OP Waifu: #30 Just when I thought that my wives were cheat characters, I suddenly discovered that I became a cheat character myself

Arc 02: Guild and Competition for the cursed sword
30 Just when I thought that my wives were cheat characters, I suddenly discovered that I became a cheat character myself

TL notes: Divine changed into Holy since it’s more accurate. On the question of cursed vs. magic sword. Both can be written with the same kanji, so it’s just a matter of flavor which suits it better. Magical power was changed to magic power.

“Thank you for your hard dork. See you later~”

*slimy* *slimy* *squeeze* *squeeze*

Outskirts of the marshland, far away from the count and his party.

We gave the slimes some more pieces of dried meat as a reward, and they returned to their habitat while jumping.

Seeing them off, I suddenly realized something.

“… why am I even working so much?”

It’s too late to comprehend that, but it’s strange nevertheless. I was only dreaming of living my life slowly.

We handled the quest and fought a formidable enemy… we were pursued and fought again…

I feel like I made a mistake somewhere. We managed to get sufficient money, and there was no need to accept any new quests.

I am suspending my work as an adventurer for some time. Let’s take a rest for a short while at the hot spring town.

We started to walk on the highway.

On the way we talked about the town we’re moving towards, the port city Irgafar, and about our skills.

We also decided to check our skills at the same time so that it would be easy to cooperate at critical times.

All of us — Cecyl, Rita, Aine, and I had the number of our skills increased.

We started with my skills.

Souma Nagi

Race: Human

Occupation: Skill Structure (TL: that’s what it says)

Level: 2

Inherent Skill — [Ability Reconstruction — Skill Structure — LV3]

It allows creating new skills by altering the [concepts] of skills belonging to me and my slaves. By doing the reconstruction of the skills belonging to my slaves and my own skills, its special characteristic makes it easy to create higher grade skills than the skills used.

At the second level, the skill becomes able to do the reconstruction of three people at the same time.

Furthermore, the skill makes it possible to supply the slaves with magic power by utilizing the exchange of magic power during the reconstruction.

It’s unknown whether the transfer was available from the beginning or was it achieved with LV2. The same can be said about LV3, whether the ability increased in strength is unknown.

Common Skills:

[Gifted Fencing LV1] (Rare)

[Increase (10% + LV * 10%)] the [Recovery] by means of [Sword or Blade]

Effects: grants the regeneration ability to the target cut with a sword or blade. Increases the essential regenerative power of the target. The increase value is the skill level * 10% + 10% (Current increase: 20%)

[Building Strike LV1] (Rare)

Causes lots of damage to the room’s interior or its walls. Destruction special characteristics: [Brick], [Wooden walls].

[High-speed Analysis LV1] (Ultra Rare: Cecyl)

A quick analysis of the situation in the surrounding. The effective range decreases with the increase of the speed in comparison to regular analysis.

[Different World Language Comprehension LV5]

Allows to speak to people from a different world, and also makes it possible to read the letters.

[Transcendental Sense LV1] (Ultra Rare: Rita)

Allows to temporarily cut off one’s own five sense by remaining [Silent]. This sensory deprivation makes the sixth sense sharper. Usage limit: once per day.

[Delay Arts LV1] (Ultra Super Rare: Cecyl, Rita)

Once the skill is invoked, it decreases the offensive power to zero no matter how many time the weapon is swung until [Unleash] is chanted. At the moment of [Unleashing], all the offensive power that was stored from the moment of [Invocation] is added to the following strike.

Furthermore, saved offensive power proportionally raises the strike range as well.

Stored skills: (They’re in possession but not installed)

[Building Strike LV1]

[Drain Cleaning LV1]

I’m thinking of installing them into someone one day.

Next is Cecyl.

Her level in Flame Magic has increased.

Cecyl Phierott.

Race: Demonkin (Outward appearance: Dark Elf)

Occupation: Younger sister-like airhead/defenseless magician. I am a bit concerned about her future.

Level: 2

Inherent Skill: [Magic Aptitude LV3]

All effects of magical origins have their effectiveness increased by the skill level * 10% + 10% (Current increase: 40%)

Common Skills:

[Ancient Language Chanting LV1] (Ultra Rare: Cecyl)

Chants the spell in the words of old (ancient language). Chanting speed is lower than if done in the common language, but in exchange, the spell’s power is drastically increased. Rate of increase: 200% – 800%. However, magic power consumption is proportionally increased to power.

[Ancient Language Interpretation LV3]

Allows the translate the sentences in the ancient language into modern words.

[Magic Resistance LV1]

Decreases the damage received from magical attacks by the skill level + 10% (bonus variable), (current decrease: 11%). Said bonus variable increases with level.

[Magic Detection LV1]

Allows to perceive magical power in the surroundings.

[Appraisal LV2]

Allows seeing through the worth of an item. Success rate: LV * 10%. If the item is affected by magic, the success rate increases by the [Magic Aptitude] level * 10%.

[Animal Empathy LV3]

Allows to somehow understand the thoughts of animals.

