Return of The Former Hero ch.142

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Chapter 142 – Former Hero’s Strokes of Pleasure

[Well, what are you going to do now?]

Coming back to the mansion, I talked to Elcure as we ate the lunch that was prepared by the maids.

[Nn~… I wonder?]

[Giving up?]

Elcure was busy eating salad, but she still gave me a straight answer either way.

[But …then, I don’t know where the armor guy …has gone to]

Even as she said so, she didn’t stop eating.
This fellow: she acts so much like Laurier.

I’m not sure whether she’s particularly similar to Laurier, or it’s just simply one of a demon’s basic characteristics.

[If so, I don’t mind you staying here until you can beat the Hero]


It was an outrageous proposal. An act of betrayal to humankind.

If earlier, I said [You’ll be able to find Baurova somehow], I’m sure that I’ll be saying goodbye to Elcure already. But now I could see a slight blush on her cheeks.

Not that I have any ulterior motive.

It’s been only a few days, but I saw the possibility that I’ll be able to conquer her the way I did Laurier.


Stay there. Good. Eh.


Elcure stared at me with an indescribable look.
Stop that. Don’t look at me with such eyes.

[Ee… well, regardless of whether you’ll stay with me or not, you should stop aiming for the Hero. You won’t win anyways.]


Actually, the Hero won’t have a chance to win a 1 on 1 duel against her.
It can be considered as cheating on my part, but it’ll be best if she gives up on that goal.

Afterward, as we finished up with lunch, I can hear the knocking on the door and then a maid came in.

[Excuse me for interrupting your lunch time. Amagi-sama, your companion is…. ah]

Before the maid could finish, a certain blue haired girl already rushed into the room.


The girl in question… Laurier instantly dove into my chest.

I just ate and then there is this shock…

Even so, I couldn’t really complain. Even if it’s only for a few days of separation. Clinging to my body, Laurier who were rubbing her face on my chest looked cutely sexy.

[Laurier, isn’t this faster than planned? I thought you’ll only arrive here tomorrow or the day after.]

[I wanted to see Haruto as soon as possible so I returned early!]

Noo, too cute.
Noo, way too cute.

[Is that so? Good good.]

I stroked Laurier head, causing her to purr cutely on my chest. She narrowed her eyes comfortably.

I know that Elcure would still decline the head petting for now, but once a success, it’ll be a 150% raise in love.

[Haruto, I’m back.]

A little later, Sharon, Celes, and Tanya came in as well.
The ratio of women in the room had suddenly jumped up. And I was the only man here. What a wonderful place.

Earlier, the room was full of the delicious smell of food, but now it was filled with the varyingly wonderful fragrance of each woman.
Naturally, it’s good to be surrounded by women who love you, but being wrapped in this kind of fragrance is nice too.

[Haru-kun, good work for defeating the bandits.]

[Thank you. Kagura-san’s sword has also saved me on many occasions]

More during my fight against Elcure, not the bandits though.

[Along the way here, I came across Kagura-san and others]

Sharon explained why she’s together with Kagura-san.

[I see. Good work everyone. Are you tired?]

[We are fine. Actually, Laurier and Tanya worked the hardest that they didn’t even have a chance to recover their magic power]

[Ah, I see. Anyways I’m glad that no one was injured]

Hearing Celes’ report, I kinda feel sorry for the bandits.

[Haruto! I also worked hard.]

Tanya clung to me in exchange after pushing Laurier away.

Wait, wait, the chair will tilt sideways if you two fight.
We should just decide it on the bed. Gehehe.

[I know. Tanya has done a good job too.]


Her head being stroke, Tanya showed such a cute happy face.

How cute. Nothing less from my wife.

Although I still had my trousers on, and they still had their panties on, the feeling of their crotch on my thighs and the weight of their body pressing unto me was awesome.

Glancing to the side, I noticed Sharon had a jealous look on her.
Do you also want your head stroke?

Yoshi yoshi.
It’s out of reach for now, but later I will for sure.
Now that I notice, Celis-chan also seemed to want some as well.

[By the way, who is she?]

Still sitting on my thigh, Laurier turned around and gave a look at Elcure who was still sitting across the table.

[Ah, her…. She’s Elcure. A demon as you can see and she’s aiming for Leon… the Hero. But she already gave up on that.]

I hadn’t heard her actually giving up, but let’s just assume as such.
Elcure also merely looked on without trying to correct me.


The girls reactions were quite varying.

Laurier was also aiming for the Hero so she probably found this interesting.
Sharon went [What the? Is that true!?]
Celes remained silent even after knowing that Elcure is a demon.
Kagura-san seemed okay with it and just yawned.
Tanya didn’t say anything.

Then, the source of attention herself spoke up.

[Erm… I thought you were only with the princess and the beastkin… but turns out there are more… you really are a pervert.]

The words that came out was very unrelated to the topic. That doesn’t really matter here!
Truly the ‘My Pace’ kind of fellow, she is.

[Umu. Haruto is indeed a hardcore pervert.]

[There is actually 1 moreー]

Laurier and Kagura-san actually added in to Elcure’s remark.

Ee? What are you girls trying to do here?

Fine, Fine….. No matter…. Just a little setback to the plan.
I really have no excuse for that.

[By the way, Rithina-sama and Mina-sama aren’t here?]

[Ah… those two are currently out.]

Celes asked about those two’s whereabouts.

But if I told her, my plan to make Elcure give up on Leon will go to waste.

[Excuse me…]

When the conversation finally died down a bit, the maid who was still standing there all this time decided to take the chance to speak.

[Oh, what is it?]

[Miladies must be tired from the long journey; shall I show them to their room?]

[Room? Are we not staying in the same room as Haruto?]

Dear Laurier-chan. I know that you’re just stating the truth, but please refrain from doing that when there are other people present.
See, the maid is now looking at me with a cold stare, isn’t she?
If this goes on, I’ll eventually lose my prestige in this town.

[Once in a while, everyone should get their own room. You can use it for your private matters.]

That way, I can also pick my enemy and have a private battle with one of them.

[Private room. That sounds exciting!]

Sharon seemed excited. Oh the straightlaced Sharon.
Celes and Kagura would want to use their room as their lab.

As for Laurier and Tanya… they’ll most likely end up spending more time in my room. Not that I mind.

[Well… shall I guide miladies to their room now?]

[Please do.]

The maid then left along with the girls and guided them to their room.

Now then…

[Alright, what will you do next?]

I repeated the same question to Elcure who stayed behind.

[Nn…..wait…..let me think.]

Having said that, she also left to the room that was assigned to her.
In that case, perhaps she would choose to not stay here. Fuu.

…let’s just say that the decision is still pending.

With Sharon and the others already here, restraining Elcure will be easy.
But perhaps it won’t come to that.

By the way, seeing that Kagura-san has arrived here, does that mean the employees from the capital have also arrived?

That means Etna-san is already here.

Before this, there was only Elcure, now adding Etna-san as well.
Etna-san, please wait for me.

I’ll see you shortly.

I quickly left the room and ran.

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