OP Waifu: #26 the most wicked sword vs. the strongest big sister

Arc 02: Guild and Competition for the cursed sword
Chapter 26:
the most wicked sword vs. the strongest big sister

The room proclaimed as “Spring of magical power”.

With the volume of magical power being too overwhelming, the monsters seem to be cautious and do not want to approach this place. In its center there is a gushing fountain which turns the room into a hot spring, with thin streams flowing in all directions.

As for us, we split our party in two.

Cecyl and I will stay in the room and do the summoning of the cursed sword.

Rita, Aine, and Leticia will keep watch outside the room.

Having taken a nap for a couple of hours, we managed to recover our magical power, and were right about to start the summoning.

“I’ve been thinking about the person who summoned the cursed sword. Maybe they were very lonely” — Cecyl said with the scroll in her hands as she  checked out the streams inside the room.

“I wonder, maybe they just wanted to have comrades whom they could speak about them being able do amazing things and proof it by summoning this cursed sword”

“‘I am amazing, so join me!’, that sort of thing?”

“Yes. However, once someone gets their hands on the cursed sword, it becomes the source of strife. That’s why the summoner might’ve been thinking about taking that swords away from humans”

“If they really wanted to oppose humans, they could simply summon a different kind of a cursed sword”

The summoning scroll in Cecyl’s hands is an object which was, ultimately, capable of summoning only Reginablus. It couldn’t be used to call forth a different sword from a different dimension.

The magician was obsessed with being able to summon a cursed sword by themselves. The obsession was so much that they went as far as entrusting their own race with what they had left undone, despite not knowing when a demonkin could appear.

Could it be that this magician tried to take responsibility for summoning the cursed sword in such a way?

“So, Cecyl, do you want the sword?”

“I do not”

“Guessed so”

“However, it doesn’t sit well to leave things as they are”

“The sword might become the seed for disputes”

“I wonder, shouldn’t the sword rust away eventually if we leave it a hot spring beneath the magician’s residence?”

“Some amount of calcium will stick to it, rendering the edge useless for cutting”

“Just selling it is dangerous after all”

“I suppose I would feel bad if someone died because of it”


“What is it?”

“That side of yours, I love it very much”

“… I-is that so?”

Somehow, I felt awkward so I just looked away from Cecyl.

“Say, it’s about time we begin. Everyone is waiting”


With the inherited scroll in her hands, Cecyl stepped into the center of the room, the place where the spring flowed out beneath her feet. Apparently, this spot was where magical power gathered the most.

“Do you have enough magical power?”

“It feels like by being in this room, my magical power was raised. After that… As I thought, I would be borrowing Nagi-sama’s magical power”

“Yeah. Well then, let’s finish things fast”

I stepped in front of Cecyl. Activating “Ability Reconstruction”, I raised my left hand just a little bit.

Suddenly, Cecyl grabbed my hand. With an impish look in her eyes, she slowly, as if the hand was some treasure, pushed it against her left breast.

[I call thee from spirit world to ours, I call upon you, the force of magic]

Cecyl’s skirt starts fluttering just a little bit. Her slender, bare legs become visible almost up to her thighs.

“[I am the who succeeds the demonkins. I am in love with a human whom I trust. By his compassion I’m willing to spill my blood for my name is Cecyl Phierott. I will right the wrongs of those who walked these lands before. Through the underground abyss and waterways, I summon here the cursed sword. I am an inheritor, I am performing this rite so that I can succeed the feelings of all demonkins, to be their heir]”

Sweat is flowing from Cecyl’s forehead, her silver hair is swaying like an entirely separate entity.

As for me, I continue to keep the “Ability Reconstruction” window open and supply Cecyl with magical power. To not be a hindrance to her, I close my eyes and quieten my breathing.

The chanting continues. It’s finished yet. It’s long since it’s written in “Ancient Magic Language”. This also puts Cecyl under more strain. No mistakes are allowed, the chant must be said word by word.

“[… Bearing the feast, come before me. Come, come! I am screaming your name to come here right now from the spirit world onto ours, Reginblaus! Show yourself immediately!”

The moment Cecyl finished the chant, the magical power began swirling.

“Success! Nagi-sama, the cursed sword is coming”

Bit by bit, a sword in black scabbard makes its appearance in the center of the coiling magical power.