Unique Magic:

[Force Arrow LV1] (Ultra Super Rare: Cecyl, Rita)

Unleashes black arrow. The offensive power is zero, but it can snatch the magic power inside the target. That magic power then vanishes alongside the black arrow (Cecyl doesn’t receive the stolen magic power).

This magic’s natural targets are magicians, golems, and guardians.

Acquired Magic:

[Flame Magic LV1] : [Light], [Flame Arrow], [Fireball]

[Flame Magic LV2] : [Flame Wall]

Next is Rita. Her level in hand-to-hand combat has increased.

Rita Melphius

Race: Beastkin (Outward appearance: Human, but her ears and tail kept appearing more and more lately)

Occupation: wild canid holy martialist.

Level: 3

Inherent skill: [Unarmed Combat Aptitude LV5]

If not equipped with protective gear or weapons, agility is raised by [Unarmed Combat Aptitude] LV * 10%.

Locked skills:

[Holy Power Grasp LV1] (Locked: Unextractable) (Ultra Rare: Rita)

Allows the owner to take hold of the [Holy Power] they possess and concentrate it into a desirable part of their body. The strength of that part is increased, thus reinforcing its offensive and defensive power.

Damage bonus of [Holy Unarmed Combat] is increased twofold.

[Holy Protection] is strengthened. Nullifies magic of the lethal series such as curses, paralysis, and poison.

Common Skills:

[Holy Unarmed Combat LV5]

The damage dealt to opponents during combat is increased by the skill level * 10%.

If the opponent is undead, the damage in then increased by additional 20%.

Due to the effects of [Holy Power Grasp LV1], damage is currently twofold.

[Holy Protection LV4]

Damage received from opponents during combat is reduced by the skill level + 10% (bonus variable). Said bonus variable increases with level.

If the opponent is undead, damage is additionally reduced by 20%.

Nullifies poison and paralysis.

Due to the effects of [Holy Power Grasp LV1], the magic of the lethal series — like curses — is nullified.

[Singing LV4]

Allows to sing exceedingly beautiful songs. Current level — novice minstrel.

[Detection LV4]

Allows sensing the surrounding movements through signs such as scent and sound.

[Bladeless combat LV1] (Rare)

The damage dealt with unarmed strikes is increased by the skill level * 10%.

[Unrivalled Singing LV1] (Ultra Super Rare: Rita, Cecyl)

Raises the reaction speed of party members. Accelerates not just the body movement, but thought processing and analysis speed is also raised above the normal.

However, the effect lasts only while Rita is singing and for a few minutes afterward. It becomes necessary to start another song after this.

Next is Aine. Now that I look at her, she has a lot of abilities from the housework series. Should we have troubles with money, she may help us by starting a food cart and becoming its manager.

Aine Crunette

Race: Human

Occupation: A workaholic big sister/maid of the service industry.

Level: 4

Common Skills:

[Rainbow Bulwark LV6]

Reduces the damage done with physical as well as fire, wind, earth and water-based magical attacks by the skill level + 20%. Can also be used as a physical barrier.

[Cooking LV9]

Allows making tasty cuisine. If used with a food cart, it will become the talk of the town. If used in a restaurant, the user is recognized to be on the level a full-pledged cook.

[Cleaning LV9]

Allows to tidy up a room, making it clean. It’s on the level where even the sarcastic big sister cannot put a single word of complaint.

[Bojutsu LV2]

Raises the offensive power of rods, wands, and brooms by the skill level * 10% + 10%.

[Monster Sweep LV1] (Rare)

Allows to send low level monster flying by using cleaning tools.

Success rate: 30% – 50%.

However, the rate becomes irrelevant if the monster in question gives its consent to be hurled.

[Memory Wipe LV1] (Ultra Super rare: Aine, Laydi)

Allows making an opponent faint by rubbing their face with a broom or some dust cloth. Once the target faints, the skill allows to produce and pull out a crystallized representation of the target’s memory if the scrubbing is continued for several more minutes.

The interval of the drawn memory crystal changes with the skill level. The current level produces several minutes worth of memories.

Just to be sure, next is Laydi.

Magic sword Laydi

Race: Magic sword of the spirit world

Level: unknown

[Slime Bringer LV1] (Ultra Super Rare: Aine, Laydi)

Allows to summon and command slimes in the vicinity of several dozen meters. Although it’s possible to give order by force, the skill also allows to somewhat convey the thoughts of slimes.

The number of slimes that can be commanded is one body per skill level.

Once the job is done, the slimes will be delighted if a reward is provided.

[Self Regeneration LV8]

Allows restoring the blade to its former state in one hour, no matter how chipped or broken it is.

The pain apparently remains, so I am unable to remain calm because of the screams once it’s broken.

… Speaking of which, there was something I had to ascertain at all costs.

[Umm, Laydi]

<<Wha-what is it, my lord?>>

“Will the current you not get caught in the detection magic?”

<<I should not, I believe. It’s because I’ve already transformed>>

That’s how it is apparently, if I was to believe Laydi.

Kings of the past left behind records and analysis of the cursed sword they wielded in order to make it possible to discover it during its next emergence. This knowledge was then handed down to magicians and used in the detection magic.

