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And now for something completely different.

Since it’s been some time since the last WN chapter I decided to translate a special chapter that isn’t a WN chapter and is more of a special chapter for LN readers based on reader feedback that was posted here a few months ago. It’s from Shun’s perspective and it’s just a relatively normal day in his life on Earth before the whole class was killed, so it’s not particularly exciting.

As a little helper guide, here’s the characters mentioned in the chapter, in order of appearance. Note that some characters haven’t been mentioned in either the WN or the LN.

  • Sensei (Okazaki Kanami aka Oka-chan). Reincarnated as Firmis the elf.
  • Kanata (Ooshima Kanata). Reincarnated as Katia (Carnatia Seri Anabald).
  • Kyouya (Sasajima Kyouya). Reincarnated as Wrath.
  • Nanase – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Natsume (Natsume Kengo). Reincarnated as Yuugo / Hugo, first prince of the Empire.
  • Sakurasaki (Sakurasaki Issei). One of the dead reincarnators.
  • Ogi (Ogiwara Kenichi). After reincarnating, works as a spy for the Divine Word Religion in the elf village.
  • Tsushima – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Kogure (Kogure Naofumi). One of the dead reincarnators.
  • Aikawa – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Hayashi (Hayashi Kouta). One of the dead reincarnators.
  • Maki Shuuto – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Hasebe (Hasebe Yuika). Reincarnated as Yuri, a saint candidate.
  • Shinohara (Shinohara Mirei). Not mentioned in the WN. Reincarnated as an Earth Drake and is contracted as a familiar to Shun and called Feyrune (Fey for short). Essentially replaces Shun’s barely mentioned drake/dragon familiar in the WN.
  • Wakaba (Wakaba Hiiro). Evil God D.
  • Iijima – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Tonooka – no mention that I can find in WN or LN.
  • Rihoko (Negishi Akiko). Reincarnated as Sophia Keren.
  • Furuta – brief mention in LN4. Seems to be a female friend of Hasebe.
  • Temarigawa – brief mention in LN4. Seems to be a female friend of Hasebe.

Autumn-leaf Viewing

「Today’s lesson is off-campus studying-g. Let’s go do autumn-leaf viewing!」

It began with that abrupt proposal from Oka-chan, or rather Okazaki-sensei. Today’s lessons were supposed to be an exception to the norm, with the time set aside for preparing for the imminent cultural festival. However, as there are many people in our class who are in clubs, in order to leave spare time for their club programs, it was decided that our class program would be a simple one. The preparation for that has already been completed. For that reason, our class had almost completely free time for the whole of today. So long as we were in school until the end of the day, it would have been fine whatever we did, or would have been. What destroyed that, was sensei’s bombshell announcement. Thus, for some reason our class has left to go autumn-leaf viewing.

「Why are we doing autumn-leaf viewing again?」

Kanata sighs, looking exasperated.

「Now, now. Isn’t this sort of thing fine once in awhile?」

Kyouya seems to be unexpectedly enjoying himself, even walking with light steps.

「But seriously. We’re high school students now but we’re going to the park to play, right? Isn’t that like what primary school students do?」

We’re currently heading towards a park that’s close to the school. It’s not as imposing as ones in mountains, but it’s a natural park on a small hill, with different plants to see depending upon the season. In spring there’s cherry blossoms, in summer there’s all kinds, and then in autumn there’s the autumn leaves. That’s what sensei’s purpose is. But, for a bunch of high school students with plenty of energy, there’s no chance that it would simply end with quietly watching the autumn leaves. This can be seen from the fact that a soccer ball was brought along. Basically, this is autumn-leaf viewing purely in name only, and is really an excuse to go play in the park. As Kanata said, this isn’t a lesson for high school students.

「Well, it’s gotta be better than being bored in class with nothing to do.」

In our school there’s more programs from club activities than from the classrooms. As such, similarly to our class, there’s not an insignificant number of classes that have simple programs so that instead their efforts can be put into their club programs. That being the case, that results in situations like today where there’s no work left to do for the class programs. Generally it seems that we would break up in order to work preparing for the club programs, but I think it’s fine for us to go play like this as well.