It looked as if the sword was alive. The handle was adorned with gems that were shining with magical power. The scabbard was riddled with multitude of blood vessels, pulsing like veins. Dokun… dokun…

I don’t think it’s a good idea to touch it just like that.

I arranged the now opened leather bag underneath the sword.

Alright, the sword is right above. All that’s left is to close the bag once the sword falls down. Still, gotta make sure it’s safe.

“Cecyl, let loose a force arrow!”


The black arrow striked against the cursed sword lying on the ground.

We’ve already concluded in our experiment with the gargoyles that those arrows are capable of weakening magical tools.  As the sword falls down into the bag, it stops moving. Alright, now I just have to close the bag and…



The sword, it jumped up. Drawing an unnatural curve, the handle touched my hand… As if it was wrapping itself around about my arm.

“So this damned sword was just playing dead?!”


Still, nothing seems to happen all all. This is the sword’s doing… right? In other words, does it mean that the sword have selected me?

<<You’ve obtained the cursed sword Reginablus so much desired by many!>>

<<However, you were unable to equip it>> — something like that?

“Nagi-sama…. Are you all alright?” — Cecyl looks at the sword in hand with a visible worry.

“I am okay, nothing’s wrong. Let’s put this thing into the bag at once…”

The moment I said that, my consciousness paused with a snap. My knees shook, the legs were slipping.

The cursed sword, still sheahed, lurched forward. With its scabbard, it was caught in the collar of Cecyl’s clothes.

I fell down along with Cecyl while the sword still in my hand. In a single moment, the sheathed sword went down on Cecyl, dragging her clothes with it up to her navel.


Something touched me on the lips.

Something puffy and soft. Something that I touched several times with my hand in the past.

I rolled, pushed down Cecyl and somehow ended up burying my face onto her chest—?!

“S-stop. No, don’t stop. It’s not bad, but it’s too sudden It’s definitely way too sudden! Rita-san, Aine-san, and Leticia-san will come right away!

“Y-you’re mistaken!”

“P-please give me time to prepare myself at the very least. One-two-three-four. Alright! I’ve prepared myself, Nagi-sama!”

“That’s fast! I mean, you can not prepare yourself for anything! Not right now at least”

I try raising my hand from the ground and lift myself from atop the red-faced Cecyl, but… my consciousness paused again all of sudden. My vision started rotating and blurred the surroundings. It’s obvious that my hand was slipping.

Reflectively, I hold onto Cecyl’s soft thighs with one hand while the other grabs Cecyl’s ankle. For some reason, I was pulling her and drawing closer to the area beneath the stomach. Then my face… it just collapsed… The hell?!


With my face I felt Cecyl’s warmth right across one thin piece of cloth.

It’s bad, it’s extremely bad.


“I am not doing this on purpose. If anything, you have the wrong idea”

“I understand. It’s the magical power… it’s seething in great quantity from the cursed sword…”

“Wha-what has happened here—— ?!”

All of sudden, I heard Rita’s voice resounding through the room.

“R-rita, you’ve come just at the right time“

“I came after hearing a scream, but what’s going on here?! What the hell are Nagi and Cecyl-chan doing?!”

“Rita, I have a request. Grab me by the hand and pull me away. Enough so that I wouldn’t touch the cursed sword!”

“Touch the sword, you say? hmm?”


The scabbard was touched by Rita. At the same time, Rita’s legs started sliding.

You’re kidding me, right? To make Rita, who possess the motion capabilities of a therianthrope, a wild animal if you may, to fall down?

“Don’t tell me… is this the power of the cursed sword?!”

I waved my hand. However, the sword still doesn’t separate from it. Meanwhile, soft and warm body descended on top of me.

Rita seized my arm and tried to draw me away. While grabbing me, she also half-turned around, thus both of our bodies began rotating. It was like a move in judo where you seize your opponent by their collar and return your back to them in order to make a throw. What would happen with clothes in that moment? Would it become loose? It’s something akin to a robe, after all.


As a result, I ended up tearing the robe Rita was wearing to pieces.

It couldn’t have happened under normal circumstances. The difference between my and Rita’s motor functions was way too large.

And yet, I was gripping the robe with both hands while Rita covered her chest and crouched down. Large… it’s the first time I saw them so clearly… Wait, now is not the time for that.

“Get away from me, both of you!”

“Naa-kun? What’s going on?!”

“Aine, Leticia, do not approach me!”

