Return of The Former Hero ch.145

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Chapter 145. Former Hero – Spends Time (Part 2)

Tanya was on my back as she fell asleep after getting tired from swimming in the tub.
Why are unconscious humans so heavy?

Tanya kept slipping away from my arms if not supported properly.
I couldn’t come up with other ideas so I placed my hands under Tanya’s butt and started moving.

Good grief, this fellow wouldn’t stop playing around until her stamina reaches 0.




I accidentally woke Kagura-san up while I was laying Tanya back to the bed.


She raised her body up gently while eliciting a groan unbefitting of a woman.

[Good morning.]


I tried to greet Kagura-san, but it appeared that she’s still in her unfocused, half-awake state.
It’s normal when I see Celes in this kind of state, but it’s a first for Kagura-san.

Slowly, sloppily, and rather uncomfortably, I helped Kagura-san wear her clothes back.

It’s because during all that, I got to see Kagura-san’s flaring assets, which invoked a completely different feeling from that of Tanya’s…

Well, it’s understandable, right?
Do you want to have something to eat after this?

No idea.
Seriously, I felt like a horny ape now.

If I don’t hold myself down here, I might end up doing something bad.
Normally there was Sharon or Rithina who would keep me reined in, but they aren’t here now.
I just had to endure it myself sometimes.

After Kagura-san had somewhat recovered from her lethargy, I took her to have some lunch.
There was only Celes at the dining room when we arrived.

I wonder if Elcure chose to miss lunch.
Or perhaps she’s eating somewhere else already?

Oh well.

[Ermm… I want to ask for Onii-san’s permission.]

At the end of the lunch, Celes suddenly interjected.

[For what?]

What bothered her so much to the point she had to ask for my permission first?
Ah, right, perhaps because I’m the city lord now.

[About that, I talked to Kagura-san yesterday and since our rooms are next to each other…well, is it okay to make a hole on the wall?]

[A hole in the wall?]

I ended up repeating after Celes there.

[Ah, right, we need to do that, Haru-kun. I reckon I’ll be visiting Ce-chan’s room often, but it’s bothersome if I have to pass through the hallways every single time]


Instead of Celes, it was Kagura-san who ended up explaining the reason.

I thought that it would be best to have those two close to each other so I arranged their rooms to be adjacent to one another. But apparently that’s not enough.

[I don’t mind. Do as you like.]

[Wai. Thank you, onii-san.]

Celes’ face turned bright since I gave the permission so easily.

Actually I had no reason to refuse, but did she expect me to?

[I’m fine with the hole, but how will you make it?]

I hope it’s not through explosion or something similar. That’ll be too dangerous.

[That… I’m actually thinking to ask for your help… But, well, if you have something else to do, then I can do it on my own.]

[You don’t have anything to do, right? Haru-kun?]

Certainly, I have nothing to do.
It’s nothing much but rather, I want everyone to rely on me more.

But well, someone like Kagura-san doesn’t really speak too much.
Although that’s a sensitive area, I shouldn’t prod too much or else she’ll punish me.

I asked the maid to clean up after lunch and headed to the rooms together with the two.

Celes’ room was still in a mess because she still hadn’t had the time to organize her many baggages.

In stark contrast, Kagura-san’s room was already neat and tidy.
Surely, she already organized everything perfectly according to her needs.

Kagura-san always preferred to know the location of all her belongings, in case when she needs them.
The same didn’t seem to apply here.

[Well… I want the hole to be right here. Let me prepare a little.]

Celes explained while pointing to a wall at the corner of the room.
Then she started drawing something on the wall with chalk.

A magic diagram?

Celis deftly drew patterns that seem like a magical diagram on the wall.

It’s not the pattern I recognized.
Well, I’m nothing but a newbie in terms of magic anyways.

[It’s done.]

After about 10 minutes, Celis finally finished the diagram. That was fast.
Although its size was about as wide as a watermelon, there were too many intricate details on it… and yet she drew it so smoothly.


[Then, what do you need me here for? From the looks of things, not breaking the wall, right?]

[Please infuse magic power into this magic diagram.]

Celes immediately replied.

Infuse magic power, huh?

If it’s just that, then anyone else would do, right?
Well, not that I mind it.


I put my hand on the magic diagram and poured my magic power in.


Contrary to its size, the diagram unexpectedly absorbed a lot of magic power.

I see.

I am certainly the right person for the job if it consumed this much magic power.
Of course, it’s possible for Celes to do it herself, but unlike me, the consumption might leave her exhausted.

[Anything else?]

When the magic diagram is finally filled, I released my hand away from it.

[Yes. That would be enough.]

Apparently there is no problem when she checked the diagram.

[Well, let’s get it started.]

I moved away from the wall.

This kind of magic diagram can only be activated by the one who drew it.
The diagram might be drawn in a way so that other people can use it, but the first activation must be done by the creator.

Celes touched the diagram with her finger.

A nice sound came out. Cool.

As for me, I can’t do that trick with my finger.

Anyways, Celes circulated magic power through her finger as signal.
When the magic diagram glowed white, the wall around it slowly crumbled down into fine sand.

Hoo, amazing.

I don’t know how it works, but the fine sand did not flew around like dust and simply piled up into small lump on the floor.

After a while, that part of the wall collapsed completely, and leaving a clean hole in its place.

[Thank you very much.]

Celes thanked me.

[You’re welcome.]

Afterward, the two of us began to clean up the lump of sand on the floor.
…..wait, just two?

Ehh? Speaking of which, where is Kagura-san?
I completely forgot because her presence was so thin.

Looking around the room, I found her sleeping on Celes’ bed.


No-no, why are you sleeping on this part? Now that I think about it, a child grows up when they sleep, right?
Will that make your breasts grow bigger? If so, then please do.

That’s not it!

It’s alright but…

What the heck?

After the lump of sand has been cleaned up, we secured the hole’s rims with some chemicals.
Maybe some partitioning would be required like a curtain or a door. But I guess I’ll leave that to Kagura-san and Celes to decide by themselves.

The job is done, and my role is over.

Now then…. labor requires payment.
This remains the same whether it’s here or on Earth.



[Yes. What is…wha?]

I suddenly hugged Celis who had just thrown the sand into the rubbish bin from behind.
Celis yelped in surprise but did not resist otherwise.

[Ermm…onii-san? Ah, I knew it.]

You knew it?
You knew what?

You got it right. Hahahaha

I stared at Celes’ eyes. She in turn whispered.

[But, Kagura-san…]

Celis seemed to be worried since Kagura-san is sleeping on her bed.
I could just wake Kagura-san for a threesome…but it’s more exciting this way.

[It’ll be fine if Celes can put her voice down.]

[Eh? Ehhh?]

As expected, Celes hesitated at my irresponsible request. How cute.

[Bu, but…nnnmm…!]

Celis tried to say something, but I silenced her with a kiss.
She struggled weakly at first, but eventually responded back

And then, the battle began between the me who tried to make Celes moan loudly versus the Celes who had to struggle to keep her voice down.

In the end, Kagura-san woke up due to the noise. I really outdid myself there.

It’s hard to forget Kagura-san’s cold voice saying, [What the hell are you doing there?]
Celes, who was stuck in the middle, apologized in tears.

No, I apologized too. I really did apologize.

If there is no follow-up, the relation between these two who had just connected their rooms together might get affected.

Then what to do?


Ignoring that small incident, I had an enjoyable time spending it together with the three of us.

I suppose it’s obvious already of what we did.

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