Return of The Former Hero ch.127

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Chapter 127. Former Hero – Oversleeps

I noticed. Well, you can also say I was forced to notice.

It’s impossible for me to take on eight people at the same time.

My knees are giving out.
My hips went weak too.

I thought I’ve only ever felt this tired due to using all my magic power.

Yesterday and even today, I took on all eight of my wives… and well, it was a beastly night, that much I can say, but I’m at my limit.
Was what I thought as I stared at the eight bodies lying on my bed.

Looking at the sweat trickling down their asses and tits… It’s such a nice view but I’m all out of ammo… and “it” didn’t react.

For now, I was able to make all eight of them submit before me…but I have no confidence that it will be the same tomorrow.

Looks like six was my limit.

As a safe margin, I’d say four at most.

Facing them with responsibility instead of affection would be bad for both sides.

Now what should I do about this..?

Guess I’ll discuss it with everyone… Tomorrow…

While thinking that, I lay down on the free space on the middle of the bed.
Rithina’s right next to me so I buried my face in her tits and wrapped my arms around her waist like a pillow… while grabbing her ass.

Usually, I’d be asleep after enjoying this sensation, but today I blacked out in a flash.


Oh crap.

That’s what I felt the moment I regained consciousness.

I was totally asleep until just now. Usually I’d only take a nap so I can react if something happens, but today I slept like a log.
I would have been unable to do anything just now, if someone attacked I’d be dead…

I woke up quickly and propped up my body.


Bam! Together with that nice sound, I heard a cowardly voice.

I put up my guard again on reflex but all I saw was the ceiling of the inn I’m familiar with. However, there were no sign of the girls in on the bed or in the room.

After quickly grasping the situation, I turned around to the direction of the voice.

There, I saw aqua-colored striped panties and the thighs being wrapped by it.

These panties were the one I made for Laurier, huh.
Which means, the one lying down with her bottom facing up like a baby after falling off the bed is her.

Well, even without checking the panties color I knew, though.

[Gununu… mm, what, it is just ye, Haruto. What is it so suddenly?]

Laurier broke the somersault position and, while clutching her head, groaned at me.

Did Laurier fall off the bed due to me waking up so suddenly?

[Nope, my bad. I thought I’ve overslept so.]

I held out my hand from on top of the bed and Laurier took it as I pull her up.

[Hmm. It is indeed the first time I see thee waking up late.]

Usually, I’d sleep later than everyone and wake up earlier than anyone.

Plus, I’d enjoy my alone time by looking at everyone’s sleeping faces and touching them here and there.
How could I oversleep….

[Ah, have you woken up?]

Mina entered the room; perhaps because she heard Laurier fall.

[Yeah. I overslept a little, it seems. Morning, Mina, Laurier.]

[Good morning.]

[It’s not morning.]

Even though I greeted them good morning, Mina responded to me politely as always. Meanwhile Laurier answered in small hateful voice.
Although it sounded hateful, Laurier stuck closely near my waist.

Therefore, I took a small revenge toward her and teased Laurier’s side.

[Nn~! Ununu….Nn…Nnnn~]

I’m not sure either Laurier tried to endure it or not to laugh but her body was squirming on my waist and knee.

The feeling when the clothes rub against my skin, the feeling of what’s inside those clothes, both made me also squirm around too.

[Where is everyone?]

While I was flirting with Laurier, I asked Mina.
Right now, there are only three people in this room.

[Kagura-sama is working on the sword. Celes-sama is helping her. As for the rest, they are practicing with the Hero-sama’s group]

[I see. Thanks]

It seems that when I overslept, everyone went with their own schedule as usual.

Apart from Mina, why is Laurier in here? Do you want to laze around?
No, I should think about it from another point of view. It looked like she was here to accompany me?

When I glanced at the clock, somehow it has already passed two o’clock.
It seems I have fallen asleep soundly.

[Well even though it’s late, I should show my face too…. So, oi, what’s with you?]

When I try to stand up, Laurier gripped my waist and stopped me.

[You, since you still look tired, you should stay and sleep with me for today]

After Laurier said so, she pushed me against the bed.
Oh no. I was being pushed down.