This was the power of the cursed sword Reginablus. Still, what’s the reason? Wasn’t it the sword that would make the chosen one a hero? It’s generally the case. Shouldn’t it be some sort of an event item which raises the weilder’s offensive power or supply them with magical power? Why is it that the power it shown consists of stripping one’s female companions?

<<The reason for that is that it’s an item which is selected by a lord>> — A voice said.

The pitch was high, like it belonged to a girl.

<<My name is Cursed Sword Reginablus>>

Standing in front me was a young girl with red hair. Her skin was pure white, and her eyes — pitch black, like the darkness itself. The girl was dressed in white clothes.

While she was indeed small, she’s floating in the air.

<<I recognize thee as my lord. Will you be a hero, or will you be ruined? Thou better choose your fate>>

“Was I chosen?”

<<It is so>>

“I don’t have it in me to be a hero”

<<Thou right now not being suitable to be a hero vessel is irrelevant. For it’s a condition sought up by me>> — Said the red-haired girl.

<<What I am seeking is the soul of a youth that suppresses their passions under the guise of reason>>

… Right now, what does this fellow imply? A youth that stifles their desires with reason?

<<Thou are a perfect vessel. Thou are plenty conscious of the girls beside you, yet you suppress it— >>

“ ————— !”

What’s this this fellow. What the hell. What. Is. Wrong. With. It?

“No thank you. I have no need for someone like you. Get in this bag quickly so that we can seal you!”

<<I refuse. I’ve recognized thee as my lord>> — Reginablus quickly refuted my words.

<<I am a cursed sword that arrived from the spirit world. I will accomplish the duty>>

“And that’s this ‘duty’?”

<<I will make thee a hero. Otherwise, you will be ruined>> — Reginablus explained.

It’s said that the cursed sword Reginablus has an ability to manipulate person’s heart. Although the power itself is miniscule, it’s capable of slipping through the cracks of one’s consciousness.

This fellow managed to strip both Cecyl and Rita with the help of this power. If asked what’s the reason, the answer would be that that Reginablus is the  sword used in order to make one a hero.

<<A hero should be lustful>> or so they say.

The explanation of such reasoning is that even if a hero carelessly pushed down some girl and sripped her, she would overlook it by saying “Mm, it’s fine since you’re a hero”. It’s said the sword was endowed with such ability specifically to to create such situations.

Unless one was a hero, they would end up being judged as sex offender. They would no other choice but to become a hero whom such behaviour could allowed thus allowing to escape the label of a criminal. Therefore, the cursed sword guided its owner towards such fate.

It’s said that kings from once before bore the same fate. In order to escape  being judged as sex offender, he desperately aimed at being a hero. It’s also said that result of this goal was the birth of “Lustful King Anvir” and “Crimson King Fiestarick” who left behind one hundred children…

… In other words, that’s the situation I am in right now, huh?

Cursed Sword Reginablus produces a “lucky pervert” moments around its owner. Such owner has no other choice but to raise their status to a degree where they would be pardoned even if they’re the cause. The other outcome is to be labeled as sex offender and be ruined because of it… Something like that.

“You’re the worst possible sword!”

<<I make up for it with the power that I’m lending thee. This power will be able to make thee into a hero>>

“I don’t need it!”

<<It’s a power which manipulates one’s heart. There is nothing thou wouldn’t be able to accomplish with such power. I will grant any wish, thou only need to ask. Thou will awaken this “Heart Manipulation Skill” of mine>>

“You seem to have a wish as well…”

<<I am a faculty with a goal to accomplish. There is nothing else besides it>> — Reginablus continues to speak.

Both Cecyl and Rita are overcome with surprise… or not. They’ve stood up and were trying to come this way. And yet, they seemed unable to move their bodies freely.

Could it be that this is the power of the cursed sword as well? Does it temporarily binds their bodies through their hearts?

As for Aine and Leticia, they are surrounding us from a distance. It might be because they don’t know what’s going to happen.

<<Every human is said to hold a desire of being a hero deep in their hearts>>

The sword’s hand touched my head.

<<I was summoned from the spirit world in order to make it a reality. The desires, being held by a youth who crushes them with reason, are strong. It’s my delight as well, to act in accordance with the wishes or my lord>>

The voice enters inside my head.

I will grant thee power. Make the “Contract” and wield the cursed sword. The price is to awaken my skill with the magical power of the lord.  

The skill — an ability to manipulate one’s heart.

