Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Commander’s Bad Day

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The Commander’s Bad Day

Author’s note: From the perspective of 1st Army Commander Argnar

「The movements of the elves are considerably subdued. They are still keeping in touch with me, but that is also becoming reduced. I do not believe that they have become suspicious, but considering the recent unrest here, perhaps they are even considering a full-scale withdrawal from the demon territory.」

In response to my report, the Demon King sitting before me calmly nods her head in acknowledgement. Then, she slowly raises a cup of tea to her mouth. Firstly she enjoys the aroma, then she drinks it. While her expression does not change, she appears to find it satisfactory. In my heart I feel relief at that. It appears that her majesty has uncommon fastidiousness about what she consumes, so if something inferior is served then I do not want to think about what might occur afterwards.

Even now I still do not know, just what kind of person her majesty is. Considering the existence of the real Demon King, this person can only be a self-styled Demon King, yet I am compelled to state that her abilities greatly exceed even the real one.

I used my personal intelligence forces, to attempt to investigate the background of her majesty. But, in the end I could not reach a conclusion. I have been able to determine that she knows the real Demon King somehow or other, and that she appears to be currently staying at a mansion near the Demon King’s castle. In addition that mansion belongs to Balto-dono. Based on the fact that she is lodging at the mansion of Balto-dono who is a close aid of the new Demon King, it is probably no mistake to say that she is connected with the real Demon King.

However, that being the case, when we met for the first time why did she conduct herself as an envoy for a fake Demon King and claim to be the Demon King? I cannot understand. In no way does she appear to be hostile to the real Demon King, but what is the benefit to her in contacting me in secret then? I cannot understand. All I can think of, is that it might involve the elves. Does she have some reason why she does not want the real Demon King to perceive the relationship with the elves? If that is the case, then what to make of it? Can it actually be, something that could become a weakness to use against her? That’s the question.

No. Even if that is a weakness to her, I cannot make use of it. There is too great a gap in strength. No matter how much I try to scheme, this person can simply force me to yield. Also, if I attempt that I am sure that she will not hesitate to respond. From her attitude I fully realise that to her I am nothing more than a tool to be used.

「Don’t think anything strange, okay?」

When was it again that I was told that? Those words that comprehend that I have not sworn an oath of allegiance from the bottom of my heart. Also, following those words, she continued by muttering “Since it’s annoying”. No matter what I try to do, it can only be to the level of “annoying”. All my power as a leader amongst the demons, only amounts to that. This goes beyond the realm indignation and into farce. Even I am just a tool?

I am forced to realise, that nothing can be done. There is nothing that I can do. Everything that I have built up to now, can be brought down in an instant. There is nothing I can do to stop it.

I am sure that this person is going to bring about upheaval to the world. Something that will even overshadow the unprecedented war that the real Demon King is attempting to formulate. Whatever that might be, I have not the slightest idea.

Until now, in order to protect the worn down demons, I have been making efforts in order to try to avoid war. When the previous Demon King vanished, I thought there was a rare chance. The absence of the Hero and the absence of the Demon King. A golden opportunity such as this almost never presents itself. The demons at that time were in no state to go to war. That could also be said of the humans as well. If instead, had both the Demon King and Hero both been well and had the pair of them clashed, it is possible that the demons and humans would have destroyed each other.

I took efforts in order to reorganise the tattered demons. To that end, I even borrowed resources from the disgusting elves. They cannot generally be trusted, but amongst them there are those that truly desire for world peace. I had no alternative but to try something. It wasn’t the time to care about outward appearances.

And then, just when the recovery had finally begun to take hold, a new Demon King appeared. That Demon King’s objective, was to make demons and humans fight each other. The preparations for that have been advancing steadily. If she had been an average Demon King I would have have attempted to topple her in secret, whether or not such force would have stopped her, but instead the new Demon King is a monster known as the oldest Divine Beast. There is no way to win.

And then, there is the one who surpasses even that. Her majesty. With regards to the war that the real Demon King is attempting to wage, her majesty has also affirmed her consent. There is nothing I can do to attempt to avoid this war. Nothing at all. Before the war even begins I have lost.

To what end have all my efforts been for until now? If war breaks out, everything I have built up with come crashing down. I am sure the demons will be driven into a corner again. Or perhaps, my real fight will begin once the war ends. That much is true. So long as I still breathe, I cannot allow the demons to be exterminated.

I heard the sound of a container breaking.

I turn my eyes towards the Demon King, and the cup in her hands has been crushed. While her eyes open.

「Is something the matter?」

Have I committed some error? Thinking so, I ask while concealing the impatience in my heart.

The pupils in the Demon King’s eyes, are restlessly moving about. One of them looks at me. With just that, I feel a pressure that seems like it could crush my heart.

「There is an urgent matter.」

Shortly after saying that, the Demon King teleports. That moment, the sweat that I had been suppressing gushes out like a waterfall. What has happened? Has something occurred that would fluster even her majesty?

Immediately I summon my men, ordering them to strengthen the surrounding patrols. Afterwards, I order intelligence gathering. However, there is no abnormality nearby, nor is there any intelligence on any emergency that could seemingly fluster her majesty in the end.


Translation notes:

Argnar tends to refer to Shiro using the term “o-kata” which is a somewhat archaic and also very polite way to refer to someone. I’ve translated this as “her majesty” etc though it’s not strictly accurate.

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