[W,well, even though I am fine already…?]

Thanks to sleeping for almost half a day, the fatigue that I felt last night had disappeared.
There is no hard feelings either, especially since tonight with everyone again…

[That’s not good. For today, you should take it slowly. Everyone had decided it earlier in the morning, if you get up… that’s not good]

Mina-san. Just now, when you said that, you stole a glance and looked away from my face, aren’t you?

Certainly, I am lying on the bed now after being pushed down by Laurier,
However, thanks to Laurier hugging me, my lower half had become energetic and full of vigor.


But well, aside from the joke, it is not bad to accept their kind offer and spend the day sleeping.

When I thought so, I drew power out from my body and entrusted myself to the bed. Then there was light blue stripes that interrupted my field of view.

Laurier, who rode on me, was facing in the opposite direction, and moving with rustling sound.

What are you planning to do? Isn’t this a superb view?

[Even though everyone was worried, but this fellow is still energetic]

Since my eyes can only saw panties and thighs, I cannot confirm what the thing she looked at is, but it is probably about that thing.

Sorry. I don’t have integrity.
But I cannot talk about integrity in this situation, you know.

Moreover, is everyone worried?
Just a little bit, I was moved to tears.
And also, I felt bad to make them worry.

I decided that I will manage my health properly.

Since I just steeled myself, let’s do the health management immediately.

I don’t know what will happen when I talk to everyone. Let’s suppose that we will have around 4 people at once.
With that, I think I can manage just fine.

If there is any flexibility, this former Hero will advance.


What the hell is with this health management.

[I’m hungry.]

When I said that, I pinch Mina’s skirt who is standing next to the bed.

[Ah. Hmm, I’ll prepare something now… Haruto-sama?]

When Mina turned around to prepare something, she turned around again because I wouldn’t let go of her skirt.

It’s different. What I want to eat isn’t something like that.
When I pulled Mina’s skirt, the things that I want to say seem to have been transmitted so Mina’s face gets a little bit red.
That kind of blushing, it’s very cute.

[Haruto-sama…. But even though I want you to get rest and take the day off.]

If it’s the usual, Mina would be in high spirits but she was hesitating right now.
Pretty much because she was worried about my physical condition.

However, I had recovered now and it is tough to leave things be,when Laurier’s panties are shoved right in the front of me.

[I’m not really hurt, okay?]

After I said that, I pulled her skirt again and this time Mina gave in.

[I understand. Mou… If M-master not gonna stay firmly in the bed, I won’t leave until you go rest slowly.]


Since the day before yesterday, Mina started calling me Master in bed.
I was not fond with the relationship such as subordinate-superior at first. However, in this situation ,the master here refers to husband of a married couple and obviously I think it is wonderful.

[Since it had become like this, Haruto will surely be unable to sleep soon!]

Laurier is still as usual.

You know that the primary cause of this is you, right?

Do you understand? You do understand it right? Well, she is most likely aware of it.
It’s good. That’s why I love you.

Coming on top of the bed, Mina snuggles up to me while I feel her thighs underneath the skirt and kissing the buttocks of Laurier in front of me.

It was lunch time afterwards.


At night.

After the supper, as a result of our discussion, it was decided that my partners at night would be up to four people.
As for the other 4 people remaining, they will also be supporting the five of us, instead of staying in another room.

It’s like that I felt that those four would feel being ignored, is it really alright?
That’s what I thought, but they seems alright with it.

There is no specific rotation.
If the group is already being set-up, even I will feel unwilling for it.

Instead, I will decide the four people that I will take on that day. However, I have to be careful not to be biased towards the members.

Although it feels a little troublesome, if I think that it is a hard work to maintain my own enjoyment and for the harem’s love, it won’t be a problem.

Thus, I have decided the member for tonight.

The members for tonight are Rithina, Tanya, Aura, and Kagura-san.
The theme is [The Mountain Ranges in the Isekai again]

Today, I’ll frequently and simultaneously be attack these five mountains ranges.

Fu… fuhaha… hahahaha!

Right now, I am enjoying life to the fullest!

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