They May Have Come To Different Worlds, But They’re Not The Hero – I’m Not A Hero. I’m Just Doing My Job

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As an Enforcer, my job covers quite a bit.

I’m asked to help with rescuing the “Displaced” from worlds they shouldn’t be on and hopefully save them rather than having to stop them. Since there’s a lack of personnel dedicated to this, I’m called in quite a bit whenever I don’t have anything else of importance to do.

I help with disasters that come from space-time phenomena that go out of control, though most of my work there is acting as a coordinator of efforts and my own solo actions.

The actual job that I’m supposed to be doing but usually don’t have many cases anyway is to track down and arrest dangerous individuals. And to stop their dangerous actions from affecting both the people and the fabric of space-time.

That’s what an Enforcer of the Space-Time Administration and Enforcement Bureau is supposed to be.

Well, today, I’m on another underdeveloped world chasing down a dangerous individual who’s flying through the sky with a flying motorcycle. I thought it would be simple to chase him down quickly.

Instead, while using flight-type magic, I’m dodging his vehicle’s weapons fire a bit. His vehicle looks to be illegally modified to house automatic targeting weapons. Where did this guy go to get that done?

“Surrender immediately or I’ll use force!”

“You ain’t getting me, Bureau dog!”

Most people tend to just refer us as the Administration Bureau for short. Though these kinds of guys tend to only use the “Bureau” part of it and always “dog” right after for some cliché reason.

“Arataka, deploy.”


The necklace around my neck with the blue triangle pendant on it spoke in a human-like female sounding robotic voice. The pendant detached itself turning into a blue colored ball of energy, then turning into the shape of a katana before physically becoming one. It went into my right hand as I felt the weight of it in my grip.

This was my partner and Transformable Weapon Device, Arataka. It’s a super intelligent AI housed in a transformable weapon device that fits my needs by becoming any weapon I program it for, there are restrictions though. It also can access and use the spells I know and support me on its own. I don’t know much else about how a transformable weapon device works. So don’t ask me how the pendant, that was smaller than the inside of the palm of my hand, can turn into a katana.


There was a similar blue color glow that covered parts of my uniform as my chest area was covered by a simple armor piece as well as a creating a black trenchcoat over my uniform. There were some other armor pieces that appeared wrapping around my lower legs and the top of my shoes. My hands which had been bare earlier were covered in fingerless gloves also having few bits of armor here and there. My face also now sported a specialized blue tinted clear visor type glasses.

The HUD on the visor showed me the distance between me and that guy. I was thinking on how to effectively take him out.

I was still dodging his weapons fire as he still ran away from me but he kept going in a straight line across the sky. Someone good at running away would add turns or something but this guy was probably the stupid type.

The lock on function of the visor still had him locked in so whatever spell I used would home in on his vehicle. Hmm, how to take him out. Let’s go with that. I quickly decided how to do it.

By overwhelming brute force.

“Lightning Lancer. Barrage Mode. Homing Proximity Explosive Variant.”

A number of small blue colored magic circles exceeding fifty appeared in the air around me. In front of each magic circle was a sphere of magic that didn’t have an element yet, then each sphere formed into a pseudo-spear made of lightning-type magic.


As the first set was fired off, another set formed and fired, and then another set, and this kept repeating. Even if he had automatic weapons, there’s no way it could handle a massive continuous barrage.

Looks like he noticed and he panicked as he tried to get away as there were numerous explosions happening constantly around him. As it got closer and closer to him, he began screaming.


I leisurely chased after him as the barrage continued. I was hearing him constantly screaming “I’m gonna die,” over and over. Though I wonder if he doesn’t realize that the magic is limited to just stunning him.

I know it’s impossible to believe. Right now, the magic I’m using is nonlethal and doesn’t cause real physical harm to him. It’ll only stun him to make him unconscious…with sheer magical force.

He continued screaming for a bit longer until the barrage finally hit him and more were hitting him over and over keeping him there. A small cloud began forming at that one spot as more magic projectiles went into it, making the small cloud bigger. Why was the barrage still going though?

“Oh, I forgot to set the upper limit.”


“End Barrage.”