While having such a conversation, we arrived at the park. Walking together in a group with everyone else, we reached a corner of the park that was planted with maple trees. This park is fairly wide. Regarding the “fairly” characteristic, it’s wide enough for neighborhood children to come play in, but too narrow to go out of your way to come to, that kind of halfway wideness. Thus, it’s not the sort of place that families would visit by car. If there was any who would come by car, it would probably be only those within about 30 minutes of the place. In addition, today is a weekday. Although it is a nice sunny day, there’s hardly anybody here. Only at the level of there being a few elderly people scattered about taking walks or jogging. In short, what I’m basically saying is that we almost have the place to ourselves.

「Oh? The leaves have properly turned red.」

Kanata says that while pointing a finger. We had arrived at the corner of the park which has maples planted. But saying that, the number is small enough to be able to count them all. There was some maples whose leaves had turned red.

「I had thought that they’d probably be green still, but they’ve properly turned red huh.」

As Kyouya said, I had also thought that the season was in a delicate balance. That it was a bit early to see the best of the autumn leaves.

「Muhaha-a. I had properly conducted a preliminary inspection you know-w.」

Sensei, who had been listening to us talking, puffs up her chest with pride. With her childish face and petite build, when sensei makes such a pose, she looks like nothing more than a child with a self-satisfied expression.

「Ooh, nice, nice. You did a great job there.」

Sure enough I guess, but Nanase-san treats sensei like a child by stroking her head. When Nanase-san does such a thing, since she is tall for a girl and has a mature figure, they really do look like an adult and child. Because sensei doesn’t seem annoyed by that either, it just adds to the faint sense of it being such a spectacle. Sensei should actually be the older one though, you know.

「Okay then-n. Please use your time freely from now on-n. However-r, please don’t do anything like leaving the park or causing trouble for other people okay-y.」

At sensei’s words, we begin to disperse. Nobody makes any move to continue the original purpose of autumn-leaf viewing. Well, that’s to be expected.

「Alright. All the guys will play soccer!」

Is how Natsume somewhat forcibly invited us to play soccer. I guess he wasn’t expecting anyone to refuse, as he immediately turned around, and left for an open space where it’d be possible to play soccer while chatting with Sakurasaki-kun. If we refused here it looks like it would become a problem afterwards. I exchanged glances with Kanata and Kyouya and shrugged my shoulders. It’s not like this is the first time that Natsume has been forceful like this. Besides, I personally don’t mind playing soccer, so I won’t be motivated to strongly oppose him. On following after Natsume to reach the open space, there was some other boys gathered there.

「Huh? Guys from the neighbouring class?」

Kanata said so in a puzzled sounding voice, gazing at the gathered boys. Over there, wasn’t just boys from our class, but also those from the neighbouring class.

「Somehow, it seems that the neighbouring class also felt the same way as us. So, now Natsume has proposed a class vs class soccer match.」

From the explanation from Ogi who had come nearby, I understood the situation. It seems that all the classes were thinking the same sort of thing.

「Are there members of the soccer club in that class?」

Kanata asks Ogi that. Ogi is a member of the soccer club after all.

「Three of them. On top of that, one is the ace of our school.」
「Ogi, you’re the only one we can rely on.」

Kanata grimaces. I place a hand on Ogi’s shoulder, and grip tightly.

「My position is goalkeeper you know?」
「We’re relying on you, guardian angel. Don’t let a single shot in.」
「Don’t talk crazy!」

Ogi sighs exaggeratedly at my unreasonable request.

「That reminds me, where’s the other member of the soccer club in our class?」

Kyouya looks around the area, and discovers the person. He’s in the middle of the group with Natsume who is deep in discussion with the guys from the neighbouring class. There, was the figure of Tsushima who, like Ogi, was in the soccer club.

「Ah! Tsushima is a substitute after all.」

To Ogi’s unclear words, I also agree in frustration. Tsushima first started playing soccer in high school, so he’s can’t be said to be skilled. To be honest, it’s enough that the likes of Natsume, who was born with good reflexes, might actually be more skilled. In short, there’s no boys in our class who are genuinely capable at soccer. Against that, our opponents’ class not only has three members of the soccer club, but one of them is the ace of the school.

「We’ve lost this.」
「Why have you given up now!」

While I and Kyouya gave up quickly, Kanata yelled. When all’s said and done, this guy hates to lose after all you know.

「Okay you guys! We’re going to have a competition with the neighbouring class now! Win this no matter what!」

While we were resigned to it being a lost battle, Natsume came over while saying that. It somehow seems that Natsume is totally expecting to win. All the guys in our class gather, and we begin a strategy meeting. Saying that though, when a group of amateur high school boys play soccer, all they can do is chase after the ball. Thus, the strategy meeting ended with just a rough decision on the positions. On top of that, since there’s as many as 13 of us on our side, those positions were only decided rather vaguely.

