Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Informal Conference ④

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Informal Conference ④

「Then, having concluded the self-introductions, let us move on to the main subject.」

After a brief gap, the pope continues the conversation. Ojii-sama, you’re amazin’. You can continue the conversation in this heavy atmosphere without flinching? It would be impossible for me you know. Do your best ojii-sama, don’t lose ojii-sama, I know nothing.

「Then, would it be acceptable if we both speak frankly today, about the contents of this book?」

What the pope takes out, is the book I handed over last time. Written in there is information on the current state of the world, the movements the demons will make because of that, and also information on the reincarnators as an extra bonus. Also, the most important one is a proposal about possibly building up an anti-elf collaborative organisation. What’s still not in there, is my plan for saving the world. Depending on the result of the conference I might reveal it to them, but the pope will likely become an enemy in the end. In consideration for that, for the immediate future I guess it’s good enough if we can cooperate purely on our common enemy – until the elves are defeated, in other words. If they reply with a “yes”, then our actions will become easier, and if it’s a “no” then instead our actions will become difficult. However, at worst it would just be “difficult”, and it shouldn’t affect the overall situation.

To the pope’s words I give a slight nod. I have no intention of being frank, but I’m sure they feel the same way as well.

「Firstly, regarding a discrepancy in perception on the current situation, I shall express the opinion of the Divine Word Religion」

Hm? Discrepancy?

「According to the contents written here, it is suggested that in the near future that the world will collapse, but in the opinion of the Divine Word Religion a complete collapse is calculated to be at least 100 years away and possibly several times that. Regarding this discrepancy, I wish to request an explanation.」

Crap. This might be a bit bad for me.

「That perception is wrong.」
「No. I do not believe it is wrong. The current MA Energy filling rate could certainly be said to be in a critical situation. Nevertheless, it should be possible to compensate for that. By the will of the Goddess Sariel-sama, who we know as the god of the Divine Word.」

I took them lightly. There is a clear difference in power between us for a start, and that regardless of the negotiations the final result would not change. Or so I thought. However, it appears that I underestimated this ojii-sama a bit too much. I never thought that he would actually have such an accurate understanding of the System. If he’s grasped that much, he would be capable of understanding my plan without any discussion. However, that is dangerous. If it’s this ojii-sama, then unlike even the Demon King and Administrator Kuro, he might go so far as to realise the biggest downside in my plan. That is, the massive fatalities in life across this world when the System collapses.

Precisely because of that, the pope will definitely become my enemy in the end. Although he has experience of Taboo, since he is a man who gives maximum priority to humanity’s survival, it will happen. That being the case, I cannot afford to be frank about my plan here. Even if the pope realises that truth, he is still no match for me. After all, he’s only a Ruler. However, it would be bad if he passed that on to Kuro. If that truth is passed on to Kuro as things are now, then if he tells me to withdraw my plan, I don’t yet have the power to oppose him. Everything will fall through. I must do everything in my power to avoid that.

What to do? If I’m not able to give a somewhat satisfactory answer here, then it will breed suspicion. It’s not too bad if it just means them refusing to cooperate, but what if he reaches the truth? I don’t think he will, but it’s scary not being certain. A bit beyond what I had assumed, this ojii-sama knows too much about many things after all.

「Excuse me. May I make a statement?」

Oni-kun raises a hand. The pope gives permission.

「Referring to what you said a short while ago, it was specifically focusing on just the MA Energy. There was no mention of the abrasion of the souls of the residents of this world.」

Damn. If oni-kun now gives further details on the state of the world to the Divine Word Religion and my expectations for the future then it might backfire. I had thought of delegating the entire conversation, but I don’t want him to blurt out anything inconvenient. However, if I stop things now in a panic then it would be suspicious. If I did that, then I would definitely end up revealing that I didn’t want to talk about the real facts. Certainly the pope would have enough details to be capable of reaching one step closer to the truth. But, if oni-kun talks then it would be the same thing. What should I do!?

Or rather, oni-kun, you better not be talking about this while knowing that!? Oni-kun’s searching gaze, is not just pointed at the Divine Word Religion side, but is pointed at me as well. While comparing notes on the facts in the conversation with the Divine Word Religion, is he attempting to probe my true intentions then? Not good. I had thought I was bringing a reassuring ally, but maybe I’ve just taken upon myself an unthinkable enemy.

HELP, vampire girl! Ah, it’s hopeless. She’s set her eyes on glaring at the Divine Word Religion side. In a different meaning she’s also dangerous!

Bleah. If I unthinkingly retaliate here it might cause an explosion. What to do? The Divine Word Religion pope at the front gate, oni-kun at the back gate. In addition vampire girl is outside the gate. This crisis has exceeded my processing capabilities, oh yeah!

Be kool! I’m still okay. Even if it’s a bit bad for my image if I can keep my secrets, then I can still recover, probably.

This is a directive from the main body to the clones! From now onwards I shall commence what should be called my first serious conversation since being born! All clones are to support the main body’s thinking! I repeat, the clones are to support the main body’s thinking, and assist in the smooth operation of my mouth!

Muhaha. Even though I have one hundredth the communication ability of a normal person, with over ten thousand clones joining forces I have the ability of one hundred people! Roar, my language skills! And smooth things over here!


Translation notes:

“MA Energy filling rate” – this is the same term as used in chapter 205, when Ariel said it was just 3%.

“The Divine Word Religion pope at the front gate, oni-kun at the back gate” – this is a reference to the idiom “前門の虎、後門の狼” which is equivalent to “caught between the devil and the deep blue sea” but literally translates as “tiger at the front gate, wolf at the back gate”.

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