Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Informal Conference ③

Pope’s viewpoint = wall of text, clearly.

Informal Conference ③

Author’s note: The pope’s point of view.

Even when I tried calling her the Nightmare of the Labyrinth there was no reaction. She casually called herself Shiro. With no changes in expression, I cannot perceive her emotions. Her eyes are closed as well, so even there I cannot get any read on her. “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, is a saying from Sajin’s world. I thought it was a perfectly fitting phrase when I heard it. When I am talking with someone I am also looking at their eyes. That is also part of etiquette, and when someone’s eyes move their emotions can be read as well. If the eyes are closed then it means that such information cannot be gained, though conversely by closing one’s view it means that information that could have been gained is abandoned. Or perhaps it means that without relying on her sense of sight, that it’s enough for her to use sound and the flow of air?

In any case, I wonder if Shiro-sama judges us to be worthy from her point of view? That she considers it worthwhile merely to take a seat here and to give her name and for the conference to continue? I hope so at least, but let’s see.

From the white spiders drawn in that book, it was implied that Shiro-sama was related to the Nightmare of the Labyrinth. From there, when considering the specifics of the Nightmare of the Labyrinth, the natural solution could be derived. That the Nightmare of the Labyrinth was a reincarnator. Understanding that much is simple enough. Making it is possible to believe that Shiro-sama herself is the Nightmare of the Labyrinth. From the fragmentary available evidence, that much can be reasoned. So as to confirm that answer, just for that it would be worthwhile to take a seat in these discussions. We are being tested. By this girl who claims to be an Administrator.

From the contents of the book that she handed over, it is not the case that I had never considered that. However, when someone declares themselves to be an Administrator in a face-to-face meeting, it is also a fact that I suddenly had the feeling that it was unbelieveable. In desperation I managed to gloss over it so that it wouldn’t show in my expression, but whether it worked or not is another matter. It’s probably better to think that it did not. If it really is the case that she ascended all the way to the top with the position of Administrator, then whether her eyes are closed or not, it is certain that she can perfectly understand the events of the world. Even if that’s not the case, if she has evolved from a spider monster, then it would not be at all strange for her to see the world in a different way to humans. It might be better to think that the reason why she has her eyes closed, is not because she can’t see but because she doesn’t need to see.

It has been quite some time since I last began a conference in such unfavourable circumstances, where the other party has already seized the initiative. It makes me recall the ones with Black Dragon-sama. I’m uncertain whether she really is an Administrator or not. Was there nothing false in the contents of the book she handed over? Determining that matter is perhaps the single most important reason for this conference. At the same time, providing that it is the whole truth, I had to impress upon the others that there was value in meeting with her just for that. If this goes badly, this conference could decide the fate of the whole of humanity. On the assumption that it is the truth, we absolutely must not offend her.

However, before this venture even began it is possible a blunder has been made. Who would have thought that both of her companions were reincarnators! In addition, that they had a non-trivial negative attitude towards the humans.

Sophia Keren. The only daughter of the former Earl Keren who was a feudal lord in the country of Sariera where the Goddess Religion is established as the state religion. The war engineered to chip away at the power of the Goddess Religion destroyed the Keren territory. Earl Keren and his wife both perished. The daughter was unaccounted for, but since even the intelligence network of the Divine Word Religion could not ascertain her fate, it was feared that she had either died long ago or had been kidnapped by the elves. But then, considering that even Black Dragon-sama raised the subject, I had thought it unlikely that she was with the elves. To think that she slipped by our information network and took shelter in the demon territory. Perhaps shortly after that war, she went to the demon territory by teleportation. Perhaps I should consider it Black Dragon-sama’s guidance? Based on her manner of speaking, she is aware that the Divine Word Religion initiated that war. I have no choice but to conclude that she has a highly negative opinion towards us.

Wrath. It is the first time that I heard his name, but I remember the rampaging ogre who caused great damage to the Empire. All the more because I had suspicions that he might be a reincarnator. The sequence of events that led to him becoming hostile to the humans is unknown, but it was impossible to discuss that matter since he had given himself up to anger. It is conjectured that he had activated the “Anger” series of skills. When the Anger skills are activated the status values increase drastically, but it has the demerit that one’s reason is blown away. In repeated battles with humans, he would activate that skill, so surely he lost the ability to regain his reason. Then the Empire gave up on subjugating him, drove him towards the demon territory, and successfully forced him onto the demons. At least that should have been the case, but it seems that he was able to regain his reason somehow, and is now participating as a member of the demons in the end. Unlike Sophia-jou, it is unclear to what degree that he has a negative opinion towards the humans, with that unknown aspect being troubling. With his searching gaze, I understand that he is testing us though. I want to discuss with Sajin what sort of person he was in the past, but I obviously cannot ask in this place.

Wait. He declared with conviction that if we ask Sajin then we can learn his previous name. In other words, it means that Sajin knows who he actually is. Where did he and Sajin contact each other? But, Sajin has always been beside me. Wherever he was deployed to, we never allowed him to be alone. That being the case, what does this mean? Thinking about it, when he was an ogre, at any time did he try to go meet with Sajin thinking that he might be a reincarnator? However, Sajin reported back then that there was no opportunity to talk with him. There was nothing false in that report. The other dark ops members who were accompanying him also had identical reports. In that case, maybe it is his face? Shiro-sama’s face according to Sajin was almost unchanged compared to Wakaba Hiiro in her previous life. Then it wouldn’t be strange for Wrath-dono’s face to be equally similar to his previous life perhaps? In that case, is Sophia-jou’s face also similar to her previous one?

I want to confirm with Sajin, but it is not important to do so now. What is important, is the fact that Shiro-sama has brought these two with her. Since she specifically brought them, it means she has a reason for doing so.

Author’s note: This took place in three seconds. How strange. The story isn’t progressing at all!


Translation notes:

“Black Dragon-sama” (Kokuryuu-sama) is how the pope refers to Kuro. See the “The Pope and the Administrator” chapter.

“Sophia-jou” – is a bit like saying “Lady Sophia” or “Miss Sophia”. “Wrath-dono” is sort of a male equivalent except -dono is gender-neutral normally.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Informal Conference ②
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