They May Have Come To Different Worlds, But They’re Not The Hero – The Prince, The Queen, And The Hero King

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There’s a common theme in isekai stories. The world the hero is sent to is usually a world of swords and magic. A place where science takes a backseat and is always similar to medieval level Earth. And the only generalized excuses I’ve seen in those stories were “there are monsters” and a lot of “bandits.”

There are so many retorts I can think of for this.

So many times I have seen worlds where science and magic coexisted and were developing rapidly. Even my organization is using what would be considered over-technology combined with the various discovered mythical energies, like magic.

In short, eventually worlds will change with time. And not everyone displaced will arrive in medieval age other world.

Well, this case followed a bit of this theme. I had come to this other world that followed the theme. But the world itself was not normal one bit.

It had a single super-continent in the shape of a five petal flower. If scientists were to see this planet, they would rant angrily like madmen how impossibly perfect the formation is.

It was also too ridiculously peaceful with peace having lasted for supposedly a millennia already. The theocracy that seemed to be located right in the middle of this super-continent was the only religion around. And the various races on this world lived in harmony.

This world is too ideal to exist normally. So many things should have already happened. I have a headache thinking about this.

But, there was one factor that compliments this defying of logic, yes, it was a Goddess. An actual Goddess watches over this particular world carefully. Giving oracles and such to the people below. This was why this world could exist like this.

And now a particular new factor was added to this place accidentally and could threaten to be a problem.

This is what I came here for, there was a young woman who was displaced to this world and was now being held in the castle of one particular kingdom.

Despite efforts from those in the information gathering department, they couldn’t completely ascertain her status. This was due to that world’s unique magicks that created some kind of powerful barrier that had multiple functions. An anti-spying function to prevent anyone from looking into the room and prevented listening. It prevented the occupant from leaving without the needed article that allowed to bypass the field. And numerous more functions that made me question who made such a convoluted barrier.

Because of this, we could only assume her status. She was currently under house arrest inside that room. It seemed that luck played a factor in us even catching she was on that world before she was placed inside that room.

Though, considering why she was under house arrest, I had wondered what were the reasons for it.

Although I was given permission to enter the castle and such, the looks I was getting as I arrived in the royal audience chamber made me wonder.

This mission’s protocols required me to interact with the people here but to also blend in to avoid accidental contamination. It is one of the reasons why I’m wearing this cumbersome full plate armor accentuated with a cape. The main color was based on my standard Enforcer uniform, which was black. And the cape was the same color as well.

Combined with my black hair, I must have looked like some kind of ominous black knight or something. As not to be rude, I knelt on one knee to show respect. The various nobles looked at me with some approval, it seemed I followed the right procedure.

The main with the highest position, the king who sat on his throne spoke to me.

“We welcome you to our castle and lands, o black knight. Pray tell what is the reason of your visit?”

Despite being Japanese, I was able to understand them. It’s not that Translation Skill or I learned the language while on route here. It’s simply the over-technology I have that’s hidden in my ear. It’s a super convenient communication device that had many useful functions and many useless ones.

I spoke clearly, my voice should be reflecting their speech.

“I have come from a far off land in search of a young maiden with hair that is same color as mine. She had been spirited away from her home and I have been charged with finding her. This search has led me to here. I hope that she is here and to be allowed to return her to her home.”

I don’t know what exactly the device said to the others. While I seemed to be speaking in the same kind of fashion similar to this world.

I had actually said this: “I am here looking for a young woman who has hair like mine. She was brought here by accident and I am here to bring her home.”

It was one of the questionable functions of this device, it would translate what I said to everyone else but I had no idea what the translation had said since it doesn’t retranslate that back to me for some reason.

Supposedly it also has a function to do an optical illusion to compensate to make it look like I was speaking all of that. I’m sure that function is useful but the amount of convenience was too much that I question it.

If my words had been conveyed correctly, I hoped this will be a simple thing.

But I doubt it.

“We understand your purpose, o black knight. But we fear that we cannot allow that young maiden to be returned. She has committed an act against the crown prince, our son. We require she take responsibility for her actions.”

“May I ask what manner of disrespectful act did she do? Is there no way for her to be able to return to her home?”

(“What exactly did she do? Is it impossible to release her?”)

I had to question why the translation seemed to be more verbose than what I was actually saying.

The king gave me a summary of what had happened some time before I came here. It seemed her incarceration was half her fault. The other half belonged to the crown prince that was standing next to the king.

