[One Shot?] They May Have Come To Different Worlds, But They’re Not The Hero – A Deluded “Hero”

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[Hayate’s POV]

You know those stories about being sent to another world. You know, the ones about reincarnation or being summoned. The cheat abilities, cheat RPG-like stats, cheat skills, etc. Horrible disasters solved amicably, or defeating the evil demon lord easily. Or the underdog who becomes a cheat character and becomes super OP. Those are true despite how unbelievable they are.

But…it’s not always like that.

My job partially revolves around helping out or stopping the other side of this scenario. Just like there are those destined to be the hero, there are those who are not and end up getting displaced for no reason whatsoever. In short, these are just average people who will never gain any cheat abilities or stats, and they can still end up harming the other world they’re in. We call them the “Displaced.”

These “Displaced” are usually average civilians that get accidentally caught up in some phenomena and sent to random worlds. Most of the time they’re killed almost immediately once they get there, usually by some monster, bandits, or some unlucky circumstance. Especially since they don’t have that so called “Language Translation” skill. The rest are often lucky enough to survive for a short period before something happens.

This is where I come in. I travel to these worlds to help them return back home. If need be, stop them from causing damage from their actions or getting killed later down the line.

Like right now, I had just arrived via teleporting and managed to stop the person who didn’t belong on this particularly underdeveloped world. This guy was already predicted beforehand he would die a little sooner than usual if left alone.

And man, he looks like a stereotype already for some reason. He’s dressed in a t-shirt with an anime character on it, and baggy sweatpants. He doesn’t have shoes either. He’s slightly obese looking and his hair is unkempt and dirty. In short, the stereotype otaku that most would assume would look like.

I better get down to business.

“You’re not supposed to be here. You’ll have to come with me for your own sake.”

“Don’t screw with me! I was meant to come here! I finally came to another world! That means I’m a hero! I’m going to have a harem of slave girls too!”

What nonsense is this guy spouting? I guess this guy’s been reading a lot of isekai stuff. The guy in front of me honestly believes he’s a hero and is meant to be here. Sorry guy, you’re not a chosen one.

I crossed my arms and sighed.

“And what lead you to that idea? Just because you’ve come to another world, doesn’t mean you’re a hero. Do you remember meeting ‘God’?”


“If you haven’t met ‘God’ then, how do you know you’re a hero then?”

He looked confused for a moment, then he seemed to have an idea.

“Status!” He yelled out suddenly.

But nothing happened. I gave him a skeptical stare as he panicked.

“Status Open! Menu! Open Menu!”

For a good minute, he was trying to use whatever words would be linked to that RPG type isekai story. And nothing happened.

On another note, the reason I know the isekai genre at all is because every “Displaced” I met that managed to live long enough is this type. Normal civilians who don’t read isekai genre usually die quickly.

I spent time immersing myself in the subject to understand and hopefully have the correct knowledge to convince them through words.

My success rate of managing to convince them was zero.

“Are you done? Nothing is appearing.”

I made my voice sound annoyed on purpose, though honestly I just wanted this to be over faster. Every time this happens, it’s always a set pattern with these people.

“Then I’ll use a spell! That should prove it!”

Here it is, the spell casting to prove they can use magic.

“Flames of hell, gather before me and destroy my enemy. Fire Ball!”

He pointed his hand towards me as nothing appeared. Was he seriously trying to attack me with a “spell”? I continued looking at him skeptically. This guy was also suffering from chuunibyou it seemed.

“What the hell?! Why can’t I use magic?!”

He was naturally confused for a while, and then he looked like he came upon another idea.

“Maybe the image wasn’t enough!”

He concentrated really hard from the looks of it. I knew of this as well, by having a concrete image of the spell to make the spell work or to make it more powerful. That was the usual logic in isekai stories.

“Fire Ball!”

He pointed his hand towards me again and nothing happened. He even seriously tried to do the no chant version. This guy was hopeless.

“Why?! Why can’t I use magic?!”

“Sorry to say. You’ve got no talent for it.”

There were reasons why normal humans couldn’t use special powers. Talent played an important role. It’s like in the isekai stories.

From my statement he looked pretty mad. Well, to be told you don’t have talent would make anyone mad at first. But why am I getting all the anger for? I’m just doing my job here. And twice now he aimed his “spell” at me, what was he planning to do if he could use magic?

“Will you cooperate with me now? I am trying to help you out here.”

He continued to be obstinate about it as he thought to himself, which lead him to his next “brilliant” idea.

“I probably have super strength! I can punch you and prove it!”

