Return of The Former Hero ch.123

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Chapter 123. Former Hero – Talks



As I regained my consciousness, I tried to wake up.


I wanted to rub my sleepy eyes but my hands won’t move.

I’m trying to move my body, but it won’t budge.

What is this? What has happened to me?

I started to look around to understand what is happening to me right now.

Both of my hands were being used as a pillow by Aura and Kagura-san.
As for my legs, they were firmly locked by their legs.
My body is wrapped by big breasts from both sides.


No! It’s not!


While I was moving my neck, I try to confirm the situation.

Right now, the people who are sleeping with me are just Aura and Kagura-san.

I’ve confirmed that the others are sleeping around us.

Well, having nine people in one bed is surely hard. Tanya has fallen from the bed while Mina and Sharon are sleeping on sofa.

Somehow, I’m sorry.
Today I’ll ask for extra beds.

Last night was the first time for Aura and Kagura-san and since it’s our first wedding night, it’s no wonder I’m being hugged like this in my sleep. And somehow I feel bad for the others.

Let’s think seriously about how to make it up to them.

But still, my body is tired.

Even though I’m growing up nicely, handling 8 people is surely tiring.
What is the bad part? Well, there are 8 caves but I only have one pickaxe (lit: ice axe).

Well, if it’s for exploration only, one pickaxe is more than enough.
But still, these caves are mine! And I don’t have enough paint to mark its deepest part.

I need to focus on the maintaining the stock more.

Moreover, I got excited from these two and I got excited by the sound of our wedding night. The fact that they’re my wives made me lose my mind and went at it all night long.

I could not do a tentacle play since it was their first time so I fought with one weapon in this battle; it was a hard fight.

It was a battle that will make a tournament-winner hero give up in no time.

But here, I’m a former hero

No matter how cornered I am, I won’t give up until the end

With that determination, I managed to get a victory with my hand.

Right, a victory with this hand!

While I thinking, I grasped both Aura and Kagura-san breasts.

Rub rub.


They’re spilling out from my hand: both of them.

Rub rub rub rub.


I’m happily enjoying feeling up my wives in the morning.

When I massaged their breasts, both of them moved their bodies and leaked soft voices.

I enjoyed the feeling of their breasts for a while. Next, I tried to enjoy the feel of their butts but my arms can’t reach it because they are under the head of the two girls.


I want to touch their butts!


Thanks to me moving my body, the two girls woke up.

[Good morning.] (Haruto)



I gave up with their butts so I rubbed their breasts again. What just I did as greeting in the morning. I’m the worst.



Have they remembered what we did last night? Both of them greet me with red faces.

No, their red faces are probably because of what I’m doing right now.

[Haru-kun… You’re still like this.] (Kaguya)

Kagura-san said it while watching my lower half.

[That’s because it’s morning.] (Haruto)

[Is that so?] (Kaguya)

What a random conversation.

No, but I’m happy with it. Uehehehe.

[Husband. Your face doesn’t look good. Did last night exhaust you?] (Aura)

[…N-no, no way it can happen.] (Haruto)

[Is that so?] (Aura)

Although I’m happy that Aura is worried about me, there is nothing wrong with my face.

Rather, it’s a satisfied face.

And after flirting in the morning, I woke everyone up by touching their breasts.

And then we ate breakfast. While eating, we talked about the future.

[Oh yes. Aura.] (Haruto)

[Yes. What is it, Husband?] (Aura)


[No, it just… That’s… Although it’s fine to call me like that, when we’re going out however… with Leon and others, please call me like before.] (Rithina)

Even though I like being called husband but as expected, it’s kinda embarrassing.

[Mumu. No, but that….] (Aura)

For Aura who was a straight-laced person, she seems unable to accept being able to call her husband as husband.
What should I do?

[Aura-san. We’re gonna call each other like usual. If everyone starts calling me Husband, it might cause some problems.] (Rithina)

Towards Aura, Rithina made a follow-up from the side.

[it might cause a problem?] (Aura)

However, Aura still hadn’t given up.

