Return of The Former Hero ch.130

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Chapter 130 – Former Hero・Won’t Stop

Leon and I received our new swords from Kagura-san.

Then we left Oddeus, and set out back towards the Millis Kingdom.

On the way, we stopped by nearby villages and small towns but it’s full on travelling for the time being.

We’ve already crossed more than half of the way and we would soon be at the Millis Kingdom.

Once we cross the border of town of Malt, the capital city Iris will be in sight.

Anyways, we stopped at each town for about 1-2 days, so I guess it’s a good idea to greet some old acquaintances.

It’s a good thing the strange rumours about me have vanished from the Malt Town.

Strangely enough, it’s actually pretty close to the truth.


When I was still slumping on the bed, someone knocked on my door. Who is it? Oh, it’s Mina.

I woke up a little and thought about replying. But on the bed, there was the sleeping Laurier and she snuggled to me comfortably.

A nap is an important daily routine for me.

If I don’t take a nap,  I’ll have trouble waking up early since I go back to sleep after everyone at night.

Although it’s not like I’m always doing that at night even while travelling, it doesn’t really matter now since Laurier’s invitations were too hard to resist.


Seeing that I’m still asleep, Mina thought of an alternative.

And then…..chu, a soft feeling spread on my lips.


In that moment, my consciousness sprang up and I had to open my eyes.

Right when I opened my eyes, right before me was the blushing face of Mina who quickly turned away shyly.

[Master, have you woken up?]

Mina asked while throwing side glances at me.

Yes. That really woke me up.


Although I’ve already woken up, mischief crossed my mind and I pretended to be asleep.

[Ah?………really, Master? Please wake up already…….nn]

Mina looked as if she was a little troubled by this, but seemed to know what I wanted her to do. Placing both of her palms on my face, this time she did not the soft kiss like earlier, but a full blown deep kiss.


Mina’s tongue entered my mouth and tangled with my own tongue.

Uwa, I cannot hold out with this.

Henceforth, I wouldn’t wake up from my nap unless I was been given this treatment.

A wake up kiss. I remember that I’ve read somewhere that it’s really bad in term of hygiene, but to hell with that, it’s enjoyable.

I raised one hand up from the futon, circled it around Mina’s neck to prevent her from freeing herself, and proceed to enjoy the kiss.

Let’s just drag Mina to bed already.

I could almost hear her saying something, but it’s all muffled by vibrations and unintelligible mumblings. What is she trying to say anyways?

I can’t wait any longer!

[Amuu……fuaa… can do, Master. Rithina-sama is looking for you…..Nnn]

Knowing what would happen if this continued from my behaviour, Mina tried to force herself off.


So she originally came here just to inform me that Rithina is looking for me?

In that case, I really can’t afford to waste time by playing around here……

Mina’s lips separated from mine.

How regretful. It only end with kissing. What’s with that?

[Haruto, Haruto.]

Since there is no helping it, I got up properly but something still laying on my chest was calling out to me.

Laurier, who was still asleep while snuggling to me earlier, had already woken up without me noticing.

Well, no way what I did just now went unnoticed by her.


Laurier lied on my chest, still pretending to be asleep and pouting.

What’s with that? Do you want a wake-up kiss too?

My, she’s too cute.

I just can’t reject her.

I kissed Laurier, tangling our tongue aplenty.

Pardon me.

That’s a really good way to wake up.

Perhaps I should do this every morning from now on.

While considering that, I woke up for real this time and got up from the bed.

[NN~………….. So……….. Rithina-sama is looking for me, isn’t she?]

[Yes. She’s waiting for you.]

[I see. Thanks.]

I listened to Mina’s answer while stretching my body.

Afterward, I went down with Mina.

I gave Laurier her wake-up kiss, but she resumed her nap.

[Rithina-sama. What’s the matter?]

In the living room on Kurato’s first floor……although it’s not wide, there is enough space in the main room to sit in and listen to what Rithina has to say.

[Haruto-kun. I’ve been waiting for you.]

Rithina said in a transparent voice as she was waiting while sipping her tea. The cup made that distinctive crystal clunking sound when she gently put it back on the saucer.

How elegant.

The sofa itself isn’t decorated lavishly and Rithina was wearing a fairly simple outfit, but her elegance was still obvious. Once again, I was reminded that she’s after all the third princess of the kingdom.

[About this, it arrived just now.]

Saying that, Rithina handed over an envelope.

[A letter?]

Receiving it, I sat next to Rithina with a poof.

Trying to mimic Rithina, I tried to sit elegantly but a sound still echoed.


I simply couldn’t figure out the trick behind Rithina and Mina being able to sit silently.

By the way, even as we move from town to town like this, letters still arrive properly.

We passed by various things along the main road after all but the main reason is Kurato’s huge size that really stands out.

