Return of The Former Hero ch.144

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Chapter 144. Former Hero – Spends Time (Part 1)

The next day, I woke up being surrounded by naked bodies.
Of course, waking up surrounded by pretty girls is always refreshing.

Releasing my accumulated desire is also refreshing, although it’s only been a day at most.

Even so, it’s been a while and the girls were quite excited as well.
Especially Laurier and Tanya here.

But I was definitely not one to stay passive…

Although it’s a bit taxing, I managed to satisfy all 5 of them.
Thank you very much.

Furthermore, that finger licking play though….
It doesn’t mean that it’s the first time for me as Etna-san did that once, last time I checked.

It’s fun.

I felt like someone was always licking on my fingers last night, which was quite exciting.
Thanks to that, my fingers are…nn?

I feel a bit uncomfortable remembering what happened last night.

No, it’s something uncomfortable, yet familiar at the same time…


Looking at my hand, I found Laurier sleeping while suckling on my finger.
She truly sucked my index finger clean.

…good job, I guess?

Laurier continued to sleep while mumbling incoherent words.
The warmness in my crotch returned as her soft lips and tongue wrapped around my finger.

No, it was originally just regular morning wood, but all that stimulation made it a full fledged boner.

How lonely.
My finger did feel good… but seeing they’re still asleep, I guess it’s for the better.

While I was still deep in thought, I suddenly heard Laurier’s talking in her sleep.

[munyamunyamunya… somushwienernanojaー]

Ha? What did you say?
…somushwienernanojaー, was it?

Ahahaha. This little glutton.



That hurts!?

When I was smiling in a good mood, Laurier suddenly bit my finger.
I shouted unintentionally.

What a timing.
Could it be that she’s eating something inside her dream?
I should’ve known.

What the. Hey…now my finger really hurt.

Fortunately it’s not the other part. Fortunately.


Sharon and Celes woke up, probably due to my earlier shout.
Laurier was still sleeping.

I managed to pull out my finger from Laurier’s mouth before she chewed it off.

It was coated in saliva…

I felt turned off this time.
I need to wash it immediately.

[Errm…that voice just now?…. Was it Haruto?]

Sharon asked while raising her upper body.

By the way, everyone was naked, including me.
Sharon’s ample breasts and her slim neck and waist entered my view.

Red marks were visible all over her body.
The proof of my hard work.

Here, there… yeah.

[It’s…it’s Laurier…]

While trying to answer Sharon, Celes also got up.

Since her hair wasn’t tied, it exploded in a heap of tangled masses.
Naturally, there were also red marks all over Celes’ body.

I was just being fair to everyone.
I really tried my best.

My satisfaction is over the top.


Celes looked around with unfocused sleepy eyes.
Celes is extremely lethargic in the morning. Was it due to low blood pressure?


Laurier who now hugging my leg muttered in her sleep just like that.

Her hand crawled around in the air looking for her dream object and finally landed on my crotch.

[Nn. Here is it…]

She moved her face up as she muttered so.


An image of catastrophic tragedy crossed my mind.

What horror.

When was the last time I felt this scared?
B-b-but… it’s indeed really scary.

[Oi, stop that. Wake up!]

I held off the advancing Laurier at the dangerous ground while trying to wake her up.

[Ha? Is it time to eat already….?]

Laurier woke up with drool hanging from her mouth.

You can only eat my wiener if you’re awake…okay? Really now.

After that, hesitantly freeing myself from Kagura-san, I left the bed to fetch my underwear.
Tanya woke up when I accidentally poked her butt as I got off the bed.

It’s such fun to play with butts.
It’s elastic and soft in a fun way.

…and so, the early morning passed just like that.

After having my breakfast, I got out to do the regular practice but refrained in the end.
Everyone had just arrived yesterday so I guess they’re still tired?

Tired from their journey, no doubt.

