Return of The Former Hero ch.153

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Chapter 153. Former Hero – Gets Wet

[Anyways, let’s free those two.]

That should be our first priority.

The two girls, the grown up Tanya and the somewhat intoxicated Elcure, might get hit accidentally from our fight. I don’t think the slime has a high enough intelligence to use those two as hostage, but having the two secured first would make a lot of difference.

[Of course. But, how will we do it?]

In any case, Leon agreed to my plan of rescuing the girls first.

[I’ll go ahead and free them at once. I leave the support to you two.]

[Understood. Celes-san, since we will take the front, please lay down some supporting fire from behind.

No, just leave the attacking to us. Celes-san’s kind of attack isn’t suited for this situation]

[Eh… oh, well, okay. I got it.]

In response to my rough strategy, Leon understood it immediately and even gave instructions to Celes.

Hum hum.

Having another man giving instructions to your woman was somewhat weird.

Well, no no, it’s just me being petty about little things.

Next time, I’ll just have to make sure that there is no other male member in my party. Yep.

[Okay, let’s go.]


The two answered to my signal.

First, I snuck in from the sideway to rescue Elcure.

For now, the slime showed no sign of attacking. But once I got closer, I’m quite sure it will.

Proving my assumption, the giant slime reacted when Leon approached it from the front directly.

[Holy Sword’s Light!]

After reaching a certain distance, Leon launched his first attack.

A sphere of light, not inferior in size to the one he showed to me before, shot out from Leon’s new holy sword.

In response to that light, the giant slime extended out innumerable tentacles towards Leon.

Leon’s Holy Sword’s Light went straight and struck the giant slime, exploding in a loud noise.

But it only managed to cause only a shallow dent.

Similarly, Leon easily blocked or avoided the tentacles that attacked him.


That’s such a swift movement even in this muddy environment.
Leon’s growth is very apparent here.

He continued on without hesitation even without Celes’ aid.

…oof, that’s not something I should focus on right now.
I have to rescue the two captives.


While Leon distracted the giant slime, I dashed to where Elcure is. She was hanging in the air about 3-4 meters away from the floor.

[Are you okay? I’m going to rescue you now.]


I tried speaking to Elcure.
She merely turned her glazed eyes to me.


That is…somewhat…nice.
The gap from her usual self caused my heart to skip a beat.

I felt like I want to enjoy it for a while… but let’s free you up first.

I’m the only one allowed to do bondage play to Elcure, okay? While holding Elcure with my left hand, I swung my sword around one-handedly.


On my part, I wanted to rescue Elcure like a gallant prince saving a princess in distress.
As for Elcure, she was staring at me, with her face… blushing red.

But the tentacle I’m trying to cut merely stretched and recoiled back violently.

W-what the?!

Why can’t it be cut all of a sudden?
What the hell is going on?

[Hyann…!? Nnn…!]

While I was still confused by this one unexpected result, another unexpected event happened.

Elcure started to pant sexily on my hand.

Eh? What? What is wrong?


When I’m about to try cuting it again, the tentacle in turn grew more unpredictable and tightened its restraint on Elcure.

As the tentacles tightened, it caused Elcure’s breasts to perk up even more. Furthermore, Elcure’s private place is…

[Aahn…no, don’t… kiih…hh…]


Elcure-san, she’s letting out such a lewd sounding voice that I’ve never heard before.

Blushing cheeks.
Glazed eyes.
Moist skin.
And tentacles that are restraining her.

If this goes on, it will…

Calm down.
Calm down, me!

And also, calm down, my ‘holy sword’!

Earlier, I said that I’m a man that will do whatever I want to do.
Now I just have to focus on saving Elcure first.

The giant slime hadn’t bothered to attack me thanks to Leon’s masterful distraction.
Although he seemed to be managing for now, there is no telling what will happen later. So I better be quick.

[This…! This… Oryaa!]

I tried cutting off the tentacles holding Elcure once more, twisting and tearing it off.
But it was surprisingly very elastic and tough, so much so that whatever method I tried so far didn’t work.

[Aa, aah… Ahh, nnn! Yaa…waahhaa…!]

The more I tried to pry the tentacle open, the tighter it held Elcur and the louder her moans and trembles get.