There is no way to mistake it.

Anyways, we are talking about this letter.

Rithina did not give me any explanation and simply handed it to me so I guess I’ll have to read it myself.

I didn’t really see the need for her to do that, but that’s not it.

Right now, Rithina may not be wearing her glasses, but since her teacher aura was still present, then I suppose it’s part of me learning the language.

I’ve been able to read quite a lot lately, you know?

I was able to read Celes’ diaries quite nicely.

“Even something like that!?” — you would ask, but there is no such thing as embarrassment or hesitation when it comes to studying.

In return, I had to answer to Celes’ questions through direct practice. Guhehe.

Also, it’s also a custom to include in the diary the pros and cons of the spiral road.

Anyways, let’s read the letter now.

Errm, what is this?

I looked through the letter’s contents.



There were some unfamiliar expressions, but I finished reading all of it and could grasp the content of the letter.

[In short, they were ready for bandit subjugation and the arrangements afterward so we can return whenever we can. Written by the King. I guess that’s it?]

[You omitted too much of the details but the basic contents are correct. Well done.]

My answer seemed to have scored me a point. Rithina ran her index finger on the side of my neck, which sent me a shiver.


Although the stimulus wasn’t that much, it felt strangely erotic in some ways.

Rithina is younger than me, but she has this mysterious onee-san aura around her.

If Rithina is the onee-san, then I’m her bratty little bro. That sounded just right.

[Err……about the details, I think it’s something about a three-pronged attack?]

The summary of the strategy they would use to exterminate the bandits is also enclosed in the letter.

[That’s right. You condensed the details, but I suppose it’s fine already.]

According to the letter, there appear to be 3 separate bandit hideouts.

There is a possibility that the bandits will scatter or even regroup in the other hideouts if attacked one by one and hunting for the stragglers would be a real chore.

Therefore, they want to attack all three at once and exterminate them once and for all.

[This…it’s written here that the bandits’ size is about 200 or more strong, but isn’t that a bit too many? Seems like a sign of bad security work.]

That’s already the scale of a small army.

[Ee……it’s a huge shame, but the reason for this is that they’ve managed to occupy one region. We’ve been trying our best to contain them in other regions, by all means……

But then the thieves from neighboring countries also joined them, making the situation even more out of hand.]

The Empire.

There was barely any explanation regarding the empire in the game back on Earth, but I guess they may just  as unfriendly here either.

Since I could already read the letters somewhat properly, I got my hand on the map of this world. Apparently Millith Kingdom is situated right next to both the Empire and the Demon Country.

Thanks to that, it’s always been troubled by the pressure from both sides.

[Well, it’s fine to leave the political and strategic matters to Rithina-sama, right?

I personally think I am only fit for the role of combat personnel.]

[Of course you can leave that to me. Rather, that’s the only thing where I can show off.]

I don’t have any idea about political matters, so I’ll just leave it to Rithina.

Rithina also intended to do so in the first place so I won’t have to think about extra things.

If necessary, Rithina and I will just consult each other.

[That aside, about the three-pronged attack plan, shall we ask for Leon and the others to help out? What do you think?]

Immediately, Rithina asked.

[Ee? Leon and the others? I don’t really mind. Borrowing the power of the current hero, huh?]

That said, Rithina is from the royal family so I wonder whether the church and the hero would be willing to trust her?

[Ee. Although there may be some problems if we try to make Leon and the others spearhead the subjugation, I think it’ll be easier to ask them to assist Haruto-kun instead]

I guess so.

Is that how it is?

I don’t really understand.

[Besides Haruto-kun…..uhm.]

Rithina was about to say something, but paused.

[Hu….husband is the person they actually trust, not me as the w-wife, that’s what I think.]


I wondered what she’s trying to say, but as it turned out, Rithina, who is now blushing shyly, just wanted rephrase me as her husband.

This girl is too cute.

The way she put it only made me unconsciously excited.

[Tha-thank you very much.]


I felt sluggish with the both of us blushing like this. Oh, the innocence when I’m with her.

In any case, about the three-pronged attack, I need to consider how we will divide our strength.

Well, maybe next time.

Now we have a more important project.

Up until now I had Mina’s wake up kiss, as well as Laurier’s, and now it’s sealed by Rithina’s cuteness.

By the way, the heat in my pants that has been piling up during the travel is at its limit.

[Mina. Come over here.]

I tapped on the sofa at the spot next to me as I called Mina who was standing by on the side.


Mina naturally sat beside me.

Holding both the princess and the maid in each arms, I kissed the two of them lustfully.

I guess everyone could tell from the vibration? That’s how it is.

We are newlyweds. There is no stopping it.

No one can stop me now.

Rather, I came to realize that I will have to make love to all of my wives.


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