Return of The Former Hero ch.121


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Chapter 121. Former Hero – Marries

[Although I am still incompetent and inexperienced, but please take care of me as your wife in the future, Amagi-dono… No, Danna-sama.] (Aura)


W… wife… she said….?

It’s evening right now.

With me becoming the victor in the tournament, we returned back to the hotel after the victory ceremony and whatnot to hold a celebration.

The members participating in the celebration are the six beloved girls of my harem, plus Kagura and Aura so the total is 8 people.

Leon, who fainted in the finals, has regained consciousness thanks to the healing magic, and he seems to be taking a day’s worth of rest at the hotel.

Caroin is accompanying him.

Caroin-san, this is your chance!. Even though I was wondering what kind of advice I should’ve told her, I gave up on interfering this much.

Yunikram returned to the Royal Capital because he had something to do.

That guy, he’s always busy doing something.
As expected from an unsung hero, I suppose..

Coincidentally Mirabelle-san didn’t appear at the city entrance after the tournament ended by the way.
Although I had already expected it, it still made me a little bit sad.


…. Ha.

Due to Aura’s sudden words, my thoughts went wandering for a moment.

[Uh, wife? You mean, Aura…. And me?] (Haruto)


The victory celebration, which was peaceful up until just a short while ago, suddenly got stopped as if the time froze because of the sudden marriage declaration by Aura. Only my words disturbed the silence.

[Yes, during the duel, I was invited to the bed by the man who defeated myself. In other words, I was proposed to become a wife.] (Aura)

Aura replied with the face full of confidence.

Somehow… I think there is a misunderstanding here.

[Wh… Wait for a moment? W-w-w-what is the meaning of this?!] (Sharon)

As time started to move again, Sharon began to seek an explanation from me.
Right behind her, both Rithina and Celes leaned in anticipation.

Laurier’s and Tanya’s smirks were implying [You’ve done it now] and as for Mina… She didn’t say any… No, although she seems to have not reacted in any way, she was staring at me intently despite on her appearance.

Kagura-san… I don’t understand what she is thinking.
Did she not think anything of it? or…

More importantly, I also don’t understand what this is about either.

[Etto… W,well, wait a minute.] (Haruto)

First of all I calmed down three girls who were approaching me.

Let’s clarify what she just said earlier for now.

Etto… What is it? A duel? Did I do something during the duel?

Ah, it’s probably during our tournament match. I see.

Then, don’t tell me the invitation to the bed from the opponent who won…

Fumu fumu. I certainly told her to stay over tonight.

But, that’s…. Not it means… Eh? Eeeh?

It’s really a messed-up another world.
No, maybe I should’ve expected it beforehand?

[I have been focused on my duty as a knight up to now and I still have the duty to defeat the Demon Lord so I don’t know when I will lose my life. That’s why I too want to know the joy of being a woman since the opportunity presented itself.] (Aura)

Aura said it with an embarrassedly flushed face.

I regained my calm a little.

[I see.] (Haruto)

Aura has been preparing herself way before being invited by me during the semifinal match.

As expected from the Hero’s party member, her resolution is different.

[I see. But that’s not it!]

While I was understanding her reason here by myself, Sharon made a forceful retort. That was expected, I guess.


Aura just said that she was going to become a wife, my wife. In other words, it meant being married.


Un, it somewhat. A word that makes one shudder.

For example, what is the relationship between me and the six girls in my harem right now? If I was asked about it, it wouldn’t be wrong to answer that it was essentially a marriage between us, which it was natural.

However, I was hesitant to put it into words.

[I just want to confirm it first.] (Haruto)

[What is it?] (Aura)

I asked Aura for the second time, while calming down Sharon who was already gripping onto my collar.

[I am reluctant to ask this since I can neither refuse nor accept, but you aren’t talking about all of this just out of curiosity, are you?] (Haruto)

I’m not gonna reject it when someone is coming at me. That’s my motto. However I don’t want to have an unpleasant, reluctant relationship.

I want both parties to have a mutual agreement in the end.

And, the reason that I had invited her today was only to get a little chance to get closer with her. It’s not like I had intention to go beyond that, but it’s not like I have to expressly say it to her, right?

[O-of course. Umm… I am unfamiliar with love, but I have been admiring Amagi-dono’s personality and strength for a long time. Moreover, in the today battle, um, umm…. I could feel the determination from a strong-willed man!] (Aura)

Aura answered my question with all her might.

Strong-willed…. Strong-willed, what do you mean by strong-willed?

But, is that so, huh?
You have been admiring me for a long time?
Eh, I didn’t expect that.

I didn’t notice it at all, I always thought that she loved Leon. I am such a dense person.

Eh, wait a second.
It’s not the time to be happy about it.

I have understood Aura’s resolution.
Then what about me?

Wife, bride, marriage.

Although the words feel like they’re putting on a mysterious pressure… It’s necessary for me to return an answer filled with resolution. That’s right, just like during the final match.

Even though it’s the same words, but it’s weird that the impression is different on this situation!

[I understand. Everyone, that’s how it is.] (Haruto)

I nod with an extremely serious face and declared it toward the girls here.

