Return of The Former Hero ch.122

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Chapter 122. Former Hero – Climbing

Every person has an unfulfilled dream.
There are heights that they want to reach.

We take a mountain made in the sandpit in the neighborhood park as an example. At first, we just look at it then we use our index and middle fingers as feet and start climbing. Next, we creep into a construction site which we don’t know whether they were left behind deliberately just to climb onto the pile of some materials left there.

If someone from the neighborhood saw it, they would report it to the school and the boy would get scolded because it was dangerous.

After that, the boy will head to the mountain which is located farther this time.

Even if there is a paved road that leads to the top, there is no such thing as climbing using the road.

Even when trees are growing densely, the boy will aim for the top even if the route is needlessly dangerous.

And then after he finally reaches the top, the mountain will become the boy’s possession.

We can see a spectacular view from there.

The world that looks different from usual would be seen and the boy will remember the excitement that he can’t express well.

Next is the mountain climbing learned from the school event.

The boy will finally experience what a real mountain is.
Am unknown area which is different from the previous one.

“This is the joy of mountain climbing!” — that’s what people think and they are split into two categories: those who say “Ugh” and feel sluggish and those who say “Wow” and be charmed instead.

The boy was the latter.

With his own intention and as his own hobby, he is climbing the mountain to claim it as his own. Otherwise he won’t be content.

Well then, that boy… is me. Currently in my eyes, I found the mountains that I need to climb.


Eight mountains spread before my eyes.
This is a mountain range of the different world!

Kagura-san. Aura. Rithina. Tanya.

Ah… Aren’t they overwhelming?
It’s worthy to climb. The mountain ranges which are worthy to climb.

First of all, I’m climbing Kagura’s mountains.

When I look at the sky from the foot in the mountain, there is a tilt of more than 90’ waiting for me.

What a dangerous place.

However, I am now permitted to attack this mountain thoroughly .

Because no one but me and only me can climb this mountain.

I put my hand on the mountain, rub it over to open the road into the top.

[Nn… Haa…] (Kagura)

The Mountain Goddess leaked her voice because of my attack.
While I listen to her voice, I enjoy the journey.

And in the end, moving past the tips located on the way here and there, I finally reach the summit.

At the summit, there is a landmark.
Toward that landmark, I kiss it as proof that I’ve conquered this mountain.

[Nnn!] (Kagura)

The Mountain Goddess trembles.

The Mountain Goddess, who had never been stepped on, raised a voice of joy upon being conquered.

After leaving enough proof of the conquest, I move to the next mountains.

However, the Mountain Goddess extends her hands on the way.

[Ha-Haru-kun…] (Kagura)

And then her hand moved to my neck,and invited me to the deep bottom of her valley.

This valley is dangerous.
Anyone who fell in that valley won’t climb back up for a second time.

However, since this is mountain climbing, it should be filled with dramatic moments.
And for such dramatic moments, this deep valley is necessary.

If there is a mountain, there is also a valley.
Only after we cross the deep valley, we can get more relief when we’ve climbed the mountain.

I fell into the valley.

I was pressed on both the left and the right by an amazing pressure.


What a brutal valley.
Moreover, it has a very comfortable space.

I want to live here forever.

No, wait.
I remember.

Stopping here might also be good.

However, I am supposed to aim for further heights.

I cut off the temptation to settle down in the valley and began to walk again.

After Kagura’s twin mountains were conquered, I carved the proof.

The conquest is complete.

Kagura-san too; her cheeks flushed after being conquered by a man for the first time. She absent-mindedly gazed at me.
I leave her mountains for a moment and kissed her lips.

But, there are still mountain ranges left.

The next agenda is to start attacking Aura’s mountains, which have more volume than I thought.

When I first conquered Aura’s mountains, her voice resounded again.

[Kuu… Nn…. D-danna….sama….] (Aura)

It was so quiet that I was even unable to hear her at first. However, her sweet voice resounded and melted deeply in me.


By the way she called me I got the feeling that this girl has become mine physically, mentally and formally,. My body turned hot.

The blood flowed again to the bottom part.

When I moved on the second mountain, the Mountain Goddess hand extended to me again.
No, this time it’s her feet.

Aura’s feet locked me through my back, obstructing my movement.

She moved her arm to back so I can only move my neck.

She firmly hugged me down, glueing me closely.
It’s like a replay of the semifinal match.

Why is this position so pleasant?

If she didn’t wear her armor, the holding position would feel different.

The impression that I couldn’t taste in the semifinal, it’s priceless.

Daisuki holding is scary!

However, however I have traveling to do.

I manage to move my neck and carve a proof of mine onto the Aura’s mountain.

[Fua… Not that…. If this continues….] (Aura)

The Mountain Goddess doesn’t budge.

After I could move my body when the holding power loosened, I kissed Aura.

[Nmu… Nnnn~….] (Aura)

I don’t know if it’s Aura’s first kiss or not, but she accepted my kiss.

From hereon after, her body is mine.
From now on. Gufufu.

After I’m freed from Aura’s restraints thanks to the kiss, I went ahead towards Rithina’s mountain.

