Return of The Former Hero ch.125

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Chapter 125. Former Hero – Is Surprised


At noon, Leon, Caroin and Yunikram came over.

Leon’s cool face, after being healed with recovery magic or whatnot, returned back as the good-looking guy’s face.
Moreover, I wonder why he looked more refreshed than usual.

I invited those three to enter inside the room. With using the table and chairs, along with the sofa and bed, we sat down quietly.

Although this room is considerably big but the amount of people here has stretched it to its limit.

Whether it’s due to lack of prudence on their parts, Leon sat beside Caroin.
Those two…did something happen yesterday?

Since this is Leon, even though their relationship didn’t rush forward to marriage like with me and Aura, I thought that there was an event which shortened the distance between them.

As per our promise of [The winner can ask anything], I now really want to use it and ask what happened yesterday.
Well, I’d rather not.

[Leon, Caroin, Yunikram. There is something that I must say first.
Since last night, I became Aura Amagi]


The moment after everyone had settled down, as if she thought she may have had forgotten it, Aura suddenly spoke about it.

You just went and dove headfirst again so suddenly.
Furthermore, your explanation is also lacking.

This abrupt way of doing things. Surely, Caroin will imagine various misunderstandings.

Leon’s group, who didn’t understand what Aura meant at all, look confused.

I was planning to let everyone settle down a bit more. However, Aura probably wanted to say it so it can’t be helped. What a cute girl.

No, that’s not it.

[Ah… So, yeah. Well, various stuff happened last night, I am with Aura… No, I mean with everyone here…I have decided… to marry them.]


I added an explanation from the side.

Leon’s group seemed like they don’t understand what just I said as they have the same reaction they showed Aura earlier.

Their party member stayed overnight with us and the next morning, she suddenly got married.

I explained what happened last night in detail.

To begin with, even though everyone had already heard about me having six harem members and even after being added into harem, Aura and Kagura looked shy.

[I – I see. It’s so sudden that , it kinda surprised me for a moment…]

[Well that’s obvious. However, Caroin was apparently able to receive the news well and congratulated Aura.

[A, anyway, Aura-san. Congratulation. I’m a little bit envious.]

[Thank you Caroin! …Nn? Envious? Caroin, don’t tell me… Do you also have feelings to Amagi-dono?]

[Fue!? N-no…! There is no such thing like that!]

[What? Amagi-dono is a man with a big heart. I’m sure he will accept it easily if you say it.]

[I-it’s not like that really!]

What did this knight girl say?
That would bring about misunderstanding, you know.

Caroin seems envious of our marriage.
Moreover, her desired spouse is the hero next to her..

….Wait. It’s the same thing that happened to Aura and Kagura too.

Everything is just my assumption but is Caroin a dog-type? …No-no way. (TL Note: A girl awaiting invitation like a dog.)

I feel frightened at the assumption that Caroin would really prefer me over Leon.


Aside from that, while enjoying the comedic atmosphere between these two girls, I noticed Leon and Yuni kiram showing bitter smiles.

Isn’t it undesirable when the members in hero party to have such relationship?
If that’s the case, I will never say that now.

A moment later, Leon and Yunikram congratulate Aura too.


After that, everything went back to normal. We’re talked about the tournament and then ate lunch together.

I had considered eating together somewhere with these number of people. However, it seemed like that it’s gonna be troublesome if the top 4 of the tournament gather in the same place so I asked for food delivery.

Afterwards, I was called by Leon so I came to the rooftop of the hotel.

[Sorry for calling you all of a sudden.]

[No problem, it’s okay. And, about the promise, I kept it a secret from everyone since it’s somewhat embarrassing.]

Leon heard my words and laughed a little. We can see the arena from here underneath the chilly sky.

But, when I look at the arena, why does it make me feel like this?
In particular, it’s irritating to see him look so good when he just laughs in self-deprecation.

Is it that, huh? Is it because he is tall?
Or because his legs are long?


I have been told by Aura that I am a man with big heart just a little while ago. In comparison with what Aura thought, I’m such a small man.

My vessel only longs for things that have something to do with girls just like a drinking glass.


