Return of The Former Hero ch.132

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Chapter 132. Former Hero – Discovers

[Now then, I’ll briefly explain the strategy!]

I was standing there in our personal room at the palace in front of the members of bandit subjugation group, announcing the start of the meeting.

Seven members participating in the subjugation from my party were, myself, Sharon, Laurier, Rithina, Mina, Celes, and Tanya.
From Leon’s Hero’s party, there were Leon, Unikram, Aura, and Caroline. All four of them.
That makes 11 members.

Kagura-san will be holding down the fort.
The reason for Mina to participate is that she will be in charge of healing.

[Anyways, the strategy is simple. Simultaneously attack all 3 bases that have been found by the investigation team. That’s all! Regarding the detention of bandits and restoring the security, the knight order will take care of it after the subjugation is over. So as much as possible, we must neutralize them while not letting any single one of them to escape.]

That’s it for the strategy outline. Fast.


[Yes, Laurier-kun.]

I pointed at Laurier who raised her hand and allowed her to speak.

[This “neutralization”, what state is this referring to?]

I see. Of course.

[That’s right. It’s simply speaking it’s disarming and putting on restraints but there are sure to be several of them who can use magic. For this kind of bandits, we’ll also have to gag their mouths shut so they cannot cast their magic. I don’t think there is a thief capable of no-chanting like me, but just in case there are, knocking them out is the quickest and surest way.]

[That means no killing, right?]

To my explanation, Laurier added in.

[No, that’s not really the case. I’m not against to killing them, but let’s not do so unless we are forced to. Rather, if you deem them to still be dangerous if left alive, then by all means you can end them and it’ll be perfectly fine.]


Laurier finally understood this time.

But, now that I mentioned it.
There is a possibility of killing our opponents after all.

[By the way, who amongst you never killed a person before?]

To my question, some of them raised their hands.
Sharon, Laurier, Rithina, Mina, Celis, and Caroline were the six who raised their hand.

It’s a bit surprising that Laurier also raised her hand.

To my knowledge, everyone had their experience in killing demons, but when it came to people, their experience seemed to be limited..
By the way, I had the experience myself. So I’m fine with it.

[What to do then? There are possibilities that you’ll have to kill another person so if you are against it, you can choose to withdraw right now. Even if you don’t do it directly, you might still have to witness the scene. You don’t have to force yourself. If you really don’t want to kill anyone, then withdrawing might be the best.]

In response to my advice, Rithina and Laurier immediately voiced their participation.

Laurier hadn’t intentionally avoided killing people up until now. She had to immediately fight Leon and I right after she got out so she never actually had the chance to do so.
Rithina is the princess of this country, so it seems that she’s been prepared to kill in order to solve this rampant local bandits matter.

Mina and Kyaroin are both intended to be rearguards so they don’t have any qualms about it since they won’t fight directly.
Well, regardless of Mina, although Kyaroin never experienced killing other people herself before, she had her fair share of experience while travelling together with the Hero’s party, so I reckoned she’ll be just fine.

Now the problem is Sharon and Celes.

Neither of those two were willing to kill and it seemed like it’ll be a hard task for them to see the killing directly.

[Well, killing aside, it’ll be better if you can disable them instead, so you shouldn’t worry too much.]

[That’s right. You can leave that part to me while you take care of other things.]

Laurier followed up to my cover.
But, what kind of follow up was that, Laurier?
Oh well.

[One thing I needed to say, we aren’t here to slaughter those bandits.]

[I know already. Even if I look like this, I do possess human common sense!]

In response to what Laurier said, although soundlessly, Leon’s expression was as if he incredulously said [Eehh!?]

Leon’s party was the victim of her bloodlust. So it can’t be helped.

But well, indeed I’ve been fighting alongside Laurier for quite a while already now. She never showed the same ferocity she exhibit during our first meeting ever since then.
Rather, she’s just Laurier the devil loli who loves to eat, sleep, and cling to me.