The barrage of magic stopped and it finally calm down, then I saw his body falling to the ground. Where’s the flying motorcycle you might ask? Um, the barrage probably destroyed it into dust.

I know I said the magic was nonlethal, but that’s only to living beings, everything else it simply destroys if it happens. Please don’t ask me to explain how that works, that’s just how this magic system works despite me even asking how it’s possible and still not getting it. I’m an aerial combat magic user, not a magic researcher.

The visor locked onto his falling body and I used another spell.

“Chain Bind.”

Several magic circles appeared around him and caught him with chains that came from those magic circles. I flew towards him and noticed he was unconscious.

“Well…guess I’ll interrogate him later?”

Then I noticed a strong smell and saw a particular large stain at a certain spot.


I tapped the device in my ear to talk to the operator.

“This is Enforcer Hayate Kanzaki. I captured the target. Requesting transport. Advise…bring a cleaning crew as well.”

[“…What did you do?”]

“…I used a magic barrage on him. I…uh…made him…”

[“…Enough said, understood. And Enforcer.”]


[“It’ll cost you three premium desserts from that famous shop in HQ.”]


[“Good work~. Over and out~.“]

I sighed right after. If I remember correctly, that shop’s premium ones cost quite a bit. I strained a laugh as I watched the criminal vanish in a white light. The operator had expensive tastes when she got mad, though I did know her for the longest time.

Well, this case is over.

And then, for some reason a large shadow enveloped the land like some kind of cliché isekai style ominous approach of some great evil or something.

I turned around and saw some kind of large evil dragon looking thing in the air.

Uh, how did it sneak up on me. There was nothing else in the air around before.

“Arataka…why didn’t you warn me?”


“Couldn’t you have detected that? You should have been able to do that since we ran into that kind of thing several times before.”


“Hey…did that scientist mess with you again?”


Looks like another thing to do when I get back to HQ. I wish that particular scientist would stop “upgrading” my stuff without permission. Better yet, when did she get her hands on Arataka, it barely leaves my side besides maintenance– …I see it was then.

As I finished dealing with making my plan when I get back, the evil dragon looking thing is glaring at me with its large eyes. It opens it mouth and speaks in the native language of the land. Fortunately I have the all too convenient translator in my communication device.

“Thou art the insect that dirties our sky. How dare an insect like yourself fly like us.”

It sounded angry but I swear the communication device isn’t translating correctly…please don’t tell me she “upgraded” this too. Explains that particular time then.

“Uh…I apologize if I insulted you unknowingly but I have already done what I needed to do. So I’ll be leaving now.”

“Do not think about escaping us. A heavy price must be paid for dirtying our sky. Prepare to die!”

That’s not heavy, that’s absurd. Why do I need to die just because I can fly?

It began inhaling suddenly. This pattern. It’s a breath attack, isn’t it?



A blue colored spherical magic shield appeared around me as the evil dragon thing breathed flames at me for a bit.

After it died down, the barrier was unaffected and obviously so was I.

“Impossible! No mere insect can have the power to rival us! Could it be, thou art that hero prophesied in legend?!”

“No, no. I’m no hero. I’m just someone who was doing a job just earlier. I plan to leave and never return.”

Seemingly angry at my nonchalant behavior after being attacked, it repeated its breath attack a few more times with the same results with me blocking with the same barrier.

“Who the hell art thou?!”


I thought about it a bit and then gave my answer.

“I’m a passing thru Enforcer. Remember that.” (AN: Kamen Rider Decade reference.)


“I don’t need a tsukkomi about that. I can’t help it.”

“Damn thy mockery of us! We shall burneth thou to ashes!”

It inhaled bigger this time.


I focused myself and flew in a direction as it spewed flames many times hotter than before as it turned its head to direct the flames at me. Fortunately, I can fly faster than it can turn its head. But this is a problem, if those flames touch ground it could set everything on fire or burn it down to ash. I was distracted as I looked at the ground below me.

“Is that thing getting serious? What’s going to happen if a fire breaks out?”


I suddenly dodged a flying boulder eight times my size that came in my view when I turned my head. I looked at that in surprise and wondered where it came from. Not even before it crashed into the ground, Arataka called out to me again.