[And what does Haruto-san want to know?]

When I was trapped in self-loathing, Leon turned around and asked me.

[Etto… Ah, yeah]

For a moment, I wasn’t able to remember what I wanted to know from him, but now I knew.

The sense of incongruity that I felt when we met Leon again in this town.

It’s not like I was anxious. I don’t even care if it’s not important at all but I just want to know.


Leon, who heard my question, showed a difficult face.

Is it really something that’s hard to say?

I was imagining a light answer such as [Is that all? That’s actually~] or something like that, you know?

[I’m sorry. Please wait a little.]


After that, Leon returned back quickly inside the hotel.

W-what is this?

Even though I’m curious but was it something bad to ask? Somehow, it made me seriously nervous. Furthermore, it’s cold outside. It’s a little bit lonely here.

What is with this situation anyway?
He seems hesitant to speak. It should be the opposite as it’s supposed to be easy to talk about it though?


Oh well.
I might understand if I listen to his answer.

He is the type who won’t lie about something that he promised like this.

Leon returned after a short while.

[Sorry for the wait.]


Leon returned and he brought along Yunikram.
I had thought where he had gone earlier. Did you call Yunikram?

Oioi, seriously. What is it?

[Haruto-sama, I had heard the story from Leon.]

Yunikram began to talk.
I kept silent and listened to him.

[About that, Leon and I actually knew about you and your group’s movement]

[I-is that so?]

Yunikram answered it immediately.

Did they know by chance? Or had they known from start?

This story surely doesn’t seem to be pleasant one.
If that’s so, then I have a question in mind.


Naturally, I want to know their reason.

Perhaps it’s something that I expected, the King was worried about Rithinaso he was secretly following Rithina’s movement or something like that?

Although it’s a bit selfish to make the Hero’s party do it, I don’t know what a doting parent would do.

[The reason is… It’s related to what I wanted to ask to Haruto-san…]

To my doubts, Leon answered this time.

The thing that he wanted to ask me?

That reminds me, it was the start of the promise, wasn’t it?

What is the thing that Leon wanted to ask me?

Is it not about the doting parent?

[What did you want to know?]

[Etto.. That’s…I-I was unable to defeat Haruto-san…]

To my question, Leon hesitated to answer again.

[It’s fine already. You don’t need to turn around like that. It was just a verbal promise. You don’t need to worry about it. Moreover, it’s related to my question from earlier]

I got a little bit impatient for a moment so I urged him for an answer.

Leon looked at Yunikram and then Yunikram nodded silently.
It seems like something was bothering Leon.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unrelated with this situation or if it’s something unthinkable, it’s good for now.

They talked to each other with their eyes.
I want to see it as well.

Ah, no, was it something that Tanya did yesterday?

Huh? If I think about it, it doesn’t seem well for me, does it…

Ah whatever.

[Actually, before the battle against the four Heavenly Kings of the Demon king Army in the Omori Woods, YunikramI and I gathered intelligence on the enemy force beforehand.]

Eh? Demon King Army? Why did Demon King Army appear here?

A crazy word just appeared out of nowhere.


I don’t understand why it’s connected to me at all. I can’t speak.

However, Leon continued his story without waiting for my response.

[Then, towards the Demons of the Heavenly Kings-class, there was a certain instruction that had been given. It was given most likely by… the Demon King itself.]

Oioi, Demon King again.

[The content was ”The objective against the Hero is on hold”. In addition…]

And then Leon paused a bit.

He hesitated a little before continuing .

Oioi, what’s with that.
The assumption at this moment is kinda scary.

However, Leon has resolved himself and continued.

[In addition, toward the Adventurer named Amagi Haruto, under no circumstances is anyone allowed to put their hands on him or his party at all.]

Leon said that.

The command from the Demon King to the Heavenly Kings.

Why was my name included there?

Today, I married Aura. I’m reporting it to others. We bypassed many process so I’m sure Leon and the other will be rather surprised

I didn’t think that I would make the same surprised reaction like the one that Leon and his group made.


That was the most stupid voice that I made today and it resounded through the rooftop of the hotel.

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