In any case, there is no way for thee to run anymore. Moreover, this control that’s granted by the cursed sword is very little. In exchange, you will achieve great benefits.

“… great… benefits?”

<<That’s right>> — Reginablus peers into my face.

<<If the lord truly aimes to become a hero, then I will provide my full support. Do thou not wish to rule over people? Even though I cannot take over the world, but I am capable of granting thee the most of it. For example…>>

The cursed sword started whispering sweet temptations.

<<If the master becomes a hero, thou will be able to pass down any orders to other people, no matter how unreasonable such orders may be>>

“No matter how unreasonable…”

— Hey, Souma-kun. Will you come to work tomorrow at the morning? A school? Don’t they have enough attendees as it is? You know, I am well-acquainted with the higher-ups at the high school. Isn’t it fine? It’s just for one day. Aren’t you having some struggles in your life already?

<<You would want to be able to stand above all other people and look down on them, wouldn’t you?>>

“Look down on them…”

— You’re just a mere part-timer, so why the hell do you not greet the full time employees? Setting that aside, I’ve told you already that your bow angle is not low enough! Do it in 45 degrees, no, in 90 degrees! There is a difference of standing between partimers and full-time workers, you got that?

<<Other people are ordinary, you will be able to rule over them>>

“Rule over them…”

— Aah, you’re coming to work right now, okay? What do you mean “it’s nighttime”? In any case, I am standing in front of your apartment. Until you come out, I will continue pressing the car horn. Are you okay with that? Hmmmm. What a nuisance you will be to your neighbors, right? Come on, I’m waiting.

<<Even if you break all the promises, no one will be able to judge you>>

… I am sorry, Nagi. I promise, I will come to meet you…

— I am sorry, okay? I am.

— Nagi…

<<So, how about it, my lord? The terms are wonderful, right?>>


*Clank, clank, clank!*

I hit the sword’s handle with my head. It hurts! It hurts, hurts so much!

Thankfully, that helped to restore my consciousness a little bit.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up! Like hell I am gonna become someone like that!!”

<<…… My lord?>>

“I’d better die than become someone like that! I won’t rule over anyone. I decided to live my life carefreely and idly! ! I have zero intention to be either a cursed sword’s lord or some influential person!!”

<<However, both me and the lord are connected already>>

Suddenly, magical power started flowing in from my hand.

<<The lord has to become a hero. Or would you like to be bashed with stones as a criminal and chased from everywhere?!>>

“Naa-kun won’t end up in such way, you know?”


Shaking off Leticia’s hand, Aine starts walking this way.

“Na-kun will be neither a hero nor a criminal. He saved me, I won’t allow anyone to bash him or chase him”


Aine untied the string of her apron and a ribbon tying her hair in a knot. Then she threw away sash on her waist, loosened and dropped the maid clothes she was wearing to the floor. Alongside with with the chain mail underneath.

“Na-kun is a member of Aine’s family. He is Aine’s master after all”

Only thin, white underwear was covering Aine’s body now.

Being bathed in the water sprouting from the spring, it then became wet and transparent. The droplets of water run through her chestnut-colored hair, nice figure, large chest, and the stomach.

With the clank, the sword in my hand moved on its own. Unsheathing itself from the scabbard, the black blade came into light. The sword tip… it was directed at… Aine.

“No matter if it’s something embarrassing, or if it’s being touched or being wounded, Onee-chan will accept it all, you know?”

Yet Aine only tilted her head to the side, as if what she said was a trifling matter. She did so as she started to slowly approach.

My eyes drifted through Aine’s whole body, her white skin, her chest which one could only imagine the weight of, her smooth stomach.

“There is no sight of crime in Na-kun seeing everything that Aine has. After all, Aine is an older sister. There is no reason to hide anything. All that Na-kun does is what Aine wishes for, what Aine allows wholeheartedly. No one will be able to label Na-kun as a criminal”

<<Isn’t it only you who thinks that? What about other people?>>

“I-I don’t have a problem with that either!” — Cecyl shouted.

“I was just a little bit surprised, that’s all!  There is no harm done, considering everything that has happened! Please don’t look down on me from your position as a cursed sword!”

“As for me, I belong to the wild! I am fine without wearing any clothes at all! It’s not a problem to live my whole life like that! Come at me!!” — Despite getting beet red, Rita still raised her voice nonetheless.