Celes was remodelling her room.
Sharon and Laurier went out to sightsee. Laurier probably just wants to find something to eat.
Kagura-san was still sleeping on my bed.
Tanya…she was stuck on my back.

Today, according to schedule, Rithina should return in the afternoon.
Elcure seemed to have given up on targeting Leon so her effort probably ended up being unnecessary, but all’s well that ends well.

Peace is the best.

Even so, what will Elcure do from now on?
She’s a bit thorny on the outside, but she’s cute, so I wish we could get along better. Imagine what kind of play I’ll get to do with her later?


And speak of the devil, there she was in the corridor.

I was about to ask about what she’s going to do next, but Elcure was already getting away from me as if she had encountered a very dangerous beast.

What. The. Hell. Was. That?
I guessed she knew what happened last night.

Noo, how embarrassing.

You won’t have any boyfriend if you keep acting like that..

Oh well.

[What are we doing here?]

Seeing Elcure backing away and me simply standing there doing nothing, Tanya asked from my back.

[I’m thinking of taking a bath.]

Yup, a bath.
There was a bathing area in this mansion, but it’s a bit too small.

I don’t really mind the small size, but I wish I could have a more relaxed bath some time.

[Haruto really likes bathing, doesn’t heー?]

[I guess so?]

It’s not exactly the act of bathing that I really like.

[Even when we’re travelling, you never neglected to have a bath.]

When you put it that way, maybe I did.
Do I really like to take a bath that much?

However, I guess I won’t enjoy it as much if I were alone.

[I wonder if there is enough space.]

Creating an image in my mind, I materialized it with Image Magic.

Since I have made this kind of image so many times already, all I needed was to adjust the size and shape of the bathtub.

Soon enough, I fashioned a bathtub that would still leave a lot of space even if 10 people were to soak in it at the same time.

I’m actually quite good at this.

[How wide! Let’s swim!]

Tanya, who was still sticking to my back all the while, looked excitedly at the bathtub.

I don’t really mind, but Laurier and Tanya, are you two not tired at all?

[Hmm sure… if it’s just 1 or 2 people, you can probably use the tub to swim around… I guess?]

Tanya gave me a stare full of anticipation which was strikingly obvious telling that she wanted.

So she wants to swim?
Then just swim.

I decided to fill the new tub I just made with hot water.

It’s so big that filling it up actually became a bit troublesome.

However, it’s still nothing to the might of my Image Magic. Fuhahaha.
In any case, I also wanted to take a short bath so there is that as well.

I created water with magic, then proceed to heat the water with magic as well.

After a while, the tub was fully filled with hot water; the size reminding me a bit of a children’s swimming pool.

Good job, me.

Unable to wait any longer, Tanya, who was waiting on the side while already naked which kinda distracted me, jumped into the bathtub.

Due to Tanya’s stature and the tub’s size, it really became a scene of a child swimming in a children’s swimming pool.


Tanya let out a pleasant voice, her head and butt repeatedly surfaced from the water as she dog-paddled with excitement.

She’s a kind of dog after all.

It’s somewhat funny to look at.

…speaking of which, summer is just around the corner.

Seeing Tanya enjoying herself, I felt that it would be a good idea to create a full scale pool outside. Sounds good.

…and more than that, the swimsuits.

There was that time at Anhel, but this time I’ll design the swimsuits myself.
Of course, the kind of swimsuits were going to be made according to my ‘modern’ mind.

In other words, school swimsuit.

The fabric shouldn’t be a problem.
However, unfortunately I never came in contact with an actual school swimsuit before.

I suppose it’s just like normal swimwear, right?
My memory was also a bit vague.

[Is Haruto not going to enter the bath?]

Tanya called me while I was still deep in my own thoughts.

Nothing else I could do.

[Of course I will.]

I also took off my clothes and entered the spacious tub.
It’s nice to have such a large bathtub.

Moreover, I got to enjoy Tanya as well.
How enjoyable.

It was a fulfilling morning indeed.

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