「Alrighty! Let’s go!」

In response to Natsume’s yell of encouragement, we went to our positions. At times like this, Natsume somehow shows some leadership.

In the lawn of the open space in the park, there is more or less a soccer goal. In front of the goal, Ogi is standing as the goalkeeper. Around him are Kyouya, Kogure, Aikawa-kun and Hayashi-kun as four defenders. With the exception of Kyouya, the other three are in the group that has no confidence in their reflexes. To put it bluntly, they’re in the group that genuinely don’t want to play soccer, I guess. Although Natsume did forcibly say to gather all the boys, amongst them are those that didn’t do it. That’s why they were assembled as defenders. As defenders, they just have to act as a wall when our opponents attack, and otherwise they can do whatever.

I’m pretty sure that Kyouya has unexpectedly good reflexes, but when it comes to sports like this he prefers unobtrusive positions. I think it’s a waste, but since it’s Kyouya’s own wish I can’t say anything.

But well, while thinking such things, the game had started before I noticed. A guy from the neighbouring class whose name I don’t know dashed past my side. Oh crap. There’s no referee for a start, so it’s not like there’d be a whistle blown to begin the game, so it would have been necessary to be paying attention properly to notice the moment it started.

It was my mistake to be looking at what’s behind me. I turned around immediately, and gave chase. The opponent is dribbling with the ball, so if I run at full power I should be able to catch up. Or, so I thought, but I couldn’t catch up. Though Aikawa-kun is blocking the way in defence, since he’s basically just standing there, he’s easily passed. Then, a shot at goal is taken. Ogi desperately leaps at it, and somehow saves it. That was close. We almost lost a point right at the very start.

「Don’t mind it.」
「Sure. Was he perhaps our school’s ace?」

Tsushima, who’s nearby, asks that.

「Did you hear it from Ogi? Yeah, that’s the ace.」

I thought so. That wasn’t the movements of an amateur. Yeah, well, we’re gonna lose badly huh.


Contrary to my expectations, the soccer battle with the neighbouring class ended with a 3-3 draw. Ogi’s desperate defense of the goal made a big difference. Without Ogi’s miraculous succession of fine saves, I’m sure there would have been a bigger difference in goal count.

Also, one other reason was because the match duration was shorter than I had expected. Since we were playing, we hadn’t actually decided on the duration of the match, so I had expected that we would continue playing soccer until we ran out of time. But, a person was wounded, and that naturally led to the match ending. The one who was injured, happened to be Ogi again. He unintentionally received an opponent’s shot with his face, and got a nose bleed. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be serious though, but he’s now gone over to where sensei is.

The MVP of this match should definitely be Ogi. We totally depended upon you. I won’t forget your gallant figure. But saying that, although it’s the case that Ogi stood out amongst our class from beginning to end, that three goals were scored shows just how strong the attacks were. The ones who stood out in offense in our class, were the two forwards of Natsume and Sakurasaki-kun. Despite neither of them belonging to a sports club, their reflexes are just way too good. Showing off those inherent reflexes, they even scored a goal with a counter-attack.

The one who scored the second goal was Maki Shuuto. In other words, “shoot”. Despite that, he’s a member of the baseball club. He also has the stereotypical baseball club close-cropped head.

「Shoot, Shuuto!」
「Shuuto, shoot!」

While such an exchange was going on, Maki fired a shot at the opponent’s goal that shook the net. It goes without saying that he did it with a certain sense of desperation. Finally the third goal I’m glad to say, was one that even I was able to be involved with. Since it’s not like my reflexes are good, it’s rare that I’m able to take on roles like this. The ball that I lofted in from the side was headed in by Natsume. I guess you could say that I assisted Natsume’s goal.

「Yamada! Nice one!」

After scoring the goal a smiling Natsume raised his thumb up at me. I can’t bring myself to like his arrogant attitude, but guess this side of him is what attracts others to him. I became happy unintentionally.


「Ahh, so tired.」
「Good job.」

Kanata is sitting down on a wooden chair, completely exhausted. Since Kanata was constantly running around chasing after the ball, he’s built up that much fatigue it seems. In comparison, Kyouya looks as if nothing had happened. He devoted himself to defense, patiently staying in his position when we went on the attack after all. However, considering the whole match, there were many occasions when our side was under attack, so Kyouya should also have run around a lot accordingly. Despite that he’s not even sweating. I think this from time to time, but maybe Kyouya is actually amazing or something? Though I can kind of understand him trying hard not to stand out, I wonder what would happen if this guy really got serious? I’m rather curious.

