-e-eh? Are-re-reh?”

“Have you woken up?”

“S-so strange. I-I became one with Nagi-sama, we were melting for about a hundred years, becoming one both physically and emotionally. Then I thought about what was happening when [Skill Structure] was invoked on both of us, only to… A-re-reh? I am with Nagi-sama? We are separated. A-re-reh?”

Cecyl was watching motionlessly on her own right hand. She looked at the place where [Souls] tied a strand of my hair.

“… A ring, it was born for me. No, this is…. Is it a piece of Nagi-sama?”

A black ring. It really was just a simple ring without any sort of decorations.

Aaah, it really resembles me somewhat.

Meanwhile, there was a ring on my right hand as well. It was a small right, thin enough to resemble a strand of silver hair.

It is surely a part of Cecyl’s souls, isn’t it?

Upon touch, it seemed like it was ticklish.

“So Cecyl, how do you feel?”

“My heart is beating fast, it seems to be dying from happiness”

So you are okay.

I touched Cecyl’s forehead which startled her. She closed her eyes and trembled slightly. Still, the fever… it was going down. Strings of sweat were drawing paths from the forehead and the nape. Her breathing was still rough. What’s more, she had been fidgeting for a while now but remained sharp. Thank god. 

“I feel fine. There is no fever, and I don’t feel unsteady anymore! Ah, but…”


Cecyl brought her face closer to her pajamas. Then she looked at me with a face that was about to weep.

“Aah, I am drenched with sweat. And it’s right in front of Nagi-sama? Or rather, when I am so close? A-a-a-a-a-ah, what should I do-o-o-o-o-o”

“I told you I don’t really mind it”

Cecyl smelled good.

Yeah. Thank god, it looks like Cecyl is getting better.

The condition for [Spiritual Connection] was to have deep ties to another person. However, we were already connected multiple times through [Skill Structure]. The exchange of magic power was done lots of times. 

Because of that, it became easy to sync with one another before we could even notice it. Our souls resonated with each other so much that it made possible to complete an [Engagement]. 

The formal [Engagement] was usually not to be hurried, and the way to do it was to continue the search for it until it was eventually found. 

“Even if am an [Soul mate] or a slave, to be sweating in front of Nagi-sama is…. a-a-ah”

Nevertheless, Cecyl was still teary-eyed.

C’mon, I said it already that I didn’t care about that. Be it drenched from sweat, as a result, I could clearly see the shape of her body through the transparent sleepwear. It was more erotic than being nude.

Yeah, there is nothing to mind even if you’re a [Soul mate] with your master. Rather, you should welcome it.

However, this is this, and that is that.

“We better ask Aine to wipe your body. I will call her”

“Aah, but… before that…”

Cecyl raised her body. Turning on top of the bed, she prostrated in front of me.

“I, Cecyl Phierrot, will continue serving Nagi-sama in this life as [Fortune Slave]. I don’t know what will happen in the next world, but I decided to stay together. Is that fine with you, Nagi-sama?”

“Yeah, naturally”

“I may stay with tiny even in the next world, you know?”

“Cecyl is fine as she is”

“Even if I suddenly come before the door of your home in the next world, will you accept me still, Nagi-sama?”

“It’s okay. We will think of something”

“Nagi-sama, so argumentative of you”

“I believe this won’t change no matter how many times I am reborn”

“This is one of the reasons why I love Nagi-sama”

Having said this, Cecyl kissed the ring on her finger and smiled.

“Cecyl Phierrot is the first [Soul mate] of Nagi-sama. I will stay with you through everything until all the world perish. Please treat me well from now on as well, Nagi-sama”

And that’s how Cecyl and I performed a formal [Engagement].


[Slave Fiancee [Fortune Slave]

A status of spiritual connection on the slave, which was created through the use of cheat-like [Skill Structure].

Essentially, [Spiritual Connection] won’t complete unless the deep bonds are confirmed through multiple ceremonies, but Nagi managed to circulate magic power between himself and Cecyl with the help of [Skill Structure], producing a pseudo-similar condition, thus being able to complete [Engagement]. It was literally cheat-like conduct.

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