“I am different from them, I would be troubled by that!” — It’s nice idea for Leticia to give us more space.

“So Aine, Cecyl-san, and Rita-san feel the same?” — Aine’s pupils looked straight at me.

“In a chance that such thing won’t be allowed, we will move and seclude ourselves in the mountains. We will move to the place where no one would be able to judge Na-kun. There we will spend time and get along between ourselves. No matter what Na-kun is or what Na-kun does, Aine will permit it, she will accept it”

<<So you’re willing to go that far? It won’t be just you whom my lord will be stripping, are you aware of that? Passerbys, clerks, nobles and their daughters — every person whom you approach will be stung by the poisonous fangs of my lord…?>>

“That’s fine. Aine and everyone here will be firmly protecting Na-kun. We will be so close together that there won’t be any gaps”

<<So you would hold onto him, huh? My skill is currently eating into the lord. It will invoke completely if my lord informs me of thee desires. I have one faculty and one life-form. My functions are a cursed sword will be accomplished, therefore…>>

Skill — A faculty — a life form — a living being. Cursed Sword Reginablus is a living being which possess a skill. — Which is why I may be able to deal with the current situation.

I put some power into my left hand that was holding the sword. As before, I couldn’t open my hand. However, I somehow managed to point the sword into the ground while gritting and cracking the joints. At the same time as the sword tip hit the floor —


“Yep. You would like Aine to do something, Na-kun?”

“Remove my clothes! Once you do, embrace me strongly— ”

*Unfastening, sound-of-clothes-dropping*


I didn’t have the time to explain everything. The half-naked Aine removed my armor quickly and dragged down my clothes.

As I became half-naked myself, she hugged me close with her thin arms. So warm. So soft. And this smell which makes you relieved.

“Good job. Onee-chan understands what Na-kun is thinking about”

The sound of water reverberated throughout the room.

Aine had already seen “Fusion Magic” between me and Cecyl, so she understood what I was trying to do. That’s why she threw away the only remaining clothes like a hindrance covering her body.

“Aine, I ask of you. Show what’s inside of you… to me”

“I will do so. I will show you everything”

I summon Aine’s skills.

“Rainbow Bulwark LV6” “Cooking LV9” “Sweeping LV9” “Boujutsu LV2”, also…

… that one, the ultra-common skill that Aine brought to me from the guild. I had it inside me as well, but right now Aine’s magical power was necessary.

I need to calculate the probability, to simulate the possibilities. Alright… I can do it.

We will overwhelm Reginablus with the magical power of two people.

“Reginablus… you’ve said that you’re a faculty which accomplishes one’s goal. In other words, would it be fine to consider you a living being with such skill?” — I looked up at the red-haired girl slowly floating in the air.

Did she believe that she had already won? The girl was smiling.

<<It is so. Despite this form being special, I am not different from living creatures. Therefore, I am capable of comprehending and reasoning like my lord and other people>>

“Got it… that’s a fine thing, Reginablus”

<<If you’re content, then voice your desire, my lord. I should be able to grant that wish as I stand beside you>>

… Which means that “Vanish” or “Disappear” will be useless thing or order, huh?

In that case—

“Aah, I will tell you my wish”

<<I will comply. As a compensation, I will have you invoke my own skill completely>>

“… I have but one wish for you”

I then tightly grasped the hand of Reginablus.

Alright, she has substance to her body.

I took out a “Medallion” on my neck. Reginablus had one as well.

“Become my ‘Slave’, cursed sword Reginablus!”

“You’re a fool, my lord!”

A leather choker twined around the girl’s neck.

“Slave” contract is established.

<<Thus far nobody considered doing such a thing! However, dominating one’s heart means that it’s also possible to make them forget about the “Ring” of the contract!>> — A high-pitched voice resounded through the room.

<<I won’t do anything unless the order is given. Still, I won’t be able to injure my lord as well. My lord is making me a “slave”, I will make you awaken my heart manipulating skill and make my lord into a hero!>>

“Too bad. I long forgot about the matters with the ring”

Aine is hugging me close. I can feel the flow of her magical power—

“You know nothing about my skill, but I can find out about your skill”

I moved my right hand. It’s our win.

“This is the end, Reginablus. Will you be the first to rule over my heart, or will I be the first to overwrite your skill!”

<<…… What?>>

“Invoke “Ability Reconstruction Skill LV2”!!”

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