Nevertheless, the current Laydi had already lost its former skills and was under a slave contract with me.

It turned out that because of the change in her wavelength of magic power, she would no longer be caught in this detection magic.

<<That’s why my lord shouldn’t bury or abandon me. Take me with you, my lord>>

*poof* — a redhead girl appeared before me.

She acquired pigtails before I knew it.

Floating in the air, she grabbed my hand and hugged me close. She was frantically shaking her head with tears in her eyes, like a puppy who was about to be thrown away.

<<I won’t dominate anyone’s heart anymore. On the contrary, it was my own heart that had been filled to the brim by my lord. I am asking you, take me with you. Please don’t abandon me>>

“I’ve told you, I won’t do it. Look, you are a comrade to me”

<<…Thank you, my lord>>

And then, Laydi vanished.

So she’s unexpectedly meek. She’s useful, she can cut things, and she listens to what she’s told now.

It’s thanks to Laydi that we managed to cooperate with the slimes. In addition, my fighting strength has risen due to me being able to use [Delay Arts] on top of her convenient regenerative abilities — Hmm?

Strange. I thought it was just my slaves who were cheat characters, but it seems like I turned into a cheat character myself inadvertently? Oh well… that’s fine, I guess.

My primary goal was to discover a skill that would allow me to live without having to work. Fighting strength was secondary. We weren’t going to do the unreasonable and deliberately approach the problems as much as possible.

That’s our motto, after all.

Ever since we left Metekal there wasn’t a single person on a highway.

The approaching monsters were being caught in Rita’s [Detection] skill and, if their levels were low, then sent flying far away by Aine’s [Monster Sweep] skill. After Laydi finished her regeneration, our party was complete again. So there was not a problem right now.

It looked like we would be able to reach the next town by evening.


We finally could relax since we gained enough distance from Metekal and the count’s party.

The others were apparently of the same idea, they talked in whispers all this time, but right now they were unawaringly speaking like usual. It’s not like they let their guard completely down though.  

Given our situation, the first order of business was to gather intelligence so that our trip could proceed safely.

“Everyone, is there anything to be cautious about in Irgafar? What are its dangerous areas? Should you know something about it, please tell me beforehand”

“Yes, Nagi-sama”

“Okay, Nagi”

“Yes, Na-kun”

“I am more or less knowledgeable on the subject. No, I won’t be your slave though!”

The four people raised their voices at the same time.

As I was thinking about why they exchanged glances between themselves, Cecyl stood up and pointed a finger up.

“Here comes a question. How many moles are there on Nagi-sama’s back? The one whose guess is the most correct will receive a privilege of teaching Nagi-sama about Irgafar”

“…. Um, Cecyl”

“T-that’s for the sake of properly serving Nagi-sama as well. That’s a slave’s responsibility”

Why is Cecyl staring so intensely at me?

“I firmly believe that in order to be a perfect servant to Nagi-sama who’s the most important person in the world, a slave has to know his every nook and cranny!”

“Even I don’t know how many moles I have on my back, you know?”

“Okay, then by my duty I will count them all!”

Cecyl raised her hands, smiling like a sun. This seemed like a perfect opportunity, so I place my hand on her head.

Such a pretty silver hair, it’s like silk.

I touched the long brown ears, and Cecyl felt ticklish and closed her eyes.

“Can’t be helped, I will teach everyone the rules of peaceful outcome resolution of my worl— no, of the country I was born in”

“Wa-a-ai. I did it~!”

When I answered Cecyl, she bent her small body and jumped with all her might.

“It’s been a long time since Nagi-sama last talked about his hometown, wasn’t it?”

Hmm? Oh, that might be so.

Certainly, I probably didn’t speak about my former world to everyone. Most of those memories I just didn’t want to remember after all. However, I inadvertently came to not bother with that as much as I did previously.

…… I wonder why?

As we walked, I taught everyone how issues were peacefully resolved everywhere in my former world.

This world had nothing like that. Humans, elves, demonkins, beastkins, and many others. Given how many races there were, there probably was no way to establish any sort of conformed rules.

Well, it will be world-first case, I suppose.

“That’s how it is, is everyone ready?”

“Yep, I understand, Cecyl-chan!”


“I don’t like being left out. No, I still won’t become your slave or anything!”

“… Can I participate… as well?”

“No hard feelings. Nagi-sama has taught us the way of peaceful outcome resolution, the winner will be decided as previously discussed… Here we go-o ”

“““““A privilege to talk with (Nagi-sama) (Nagi) (Na-kun) (Nagi-san) (My lord) alone until the next town will be granted to the winner (How did it even come to this)!”””””

Wait a minute, the goal has been changed.

“““““ — Ja-a-anke-e-e-n”””””

On the road under the empty sky far away from the city Metekal, the trip was taking place whose participants left behind something bothersome, like obligations, being a hero, or their mission.

Three slave girls, one companion, and a magic sword. They were raising their hands to the sky alongside their voices in the first ever game of Janken, the method to peacefully resolve a conflict.

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