Her bloodlust won’t be awakened just from seeing the bandits’ blood. Maybe.

[…..un. That’s right. Regardless of leaving it to Laurier-chan and all, it won’t do if it’ll just endanger you and get you hurt. So I’ll do my best!]

[I-I also will be just fine!]

Sharon and Celes both voiced their willingness to participate.

[Are you sure? Nobody will scold you even if you girls don’t participate you know?]

Since this wasn’t something that could be decided so easily, I asked once more to reconfirm.

[It’ll be alright. I will think of Haruto when I really have to do it!]

[Ah. Certainly, when I saw Sharon-san training with Onii-san recently, I was scared since it’s like you two were trying to kill each other.]

[Eh? I-is that really true? That’s good. The result of the special training has finally shown up!]

Sharon-san. What did you just say?
Isn’t that strange?

No, of course she’s just joking. She’s not serious for sure. It’s just what Sharon said to distract us by using the strange atmosphere……right?

[…….cough. A, anyways, it’s alright if all of you want to participate. But give it one more thought tonight, and don’t hesitate to tell me if it’s too hard for you. We aren’t lacking strength here after all.]

Just in case, I made one last warning.
For real, it’s alright if you can’t handle killing people.

[Now then, with the assumption that all of us will participate, let’s talk about team division and arrangement. This is the team division that I’ve thought out]

That said, I took out a piece of paper from my pocket and spread it in front of everyone.

On paper, the team division that I’ve thought of was as follows:

Team 1 – Me, Rithina, Mina
Team 2 – Sharon, Laurier, Celis, Tanya
Team 3 – Leon, Unikram, Aura, Kyaroin

I’ve divided the group into teams after consulting with Rithina.

The concept of team 1 was I myself.
It’s to demonstrate the power of the next lord and the princess who would stand next to him.
Mina would be responsible in escorting and keeping Rithina safe.
Rithina also trained herself everyday so that she won’t become a burden during the bandit subjugation.

Team 2 concept was to use Laurier as the ace player, Tanya would be the frontline and Sharon as support. Celes would be responsible for healing aid.
Isn’t it a good and balanced party?
Laurier won’t cause any trouble, I hope.

Team 3’s concept was the Hero’s party.
There should be no problem in cooperation and balance.

Since no one was against the team composition, we decided to go with this arrangement.

After that, it’s about the route and timing of the attack.
We also need to consider escape path should the need arise. We check everything regardless of how unlikely it is.

[Yosh, that settled it. We’ll depart early in the morning the day after tomorrow. Please take good care of yourselves and adjust your physical condition well.]

I concluded the meeting, and everyone left the room.
Only Rithina, Leon and I remained; the three of us.

[Leon. I will be leaving Aura to you.]

[Yes. Leave her to me. I will see to it that everyone can finish their duties safely.]

Leon responded to me with a sharp look.

Leon had a longer lasting relationship with Aura than I did.. Although the request wasn’t really necessary, I felt like I needed to say that.

And other than that, there was another matter that caused Leon to stay.
This piqued my interest.

Leon at the moment, carried two swords on his waist.

[Leon, those are?]


Noticing where my eyes were pointing to, Leon replied with a rather confused tone.

On Leon’s waist was one of the swords was forged by Kagura-san.
And the other one, it’s……a holy sword.

Although it’s a holy sword, it’s not the one I broke during the tournament at Odysseus.
It looks very similar, but different.

The collected fragments were brought by Leon back to the church, but that particular holy sword could never ever be restored.

[What is wrong with them?]

Rithina muttered with a troubled face.

Good grief, I wonder if it’s really okay.

Leon said, when he returned with the broken holy sword, not only he didn’t receive any reproaches, he was also easily entrusted with a second holy sword.

[This holy sword… how many of them does the church have?]

To my question, both Rithina and Leon remained silent. I guess either of them couldn’t give an answer.