It seemed that when she appeared right here in this audience chamber. Because of her strange clothes and language, the court mages tried to use a translation magic. Yes, those also exist despite how improbable they are.

But they failed and had to rely on means of rough body language to calm her down. This was when the crown prince attempted to show his good side. From what the king said, his son was generally awkward around women. So often it ended up with him getting refused by anyone he tried to flirt with.

Due to her black hair, she was a rare find and he wanted her. He tried to say things to her that would make her interested in him. But she didn’t understand one bit and was put off about how close he was. It was then he attempted to make her his by kissing her.

But she punched in the face and knocked him down. Then she stomped on his son with her heel shoe and was speaking to him in a disgusted tone, as if she saw a cockroach.

Well, any normal Japanese woman would react like this. It’s not like shoujo isekai where the lead is an innocent girl. Japanese women are not that innocent or naive. They have standards after all.

In the end, she was placed under house arrest for assaulting the crown prince and judgment would be reserved later, though it was delayed a lot because of the crown prince saying he would convince her. He seemed happy at the prospect for some reason despite being assaulted earlier.

I couldn’t help but think of the possibility he was secretly that kind of isekai prince, the rotten kind where he would force himself on a woman who was strong willed until she broke under him. But he didn’t give off that feeling one bit though.

I was honestly confused.

In the end, I managed somehow through some lengthy negotiating that I could translate for her and get this matter settled one way or another.

When she saw me, she looked surprised, but she understood I was Japanese so things became easier.

Or it should have been. For some reason, she didn’t look happy to see another Japanese. Why?

Then communications broke down almost instantly and the crown prince was provoked for some reason and challenged me to a duel.

What exactly did that stupid device say to get him riled up?

We were both in what seemed to be a training area for knights and we both had swords. The crown prince looked at me angrily as he yelled out.

“I will not give up the maiden, black knight.”

“Neither will I, your highness, for I cannot leave without her. I will return her at the cost of my life.”

(“I’m sorry, your highness. She can’t stay here. She’ll be returning with me.”)

“Black knight, if your skill with the sword is as strong as your conviction. This will be an excellent show.”

“Very well, I will show my skill and stake my life on this battle.”

(“Are you sure? My skill is much higher than yours.”)

“Then prepare yourself, black knight!”

For some reason, I’m feel like my device is broken for some reason. It shouldn’t have incited him more.

Well it’s not like I had anything to worry about. The crown prince despite being somewhat trained, he was very weak. It seemed his training was not enough as I easily handled him. Knocking away is sword each time until he tired himself out. He looked at me with a smirk of some sort.

What was the point of this obvious fight? Was I supposed to feel some kind of camaraderie with the prince so I would change my mind? Sorry to think this but, she’s still going home. It’s part of my job after all.

Then the young woman that had been watching just passed me by when I tried to talk to her. She grabbed the crown prince by the neck and shook him violently.

“What’s with that performance?! You were better than this! Grow a pair!”

“I can’t understand, young maiden. I beg your forgiveness. Ah…this shaking feels nice though.”

No, no, no no no no…you’re being choked there. That’s not a good thing.

“You had a better face while we’re alone in that room. You think you’ll get a reward from me for screwing up that badly?!”

Hmm? What did she just say? Reward? What reward?

I managed to pull her away and moved us to a private-ish spot away from the others.

“What’s going on here? Don’t you want to go home?”

“Hmm? I never said I wanted to go home.”

No, this is another world where the standard of living is way lower. I could go into many isekai related topics about things like lack of tasty foods, normal conveniences, or even things like entertainment.

“What’re you planning to do about your life back on Earth then?”

“Oh, I gave up on it already. I don’t have anything really there besides that job I had. Besides, I like that prince-y guy there. He’s pretty good for me.”

She seemed relaxed about the whole thing despite being in another world, and yet what was this chill I felt when I saw her smile just now.

“I was sent here to bring you back.”

“Oh, thank you, but I like it here.”

“You can’t stay here!–“

There was a beeping noise in my ear, it seemed someone was trying to contact me.

“Excuse me…”

I walked off and found a corner to look at to avoid anyone seeing me speak.

“This is Enforcer Hayate speaking.”

[“Enforcer Kanzaki, your mission is canceled.”]

“That’s impossible, the ‘Displaced’ is still here. We still need to bring her back.”

[“HQ has gotten a visit from a special VIP. The VIP has negotiated with us and HQ decided to accept.”]

