Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Informal Conference ⑦

When religion suddenly becomes more tangible.

A minor note on a change in translations: I decided to change Kokuryuu-sama to Black Dragon-sama so that it balances with Goddess-sama.

Informal Conference ⑦

Author’s note: Vampire girl’s point of view.

I have no family. It could be said that Merazofis is close to being that, but he and I are not related biologically. I have no family related by blood. If you want to know why, it’s because they were killed by the Divine Word Religion.

It’s possible that the grandparents that I met once are still alive, but even if I met them now I don’t think I would have the sensation of them being blood relatives. Even for my real parents, they felt like strangers to me who has reincarnated, so I didn’t have the sensation of them being blood relatives.

Even still, my real parents, did love me. Without the war, if peace had continued, I would probably have been able to live happy with those gentle parents. Merazofis wouldn’t have become a vampire either, and Noiria who fell victim when I escaped would probably still be alive as well. It’s not just Noiria either. There were many servants in the mansion who also resolved themselves to approach their final moments together with my parents.

If only there had not been a war, then surrounded by that town, by that mansion, by those parents and servants, hiding the fact that I was a vampire, I could have lived as a normal human. I might have had such a future.

I can no longer cast away the vampire side of myself. However, if I had had a different future, I think I would have also had the opportunity to live as a human. With my meagre powers of imagination, I don’t know whether or not I would have been happy though.

Even still, that doesn’t change the fact that I had one of my possible futures stolen from me. Until now the idea of countries waging war with each other, has just been too big in scale for me to understand who to blame. I cannot deny that I channelled those murky feelings into dissatisfaction towards goshujin-sama. I had to do that, so that I could sort out the black emotions swirling within me.

That way, my emotions have become settled after much time. However, right in front of me, is the one who caused it all. This nothing like the fits of anger that I’ve vented at goshujin-sama. Here is the undisputed ringleader behind the war. The one who killed my parents, stole my home, and stole my future.

「Why, did you cause a war in the country of Sariera?」

Restraining the urge to kill that seems about to overflow, I ask that. Until now, I had been under the impression that the war had been caused due to a religious dispute. However, from today’s conference, and from the arguments I’d had with Wrath beforehand, I have now realised that the Divine Word Religion is no ordinary religious organisation.

My question is precisely because I’ve realised that. Why was it necessary to cause a war at that time?

After all, a mere religious dispute, is of no value to the Divine Word Religion. The Divine Word Religion merely has the form of a religious organisation, while in practice they’re a group that is working to save the world. While just saying that certainly makes them sound like a religious organisation, they’re not simply waiting to be saved while praying to god. They’re putting in their own effort, working towards solving the problem themselves.

So for the Divine Word Religion, I don’t understand their reason for trying reduce the Goddess Religion’s power. After all, a religious war is always something that becomes a quagmire. It should be more like if the Divine Word Religion wanted the war to be lengthened, and for many trained soldiers to be killed, it should be a development they would desire. Instead, in that war, the Divine Word Religion was clearly working towards reducing the power of the Goddess Religion. Even though it should have been more convenient for the Divine Word Religion to let the Goddess Religion have power to some extent.

The intent wasn’t just to reduce their power a bit. The reason why I believe that, is because back when Ariel-san had saved me, she clearly said that the Divine Word Religion intended to crush the Goddess Religion. For her to assert it that strongly, I think she must have had a pretty good basis for that.

What I remember about it, was Ariel-san saying that the war was a “course of events in the world that couldn’t be helped”. She added, that it was important to decide what I would do the next time. I was a baby back then, so I couldn’t do anything. What Ariel-san had said, was that it was important to decide whether I would fight or give up the next time something similar happened. Then, I had answered. That I would “fight”.

Since that time, I have gotten extremely strong, going by my status values. Enough that, I believe that I can easily handle everyone in this place, except for goshujin-sama and Wrath. Depending on the pope’s answer, I don’t know what will happen.

「The Goddess Religion professes faith in the Goddess. Within that is a truth that the ordinary people cannot be allowed to know. In order to crush that, it must be destroyed together with the Goddess Religion. Well, saying that, I’m sure that there are high ranking members of the Divine Word Religion who are not here that also think that.」

At the pope’s words, I unconsciously blinked my eyes. My parents were killed for such a reason then? At which, the emotions I had braced myself for, suddenly deflated at the anticlimax.

「That was one of the objectives, but the core of it was a different matter.」

As if to prod my deflated emotions, the pointed words of the pope burst into my ears. At the weight loaded into his voice, I was unexpectedly surprised.

「We of the Divine Word Religion, in preparation for the passing on of the Goddess-sama, have decided to crush the Goddess Religion in advance of that.」

A shiver, suddenly runs down my spine. The determination in the pope’s words. And, a faint feeling of anger next to him. Sensing both of those, I couldn’t speak.

「If things continue as they are, it will become necessary for the Goddess-sama to supplement the wasting away MA Energy. If that happens, then it is as clear as anyone can see, that the personage who has been supporting the System and continuously supporting this world, will surely exceed the limits of her body. Thus, it is expected that the Goddess-sama has little of her life span remaining. In addition, that after the Goddess-sama passes on, that Black Dragon-sama will take over her position as well.」

Wrath gives a start of surprise and looks at goshujin-sama’s face. Ignoring Wrath’s reaction, goshujin-sama continues to look at the pope. With her eyes closed, but in a serious manner.

「If Black Dragon-sama becomes a living pillar for the System, then the voice of the Divine Word that we revere, will of course also change from the Goddess-sama’s to Black Dragon-sama’s. At that time, the Divine Word Religion will surely face a great storm. We must prepare for that time. So that we can safely announce the substitution of the gods.」

The Divine Word Religion’s creed is that the System Messages are the Voice of God, and that people should make efforts to hear that voice. If that Voice of God suddenly changes, that will be capable of shaking the very foundation of the Divine Word Religion, and become a major event. No matter how they work to avoid it, suspicion towards the Divine Word Religion will sprout. It is understandable to prepare for that. However, how is that related to destroying the Goddess Religion?

「In order to minimize the chaos, this will be necessary no matter what. If the Goddess-sama passes on from this world, that truth will have to be announced. Therefore, the Goddess Religion that worships the Goddess, must be forced into decline.」

The pope continued. That it’s because people might lose the will to live otherwise.


Translation notes:

Sophia is referring to the “Blood 12” chapter when considering the past. Noiria dies in “Blood 8”.

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