Return of The Former Hero ch.131

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Chapter 131. Former Hero・Renews His Determination

I have returned to the Milis Kingdom.

There were no problems, even as we encountered some monsters along the way, but otherwise it’s a rather peaceful journey.

Speaking of what happened on the road, we met again with slim pig-kun at the town of Iris.

It was a shocking transformation.

Although I couldn’t say that he’s become an ikemen after losing weight, he looks more human now.

It was a sad impression in the first place, but I guess there is no helping it.

After being knocked down and stepped on by Laurier, he had awakened and ultimately developed an M tendency.

Although I had the opportunity to talk with him in private, it’s too risky of a spot for me.

Beyond that, he also seemed to be addicted to rather extreme S&M play. Just remembering his story, my little son down there twitched.

Respect……I shouldn’t; I won’t go that far.

Aside from his hobby, he acts like the usual pig-kun, and apparently his reputation has improved if compared to when I last saw him.

I guess that’s good to hear. Maybe.

That’s it about what happened on the road.

I enjoyed myself in all sorts of ways with my wives.

When Celes asked for a little walk together, everyone also chimed in wanting the same thing.

As for me, taking a walk is pretty much a hobby.

Before returning to the kingdom, I had bid my goodbye to Leon.

Even so, when he’s asked to help with the bandit subjugation, he said that he’ll join up with us immediately.

Leon also needs to report to the church about the broken holy sword anyways.

They’ve been informed about it in advance with a letter. I just hope that it won’t bring trouble.

The letter also said that the event at the tournament is to be kept confidential. Especially about me beating him.

It’ll give a bad impression if such news spread; though I still think they should’ve come clean about it.

However, with my close relationship to Rithina, it may cause a friction between the church and the royal family, which is bad.

I guess I should just apologize directly.

Though I don’t know if I can close it with just that.

Well, what done is done. There is no changing it.

That aside, right now, I was in the room at the royal palace where I formerly resided. Fidgeting while waiting for someone.

[Haruto, why don’t you calm down a bit?]

I was scolded by Sharon who was sitting on the sofa.


Since it’s reasonable, I stopped watching the door, and sat next to Sharon as an adult.

Assuming we managed to exterminate the bandits, I’ll be the lord of the area they formerly took over. That’s the condition for my participation that Rithina suggested to the King.

According to the letter, it will be considered. The result is what now I’m waiting for.


Someone knocked on the door.

Here it is!

I got up excitedly.


Attended by Mina, who was rather nervous at the atmosphere of the palace, that person finally arrived.

Those small breasts that hadn’t grown that much and still sporting her ponytail, Etna-san entered the room.

Fuaー. Cute.

[Waa, Etna-san. Long time no see!]

[Waa, Sharon-chan. It’s been a long whileー]

Before I could do anything, Sharon rushed up to Etna-san.

Is this the difference in acceleration? Sharon is really fast.


The happy reunion……

No, that could wait.

[Etna-san. It’s been a while]

I greeted Etna-san with the best smile I could muster.

I could imagine there are flowers floating and bright light shining behind me.

[Wa. Haruto-kun, it’s been a while indeed. I’ve heard various things about you.]

Etna-san looked at me, and gave me a small smile.

Is she an angel?

[About winning a race in Angel and about winning the Odysseus tournament.]


It seems the news of my success in the neighbouring country also reached Milis.

I knew it; it was okay not to  hide the fact that I broke Leon’s holy sword.

[Also, about you being a playboy who hit on all the girls at the town of Malt.]


My heart sank upon hearing Etna-san’s blatant words.

That’s not it, that’s incorrect, Etna-san.

That’s just rumours from the town of Malt.

Well, it’s partially correct, but that’s not it.

I didn’t actually hit on them. To be specific, it’s just me trying to act friendly to the girls would become my wives.

[Ee?! Hitting on girls?]

Sharon glared at me upon hearing what Etna-san said.

No no no, you are related to that rumor.

However, Sharon’s gaze was starting to kill me bit by bit.

I suppose the special training at Odysseus is a success.

But this isn’t the result I wanted!?

[There seems to be a misunderstanding about the situation at Malt somehow…]


Etna-san tilted her head. Really cute.

[Now, now, setting that aside, thank you for accepting the proposal this time.]

[No no. if I can become a guild member in a territory directly controlled by a princess and Haruto, it’ll be a nice promotion.]

I offered Etna-san and Sharon to sit around the table.

This time, what I proposed is to transfer Etna-san to the adventurer guild that will be built at my newly obtained territory.

Currently, in the area infested with bandits, public institutions such as an adventurer guild couldn’t run properly.

Lots of human resources had been prepared for the time after the liberation and Etna-san was one of them.

Of course, Etna-san already has a good life at the city of Torres and it’s not mandatory for her to go, so I’m quite pleased that she agreed to join.

Etna-san was the first encouragement I had when I first arrived at this world.

I always thought highly of her.

With this, I’ll have more opportunity to get close with Etna-san, which I kinda missed before.


When I was drowned in evil thoughts, Sharon elbowed me on my side.

Sharon caught up real quick.

Even though I said she elbowed me, it’s not on the level that it’s painful. It’s no more than a simple poking, but when I looked, she apparently scolded me through unintelligible murmurs, which sent a shiver through me. That’s scary.


You are no longer the same girl as you were back then. Now you are an accomplished warrior.

But please, don’t turn it towards me. I’m just kidding.

Afterward, we shared our stories during the journey with Etna-san, then had our dinner together.

As of now, Etna-san is  the temporary staff for the kingdom’s adventurer guild.

If we successfully exterminate the bandits, she’ll officially become a staff of the adventurer guild.


My motivation increased a lot.

For the sake of my wives and Etna-san, I’ll thoroughly destroy every single barbarous bandit from my would-be territory.


After Etna left, all of us took a bath together.

This is somewhat amazing.

Back then, I had plenty of chances to take a bath, but since  Leon and Yunikram were there, as well as Caroline, the bath had to be separated per gender.

This would be the first time I took a bath with everyone.

In the large bathhouse kept bright by a magical light, 8 beautiful naked women are waiting for me.

When I see one way, there is a naked girl.

And when I see the other way there were also naked girls.

Laurier and Tanya floated in the large bathtub.

Sharon, Rithina, and Mina were washing each other’s back.

Their sensuous bits were hidden by bubbles.

Kagura-san was letting the hot water flowing from the mouth of a lion sculpture tap her on her shoulder. She seemed happy.

Is she a kid or a granny anyways?

Aura and Celes talked about each other’s breast size.

Celes is wondering whether Aura’s size is ideal and how to make hers bigger-since her mother has quite a big pair. Aura is beyond Celes when it comes to body fitness and her breast size is also something that I really like.


This place is heaven.

But it’ll be even better if Etna-san was also here.

One day, for sure, absolutely.


Why am I alone?

It’s fun to watch, but it felt like I was ostracized.

I want to grope Kagura-san’s butt.

With a loud splashing noise, I got up from the bath.

I even bothered to declare [I’m going to wash up] so that everyone could hear it.

Although it’s more convenient to wash up before entering the tub, I’ll still do it over and over again.

I should’ve asked more honestly, but I don’t want to break the mood over there.

It’s quite obvious though to the point you could scoop on it fairly easily.

Everyone who already had plenty of times bathing together like this, upon hearing my departure, quickly gathered around me.

Kagura-san and Aura didn’t seem to realize what is going on, but with the original members of the group, they already know as if it’s been promised beforehand.

And then I had the 8 girls alternately wash my body.


The tension is here.

I will try my best to get rid of those thieves!

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