「Shun, what’s with you stealing a march on us and showing off when things were getting good?」
「It’s just by chance.」

Kanata is gazing at me with a resentful look. Even if I’m told that, I really don’t have anything else to say other than that assist was just by chance.

「Shun, somehow you’re always taking just the best bits huh.」
「Ahh. Maybe that’s it.」

Even Kyouya is saying it now.

「Hey, have I really been doing such things?」
「In games you’re constantly taking the best parts, kinda like you’re shrewd, or maybe your timing is good. Even today the girls from the neighboring class were making a fuss.」
「Yeah. Most of the girls in our class and the neighboring class were watching at least.」

Although I had noticed that the girls watching were cheering, were those actually aimed at me as well? If that’s the case then it makes me happy, but I think it’s likely that rather than me, that those cheers were aimed at Natsume’s goal immediately following my shoot.

「Weren’t those for Natsume rather than me?」
「Ah, well, I guess the majority were at least.」

When I simply said what I thought, Kanata didn’t deny it either. It’s sad to say, but compared to my ordinary appearance, Natsume looks pretty cool after all. After having been around him a lot, I doubt he’ll be getting a girlfriend with that arrogant attitude of his, but when seen from a distance he definitely is a handsome guy. It’s reasonable to appreciate his good looks, according to Hasebe who sits next to me in class. While he might work as the handsome arrogant type in an otome game, it’s not like that in real life. Certainly, although he seems to be on good terms with the group of girls centered on Shinohara-san, there’s no sense at all that he’s going to get a girlfriend. From the point of view of the girls, Natsume seems to be the type where it’s fine to be a friend but not anything more. While thinking such things, it’s strange to consider that Natsume might be a bit pitiful. Well, it’s not like I have any right to say that with my age matching my time without a girlfriend.

「I wish I could have shown off to Wakaba-san too.」
「You haven’t given up on Wakaba-san yet?」

Kanata recklessly confessed to Wakaba-san, the most beautiful girl in the whole year or rather the whole school, and was completely rejected in return. He himself knew he had no chance from the beginning, and on the surface it seems that his feelings weren’t hurt, but since he hasn’t given up doesn’t that prove he’s acting as if nothing had happened?

「Well, you know, I’ve given up completely. But, it’s in a man’s nature to want to act cool right.」

For some reason, Kyouya calls Kanata’s name as if rebuking him.

「Well, it’s not like Wakaba-san was watching us play soccer anyway!」

As if he was ignoring Kyouya’s voice, Kanata laughed it off casually. Besides, while Kyouya frowned with annoyance for a moment, he soon shook his head as if giving up.

「I’m gonna go buy some drinks from a vending machine. Is there anything you want?」
「Okay, some kind of fizzy drink then please.」
「Tea for me.」
「Got it.」

Somehow or other I started feeling uncomfortable, so I left the place as if running away. Or rather, not as if. I did run away.

I don’t know what had happened between Kanata and Kyouya regarding Wakaba-san, but it seems that it’s more complicated than I had realised. As his friend I want to encourage Kanata with his love, but it looks like he himself isn’t serious about it. Perhaps, it’s that aspect which has angered Kyouya? At any rate, while he himself isn’t ready to open up about his feelings, I guess it’s better not to stick my nose in.

While I headed towards the place with the vending machines thinking about such things, speak of the devil, I guess. A bit ahead of me was Wakaba-san, reading a book while sitting down. Since it was in a place with some maples, the view of Wakaba-san reading a book while under a tree decorated with autumn leaves, was like a perfect picture. As if she was from another world.

It seems that I’m not the only one thinking that. There’s three figures lurking near Wakaba-san. Shinohara-san, Iijima-san and Tonooka-san. When Shinohara-san confessed to the senpai that she loved, she was refused because he was in love with Wakaba-san. Out of resentment for that, she started harassing Wakaba-san in minor ways.

It seems that this time she saying something spiteful. I can’t hear what she’s actually saying, but Shinohara-san’s mouth is moving intensely. In the moment when I worried about whether to step in between them or not, Wakaba-san raised her eyes from the book. Being directly stared at, Shinohara-san faltered. However, that was only for an instant, and when she seemed about to say something again, the two behind her calmed her down.