[Let’s see…] (Rithina)

It seems she didn’t expect being asked the question and Rithina was at a loss.

It’s unusual.

When facing a straight ball like Aura, even if you want to try arguing, do you feel troubled?
In my situation, I would be convinced.

I know something good.


[…Uuu] (Rithina)

When Rithina saw me grinning, she puffed her cheeks.
After she did her best to follow up.
However, it is cute.

[…No, I’m sorry. I guess there might be a problem which I won’t understand.
I will obey as Her Highness Princess said.] (Aura)

In the end, Aura convinced herself and gave up.

I see.
You just need to thrust once and then pull out.
I learned.

[One more thing.] (Aura)

Aura continue her words.

[Well then, what about our names? Husband’s family name is Amagi.] (Aura)

Name? Name, huh.

You sure worry about detailed stuffs. No, isn’t that detailed? Names are indeed important.

However, what happens to your name after you get married?

[I, c-can I introduce myself as Amagi?] (Sharon)

Sharon, who listened, asked while blushing.

It’s no problem for me.

Rather, it feels kinda great that they will get my name.
I am getting strangely excited.

However, I did not know that such things were done in this world..
How is that? I looked at Rithina’s expression.

[Muu~] (Rithina)

Is she still angry because of earlier? Rithina didn’t answer.

[Etto, if a marriage is between people who don’t have family names, you don’t need anything special but when someone married to a man’s house, it is normal to introduce your name as the man’s family name.

In the opposite case, there is no need to introduce yourself with the family name.] (Celes)

When I apologized to Rithina and lightened her mood, Celes answered in her stead.

[I see. Then from today, Sharon is Amagi Sharon.] (Haruto)

[Wah. Amagi Sharon… Nfufu] (Sharon)


When she said it in a loud voice, there is an amazing feeling gushing out, kinda like an itchy sensation.

After that, Sharon was grinning broadly.

I poked on her embarrassed cheeks.

[Faa?! Wa-wait Haruto, wh-what is this?!] (Sharon)

Well, with that, everyone settled down by adding [Amagi] to the front of their names.

Nn. I finally got the feeling that I got married. Gufufu.

[And then…] (Aura)

Aura said something. Is there something else?

[Is it not necessary to officially report to the Amagi family? Where is husband’s house located?] (Aura)

Zawari. (TL Note: Instant silent)

Suddenly, the air froze.

Aside of Aura and Kagura-san, I have already told everyone that I am an orphan.

However, as for my hometown, I only gave vague answers.
I didn’t tell them that I was a hero in the world named Andalugia.

[Fumu.] (Haruto)

Well, what should I do?
I think for a while.

I have decided to prepare myself for marrying these eight girls.
And even if we part ways in the future, that will not change.

It is so.

It’s not like it was necessary to hide it.

Today, Leon will visiting in the afternoon.

We still have plenty of time.

Aura watched blankly at me thinking,.

Kagura is interested in seeing the situation.

Everyone else too. They already know that I’m an orphan so did they think that I was thinking about it? Or did they expect that I will talk about where I come from? They are staring at me.

[Okay, let’s talk about myself since it’s a good opportunity.] (Haruto)

It seems that the six people, except for Aura and Kagura-san, became a bit nervous.

[First of all, I think everyone already knows, aside from Aura and Kagura-san, that I am an abandoned child. Therefore, there are no parents so greetings are unnecessary.] (Haruto)

To my words, Aura and Kagura-san become nervous this time.

No, you don’t have to worry about that.

[And then, as for my hometown…] (Haruto)

While I have decided to talk about it, I was hesitant for a bit.

I came from a different world. I was a hero before. I had defeated the Demon King. Are they going to believe me?

I can only trust them and they might consider it as a funny story… which would depress me.

Well, it’s fine, right?
That much they should be able to accept. Maybe.

I start to continue the words which I stopped earlier.

[I came from a world called “Earth”. I am from a different world.] (Haruto)


Toward my word, everyone responded at the same time.
I guess so.

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