Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Skirmish – Oni vs Wind and Lightning ③

Dumb and dumber.

Skirmish – Oni vs Wind and Lightning ③

This is… bad. Controlling the weather. He could actually do something this troublesome.

A strong wind is buffeting my body. I think back to my previous life when looking at news programmes about typhoons and stuff, where they would often broadcast videos showing people unable to move when hit by a strong gust of wind. When you hear about wind magic, I’d guess the first things that come to mind are either Kamaitachi or tornados. The Kamaitachi that use the force of the wind to tear things apart. Tornados which look like plain natural disasters. However, even without such things, wind alone is strong. That fact is something I’m personally experiencing right now.

The strength of the wind feels almost enough to blow away my body if I lose focus. Since this is what I’m facing with my high status values, ordinary people would have been blown away long ago I’m sure. After that, your only future would be that of one being blown into the ground or wherever the wind takes you. I don’t know what the wind velocity is, but at the very least, considering the impact I’m feeling on my body, I’d imagine it’s like a super typhoon from my previous life or even more. Even typhoons from my previous life could blow away cars and house roofs if they get large enough. I don’t need to think about what would happen to me if that force struck me up into the air, and then kept on throwing me around. Fortunately, it’s failed to blow me away so far, and even if it did, due to my high status values being thrown around probably wouldn’t be enough to be fatal. However, due to this wind that’s constantly buffetting me, most of my ability to move has been lost. In addition, this wind is blowing in different directions. If I lose focus, the moment the wind direction changes I’ll be blown away.

Also, what I’m facing now that the wind has stopped me moving, is a deluge of lightning. Quite literally, lightning is falling down like intermittent rain. I’m blocking those with 4 lightning swords I’d had in reserve, each attached to one of my fingers. With just one, it’s no longer possible for me to block them entirely. Perhaps it’s more efficient for the leopard dragon to fire lightning from these clouds than his body, but either way it’s a tremendous barrage. It’s also more effective because the rain has doused my body in water. Thanks to all this, my HP is being steadily reduced. The fact that I’m getting minor electric shocks is proof that my lightning swords can’t completely protect me.

From my Space Storage I take out a magic sword suitable for being a lightning rod and then throw it. The lightning is pulled towards that magic sword. During that opportunity, I shoot the flames from my fire sword in the opposite hand to my lightning swords. However, those flames lose their momentum against the rain pouring down like a waterfall, and don’t reach the leopard dragon. While this is going on, the magic sword that I’d thrown to the side as a lightning rod has been destroyed by the lightning, and once again the lightning rains down upon me.

It’s a complete deadlock. Due to the blowing wind I’m completely stuck here, and now I’m being forced to directly take on the lightning strikes that were difficult enough to avoid. In addition, my attacks are drowned out by the rain. Both the leopard dragon and the Pteranodon dragon, perhaps thinking that it’s dangerous to face me in close range combat, are staying up in the sky and not approaching.

On my side, my HP and MP are gradually decreasing. Their side is doing weather manipulation and intermittent lightning strikes on a huge scale. I can’t imagine that their rate of consumption is light. But, considering that they are continuing with this barrage of attacks, they’re probably confident that I’ll run out of strength before their MP runs out. In short, I’m in a bad spot. I need to take some kind of action and destroy their battle formation.

Teleportation. Unfortunately, my skill level in Space Magic isn’t that high. I use Space Storage in particular a lot, but even so the skill level has only gone up slightly. Of all magics, it is especially difficult to raise the skill level in Space Magic. It’s not called a rare skill for nothing. In short, it could be said that Space Storage is pretty much the only one I can use in actual combat.

If I was asked if I had a magic sword in my Space Storage that could overturn this situation, the answer would be no. In the first place, the fire sword and lightning swords I’m currently holding are my masterpieces. If those masterpieces won’t prevail, then it’s better to think that none of the remaining swords will prevail either. If there is a way out of this, it would surely be to challenge them to close range combat, but in order to do that I must first overturn this situation. However, I have no means to do so.

……There is a big risk I could take, as otherwise things will be getting worse and worse. I guess I have no choice but to do it huh.

I wait for the wind direction to change. Right now, the wind direction is towards Ariel-san and co. I can’t use that.

Then, the wind direction changed. That instant, I relaxed my body. The moment that I did, my body was blown away, riding upon the winds. It would normally be inconceivable to deliberately get on an enemy’s attack. If things go badly you’d be put in an even worse situation than before. However, it was difficult to do anything else in that situation. I’ll probably be facing an offensive from the Pteranodon dragon now. I’ll make sure to survive that somehow, and turn things around to my favour!

『Hey!? You!? Aren’t you letting him get away!?』
『No way! This is, umm… I won’t allow him…』

……Upon being blown away, nothing else happened. Even the offensive I was expecting… didn’t happen. Could it be… that these guys… are actually dumber than I had thought?

『Ah, crap.』
『My MP is about to run out.』
『Heyyyyy!? What the heck!?』
『Shaddup! Any normal person would die from that much lightning, right!? It’s his fault for not dying!』
『I’d been thinking that wow you had been going at it like crazy, but that’s all you had huh!?』
『Shut up. Or else I’ll forcibly shut your trap.』
『Ah, right.』

……They’re idiots. These guys are real idiots. Does it mean that actually it would have been better for me to just endure a bit longer until his MP ran out then? What was I getting all impatient for then…?

At the same time as feeling dejected, a simmering anger starts to boil up. These cretins have been pushing me around? …Right. Let’s crush them. Completely.

Having decided that, I rush towards the leopard dragon and Pteranodon dragon.

『Sigh. Well, whatever.』

The Pteranodon dragon heaves a big sigh.

『I can win by myself easily enough.』

The next moment, I’m struck by wind. From right above.


The impact was like being hit in the head by a hammer. My neck makes a nasty sound, and a shock runs through me as if my whole body had become numb. Overpowered by the force, I collapse onto the ground.

I screwed up! Based on his attitude, I’d had the mistaken assumption that the leopard dragon was the superior one. But, I was wrong. Completely wrong! Compared to the leopard dragon, the Pteranodon dragon is far more annoying.

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Translation notes:

“Super typhoon” – hurricanes and typhoons are essentially the same thing and the naming is basically a regional artifact. Since Wrath/Kyouya is from Japan, I’m using “typhoon”. Anyway, given the specific term being used, imagine wind speeds of 260 km/h (160 mph).

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Skirmish – Oni vs Wind and Lightning ②
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Skirmish – Oni vs Wind and Lightning ④