[I really don’t know. Not only did they gave me a replacement so easily but they also didn’t reprimand me. They never mentioned anything regarding Haruto-san’s involvement.]

Leon was also puzzled by this.

Really, it doesn’t feel like he’s lying..

[First of all, let’s go with what we have in hand, what’s wrong with this holy sword? It seems that this second one is equally good and possesses a large amount of magic power….]

I borrowed the holy sword from Leon and examined it.
It contained an enormous magical power, but it’s hard for me to control it.

The only one who could handle this sword, is probably only Leon.

Is it because it’s a holy sword meant to be wield by the hero Leon, or is it because Leon is a hero that he can wield it?

I had no answer.

I pointed it once before: it’s hard to tell what makes a hero a ‘Hero’.

Should we ask the church…, that’s not something that can be asked directly.
Aside from Leon, there is indeed something fishy about the church.

[This, if I also break this one, will they give you a third one?]

[Wa…..please don’t.]

Listening to my idea, Leon immediately declined. It’s just a joke, really.

Well, I didn’t sense any evil magical power. So far this is merely a sword which contains large amount of magic.

[Leon. After the bandit subjugation is over, can I ask you to investigate about sword?]

[Ah? Ah, that’s right. Unn……. No. Yes. I’ll do so.]

Leon seemed troubled by my request, but otherwise agreed to investigate the holy sword.

Actually, some of the fragments of the broken holy sword was kept here.
I’ve had Kagura-san study it, but for now let’s have a look at this second one.

[I, for quite a long time already, have been wondering why I was entrusted with the holy sword to become a hero. When that time comes, I’ll be counting on you.]

Leon left the room after saying so.

[Really, unlike Leon, it’s hard to tell what the church is thinking and what they’re going to do next.]

[You are right. Just as Haruto said, Leon did not seem to hide anything.]

I confided to Rithina only after Leon already left, leaving the two of us alone.

[Well, it’s baseless, but there is also a possibility that there are indeed two holy swords.]

[…..that is indeed possible.]

Rithina didn’t seem to agree with my optimistic prediction.
Either way, we wouldn’t get any answer no matter how hard we think about it here.

Let’s just focus on getting rid of the bandits first.
It shouldn’t be too late even after that.

Also, I wanted to concentrate more on the future.

[Rithina-sama. Let’s put aside the holy sword matter for now, I have a favor to ask.]

[En? Wha-what is it?]

Rithina was startled by my serious look.

At the moment, there was only Rithina and I at the meeting room.

There’s a wall that can be written at like a blackboard, coupled with desks and chairs that look just like the one used by a club president.
And in front of it were tables and chairs arranged to surround it.

At first glance, this looked so much like a classroom.
No, it’s not that I want to study.
Neither do I want to play teacher.

Right now, the most important piece of the scene is that club president’s desk and chair.

Should I sit on the chair?
While Rithina dove under the desk?


[…..I don’t quite understand. Do you want me to do that?]


Rithina, puzzled by my explanation, asked me.
I nodded with a very serious look on my face.

[Since you asked with such a serious face, I wondered what it’s going to be…..I guess there is no other way….Nn right…. Then, Haruto, come here.]

Rithina had a slightly annoyed look on her face, but regardless of that, still crawled under the desk and beckoned me to come.

I sat on the chair and looked down.

Of course, I could see the figure of Rithina crouching between my legs under the desk.

This angle is really good! Too amazing even!

Afterward, I left the meeting room about an hour later.

On my way out, I came across Mina who asked where Rithina and I went, but I replied [Rithina? No idea?] before I returned inside. Mina followed after me.
Later, Celes appeared to ask MIna’s whereabouts when Mina didn’t return. To which I answered with a similar [Rithina, Mina? No idea?] . Celes didn’t say anything, but her face was flushed when she left.

I couldn’t hide this at all.

But I’m quite sure about one thing.

This event will surely be written on Celes’ diary later.

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