It was clearly written on the faces of Iijima-san and Tonooka-san that they felt it was too risky. Wakaba-san is beautiful. So, being stared at expressionlessly by such a beautiful person, is scary to be honest. Combined with the otherworldly ambiance about her, anyone stared at by her feels a sense of dread. That’s also the reason why people keep their distance from Wakaba-san despite her being a beautiful girl.

Shinohara-san was stopped by her two friends, and gave up on what she was about to say in frustration. She left the place looking sullen. Iijima-san and Tonooka-san chased after her looking flustered. The only one remaining was Wakaba-san, who started reading again as if nothing had happened.

So not to be noticed by Wakaba-san, I quietly passed through behind her. Once I couldn’t see Wakaba-san anymore, I breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, I’m bad at dealing with Wakaba-san. Somehow, I can’t believe that she’s a human like us. It’s like she lives in a different world. I don’t think I should say this about the person my friend loves, but she’s somehow scary. Certainly her appearance is that of an incredibly beautiful girl, but she’s always expressionless. However, I feel bad about not being able to do anything when seeing her being bullied. No matter who they are, they should be bad at dealing with bullying. I’m sure if it was Kyouya instead of me, he would have gently stepped in between them. He has quite a strong sense of justice after all.

While having fallen into such self-loathing, I arrived at the vending machines. There was someone there ahead of me, right at the point of taking a can out from a vending machine. I’m proud that I stopped myself from voicing an “ack”. Because that’s the one person who I’m worse at dealing with than Wakaba-san. Rihoko. Real Horror Girl, or Rihoko for short. I don’t know who came up with it, but that’s how she’s called. The most isolated person in the class.

Rihoko notices my presence, and after giving me a sullen look she made to leave. I silently watched her leave – or so I had intended.

「Roast potato flavour?」

It was written in big letters on the can that Rihoko was carrying: sweet potato and roast potato flavour. “Unbelievable”, is how I would describe my impression. Certainly roast potato is delicious, but for a can of juice that’s hopeless. It’d definitely be disgusting. It’s true that occasionally vending machines have seasonal items, but why would you go out of your way to buy one? Because it’s autumn? That thought just popped out from my mouth.

「It’s unusual, right?」

Hearing my muttering, Rihoko responded that it was unusual. Even though she never makes any attempt to get involved with others – I guess unusual things do happen.

「It’s the first time I’ve seen it.」

Thinking that I should ignore that for now, I decided to respond with something safe.

「I guess it looks disgusting?」

I want to ask, then why did you buy it? I stop myself from doing that, and just smile vaguely.

「When I see something new like this, it unconsciously makes me want to buy it.」

With a pssht sound, Rihoko opens the can and drinks it. Her throat moves and she swallows the liquid inside.


So, just because something is new, why do you knowingly buy something that’s obviously disgusting?

「Ah well, but it’d be a shame to waste what’s left though.」

While I watch her in mute amazement, Rihoko left. Just what was that? I collect my wits together and insert some coins into the vending machine. Then, what comes before my eyes, are both safe things and things that are not. Roast potato flavour, chestnut flavour, persimmon flavour, mackerel flavour…

The last one was ridiculous right? Rihoko, despite all that, you avoided the oddest seasonal item. Just because it’s autumn why does the production company try to make such things? I ignore the seasonal type drinks, and buy a cola and tea. Finally, I bought the persimmon flavoured one. When all’s said and done, maybe I like to be adventurous as well.


On returning I came back by a different route to avoid Wakaba-san. When I returned, for some reason Hasebe, Furuta and Temarigawa from the girls had gathered, and had attracted some of the boys. When I spoke about the seasonal items at the vending machine, we held a rock-paper-scissors tournament where the loser had to go buy and drink one of them as a penalty, with Kanata being the victim. Kanata dashed off and bought the hazardous materials known as mackerel flavour. Kanata manfully resolved himself to chug it down. You’re a good guy.

「Hey, don’t kill me.」
「So, what’s your impression of it?」
「I’m never drinking it again.」

For some reason the guys passed around the remaining drink that Kanata had left, and eventually everyone drank some. I’ll just say that it was absolutely disgusting. The persimmon flavoured drink I bought, had a curious taste. It’s not that I couldn’t drink it, but it definitely couldn’t be called delicious. It was hard to describe my reaction to it another way. We spent the time making noise about such various things and then we headed towards the meeting point. In the end we simply played for just half a day, but maybe doing such things from time to time isn’t so bad.

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