I turned again and more similar size boulders came flying at me.

Where are these coming from if we’re in the air?!

I dodged a few, but I was forced to use my magic on the last one. Raising my left hand to point at it, I yelled out the spell key phrase.

“Lightning Crusher!”

A magic circle appeared before my left hand and a large magical blast appeared from it and went flying towards the boulder coming at me. It hit the boulder and blew it apart. Although it was a lightning type magic and the compatibility was bad. The amount of magic power behind it was more than enough.

“What?! Thou can use the power of nature?! Impossible! How art thou doing this?!”

I think it was getting the wrong idea about my magic. I mean, it’s not native to any world. And it doesn’t follow the normal standards one finds in isekai novels either.

The magic system I’m using prioritizes power, usability, and efficiency. While ignoring elemental compatibility and whatever that would make those who read isekai novels rant in rage how it shouldn’t be possible. The only real weakness that’s involved is an individual’s “mana tank” I guess, though that doesn’t apply to me because mine is in words of someone else, “super ludicrously huge, that is so unfair!” That’s just how it is.

“I’m a mage or magic user from a faraway place. As I said before I was trying to leave this place before you attacked me. I hope you understand now.”

“No mere mage can rival the power of us! If thou art that powerful, use thy strongest spell to defeat us in a single blow. Then we shall let thou leave.”

This thing just gave me a good condition but, was that really smart of it? I thought for barely a moment.

No, this thing is dumb. Well, it asked for it.

“Okay, don’t regret this.”

I sighed as I looked around.

“Better protect the surroundings. Activate the Dimension Shift Barrier.”


The surroundings changed colors indicating something.

“What did thou do?!”

“We’re in an enclosed dimensional space that’s shifted slightly. This is the kind of thing perfect for unleashing powerful spells.”

“Ha, as if an insect like thou has that much power!”

“Arataka, we’re doing that one.”


I pointed my katana into the air, a magic circle appeared in front of me aimed at that thing. As blue colored mana began appearing from the surroundings and converging onto a single point at the center of that magic circle. At first the evil looking dragon thing looked at it and scoffed. After a short few seconds, I could swear I thought I saw it sweat just now.

“T-That power! No! It can’t be!”

Although the ball of mana hadn’t grown too much, the amount of power emanating from it could be felt. Well this was the beginning of this convergent bombardment type magical blast spell. And because there was no element to it, it was pure mana with no element to it, so elemental compatibility wasn’t a problem.

The mana finished converging as I looked at it.


“No! Wait!”


I slash down and pointed at it as the ball of mana exploded outward in a single direction, towards the evil dragon looking thing. The blast expanded outward so fast, while it faltered, it had failed to attempt a dodge and was engulfed in the torrent of magical energy as it screamed.


Its screams were engulfed in the sounds of the magical blast or did it lose consciousness already.

After the blast it the ground and exploded outward, the bombardment finished and I looked at the damage. There on the ground in the crater was the evil dragon thing sprawled out on the ground.

I reiterate again, the magic was NONLETHAL. (AN: This point is important that it’s in CAPS :p )

From the looks of it, I fulfilled the requisite and sighed as Arataka returned to being a simple pendant on my necklace.

“Arataka, undo the Dimensional Shift Barrier.”


The surroundings slowly returned back to their original colors. The crater the thing was in was gone, but it was still sprawled there on the ground unconscious as I took out a pad and did the usual with it, disappearing in a flash of white light.

As I returned to the ship, there was a girl waiting for me in the teleporter room. Her long black hair was accented by a pair of silver bangs at the front. She was the operator I always talked to. My assigned partner as my support.


Her voice had a tinge of anger in it.


“You’ll buy me six premium desserts from that place, and a large cake.”


“Good. Now explain everything.”

She was still angry despite smiling at me, and locking her arm with mine as she dragged me along. I wonder that when I explained all of it, would she increase the amount again.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from my childhood friend turned arranged fiancé, Reika Izuhara. I may be a strong aerial combat magic user, but I can never win against her.



Editor: He slayed a dragon.

Author: >> It’s still alive.

Editor: No, he slayed it. He could’ve killed it for meat.

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Author: Still

Author: Alive

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