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Chapter 133. Former Hero – As Usual

The next day…
Today is a day off as I said in the meeting yesterday.

So I decided to go to the Kingdom’s library.

I didn’t get to visit this place back then, but now I’m somehow able to read and write the letters.
Although my reading couldn’t be considered good, I thought I’ll find various things here.

I brought Kagura-san and Aura along to the library. Is this counted as a date? No. Definitely no.

Kagura-san had her own goal. It seemed that she’s interested in the books on Kingdom’s library, seeing how she disappeared to the technical book area right after we entered the library.
Aura seemed strangely excited. She started searching the evidence whether this world is Andalusia or not.

Sharon, Mina, and Celis were taken by Rithina to see the literature collection in the Royal Palace.

Leon, Kyaroin, and Yunikram went to the church.

Laurier and Tanya….well, I wonder what they’re doing.
I didn’t think they have any important things to do, so they’re probably lazing around in their rooms.

That why right now, I spent my time at the Kingdom’s library.

Flipping through the pages of books, I skimmed through the contents to find something I could understand.

Mostly about town and places called Andalusia. If it matches with what I know, then this world might really be Andalusia.


However, that’s not something which is easy to find.

I’ve skimmed through 3 books, but couldn’t find that word at all.

…….I immediately got bored.

Celis became engrossed in researching it after I talked with her about this matter, Leon also showed his concerns so I thought that I should at least help in some way.
If it’s just as I thought, that this world is the same as the one I knew, then I’d like to send a letter to a certain old man.

It certainly worrying now that the demon king seemed to be keeping tabs on me, but regardless if this world is Andalusia or not, this one fact won’t change….


A quiet library, warm sunshine and history books that I’m not interested in.
When I was about to doze off, Aura came around carrying a book.

[Haruto-san! This! This!]

Since Aura was married to me, her family name had been changed from Amagi to Haruto.

That aside, what is happening?
I was awakened from my drowsiness due to Aura’s excitement.

[This! What do you think!?]

Saying that, Aura handed me a book.

The title of the book was『Antakia’s Great Adventure』

No, no. This is definitely not the one.

Firstly, Antakia most probably was the name of the protagonist, not the name of the world.

Still, let’s confirm the contents.
Of course, there is no way this book described the Andalusia we knew of.

Instead, it’s a book retelling the tale of a boy named Antakia.

[Un. This isn’t it.]

[Is that so…..]

Hearing my answer, Aura returned to the bookshelf gloomily.

What the hell. She looked cute.

While I’m idly watching her returning the book from my seat, Aura started climbing the ladder that stood on the shelf.
The book was a fairytale but was actually placed on a high shelf.

I remembered something.
What was that, it was when I visited the library at the town of Iris with Celes.
However, it was different from back then.

Celes wore short pants back then.
Aura was wearing a skirt.

Aura-san, you are defenseless there.

I didn’t know if it’s because there were no other people but us here, but Aura didn’t bother to cover up her skirt as she climbed the ladder to return the book.

Today’s Aura is wearing a knee-length skirt, so one wouldn’t be able to see what’s inside unless he’s standing right under her.

However, I don’t quite like how climbing a ladder with skirt that long can be dangerous.
Let’s do this more carefully.



Once Aura replaced the book, I called out to her.

[I think it’s dangerous to climb ladders with that long of a skirt.]

[Eh? Is it? Unn…..certainly, it seems so.]

For a moment, Aura’s expression told me that she didn’t understand the meaning. I wonder if she’d catch my drift.

[My bad. I should’ve put on trousers instead. Getting books from high shelves is troublesome with this.]

Aura said so while making a troubled face.
Right. That’s a really serious problem.

[Ah. Then, Haruto please watch me as I climb down.]

Before I could suggest it, Aura beat me to it.

And with that, I was asked to replace her looking through the book at the high shelves.

She said [Please watch me as I climb down] due to my advice [It’s dangerous to climb ladders while wearing a skirt]. And she literally thought that she should’ve worn trousers instead, since it’s dangerous to wear a skirt.

As usual this female knight has low awareness.
However, there is no need to correct her now.

Let’s talk about it slowly after we returned home.


[Thank you!]

Aura brightened up upon my consent as she shifted the ladder slightly and started climbing down the ladder.

I looked at her from below.

When Aura climbed down the ladder one by one, her skirt flapped and shaked.
With each movement of her legs, the shape of her butt etched to skirt also changes and I could almost see white outline through the flapping of her skirt.

What a lovely pair.
Made of slightly thick material but still lacy, with black ribbons as accent.

It’s a surprise that the cunning and brave female knight like Aura actually likes to where something girly like that.
Because it’s a present from me, I guess it’s natural that it became Aura’s favorite.

But this is such a magnificent view.

Every night, I knew what’s beyond that panties, but that doesn’t mean that seeing the panties from this angle didn’t have any value.

That is that, this is this kind of thing?

For example, if tomorrow I’m peeping on Aura’s skirt from this exact position, I’m fairly confident to claim that I won’t get bored of it.

How the skirt swayed around, how the panties wrinkled, how her butt stretches the material as she went down the ladder, it’s always different. It’s like a shining light.

Is this what they say that once in a lifetime encounter should be cherished? How deep.

While I was being philosophical, I heard a small voice coming from my back.

[Are you not gonna help your shisho?]


Right behind me was Kagura-san carrying lots of book in her arms with a disgusted look on her face.
I….Impossible….. To sneak up on me from behind like this….!?

I was too absorbed in peeking under Aura’s skirt.

