Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Past Arc ㉓

Gyurie rolls the dice.

Past Arc ㉓

Gyurie was taking action. Even for Gyurie, the fact that the dragons would run off with the planet’s energy was beyond his expectations. The far too excessive actions committed by his own race were such that he was struck dumb. However, there’s no turning back what had already happened. Also, it was all too easy to imagine that Sariel would sacrifice herself at this rate. He was convinced that Sariel would likely offer up her own life while saying something like “That is my mission”.

In regards for that, Gyurie asserted that he himself should be the one to undertake such a role. As a dragon himself, he should take responsibility for his own race. However, Sariel had shaken her head in response. That was not because she was concerned about Gyurie, however. There was a much more practical reason. Namely, that with only Gyurie’s power, it was a fact that it wouldn’t be enough to compensate for the lost energy. While Gyurie is a god, he is overwhelmingly inferior compared to Sariel. The energy he had was utterly insufficient to maintain a whole planet. To save the planet, there was no alternative but to sacrifice Sariel.

He understood that. However, he couldn’t accept it. Sariel had kept fighting for mankind. She had continued to work for mankind. Having all that end this way, was never something that he could accept.

So Gyurie considered – what could he do to save Sariel? They could flee together to another planet. But Sariel would never accept that. Sariel would never accept a choice that abandoned this planet or mankind. That being the case, it means that a method was needed to save the planet that didn’t require Sariel to save it. In order to achieve that, there was no choice but to rely upon other gods.

The gods on this planet, were Sariel and the dragons. The dragons had left Gyurie, and left the planet. Of course, the dragons could not be relied upon in this case. Which in turn means, it was necessary to rely upon gods other than dragons out in the universe. That being said, it was a very difficult problem. The dragons were deeply involved in this case. The dragons possessed a great deal of influence in the universe. There were few gods who would be willing to poke their noses into a case where the dragons were involved.

Of course, that didn’t mean that there were none at all. What was required was a power that opposed dragons, while at the same time be willing to take action in response to a request. However, that was a two-edged sword. After all, Gyurie himself was a dragon. He could even be killed on the spot. Not only that, but if things went badly then it was conceivable that the other gods could commence an attack on the planet that Sariel was on. Also, since this involves a power that opposed dragons, it would have to be a great power that is equivalent to or exceeds the dragons. If such a thing takes action, then the dragons might be provoked into a hostile response. In addition, if something happened to the planet that the dragons had only just recently disposed of, then they simply wouldn’t be able to ignore it. In the worse case, the two sides would come into conflict.

Then, what about the angels? They couldn’t be counted upon either. Angels are a race that faithfully abide by the mission that they were given. While there are exceptions, it is nearly impossible to get through to them. In this case, not only could Gyurie be killed, but the stray angel that is Sariel could also be targeted. Also, the angels are a power that opposes dragons. If the angels are called, that would likely result in them provoking the dragons.

Also, the current balance of powers between the gods was in an exceedingly dangerous state. If a conflict between great powers is carelessly triggered, then it is conceivable that the flames of war could spread. In such a scenario, the planet that Sariel is at would be at the forefront of taking damage. As much as possible, the balance of powers between the gods mustn’t be provoked.

For the above reasons, only an independant god that wouldn’t take sides could be relied upon. Yet it would have to be a god such that even if the dragons are provoked, they still wouldn’t be liable to take any reckless actions. On top of that, it would have to be a capricious god that be willing to listen to such a request. Considering the severity of the conditions, the number of gods that cleared them was only… one.



『Well well, this seems to be a remarkably interesting situation indeed.』

And sure enough, Gyurie was now facing that god. Though, it was hard to say that he was actually in a situation of facing another.

Surrounded by impenetrable darkness, Gyurie was there. He couldn’t see the other party. All he could hear was a voice. Gyurie was certain that he had teleported to where that god was. Even Gyurie knew where that god resided. The reason being was that this god was well known for being one that you must absolutely never start a fight with.

Variously known as: the god of the end, the death god, the evil god, the absolute paradox…… While being known by many names, nobody knew the true name of this god. While being an independant god that wasn’t affiliated with any power, this was a god so mighty that no other power could ever disregard her.

「Please, I beg you to be of assistance, nameless god.」
『Ah, I suppose it is inconvenient to be nameless. Let’s see, then please call me D.』

In the darkness, the voice of the god who called herself D resounded. Although low-ranked, Gyurie was still a god. Even to Gyurie’s eyes, the darkness was completely impenetrable. On the contrary, even the sensation of his own body was weak. It was like he was experiencing a delusion that he was being completely swallowed by the darkness. However, Gyurie had the sense that if D ever felt like it then that would no longer be a mere delusion.

On teleporting, he was in this dark empty space. Gyurie guessed that it was a type of ability that manipulated space itself in order to isolate him, but that was nothing but a guess. There was nothing at all that he could figure out about the construction of the technique or anything else. From the moment Gyurie that was captured by this space, he became unable to do anything. That’s just how great the difference in power was between them. All that Gyurie could do, was to speak about the circumstances and request for assistance. Considering the difference in power, all he could say was that at least he wasn’t summarily executed.

For the first time in Gyurie’s life, he experienced a sensation of fear. While he had felt a faint sense of that when he first met Sariel, that was no comparison to this. Although Gyurie was a dragon, it was like he was an ant on the verge of being crushed underfoot. In addition, the source of that fear wasn’t just because he sensed the difference in their power. What this god who called herself D wanted to obtain was completely unknown.

Requesting the assistance of D, was pretty much a gamble. Amongst the gods who were able to save Sariel, it is certainly the case that D satisfied the requirements the most. It was also the case that she satisfied the requirements far more than any other god. However, whether or not she would agree to take part was unknown. D’s behavioral principal was, “is it interesting or not”. That’s it. If she finds it interesting, she can be a saviour or a god of destruction. That is the existence known as D.

She was a terribly irrational existence. From the outset, not only dragons but Sariel and the other gods, all take action in a systematic way, as far as Gyurie is aware. At the time when the dragons had run off with the energy from the planet, while he thought it was unbelieveable, at the same time he could grasp the reason. That being the logic that dragons operate under. Gyurie is aware that instead, he is the one that doesn’t behave like a dragon. Dragons have a dragon’s way of thinking, and they take action based on that. There was a clear logic operating there.

However, D doesn’t have that. Taking actions on a whim, with no kind of method. And worst of all, this god possesses an immense amount of power. In spite of being a lone horseman, her power is so great that dragons must be on guard against her more so than any great power. However, precisely for that reason, Sariel can be saved. Having that power, if you can just get her to think that something is “interesting”, then this god will take action.

『It is interesting indeed.』

And so, the gamble was a success.

『Very well. I shall lend you my power. However, I shall only guarantee life-support for the planet and Sariel. As for whether or not those two can be saved, let us bet upon the people of the planet.』

Gyurie won the gamble. However, that was also the beginning of a long painful battle for Gyurie.


Translation notes:

Two be clear on two things: Firstly, in Japanese, D’s gender is never referenced in this chapter – I’m referring to her as “she” for convenience. Secondly, D’s speech patterns are exactly how we see it elsewhere: in Japanese, D’s speech patterns are like a modern person in a relatively formal setting. In a sense, it is completely neutral, without any sense of superiority or inferiority.

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