How could this be? This is the middle of the journey.
Beyond Kagura’s and Aura’s mountains, there are still four mountains standing still.

However, I am accustomed with the mountain path from here on.
I forgot how many times I climbed over where should I climb and how to aim for the top of mountain; my body remembered it well.

Now then, shall we go?
To the other side of that mountain.

I completely conquered the mountains of a different world. Next, I’ll enjoy the hiking trail.

Sharon, Mina, and Celes.

Although these mountains are not as steep as earlier, I’ll keep coming to firmly claim them.

They are of the modest size with a nice form. They are like an oasis for me who had consumed physical strength while conquering huge mountain ranges.

I climb over the mountains one by one.
But because it’s me, I returned back to being a child who did as he pleased.

I enjoyed the hiking for a while and leaving my proof after reached the summit for each of them.

These mountains belong to me.

Obviously, I don’t intend to show them to anyone but I won’t forget to claim them every night to satisfy my possessive instincts.

At last, I’m strolling.


It’s a plain here. No, is it a hill?

Usually Tanya is also like this, but today, Laurier is the only one since Tanya changed into a mountain for today.

While I was enjoying climbing everyone’s mountains, Laurier was the only one left out.

No matter how little she has it though, I don’t dislike it. Even if I told her that I liked them, it seems like she would still worry about it.

Is this a girl’s sad saga?

Well, even if I somehow ended up surrounded by people with the figure of a plastic bottle, no matter how good it may seem I don’t think my self-confidence would hold out.
Though with that said, it’s still true that having hills are fine as well.

Rather, if Laurier’s hills become mountains, I would instead be troubled.

That’s why today I’ll once more explain how not having any is good in its own way.

While I enjoy the stroll until Laurier trembles and her breathing becomes rough, the aroused girls beside me freely climb Aura and Kagura’s mountains.

Those two are still bewildered by their first experience so they can only accept everyone’s attack helplessly.

Since the opponent is also a girl, would the attack be different?

The two girls’ voice start to rise.

I’m quietly casting Silent Space field onto the surroundings.
The other day we have received a complaint from the hotel.

Anyway, this is an amazing scene. Uwaa… It’s Shangri-la.

There are two big beds attached.
However, since we have nine people, it could hold all of us so we attached the sofa too, but it’s still packed.

Even if our situation is like potatoes in soup, but rubbing skin with the girls is also happiness.

I-I’m glad I came to this world.

… Well then, our preparations might start slowly. More like my endurance is at a critical point.

However, I have something to say before that.

After holding and kissing Laurier, I get off immediately and stand up.

Since everyone is naked now, I’m also naked too.
Some of them are not watching on my face and they sometimes glanced at my lower half. However I put it aside for now.

More importantly, I want to say something toward everyone who are looking at me.

[Thank you for the support today. Thanks to that, I was able to win the tournament.] (Haruto)

In response to my words, everyone applauded.

[Thank you. Also, Kagura-san and Aura-san, although it’s turned out like this today, please take care of me in the future] (Haruto)

[Y-yeah. Same here… P-please take care of me.] (Kagura)

[Yes. My best regards too.] (Aura)

When I said it to the two of them, Kagura-san answered in very maiden response, while Aura answered in the usual formal response.

[From here on, until the end, I’ll say it to everyone again… Cough. Uh, up to now we have been through a lot and suddenly today, we’re in this situation. So now, everyone here are my brides starting now. Although I did say that, however I don’t fully understand about female relationships. But, I swear I won’t make you regret choosing me. That’s why, please take care of me in the future.] (Haruto)

Although it suddenly turned into marriage, I declared my resolution as the turning point.

I don’t want to part with everyone so from now on, I want to cherish them.
That was my purpose when I came to this world; the most important purpose.

If possible, I want to make it happen.

W-well, I can’t guarantee the relationship between the girls.

In a certain meaning, this is my selfish declaration as the man. Everyone is laughing and accepting it one after another. They are showing the “it can’t be helped” expressions and “of course, that’s natural” expressions.

Ah, everyone is so cute.

Alright. Let’s exchange pledges.
Today, I pledge that everyone here are my brides.

While I was enjoying the happiness of this world and building up my expectation for the night in the future, the girls gathered up and mumbled with each other.

What’s wrong, everyone?

Towards their unexpected reactions, I became flustered.

In this kind of situation, don’t tell me they will refuse it?

[Hey, Haruto. A while ago, can you say it once again?] (Sharon)

[Huh?] (Haruto)

While I was filled with uneasiness, Sharon talked to me.

What does she mean?

[You know, when you said everyone here are yours.] (Sharon)

[Nn? O-oh.] (Haruto)

I don’t understand what Sharon demanded.
Although I don’t understand it, I kind of understand.

My chest tightened.

[Alright. Then… Cough] (Haruto)

It’s a little bit embarrassing if I must say it again, but whatever.
I put it in one breath as I declared it loudly.

[Everyone here are my brides from today!] (Haruto)

To my words, the eight girls answered in one voice—–

[Yes, husband!]

They acknowledged it with a smile.


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