[Yes. Thank you very much.] (Aura)

After hearing my acknowledgement, Aura knelt and bowed down to me.

Aura-san, that’s not what the wife usually does.

[Haruto! What about me? Am I not your wife?] (Tanya)

Since the situation was hard for Sharon, Rithina and Celes to comprehend,, Tanya disregarded them and asked me while clinging to my back.

Of course.

Only announcing Aura as my wife might’ve been a mistake.

[Tanya is obviously my bride as well. Not only Tanya, but everyone here are my brides too!]

Cheerfully, I declared it loudly.


Tanya began to kiss the nape of my neck in a good mood.

Uwaa, I’m shivering.


Sharon and the other three were making face that they weren’t convinced yet, what should I do?

I may be able to overcome their reluctance if I press further.

[Her Highness Princess. And also everyone. I am the unworthy Aura Rozes. I was allowed into being placed at the lowest seat of Amagi-dono’s wives. Because of the journey, I couldn’t accompany you from start, however my best regards from here on after.]

Aura gave a weird greeting to everyone on this place.

That’s why I’ve already said it. That is not what wife usually does.

[Ue? …E,etto, umm… haa…. Yes. My best regards too.] (Sharon)

Is it because they were dumbfounded by Aura’s greeting? Sharon and the others seems to have accepted it somehow.

[Well, it can’t be helped if the number of girls increase now, can it? Haruto is that kind of man after all. No matter how many it’ll increase by, don’t go and neglect us, okay?] (Laurier)

Laurier gets on my lap while saying it.

You’re always making a nice follow-up remark in good timing. Thank you.

[Of course.] (Haruto)

I said that and pat Laurier’s head.


Laurier happily acted like a spoiled child. She entrusted her head to my chest and moved it in delight. Cute.

[Laurier-dono can become adorable like that! The pleasure of being a woman is really amazing!] (Aura)

When she saw Laurier, Aura became somewhat excited.

[Well, it can’t be helped.] (Rithina)

[Yes. It’s Haruto-sama after all.] (Mina)

Rithina sits quietly next to me and takes my hand.
Then she holds my hand firmly and close to herself.
It’s been a long time since I felt her soft breasts!

Mina had moved quietly to my other side and took the other hand.
Then she put my hand below the hem of her skirt in between her thighs.
She sure understands my liking!

[….Uh.] (Celes)

Celes drew closer to my back before I knew it and snuggled up to my back next to Tanya. So sweet.

[Hawawa… T-there is no place left!] (Sharon)

Sharon who was late to notice it began to move in panic.
That’s very lovely in itself!

[Ha! Th-this is… The road of the wife is steeper than I thought.] (Aura)

Aura, who saw this appearance for the first time, had her survival instinct ignited for some reason.
You will need to learn a lot of things after this.

But to be trained by the likes of me, that’s sound good!

And as usual, I was being surrounded by the girls’ soft skin, breasts and thighs around me, my lips being enclosed. I savor this highest of happiness.

Moreover, Aura will be joining the harem from today so it’ll be 7 people.

My strong will, I’ll make her taste her fully.

Nn? … 7 people?

When I realized it, there was a high-pitched sound in the room.


Everyone turned to face the direction where the sound occurred.

In that place… There was Kagura-san who put her glass on the desk in full vigour.


[Haru-kun….!] (Kagura)

[Y-yes…!] (Haruto)

Kagura-san glances at me.

I was like a frog who was being stared at by the snake. I answered her on reflex.

Because of the marriage declaration with Aura, I had completely forgotten about it. Oh crap…

Unpleasant sweat is dripping.


A moment of silence.

The girls too seemed to forget about the current situation. They were watching the development while gulping.



[I, what about me?]


Despite her pressure earlier, Kagura-san was nervous.

[Umm… A little while ago, you said…. Everyone here is your bride…. W-what about me?] (Kagura)

[Etto…?] (Haruto)

What about me? What does that mean?
Is it what I’m thinking?

Eh? Really?

[You see… After we departed from Angel town, I was wondering when I’d be attacked by Haru-kun. However you didn’t put a hand on me at all so I thought that you just didn’t see me that way but then I see everyone here, I ended up thinking “what about me?”.]

Is it to hide her embarrassment? Kagura-san keeps talking and talking.

[You see, I’ve been living by making swords as blacksmith for a long time…. T-that’s why I have no love experience either so I do not know what to do. I am also older so I am wondering if you’re not interested on me. I-if that is the case, I will leave the group from today, so I hope the young people can enjoy it later.] (Kagura)

Did she feel embarrassed because everyone was paying attention to her? Kagura-san started to leave the room after deciding things for herself. .

It’s because she always appeared to be self-centered that I fumble about a good way to approach way but she has been always waiting for confession from me.

I was always being surrounded by girls, so I have ended up becoming insensitive in contrast. What a blunder.

[Kagura-san!] (Haruto)

Naturally, I stopped Kagura-san.

Kagura stopped her movements and turned around slowly.

[What.. is it?] (Kagura)

Her expression was mixed with uneasiness and expectation.

Ah, that sloppy Kagura-san can show this kind of charming expression.

I said one sentence to Kagura-san.

[Kagura-san, please become my bride too!] (Harto)


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