[N-no, it’s all because it may be dangerous when Aura is climbing back down, so I’m watching over her…]

I wonder why I’m trying to excuse myself.
Anyways, Kagura-san already knew about my personality and conduct.

[No, I get it that Haru-kun is peeping on skirt as always, it only natural for you…..I see that it’s easier to look if you stand directly under.]

Wha….what the….?

I was really surprised when Kagura-san said all that whilst leaning against the ladder to also peek at Aura’s skirt.

She’s really strange.

[I, I’m sorry.]

[Please be careful.]

While I apologized, Kagura-san moved to the reading space, and began reading the books she brought.

[Is there something wrong?]

[Err…..that, I’m sorry, somehow.]


Right at that timing, Aura finally landed back down and beamed at me right away.

With my conscience disturbed by the skirt peeking, I felt that I have to apologize.

To think a library can summon such a wicked thought.
I’m an adult. I’m an adult. I have to endure this.

After that, I checked various other things, but found nothing particularly important.
There is a limit to what 3 people can investigate in a single day. If I want to check everything, there is no telling how long it’ll take.

Since it had come to this, there is no other choice but to ask Rithina to order her servants to continue the investigation.

So, a little before sunset, we headed back to the mansion.
While on our way, for some reason Kagura-san and Aura seemed disappointed.

Is that it?
Because they’re going out with me, they thought that I would brought them somewhere?

However, today I’m an adult. An adult that can endure.
I don’t even know why I should endure it though.

By the way, since the matter tomorrow will take a while to conclude, I planned to enjoy the night with everyone, though I have to keep my stamina consumption low.

[I’m homeー]

[Welcome back.]

[Oh, welcomeー]

When I returned to my room at the mansion, only Laurier and Tanya’s voice that greeted me.

[The others still haven’t come back…..uuoo?]

When I entered the room, I raised my voice at the sight before me.

At the back of the room were scattered packages and clothes.
And there were Laurier and Tanya wearing bunny suits that didn’t match their size.

Bunny suit!
Now that I mentioned it, the bunny suit that I secretly commissioned to make had arrived.
No-no, that aside, why did you girls open the package for me?

[Oi, what are you two doing? I-is that, a package for me?]

[Well, I’m sorry. I thought it was food, so I checked what’s inside before giving it to the cafeteria cook.]

Since it’s obvious to them that they’ve opened someone else’s package, Laurier explained the reason.

Food is it?

I see, if you only look at the paper bag that had been torn down, it certainly labeled as food.

Ah, I remembered now that I had it sent to the kingdom. Back at town of Iris, I only gave them the design and sizing.
When I received the finished product, I was warned about the delivery terrorist and was advised to send it as food.


Did my attempt to avoid delivery terrorism actually backfire?

Ah, no, since everyone’s going to wear it anyways, it’s fine even if it fell to these girls first.
Though I wonder if it’s really alright to deliver food over such a long distance.

[I see. Fine then.]


[But, why are you wearing it?]

[Well, for some reason or another?]


I guessed it couldn’t be helped.
No, it’s inevitable.

Those are costumes I prepared for everyone so it’s okay if they tried it out, but why did they pick the one that didn’t match their size?
Thanks to that, I got to see the pink objects on Laurier and Tanya body since their particular part couldn’t fill up the excess material.
Their lower body was also barely covered, I could see that important place from the gap…

Oh, no-panties is it? Well I guess it couldn’t be helped. Un, an unavoidable incident.

[I quite understand, but this is amazing. So many openings.]

Laurier bounced herself up and down, there was some hate in her stare.
You are always like that. You aren’t even wearing yours, so can you leave it at that?

[Haruto-kun. Is this a costume to mimic rabbit beastmen? The rabbit ears and the costume?]

Kagura-san said while rubbing the rabbit ears headdress

[Ah, rabbit beastmen exists in this world?]

[They are rare, I haven’t seen one myself, I heard that there is a tribe like that…… Ah, perhaps there are plenty of them in Earth?]

[No, there are only normal humans in Earth.]

[Ah, I see. Nn? Then how could you create this costume that is similar to the rare rabbit beastmen?]

[Err…..well, whatever. On Earth it’s called bunny suit or something along that line.]

[Fuhn? Do the people of Earth like to dress like beastmen?]

[Because there is no beastmen there, I wonder what this costume is for…..]

It’s painful to explain. Oh well.

But I should keep this in mind. There is a real rabbit beastman here.
I really to see them at least once.
As expected of another world. Another world Banzai.

I’m gonna need to investigate what other kind of beastmen exist in this world.
Whether this world is really Andalusia, I still wondered about that.

[Haruto really loves to make weird stuff!]

While in her small form, Tanya indignantly said while still wearing the bunny suit.

My bad.
While we’re on the move, I had created too many cosplay costumes that Mina struggled with the storage.

Even so, since the size didn’t fit, when I looked at the half naked Laurier and Tanya like this….I guessed more things will come.

No, I’m an adult now.
Later tonight, I’ll have everyone to wear this costume.

I couldn’t wait to see bunny suited loli.

Oh, this is the flag, isn’t it?
It’s obvious; that flag.

[Danna-sama. I want to try wearing this.]

Aura said that from behind my back and started to strip.
My wife, my wife. Can you already tell where this flow will lead to?

[I see. So that’s why Haru-kun has been so adult-like today.]

After pointing that out, Kagura-san also started to take off her clothes.

[Let’s see, which one should I wear?]

[That’s right!]

Laurier and Tanya also took off their bunny suit and started rummaging for the one that fit their size.

2 pairs of naked loli and big-titted girls. Changing into bunny suits.

…..I just couldn’t win against the bunny suit.

The flag has been raised.

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