Return of The Former Hero ch.124

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Chapter 124. Former Hero. Reconfirms

[…Well, it’s pretty much like this]

I said everything about myself to everyone.

About me growing up in an orphanage because I abandoned.
About me living up until the 6th grade at elementary school on Earth.
About me being summoned as a Hero in Andalugia and fighting against the Demon King.
About me defeating the Demon King.
About me having been sent back to Earth and coming to a different world on my own.

Although it was a relatively rough explanation, but if I explain until the small details, it would take a lot of time, that’s what I thought.

Even so, there is nothing that I will keep secret from everyone now.

Although I occasionally borrowed everyone’s underwear and enjoyed it by myself but that is the secret of another sort.

For the time being, I postponed their questions about me and kept talking about the things that I can talk at once.
Well then, I wonder what their reactions would be?

If asked about the result, it can be said that everyone roughly accepted it.

[Haruto was a hero, huh. Amazing!]

[Umu. Hero, huh? As expected from the man who overwhelmed me. There is nothing wrong with my eyes! Hahaha!]

It’s former hero though.
Tanya and Laurier probably do not understand it well but they accepted it as if it’s nothing important.

[I don’t understand it well, but… Haruto is Haruto!]

[I had thought that you were not an ordinary person but that story has convinced me.]

Sharon and Mina are both bewildered, but they accepted me for who I am.
They didn’t doubt me and it made me kyun because I was believed.

[Haru-kun! T-that Earth, talk in detail!]

[I-I also want to hear more about another world, especially the transfer between the different worlds in detail!]

The two engineers, Kagura-san and Celes, seemed more curious about the Earth than my origin.
At least, it seems that they didn’t consider me as an insane guy.

I wonder if showing then beforehand the crystallization of scientific technology that’s clearly different from this world that, like the smartphone and the wristwatch, became a foundation that allowed them to accept it easier?

[Haruto-kun, former hero… But from another world? So… Then… Fufufu.]

Rithina pondered and muttered about something.
However, it does not mean that she doesn’t believe what I say. She might be thinking about how we should proceed in the future or sorting out the matters about me in her head. It doesn’t look like that it factors me being from another world in itself… I think.

Her last smile was somewhat looked very evil.

And for the last, Aura was the only one who confused.

[Husband is a… a hero? Leon is also a hero, however, husband defeated Demon King… Huh? But, the Demon King is still alive now… Nn? Husband is previous hero… Etto… How old?]

There is a terrible misunderstanding that had been made.

Although Leon and I introduce ourselves as hero to each other, it’s not like we’re related.
The Demon King that I defeated was the Demon King of Andalugia and there’s absolutely no relation between me and the Demon King that Aura’s party is currently aiming to exterminate.

After all, it’s not like I am an immortal mountain hermit either.

It’s necessary for me to repeat the explanation slowly from that part again later.

[Well, Rithina-sama. Even though I am a former hero from different world, don’t spread it around too much, okay?]

[Eh? Ah… Yes. Eh? Why do you only say that to me?]

It is because you are the number one suspect who’s going to spread it everywhere.

[Everyone too, I didn’t say “don’t spread that information at any cost”, but make sure not to talk about it on your own.]

When I said it, everyone nodded.

[Wait Haruto-kun? Why do you specially said that only to me?]

Rithina refused to give up and keep pursuing my answer.
There is no way the person in question doesn’t understand it.

Ask your big breasts.

Just in case, I want to confirm something with everyone,using this chance.

[I just said it a little while ago, the first world that I went to is Andalugia. …is anyone familiar with the Andalugia’s name?]

[Andalugia… I never heard it]

Celes answered my question.

The others seemed like they did not know about it either and shook their heads.

If Celes doesn’t know, then that’s it I guess.

Moreover, when I asked about the names or places in Andalugia that I know of, not one of them knew anything.

Although I had already expected it, I just want to reconfirmed it.

As expected, this place is not Andalugia.

[Hey, Haruto.]


When I recognized my current situation, Sharon timidly raised her voice.

[Haruto, umm… Andalugia? You tried to go to that place again, didn’t you?]


[That’s right]

I answered her.

[Etto… There are a lot of Haruto’s acquaintances over there, right?]

[Yes… there were.]

Sharon didn’t makee herself clear as usual.
What is it that she want to said?

I felt some unrest in the air.

[Umm… Then, will Haruto someday go to that Andalugia place?]

Ah, I see. So that’s it.

Would I go to Andalugia someday?
No way.

[Whether this world is Andalugia or not, I honestly don’t care about it.

I only thought that magic can be used in that world, that’s all.

[As I am now, the world where I can be with my wives is more important.]

I said that while patting Sharon head who sits beside me.


When I looked on her eyes and said that she is my wife, Sharon’s face turned red and she turned her face away.
Kuh … I want to embrace you closely. My wife is so cute and lovely.


[Oops… What is it?]

I tried to calm down my unrest but Celes raised her voice this time.

[Onii-san had tried to go to Andalugia by using transfer/teleportation formation, but you coming to this different world instead, correct?]


[Even though the teleportation to a different world succeeded, why did you want to come to a different world?]

As expected of Celes I guess? My story has been understood well and she pointed out the strange part quite precisely.

[That’s… I don’t understand it well either. It is impossible to check the actual thing used for the transfer, but it probably there was a mistake in building of the teleport formation].

That’s the conclusion.

When I said that, Celes’s eyes shone.

Did the Elf’s eyes shine? It’s different?

[Let’s study the cause! I will help so please tell me about the teleportation formation!]

Waa. Her eyes is somewhat shining, it’s really shining.

[Etto… Nn… Oh well. Understood. I’ll teach you later.]


When I approved it, Celes was innocently happy.

Too innocent and super cute.

Or rather you, instead of checking the mistake in my teleport formation, you just want to know about the teleport formation, right?

Oh well.

There should be no worries that Celes will suddenly fly to a different world if I taught her… Right?

[The Earth, I want to see that place.]

After Celes calmed down after listening to the story, this time Kagura-san raised her voice.

[Well, why is that?]


Kagura-san wouldn’t retreat just because I have hesitated.

An engineer’s curiosity is really troublesome.

[I think the construction of the teleportation formation to the earth is certainly possible.

However, about the Earth that I know of, there is no magic at all so there is no guarantee we can return back here.

After that, even when we return here, we don’t know where we will appear, so it’s dangerous]

I explained my reason for hesitation.

I maybe able to go if I’m alone, but I don’t know what will happen if brought other people..

[You see, although we can’t go right now, together with Ce-chan and Haru-kun, we will try to solve the problem.]

Un… That might be so…

[Umu… Then, well, if I can be certain we can come and go, it would be at that time for sure.]

I didn’t plan to go back anymore, but if we can come and go as we please, it will certainly be convenient.

Well, let’s try working for it with the mindset that there is nothing to lose.

[As expected from Haru-kun! So understanding! That’s why you’re my husband!]

I was startled heard what Kagura-san said.

[I just said my husband. I did it, ehehe.]

Instead of me, the person who said it was the one who went and felt shy.
Are you a maiden? I want to kiss you.

After that, I answered the questions from everyone. We talked about the memories of our childhood to each other.

It is nice for having this kind of calm everyday life.

And then at noon:

Leon and the others had arrived.

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