“So if my mission is canceled, how is she supposed to communicate with them. She can’t even talk with them.”

[“We just received an item from the VIP that’ll be sent to you. You need to mention it’s blessed by the Goddess of that world, and use it on her.”]

“…Hey…this VIP wouldn’t happen to be the Goddess that watches over this world.”


My headache got worse.

“Understood, will carry out new mission and return after.”

[“Sorry for the trouble.”]

Transmission cut off as I received a stone in a flash of white light that caught everyone else’s attention. Some were even on guard as well. I returned to the others as and addressed everyone.

“I greatly apologize for putting you all on guard. However, I have received an oracle from the Goddess to leave the young maiden here. I was also gifted this stone, that allows her to understand and speak with you all.”

(“I’m sorry for the strange behavior. I received new orders and now I’m going to use this stone given to me by the Goddess that is meant to be used on her. It’ll let her be able to speak with you.”)

I walked over to the young woman and placed the stone on her head, it glowed a gentle glow before stopping and I motioned for her to talk.

“Can…Can you understand me?”

There were a lot of “Oh!” being said from everyone.

“Young maiden with the raven hair! Please marry me!” The crown prince excitedly said.

“Ok. I will.” She simply said with ease.

“Oh! My future queen! I’ll make you happy!”

“Oh, yes you will~”

I witnessed an instant acceptance to a sudden proposal. Though, why am I getting chills from that smile of hers again?

People seemed to be excited for several reasons now. Some of them asked me about the stone and I explained, with a verbose translation, that it’s blessed and was gifted to me by the Goddess. They asked me if they could have it and I assumed I no longer needed it so I gave it to them.

I went to talk to her, and she understood my Japanese just fine.

“Well, this is all I can do. Someone from this side negotiated with our side and you’re allowed to stay here.”

“Sorry for the trouble. I’ll have a great time here.”

“I see. Well, congratulations on your marriage. Though, I bet you didn’t expect to be a queen, huh.”

“I was a queen, this won’t be anything different.”

Hmmm? She was a queen?

“You’re a…queen? Like royalty ‘queen’?”

“Oh no, I’m talking about the other ‘queen’. You know, the one with a whip.”

That explains the chill, she wasn’t royalty, but she was a queen in that sense. The S&M bondage kind…

“And your job was…”

“S&M club.”

“…I see…”

My headache is worsening.

After leaving that situation promptly. I returned to the ship and washed my hands of anything that happened afterwards. I don’t want any more of this convenient nonsense.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

[Prime Minister of Hawtrey Kingdom POV]

Written memoirs of Prime Minister Harley Arurelia.

Many years ago, our Queen Yuri Kamogaoka Hawtrey, came to our world. We will never forget those days that blessed us with our queen.

Although a young black haired black knight had tried to return her to her home, he was given an oracle by our Goddess Esistia to leave her behind. When the Blessed Stone of Understanding was used on her, we could understand each other. Our King Nicholas, who had been the Crown Prince at the time, had proposed. And she accepted.

And the black knight, whose name was never mentioned once, gave us both our queen and the Blessed Stone of Understanding. We will never forget his courage and wisdom. Ah, how we wish we knew his name.

When King Nicholas took the throne alongside his only wife and queen. They lived happily. Although she was dominate in their marriage, the two were happy. She gave wise advice to our King and our kingdom has prospered.

Although our world suffered under the unexpected attack of an evil demon lord. Our Crown Prince Tatsuya Kamogaoka Hawtrey, had been on a journey of learning. And his journey led him to eventually rallying our world behind him. And he slew the evil demon lord in the final confrontation.

He returned home, by his mother’s insistence, and he took the throne right after. All kingdoms, and all people recognized him as our Hero King. Hero King Tatsuya who still leads us today. Under the caring eye of his mother.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

[Hayate’s POV]

I had been reading this pad out of morbid curiosity. I regret reading it.

I can guess the real events from reading this memoir. Their son, Tatsuya, most likely was tormented by his mother too much and eventually escaped the castle by feigning a journey of learning to stop being a toy for his mother.

Then coincidentally just handling the crisis to kill even more time. Eventually he killed the evil demon lord and was summoned back by his own mother and was forced to take the throne right after.

And this “Under the caring eye of his mother” part. She wasn’t caring, she wanted to watch him squirm being the new King, and a Hero King at that.

So she was accidentally sent there and was allowed to stay there. And she’s not the hero, but the hero’s sadistic mother.


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