I could feel a hot sigh coming from Elcure who pressed her head to my neck.
Then suddenly she went silent for a while. Until…

[Kuuh…h…hhh. A…Aamagi…Haruto…y-you did it on purpose…didn’t you?]

Elcure raised a protest.

[No, I didn’t…]

[Hah hah…. Then, please… stop…]

Yeah, sure. Pardon me. Truly.

However, seeing her acting like that in my grasp with those glazed eyes of hers… how can I concentrate on the task at my other hand?

Jokes aside, I really couldn’t cut this damn tentacle.
Guess I should just give up on cutting it with my sword.

Should I get Celes to help me?

Ah, right. Just wait.

While I was thinking of what I should do, I was reminded of Leon’s first attack.

At that time, I’m quite sure that the giant slime barely nullified Leon’s attack by absorbing the magic power in it.
That only means that magic is quite effective against this thing.

I should’ve noticed such thing sooner.

But… I must not regret.

At least I noticed it before it is too late. While feeling at a loss, I started using image magic.

[Fire Ball!]

I don’t need a large scale explosion.

So I adjust the magic power output so that I can launch the magic at close range safely.

And then, the tentacle melted while making a gross-sounding noise.

Ooh. I did it!
It worked better than I thought it would be.


For the time being, the restraint had been somewhat looser than before. A sound of relief escaped Elcure’s mouth.

Really now, this girl just really has very sensitive skin. Hahaha.

So I quickly destroyed the other tentacles with Fire Ball.

[W-wai…w-wait a minute… wait…]

As I was about to burn the last tentacle, Elcure tried to say something.
But my magic had already been activated by then.

The last tentacle was burnt with a whooshing sound.



Elcure let out a little cry as she collapsed into my embrace while trembling.

Whoopsie, what’s going on here?
Could it be you’ve finally fallen for me after I rescued you?
Why of course.

[Enough…I can’t anymore…]

Elcure clung to me weakly while muttering something.

What is it that you can’t hold in anymore?


While I was wondering about it, apart from the heat coming from Elcure’s weakened body, I also felt something warm spreading on my lower body.

On my left leg to be exact.


Elcure shook her body and clung to me even harder, whilst wrapping her legs around my left leg.

No, it won’t feel this warm if it’s just because my leg is being wrapped with her thighs.

It’s hard to see because Elcure is in the way, so I had to twist my body a bit to check.
Let’s see… Well, there is this liquid that is different from the muddy water here running through my left leg.


She, she… did she just… wet herself…!?

Because I was already soaked in the muddy water, I didn’t really notice the wetness.
No no, that’s not it…

I’m certainly curious, but I don’t have that kind of hobby.

That’s why I asked her if she needed to go earlier…

With unstable footing, I couldn’t make any jump while holding Elcure. So I let the warm sensation on my left leg be and wait until she’s finished.

I also checked Leon’s situation, but it appeared that he was preoccupied with dealing against the giant slime, so he probably didn’t notice of what happened here.

[Eerrmm… Are you done yet?]

After waiting for a while, I asked Elcure whether she’s finished or not. She didn’t dare to show her face to me, opting to bury her face on my neck and whispered her reply quietly.

Having a confirmation, I jumped away with Elcure in hand.

When I released my grip on her body, Elcure instantly fell on her butt. Probably because she couldn’t put any strength on her legs to remain standing up.
I suppose it’s a very embarrassing moment for her, since she didn’t dare to look up afterward.

Can you at least say thank you? I rescued you, remember?
Though I had already received a ‘thank you’ in a way…

But, by the way, Elcure-san. Aren’t you making your lower body wetter by the magic water if you keep sitting like that?

Well, she’s already wet, so I guess it won’t matter that much.
Rather, won’t it become a convenient excuse to explain why she’s wet down there?


Now what should I say?
I don’t know… I was lost for words.

Come to think of it, Sharon also wet herself during our first meeting.
How did I handle it back then?

As I tried to recall the memories from the past, Elcure who was still sitting down on her butt finally looked up.

What are you doing?

Though it’s obvious that she’s embarrassed, she also showed a very satisfied look on her face.

[That was…really amazing.]

Is that so? Well, you are welcome.

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