Why is his solutions all revolving around trying to hurt me? He does realize I’m here to help him right? He does understand basic Japanese….right? I was a bit exasperated at his attitude towards me.

He charged at me like a complete amateur, he’s also wheezing a little. Not getting any exercise either it seems. He threw a weak punch at me. I caught it quickly with right hand and looked at him skeptically as I squeezed his fist.

“…OW! OW! OW! It hurts!”

“Of course it hurts, I’m stronger than you. Why are you trying to attack me to prove a point? You could’ve simply punched that tree over there, or used that “spell” from earlier to damage it. What’s the point of attacking me?”

“Because I wanted to see the look on your face! You stupid smug know it all bastard.”

Was I being smug about it? I don’t think so? He was probably projecting his view of other people on me. Just like the rest before. Every guy I met so far has had the same opinion on me, why? I remember hearing that any girls or women caught up in similar situations are usually more understanding from my co-workers. Why am I getting all these troublesome guys for?

I do remember my co-workers saying it’ll be a problem if I help the girls or women that are displaced. I still don’t know why since they never told me.

I let him go and he backed away nursing his hand.

“I’ll ask this for the last time, will you cooperate with me now? This is getting tedious. There’s no way you can prove you’re a hero now, right? Please accept reality.”

If he didn’t accept, there was that one last thing he would do. He looked at me and came upon his final answer.

“You can understand me right?!”


“That means I have that Language Translation skill! I’ll prove to you I’m the hero by writing something no one else on this world can read!”

Does he seriously not view me as Japanese? I know my dark blue eyes are not common, but the black hair should be a dead giveaway at least.

He wrote rather quickly in the dirt and then backed away with his chest puffed out. Now let’s see what he wrote here.

“Hmmm. ‘I’m the hero, and you’re a stoopid idiot. Flat is justice!’ it says. Are you serious? You even misspelled ‘stupid’.”

He was taken aback when he realized I could read it.

“No way, you can read that?! Aren’t you from this world?!”

Did this guy seriously just say that? I’m Japanese, you idiot. I crossed my arms again as I glared at him this time.

“I never said I was. Now be good and cooperate with me here. I’m trying to help you get off this world!”

“No! I don’t want to! I want to stay here! I’m still the hero! You can’t make me!”

Protocol says I can’t hit him since he’s a civilian. How I really want to hit him. I groaned as I simply pointed my left hand at him.

“Chain Bind.”

I spoke the spell activation phrase and a magic circle appeared before my hand. Chains made of blue colored magical energy appeared from the magic circle and quickly bound his arms and legs. He fell with a thud and he struggled as he looked super angry.

“No fair! How can you use magic when I can’t?! This isn’t right! I’m the hero! The hero!”

I sighed as I tapped a small device in my ear. I heard the beeping noise several times before hearing another voice in my right ear. I could still hear him complaining loudly in my left though.

“This is Enforcer Hayate Kanzaki reporting in.”

“What?!!!! You’re Japanese?!!!!”

I ignored him and continued.

“Target is captured. Requesting immediate transport. Advise, sedate him heavily and wipe his memory.”


I still ignored him.

[“Request received. Why does he need to be sedated?”]

“Target is resistant and suffering from deluded misconception of his reality. Don’t let him wake up until you return him back.”

“HEY! I’m not deluded! I’m the hero here! I’m the he—“

He disappeared in a white flash of light.

[“Transport complete. Good work.”]

“Thanks, what’s the next thing on the agenda?”

[“There’s nothing currently. You can take your time and explore that world. Aren’t you interested in the cuisine?”]

“Are you joking? You know I can’t interact with the populous because of the mission protocols right?”

[“Hee hee hee.”]

I simply sighed when the operator started giggling after teasing me. She really loves to do this every so often.

She knew that I was not allowed to interact with this world’s people. If they saw my magic it would cause problems, that’s why I did it in a remote location where no one else was around.

She stopped giggling and went back to her work voice.

[“Enforcer Kanzaki. After erasing all evidence, please return to the ship. We’ll be traveling to another world as soon as you return.”]


The transmission cut off as I checked the ground where he had wrote earlier. I used my foot to quickly erase any trace of it. Taking out a pad, I checked for any traces of stuff from his world. There wasn’t any this time fortunately and with my free hand, I began typing on the touch keyboard as a complicated set of coordinates appeared on the screen.

After hitting the big green icon that later appeared on screen, I disappeared from this world in a flash of white light.

They May Have Come To Different Worlds, But They're Not The Hero - The Prince, The Queen, And The Hero King